4 January 19: Page of Swords & Three of Cups & Page of Pentacles

Finding your tribe. I’m glad to see the serious, studious Page of Pentacles again today because I was thinking of him/her later in the day yesterday and thought I should have mentioned finding your ‘calling’, which would have been the suggestion to the Page from the Judgment card.

Pages are young and immature – whatever ‘mature’ means in the first place, unless you’re a cheese or a pot plant. I love these 2 Pages in this little spread, who I’m taking to be the same person.

The Page of Swords (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) is a sharp kid for sure. On the Morgan-Greer card his sword is new and shiny, and he holds it firmly in both hands. He is still learning to use it. One of 4 pillars lie on its side in the grass behind him, as if ‘cut down’ by mistake. His or her words, like his new sword, can be  sharp, rude  and ill-timed, but the phrase ‘out of the mouths of babes’ was inspired by this kid. No filter, basically. Until now.

The beautiful centerpiece today is the joyous, loving and celebratory 3 of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) and the 3 happy humans sharing them. A great card, friends and family congratulate and enjoy each each other. Abundance and satisfaction at collective achievement. The 3 barefoot muses dance in a vineyard, fruit and wine plentiful on the picnic table in front of them, they are celebrating and sharing the season’s harvest. There is a lot of affection between the people in this group as well as success. They are a group, family or team you’d love to be part of.

My favorite Page, once again the serious, mature for his or her age Page of Coins (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn) or Pentacles has decided he wants to do what these humans are doing, or wants to be a part of it, or commit to it. He or she wants his or her life to look like this.

Feeling edgy, nervous, clumsy and defensive – possibly even about a recent birth or wedding – may have recently given way to a calmer, more settled demeanor, and of course raising a baby will be a lifelong learning process.  The Page’s cold sword melts into the beautiful gold coin whose future is pondered by the Page of Coins. Love = alchemy.

Or, your grandmother. mother and aunt are conspiring to fix you up with somebody.   He or she of course is serious about a secure future, and well, they all just love him!

Or, 2 guys are hitting the strip club and the ladies’ tip jars are empty and waiting.


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