11 January 19: Seven of Swords reversed & Nine of Coins & Nine of Clubs reversed

The Good Life. Yes it is. The finer things in earthly life are appreciated by the finer humans in earthly life who are often themselves creators of  fine earthly things in our lives. Art, music, a perfect glass of wine, a rose garden. A great book, intelligent and inspiring conversation. A great painting. Grace, refinement. This is a whole other level. This is a human who has, through dedication and discipline, refined and polished themselves to near perfection, or at least that’s the way they look to us. They are the best Them that They can be, and living their best life. So what can we learn from him or her?

The center of all this attention today is the 9 of Coins or Earth (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn), and a woman in her vineyard, the Lady of the Manor (of either sex). The beautiful human  wears a jeweled turban and is dressed in royal purple, the color of the highest intuitive vibration to match the sky and the fat cluster of ripe grapes in the gold bowl on the table before her. She wears a heavy necklace of gold discs around her neck and shoulders her favorite pet, a falcon, its sharp, hawklike beak poking out from under its little leather hood. In the olde tyme decks, it’s a little birdie singing from a tree, but not on this very purple card of the Morgan-Greer deck.

In the past we have the sneaky, conniving 7 of Swords (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius)  reversed. A thief sneaks away in broad daylight, stealing 5 out of 7 swords from the rest of a community or group. He’s making away with as much as he can carry undetected. Someone tried to cheat or steal from someone and didn’t get away with it, and that’s that. Or, thankfully, they were found out before they could come back and get the last 2. It could be anything: ‘stealing’ or collecting information or ideas – this card often means plagiarism – it looks like in the past someone may have ‘accidentally’ filled out some kind of copyright form or paperwork in order to take credit for something that is was not of their creation.

I hope this is not our Purple Lady we are talking about,  but it very well could be. Only her falcon knows where she got all that  bling. She looks a little like Cardi B. who looks like Marie Leveaux aka Tarot CarDi B which is what I’m going to call her from now on. Of course wearing your wealth around your neck was – and still – is – sometimes considered the safest place for it without being considered particularly ostentatious, it’s just a fact – banks fail.  I do love that her and her falcon both wear more or less matching plumage on their chapeaus, like antennaeThis is very much a self-elevated woman or man, someone who has, rather than ‘stolen’  ideas has been taught or has picked up and adapted what ‘fit’ and carried on, possibly even improving on the original.  There isn’t an artist alive who hasn’t nicked an idea or technique from someone who came before. Hell, this woman could have gotten rich on the cookies her grandmother taught her to make. Whoever thought that would have been worth anything? (Bitch stole my recipe! – grandma.)

Now here’s what’s interesting about the battle-scarred 9 of Wands or Fire (Sagittarius/Leo/Aries) and who we are familiar with: reversed in the future position, he’s going to flip up, and down, and up. The card of extreme self-protection reversed can be even more of that, or conversely, dropping any and all defenses altogether – which is not advisable or possible, not for someone in his or her well deserved position. She knows this: with all that purple, she’s in tune, lets just say. Woke and alert. To have to even consider some humans may have bad intentions aka ‘not all people are good’ sucks, but…

So, now as for the future, having achieved all this – are we overly protective and paranoid, or do we let our defenses down altogether?

Trust your instincts.

“The shithawks are circling, Ricky”

I don’t see any?

Take your hood off.


*Jim Lahey



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