10 January 19: Temperance, Tower & Seven of Clubs reversed

The worst never happened. This is truly an amazing presentation after yesterday’s sad scene, I’m actually astounded. They’re quite loud this morning, my cards, the Major Arcana, as if apologizing for bringing us all down, and offer to clarify. You ask us to diagnose, we diagnose, say they, we assess and show you a bigger picture than is possible to see yourself.

Temperance, today reversed, is mercifully in the past position. The card of healing, balance, moderation and self-control. ‘Tempo’ as in ‘time: reversed, things have been way out of whack for a long time, possibly your entire life. This is probably how our paranoid, defensive 9 of Wands sustained all those wounds. This isn’t just instability and chaos, this is things having been so extremely imbalanced, such intense and hostile communication or lack of (the giant angel of Temperance, not at all happy in the reverse position, is decidedly tight-lipped and unsmiling) ‘dysfunctional’ was your ‘normal’.

Presently we have the Tower in the reverse position. The Tower is a scary looking card, and as 2 humans fall or leap to their fate from a burning, lightning-struck tower, flames shoot from the windows. This is a ‘bolt out of the blue’, and upright,  is a life-changing event, realization or revelation – we don’t like things like that. We don’t like bankruptcy, being evicted, or fired, which is sometimes pretty hard to see as a good thing. We just don’t like our secure ‘foundations’ messed with. But what we’re seeing here is that a ‘foundation’, if you can even call it that, wasn’t sound, wasn’t right in the first place.

Maybe they mixed up the wrong cement or something, who knows.

But look: you live in fear like everything’s going to come crashing down any minute, ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop’. Reversed, the Tower looks like a rocket with flames and sparks shooting from the bottom, and the 2 people falling from the tower are elevated – rising up. Ascending.

The defensive 7 is reversed in the future position. A human holds a staff self-protectively across his body, for some reason anticipating a possible situation in which he may find it necessary to defend himself. He’s ready for anything, that’s for sure. Always. Upright, he stands his ground as 6 others ‘come after’ whatever it is he’s defending up there, which is rightfully his, by the way, and hard earned. The only bright spot of sky in this whole picture is over this human’s little bit of space he’s carved out for himself, and by God, you’ll have to pry it out of his cold dead hands.

Reversed: drop it, already. Resistance is futile.

The past: is exactly that.

The Tower’s not going to fall.

You don’t always have to be ready for everything to f*** up.

Sometimes it doesn’t.

You don’t want to wind up like that paranoid guy on yesterday’s 9, do you?


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