8 January 19: Two of Cups & Three of Cups & Two of Swords

Don’t ask, don’t tell and we’ll get along just fine.

There is a hotel in Hollywood (my hometown) that’s been there forever, I went to high school with the people that owned it. It’s been in a lot of movies and then the coffee shop was in a famous movie in the 80’s and it started getting crowded and it’s all different now, but there was a lovely little lady who was the head housekeeper named Sandra who has been there for decades. I never let the maids in my room even if I’m staying more than one night only because why clean the damn room more than once? Do I wash my own towels every day? Also, my shit is everywhere. Bras hanging from the lamps, notebooks, guitar strings, and possibly a dog. Please don’t touch anything.

“Barry Manilow,” she said, “he was the same way. Everything all over the place.”

I hadn’t been there in a few years and when I saw Sandra again I almost didn’t recognize her. It was as if a light had gone out in her eyes, and she’d physically shrunk. Her husband had passed away, and they’d been together 40+ years. I’d asked her once how they’d managed to stay together for so long.

“I think” she’d said, “You have to be a little bit blind.”

The blindfolded woman of  the 2 of Swords (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) always reminds me of Sandra. But let’s start at the beginning.

The 2 of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) shows us 2 people who have discovered themselves in, or through, each other. This is deep and profound, and although in the past position, still resonates. In the old image, there is a rod and snake between the two, symbolizing pages and pages of meaning I have no time to write about this morning but the keyword today is: snake. Whatever happened to these 2 people who seemed to fall in love so hard? What in the world could have come between them?

The 3 of Cups, of course, is a happy, celebratory card.  Our 3 party animals are having a blast, it’s a Festivus! Join us, have a drink, etc.

Good times and good friends. Good time friends. Who are always around, and they may   always be around. There may be a certain specific third party who may also always be around.   I get a “I love you, but not your friends’ sort of a vibe here. Perhaps an ex is getting married and you don’t want to know, but of course, wish them all the love in the world – as you should.

The blue of the male human’s sleeve on the 2 of Cups is fabulously coordinated with the blue sky and water of the ‘I don’t wanna know’ 2 of Swords. These people are both embedded in each other’s consciousness, but these other people are in the way. The 2 2’s would be a nice, stable 4 without that 3, but now they’re a challenging 7.

This human needs to dig deep.

Or, perhaps in this climate taking no action is exactly the action to take.

Or, this time you need the Lasik on both eyes – 20/20 hindsight.





3 thoughts on “8 January 19: Two of Cups & Three of Cups & Two of Swords

  1. I loved your sharing. about Sandra today. It is amazing to meet individuals in your life and. the role they play. One day you will return and she will be gone. This is happening to me now. Same diner for 40. years plus then one day they are gone. and truly missed. Thank you for waking. my senses to these good memories.


  2. I learned yesterday the firs boy I dated from the hs crossed the bridge; I dated his older brother years later and broke my heart with him- he too has passed, self inflicted gsw after breaking up with my successor…
    Their father was, and is a friend, fighting cancer- also the guy who introduced me to Kinky Friedman and Van Dyke Parks. For some reason, today’s cards made me think of them.


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