9 January 18: Nine of Wands & Six of Cups & Five of Cups

Scarred. The good news is, it’s all in your mind . Bad news is, it’s all in your mind, and a lot in your heart. Sort of.

This is about kids. Whether yours (hopefully not, I’ll explain why in a minute) or your own childhood memories – or nightmares.

In the past position we have  9 of Wands or Clubs (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius), the card of a survivor. The old images show a paranoid looking, battered and bleeding human standing nervously guarding 8 thick branches stuck in the ground behind him and firmly holding another, ready to use as a weapon.  His eyes seem to dart back and forth, and he looks like he hasn’t slept in days. He ir she looks like they’ve been through the war – many wars. Fresh cuts and wounds over old cuts and wounds, life seems to have truly been a battle for this human. Interestingly, on the Morgan-Greer card he or she wears the protective gear of a soldier – being a soldier, he’s gotta have plenty of war wounds and scars himself, but they don’t show. He has the armor but his position is the same as his great great grandfather on the olde tyme cards: extreme defense.

Subject to your approval we have in the center and present position the innocent, sweet, nostalgic 6 of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio). 2 new humans (aka children) are the very picture of innocence, a little boy presenting a little girl with the gift of a white lily growing in a gold cup. A pretty row of 5 more cups in bloom sit along the top of a stone wall – it is a safe, peaceful, protective atmosphere. The blooms are all white for pure  receptivity – these children are too young to be conscious of sexuality, males or females, innocent and conscious only of the moment. It’s all about the kids.

This is having had to lead a life of extreme defensiveness because of some shi**y childhood sh** and finding your way back to a place of peace and innocence, and possibly looking back and having mixed emotions. What should be normal, happy childhood memories for this person may be dark ones. You fought like hell to protect yourself or your children, possibly even physically.

On the right is sad-looking 5 of Cups, also a card of nostalgia. notoriously the card  of ‘crying over spilt milk’, this grown human with head hanging sadly has no helmet, no protective clubs and is not within safe stone walls but stands lonely, and looks to be pining for a decaying castle across the water. 3 gold cups are spilled on the ground, but the contents are blood red, and draining away.

It occurs to me for the first time in the years I’ve contemplated this card that we don’t know whose blood it is.

The bright yellow sky has gone dark and gloomy and gray.  This is dwelling on the past not in a good way, but it’s hard for this human. Perhaps someone – a child – has melted those walls, and as sad and wounded as they may be about their own spilled cups or wasted childhood, there are 2 perfectly lovely cups sitting right behind this human he doesn’t even see –  not even looking for. He is facing the center, unable to enjoy the yellow skies and happy times around him without being overcome by memories or their own buried emotions possibly triggered by his own kids, a brother or sister’s kids or a friends’ kids. Perhaps the idea of having his or her own children is too painful because of their own childhood experience,  costing them relationships.

No more armor, no more fort, no more protection, and no choice but to move forward as one is. As a new human.

There is at least one other with whom they need none of those things.

Lose some longtime friends?

They were never that close in the first place, turns out. Never got past the protective mask and armor.

Quality, not quantity. 

As they say, let go with love.





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