13&14: Four of Swords & Eight of Swords & Justice

Mandatory change. It could be/could have been worse. What was, or is, currently voluntary will soon be mandatory. We have the notorious ‘jail card’ and Justice, #11 of the Major Arcana, so someone is or soon will definitely be either locked up or let out or both because Justice doesn’t come to play.

It all started with the card of rest and recovery, the 4 of Swords. In other words, a vacation. Typically pictured is a Knight resting after battle, or the effigy of one, as the Royals and Knights of the Court prepare their ornate stone tombs and crypts well in advance. The Knight lies on top of the coffin, although on the Morgan-Greer card we see him or her resting on wood, the mask of his gold helmet closed and completely covering his or her face. A sprig (Sprig? -Ed) of Autumn leaves and acorns rests near his or her head, and through the arched stone window, the weather is threatening. A watercolor-wet looking dark sky is streaked with clouds – or the dark clouds could be parting to show a pale new sky. Mind and body restored, he or she will be ready for the next battle.

We hope. If the Knights get sick, we’re screwed.

Double-edged Swords everywhere, which is difficult. (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius).

The temporary 4 of Swords has now doubled into the unwelcome 8, the ‘jail’ card’. This is the woman standing in a circle of Swords loosely stabbed point-down in the ground, unable to see a way out of her ‘prison’ as she, too, wears a white mask, which is I’m sure meant to be a blindfold but is covering her entire face – eyes, mouth, everything. Generally interpreted as ‘mental jail’, as the suit of Swords represent logic, thinking and in the case of the eternally-circling figure 8, overthinking, which is what’s happening here. The woman on the 8 of Swords, although blindfolded and loosely tied up with rope – her ‘hands are tied’ – wears a low-cut, long red gown.

She’s all dressed up with nowhere to go. I notice Justice wears what might be the same long red dress as the woman in jail: this could be being ‘let out early’.

You made your bed, now lie in it is what could have been said about these cards in what most of the world, no doubt, now think of as ‘simpler times’: live by the sword, die by the sword.

There is no way to read this any other way, really. Justice in the upcoming position is the Law, plain and simple, and carries the ‘weight’ of the spread. Of course it does. Justice is looking us straight in the eye, Sword of Truth in her right hand and Scales of Justice in her left. The scales are uneven. Justice doesn’t like that.

(Karmic) Justice is upright, which means doing the right thing, basically. There is Federal or Municipal  law here, of course, but also a major decision of any kind from which there is no going back, and this may very well mean you don’t want to go ‘back’ to the way you were living BC (before Corona), or even where or with whom you were living BC: the 4 and the 8 are both very bleak cards.

This is a very mental spread, the suit of Air being of the mind, and today we have way too much of it. Maintaining our ‘balance’ is a major spiritual challenge. I’m noticing the one dish of the scale lower than the other, so we need to work harder to stay ‘grounded’.  

This could also be not ‘speaking your mind’ when you should. On any level, this is ‘suppression’, as in ‘silenced’. There are, as usual, things we don’t want to know or believe. The 8 of Swords is a card of ‘denial’, and there are still those who do deny a pandemic, but the 4 and the 8 of Swords together can represent comas and hospitals.

Take it up with the Tarot.


We can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way is what the cops will tell you when they haul you to jail for not wearing a mask.


Or, I could turn the news on and they could be saying the Supreme Court says we can all go out now, it was an Easter miracle, it’s all over.



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