15 Aug 2019: Seven of Coins reversed & The Chariot & The Lovers

Destiny awaits. So dramatic is this, you could easily read it yourself, I’m sure. What is obvious is that the past is Minor Arcana and the current energy and future potential – Major.

In the past position and in the reverse is the 7 of Coins or Earth (Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn), a card of assessment. The grower takes a break, and, leaning on his hoe, assesses the potential yield of the bushy green plant before him, the ‘fruits’ of his labor in the form of gold coins ripening and ready for harvest. Will the harvest be worth the investment?  Whether in money, time or labor, is whatever this is really going to ‘pay off?’ Will the 7, asks the grower, ever be a 10, no matter how hard I work on this and no matter for how long? This could be a home, job, relationship, project, anything that you’ve put a lot into physically. This card in the rear-view mirror today means the answer is no – at least not where you are. This is planting in infertile soil, if you ask me, metaphorically or even physically. Something hasn’t  ‘paid off’ at the rate you’d like, or more to the point, you thought you’d ‘be there by now’. Look at what the grower has done, though, entirely by himself with only that garden hoe.

Our aura today is one of success. The mighty Chariot , #7 of the Major Arcana and our second seven which is pretty strong stuff – 7’s are challenges, but also the faith to overcome them. The Charioteer proudly drives his regal rig through town, and although he draws many admiring (and jealous) stares, his eye is on the prize, he is fixed on his goal, and is quite obviously headed towards greatness. If he can manage himself as well as he or she is managing those horses, that is, emotionally speaking. Cancer and the Moon watch over our Charioteer, so to stay on an ‘even keel’ may be the bigger challenge.

Stay on the wagon, pings the Cliche Generator App.

Because this Charioteer is in love. 

The Lovers is #6 of the Major Arcana, the Morgan-Greer image showing us the gorgeous, lush, calla-lilies and huge green leaves of a garden that no doubt our hard-working grower had imagined in the first place.

You may have to travel or move for love, if not of love of a person, than simply somewhere you are able to fully ‘bloom’. Somewhere you love.

6’s and 7’s always suggest to me issues of equality in a relationship, but on that Lovers card, they’re both naked in the garden – this is a card of twins (Gemini).

Finally realizing what wasn’t working, you are now free to get on with your true destiny, whether it’s a where, what or a who.


2 thoughts on “15 Aug 2019: Seven of Coins reversed & The Chariot & The Lovers

  1. I’d like to see what you can read from me. I have had the supernatural all my life and there seems to be a hindrance when attaining my goals. Your input would be appreciated.


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