14 Aug 19: The Magician & Page of Coins & The Pope

Conform. The minute I decided to lead off with that word my stomach got all knotty and weird, and I haven’t had enough coffee for that yet.

2 out of 3 Major Arcana tells us that, once again, this is no ‘daily stars’ sort of a read.

Let’s focus on the eager, loyal Page of Pentacles, today in the center and our present subject of consideration. Pages bring news but are often children in the Tarot, in this case of the suit of Earth (Taurus/Capricorn/Virgo). These are the kids who were ‘born serious’, or maybe seem older than they are.  This young student is usually portrayed in some sort of uniform carefully holds and studies his gold coin – an Ace, the seed of the ‘money’ suit – but also food  and shelter – and how best to make it ‘grow’.  He or she is all about loyalty and the long haul. This Page could be announcing a new job or offer – I could even see a gold ring on a pillow, like a ring-bearer – next to the Pope in the future position. This could be a marriage proposal, one that’s been planned and arranged from  ‘behind the scenes’ for some time.


The Pope, #5 of the Major Arcana  (a Taurus) is in the future position, and the Magician in the past. This is interesting. The Church took many Pagan rituals and ‘made them official’ which is kind of what it looks like he’s doing on these cards. Both the Magician and the Pope have their right arms lifted to the sky or heaven as if they’re choreographed in sync.

Both are performing rituals of some kind.

Both are wearing matching red capes.

The Magician, #1 of the Major Arcana, hears it first.

This could be someone recruiting your own gifted son or daughter to groom him or her according to their own long-standing traditions.

There could be issues on how to raise a child spiritually if the parents are of 2 different beliefs.

You could have a talented child and of course want to send him or her to the best ‘institutions’ you can afford, and so you yourself may decide you need to go to work for a large corporation for the benefits.

Let’s talk about money because this Page is nothing if not practical. Not to mention the way he’s looking back to the Magician in the past: he or she may very well have been the Magician’s apprentice himself not so long ago. But the Magician operates on his own, in secret, in a walled garden. The Pope has the ‘audience’ and the collection plates.


This is about taking something to the next level –


or, some would say,  selling out.



There’s the Left, and there’s the Right, and then some newbie in the middle getting wild applause from both.

“You don’t sound so crazy when you have more than 5 seconds”  –

 – Trevor Noah to Marianne Williamson, the most Googled candidate of the debates. 



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