7 Aug 19: Strength & The Star & The Hanged Man reversed

The Neptune Period. All 3 cards today are of the Major Arcana, and it’s a bit of a mixed message but I think I may know why..

2 beautiful and complimentary cards, Strength and the Star are calm, peaceful energies. The lovely lady gently but firmly taming the potentially dangerous lion with love and #8 (Morgan-Greer) is barely moving at all, both delicate, pale hands tenderly closing the huge jaws  and it is said she hums quietly to the lion, aka ‘music soothing the savage beast’. Music and animals are both good therapy. You may have worked to regain your own physical strength, possibly with kind, patient help.

This is a pretty cosmic picture, I must say. Tomorrow is the Lion’s Gate event when a portal opens and we’re able to see Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, many times brighter than the sun – and here we have today the Star itself, hard to miss on this card – it’s bigger and brighter than all the other stars.

The gowned maiden on the Strength card and the woman on the Star appear to be the same person: but, her lion taming done for the day, off comes the gown and there she is, hair down, au natural. Whatever her mysterious ritual is, the pouring back and forth of the water between the 2 pitchers – this is a card of purification, she is pouring out old water and collecting fresh water, re-balancing both body and spirit, as they both serve the other. I suppose to the casual bystander, it doesn’t look like she’s doing much of anything at all (#17/Aquarius/Saturn/Uranus.

The Neptune Period is, according to a system I use for major readings (Robert Camp’s Cards of Destiny) the 52 days prior to one’s birthday, so if this is you, this is very good advice we’re getting today from this Hanged Man, today in the reverse and himself ruled by Neptune, Lord of the Waters. The Hanged Man is a card of self-sacrifice in order to achieve a higher understanding. With all this inspiration, meditation, and sheer genius  the creative potential of this spread is awe-inspiring. The short-haired blonde hanging man, arms clasped behind his back as he serenely hangs from one leg, looks to me like the women on the other cards who for some reason has cut her hair all off. Did she sacrifice her hair for some ‘higher’ purpose or reason? That’s pretty much what this seems to be about. How much does one personally ‘sacrifice’ for the greater good?reverse, this is a ‘martyr’ making useless sacrifices.

Rebel without a cause.

But there is of course another ‘angle’ or a way of seeing this picture, which is also a message of the Hanged Man – who today seems to refuse to see anything from anywhere other than his rather skewed POV.

These are all cards of healing and recovering – from what are you recovering, and are you really or is this an excuse we’ll have to hear forever because you’re simply not making any effort?

I get a vibe that someone is indeed refreshed, restored, and is ready to ‘shine’, and as the saying goes, ‘to those to whom much is given much is expected’, so yes, much is expected.


So, though, back to Neptune. One of the best creative collaborators you could hope for. Dreams, visions, all that wonderful stuff that feeds the soul. Think of a foggy, dreamy filter. That’s Neptune, and everything looks beautiful – he invented ‘beer goggles’, not many people know that. But have you ever tried to read a lease or a contract or anything else with fine print with beer goggles on? Exactly.

The Neptune period is great for art, crap for commitments. There is always possibility of deceit in matters of contracts, leases or legal agreements. If one can put off having to deal with such things until after one’s birthday when one enters the Mercury period, , one should.

Neptune and the Hanged Man reversed warns of abusing drugs and alcohol, which is not what we want to see after these 2 cards of healing and personal progress – if the time isn’t right to ‘act’, don’t. Don’t be pressured into anything. Trust your instincts – don’t drown them in whatever is is you try to drown them in.

Take care.

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