1 December 18: 3 of Cups reversed & Eight of Cups

Fair-weather friends. At the very least. What a melancholy little picture. Not everybody realizes that for some of us the party is not the destination, it’s the celebration for having reached the destination. Interesting.

Both of these cards of the Minor Arcana are of the emotional suit of Water being Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio, and all about the way we’re feeling, and we’re not feeling too good. We’re deeply unsatisfied, lethargic, uninspired and burnt out on everyone we know and everywhere we’ve been. We’ve given it all we’ve got, and it hasn’t gotten us where we thought we’d be by now. We’re not even sure where we should be by now. We haven’t got a lot left in terms of motivation, inspiration, and will. It’s been sucked out of us.

Upright, the classic 3 dancing humans of the merry, festive 3 of Cups emanate joy and love, while on the Morgan-Greer card the 3 goddesses (a lot of mythology here about these 3 women for whom entire books have been written) are simply 3 humans enjoying each other’s company and drinks at the table.  Cups as hearts in the cards are the people closest to us, family, extended family, or those we consider family. The ‘inner circle’ as it were, with whom we’ve shared our joys and sorrows and most intimate and personal life events and achievements such as weddings, engagements, births, graduations, promotions. They’ve never ‘not’ been there, but today, reversed, our human on the disappointed 8 has his or her back to the party and is walking off to who knows where, even he or she may not know, but does know one thing for sure: their ultimate fulfillment is not here, and not with them.

The human on the 8 we only see from the back as they walk away from 8 gold cups stacked on the ground beside a stagnant body of water, greenish, brownish, brackish. The cups are stacked unevenly, as if whatever it is  – even friendships and relationships -in which he or she had invested so much love, time, and energy had been built on weak foundations in the first place, and there’s no point in putting any more into it. The brightest color on these 2 cards is the scarlet red of our departing human’s hooded cape, and when he leaves this will be a dull scene indeed. Saturn rules this heavy, angst ridden card, and while our lonely deserter makes his reluctant exit with a heavy heart, it’s obvious he’s the one in the picture with the real passion and drive. No doubt he also paid for the posse’s drinks on the 3 (again) and may even be ditching out before the bill comes, that’ll teach ’em. You know they’ll be at that bar until closing, and then probably want to move the party to your house and drink all your shit, too. Hey, it’s all good (laughter, clinking glasses, you looking at the clock). Ha ha ha.

Well, maybe for a long time it was. Maybe for a long time they were all for one and one for all, but time has gone by, and no one else seems to notice. This is like walking away and the circle closing behind you. This is having to leave something or someone you love or once loved if you’re still even remotely interested in achieving that dream you once had – what was it?  It’s still there, just not here. They’re stuck on 3, and he’s an eternally-on-the-move 8.

Is he or she walking away entirely from a 3rd party situation? Messy stuff.

This is the bittersweet realization that perhaps as co-workers you’ve done all you’re capable of doing together, at least as far as your concerned, although some people may be quite happy resting on the team laurels, as it were.

Why does the traveller travel? What is ‘out there’? This card is upright, so this isn’t just chronic dissatisfaction. This is a necessary move, and his or her not ‘breaking away’ makes about as much sense as a bonsai tree (I like them fine, they’re just weird, like Chinese foot-binding, which I don’t like at all) which I’m going to assume would rather grow to it’s natural height.

Since there actually is a baseball tarot deck (I love the hell out of the internet, I really do) and Mitts represent Cups, I’ll gonna say that this is like a kid being sent off to the major leagues – or running away – because he’s just that good, which is obvious to anyone. Of course he loves his home team and family, but when you’re born to be Jackie Robinson, destiny is destiny, and your own is your own. Do you, and if people can’t keep up, they can’t keep up.  Chances are when you come back after you’ve gone off  and achieved your dream they’ll still be right there at the bar or the kitchen table, bitching and gossiping, right where you left them.

Do not hold back or stifle your own creativity – your spirit and soul – for anyone. Do not make yourself smaller trying to make your friends look bigger. Wish them well and move on.

Haters gonna hate – that’s when you know you’re onto something.




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