10 Aug 19: Three of Swords & Two of Cups & reversed King of Coins

Hamstrung. What a great word, and we haven’t had a good meat reference in awhile:

Hamstringing is a method of crippling a person or animal so that they cannot walk properly by severing the hamstring tendons in the thigh of the individual. It is used as a method of torture, or to incapacitate the victim. Wikipedia

But I imagine a string of hams hanging from the ceiling.

In any case, this is as straight up as it gets, and involves either a partnership or potential romantic relationship – and a painful past, today represented by the wounded and bloodied 3 of Swords or Air. Sharp air in this case, and the wounds look pretty fresh. (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius/Saturn/Capricorn/Mercury/Virgo). This is Van Gogh’s bloody ear, which was the ultimate Valentine’s gift, you must admit. He could have even been the one to inspire the nickname  “The Artists’ Card”. This card is in the past position today, and it’s not going anywhere. Deal with it.

The card is all black and blue and stormy and scary, but we can see the faintest yellow glow around the bleeding red heart. But as my eye moves from left to right, the yellow is stronger and stronger, the cards get brighter and shinier. So how much of this dark past will we allow to ‘color’ our future?


At present we are considering the romantic 2 of Cups, the minor-league version of the mighty Lovers of the Major Arcana. 2 people meet, lock eyes across the room, and everyone else disappears. Strong emotion, definitely, but a fragile card. No doubt, the chemistry is there, but today this couple who mutually offer their cups on the Morgan-Greer card actually look a little sad. This card is usually the ‘rush’ of falling in love, the rose-colored glasses that blind us to the pitfalls and pains of romantic relationships. No danger of that with these 2 though, they are both well aware. (Water/Scorpio/Virgo/Cancer/Moon/Pluto/Mars.) This could be a reunion with someone who may have hurt you in the past, or you have realized the pain you yourself have caused to someone else in the past. Once again, it’s not going anywhere.

Deal with it.

Let’s mention again that the 52 days before one’s birthday is that wobbly, watery Neptune period – no commitments. The King of Coins (Earth/Capricorn/Mercury/Gemini) is today reversed in the future position. This is easy enough: no commitments.

Whether this is a creed or just the temporary energy, I cannot say, but the King of Coins in the reverse is either non-committal or someone you cannot commit to, because you don’t know what he or she is really up to. I’ll tell you what IS up, though: in the reverse, the huge gold coin the King holds on his lap is higher than anything in the spread – above the bleeding heart, above the star-struck couple’s heads. Money. Above. All. Make no mistake, we’re not talking about the King of Hearts here.

I get it, love sucks so money’s the next best thing. There’s a lot of that going around.

However there is another possibility in that being the  ‘King of Money’ may not be the goal anymore – something may have changed. Love does that.

This King of Earth in the upright more than anyone knows things need to grow in their own time – germinated, sprouted, nurtured.

Patience is required, especially with the ‘hamstrung’.







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