12 Aug 19: Ace of Coins reversed & Judgment & The Hermit

No going back. So consider this very, very carefully.  Take all the time you need. Ask yourself the hard questions. You have a lot of helpers and relatives on the Other Side who have your back. This is heavy stuff, and not just affecting just you in just this lifetime, but if you get in this boat, this is how you’re going out, and today we may very well be talking about who you’re going out with, so you’d better think about it long and hard. Is this the ‘hill you’d die on?’.

Major Arcana are not the stuff of ‘daily horoscopes’ but are major turning points in life.  Judgment, #20, is right up in here front and center today (Scorpio/Cancer/Pluto/Mars). and the overall message from the cards seems to be:

you’re the one with the ‘free will’. What u gonna do?

This is one introspective soul-searching layout, that’s for sure.

Have we missed a ‘golden opportunity’? Not necessarily.

The Ace of Earth, Coins, or Pentacles (Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn/Libra) is basically the gift of the potential for fabulous wealth and ultimate earthly success. The Divine has gifted us with the possibility of a new beginning that is irrevocable. Aces being the ‘seed’ of the suit of the material and physical means, properly handled, this is the chance to build your legacy.

Which is?

The old familiar Hermit (Virgo/Mercury), #9 of the Major League, is today in the future position but again, these cards read as one to me today. The Hermit shines his lantern from high on the mountain. The OG Seeker, he in turn welcomes those who ‘seek’ also, as he has gained much wisdom from his self-imposed isolation:  – from where, though? He lives high on a snowy mountain in a cave. He has no internet. No TV.

This is very much about going within for answers/knowledge.

Who are you, asked The Who.

This talks about potential reunions, whether on this side or the next, but also about a potential offer or proposal that while potentially financially lucrative, proposes some sort of spiritual concern. There is very much a danger of an ‘only in it for the money’ vibe here, which is never a good reason to do anything if you don’t have to.

This is a very physical spread also, in that a very real consideration is our physical state: the Ace of Coins in the past could mean a dietary deficiency of some kind, or someone may be taking the wrong vitamins, but there is a definite waning or lack of physical energy here.

This is also a very musical spread: the gold trumpet on the Judgment card is being lifted high by the reunited ghost family in the boat, as the Hermit holds his lamp high in the dark – like a beacon, or a human lighthouse.

This may be that at this stage in life you’ve decided you are best alone, or your own family has passed (but they are still very much with you) and at although you may think you are at a ‘later stage in life’ are considering a child of your own.  That’s very special.

9 is a number of completion and graduation, and this can very much be that, but also of ascendence – passing from this earthly stage to the next.

Who and what meant/means the most to you here on Earth? Whatever you’re here to do, figure it out and do it before you’re too old.

See if a song doesn’t come on that is ‘them’ saying ‘hi’ today…


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