7 January 19: Page of Wands & Seven of Coins & Three of Swords

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Here’s the thing about this weird trio: the only thing ‘real’ and tangible here, as in the coffee in the pot and the money in the bank, is the card in the present position, the dedicated, committed and ever persevering 7 of Coins (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn). The others are our challenges. A human leans on his hoe, taking a break from tending a crop. His or her skin is brown from working in the sun, it’s taken a long time to raise,  establish and finally harvest this healthy-looking, green crop hung with 7 ripe, shiny gold coins. What should he or she do now? Sell up, or invest more time and seasons where they are?

The young Page of Wands (Sagittarius/Leo/Aries) is a real spark plug. Fearless, passionate and madly creative, this Page does not care what anyone thinks. He says, goes, does and wears whatever he wants, and on the Morgan-Greer card,  has fabulous hair.

The human on the 7 is looking back at the young Page as if reflecting on his own youth – he may have been tending that field for many years to reap this not spectacular,   but quite profitable and respectable harvest, possibly and probably the best years of his life, or at least that how he feels. The tall, strong staff wielded by the young Page became the tool of the trade on the next card, the 7, the hoe used to cultivate his sustenance.

I’m gonna learn how to use this better than anyone he remembers saying.

There is a decision to be made here and it’s going to be a painful one. No wonder he’s procrastinating.

The ominous, dark and stormy 3 of Swords (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) shows a heart pierced with 3 swords, emanating a soft glow. The heart is wounded and bright red blood drips dramatically down one of the sharp blades. Against a dark sky black with clouds the heart, stabbed through with the 3 swords, is still bright red.  This card is often referred to as ‘The Artist’s Card”, full of grief and angst. You’ll live. You’ll not only live, you have some nice coin there.

Our pain is very real to us, but look around – we don’t see people’s hearts bleeding through their shirts, but you can bet some of them are.

This could be reconsidering an invitation or offer from someone younger – but you’re not jumping at it. Possibly someone younger you can’t afford to invest any of yourself into any more, or who left the family business or has decided to strike out on their own,  the ‘spark’ is gone, and they will be very much missed – to the point that the endeavor may not be able to exist without them.

This may require a lot of changes, possibly even physical relocation, and it will hurt his or her heart whether they do or don’t do. Maybe the farmer finally cashed it in only to see his beautiful fields plowed under for the new mall.

He doesn’t want to have a damn heart attack in the tomatos and die like Marlon Brando in The Godfather but…

He needs to think about it.

It’s a painful decision either way.


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