20 May 18: Four of Cups & Eight of Cups

Seeking fulfillment elsewhere. First let me say I feel for you water signs, Sun, Moon, or Rising (both of these cards are of the emotional suit of Cups) as you’re feeling this current transit the most, from what I’m seeing in my private readings. As a matter of fact, this last week I think they’ve all been for water signs. It’s a flood.

The 4 is the number of stability, which is more important to some of us than others – what some value as ‘stability’ others may consider a ‘rut’ as this apathetic, bored individual on this card obviously does. Typically he’s portrayed sitting cross-legged under a tree, arms folded across his chest. Impress me, he seems to be saying to the Sky Hand reaching down from the clouds to offer him a (yet another) gold cup. He rolls his eyes and glances down at the 3 untouched gold cups on the ground before him. He has these already and they’re all basically the same. I’m bored, he says. Just set it down with the others. In the cards, and not just Tarot, Cups correspond with Hearts and Hearts = People, so these cups could symbolize unfulfilling relationships in this person’s life as well. On the Morgan-Greer card, our dissatisfied human is actually growing over with ivy, he’s been in that rut for so long. If he waits much longer, he won’t be able to pull himself out of it.

But good news! And so powerful to see these 2 as a pair. On the equally emotionally unfulfilled 8 we see a Seeker, a hooded, caped figure, staff in hand, wandering off at moonrise along a desolate, rocky shore, leaving behind 8 gold cups. 8 is an even number but oddly, the cups are stacked strangely and unevenly as if everything he put his heart into didn’t ‘add up’ exactly the way he or she had planned. Why am I not happy?

The thing I notice about this pair first is: in any suit, the maximum is 10. There are 12 cups here, more than enough, yet they’re not ‘quenching’ the ’emotional thirst’.

I’ve often worried about this character of the 4 of Cups with the ivy growing over him. In the distance there is a clear expanse of green field and cypress trees. He’s so stuck and stagnant he’s becoming the very fertilizer of his own deterioration. His once full cups, ignored and sitting on the ground before him, are empty, having evaporated.

On the 8, the traveller’s red (passion) cloak whips in the wind behind him as he makes his way along a rocky shore out to open water under a newer moon…in a month he will be in a very different place from where he can look back, but –

-he’s definitely not going back…not to that paralyzing emotional state, anyway.

Or: someone has decided to walk away from alcohol altogether, finally – or ‘shallow’ ‘dried out’ or  ‘non-essential’ personal ‘personnel’.

In any case, by the full moon, you’ll have a different perspective.

Do you want to feel like this forever?

Heard : “He had it all, but he just wasn’t happy.”



19 May 18: Page of Cups, reversed

Fantasy vs. Reality. Upright, this sensitive young Page of the emotional suit of Water (Pisces/Scorpio/Cancer) is a dreamer, and brings news of happy events and messages of love and affection. The image on the card itself is one straight out of a dream. In the archives regarding the Page of Cups I tagged an old movie, “The Incredible Mr. Limpet” I loved when I was a kid. Don Knotts plays a bespectacled nerdy young man who can’t get into the Army because he’s scrawny or whatever, and sitting on a pier he looks down into the ocean and ‘wishes he were a fish’ (as an angelic chorus sings ‘be careful, be careful, be caaaarefuuul!”). He falls into the ocean and morphs into a joyous, free, bespectacled fish, and goes on to be the hero of the US submarine fleet. It was the first film to combine animation and live-people footage, which is also a perfect illustration for this card reversed.

This Page is madly creative and imaginative. He or she is openly emotional and affectionate.  Gender-fluid, this tender young daydreaming soul gazes down into his cup and sees a little fish rising up to communicate something to him. He’s leaning in, listening intently  to whatever the fish (his own subconscious) may be trying to tell him. He can feel it…telepathy.

Reversed, we’re in a bit of a zone between fantasy and reality, and need to check ourselves or someone else and get grounded.

This could also mean a teenager or young person repressing or ‘closeting’ concerns or confusions regarding sexuality or identity.

This could be a negative pregnancy test, and all new or alternative treatments should be explored if you’re trying for a little Page yourself.

Dreams are confusing and messages are mixed.

And as always with the more emotionally – fluid water signs, escapism through drugs and alcohol is especially destructive. This could mean an addiction that has taken over to the point where interest in ‘real life’, or as we veteran ‘Burners call it, the ‘Default World’  is nonexistent and dreams turn to nightmares. If you’re an adult, you’re emotionally immature and find dealing with the Default World to be a painful experience, overall.

With no idea ‘which end is up’, this poor soul could be wrapped up in a delusion or fantasy that’s never going to happen.

A firm, gentle hand is needed here, parents, the  young dreamers must be cherished, nourished and protected. You were chosen to do just that.



18 May 18: Queen of Swords, reversed

Check yourself, bitch. I hate to see my favorite Queen have a bad day, but even the sharp-witted, no-bullshit Queen of Air (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) is human.

This critical Queen, wife of the most respected King in the Tarot, is a mature, beautiful woman whose mind is as sharp as the double-edged sword she holds upright in her left hand. Her tongue is as well, and she is renowned for her sharp – but always  ‘on point’ – remarks, judgements and opinions – and sense of humor.

I noticed this card in a spread yesterday and that I hadn’t drawn it in a while, and a couple of things jumped out. One, her spiked crown, which is some kind of thorny, round, protective helmet. She is protective of her sharp mind, and ready to defend her position. She is in a massive, lush garden of roses in full bloom, and a large red bloom is at her heart, in full bloom open wide to show a jewel in the center (Morgan-Greer). She does not openly show emotion like the more feminine Queen of Cups, she has an almost masculine edge. She saves it for the King, the only one she can trust.

Roses of course mean love, so she is definitely not as ‘heartless’ as some people may see her to be. Roses also symbolize secrets, tightly held in the center of the bud. This Queen doesn’t like secrets, she’ll cut to the truth of the matter, and it’s as if all those roses are opening up voluntarily, giving it up to her. May as well, she probably already knows.

Reversed: a malicious, gossipy old bitch. This card is known as ‘The Widow’s Card’ and reversed, this Queen becomes a bitter and lonely woman. Her sword isn’t so sharp anymore. Rather than astute and amusing observations, today she is humorless and mean-spirited, using her sharp tongue to spit hurtful, cutting remarks for sport.

This can sadly mean an older woman in decline losing faculties, and must be forgiven for out-of-context, sometimes shocking and/or embarrassing remarks.

Maybe it’s just that the King is off again seizing territory or whatever it is he does.  She’s always like this when he’s away.

Steer clear.


17 May 18: Temperance, reversed

Losing control. 

Temperance is all about keeping your balance and staying in control of your emotions.

This 14th card of the Major Arcana and associated with the Fire sign Sagittarius shows us a giant angel with massive wings spread wide standing with one foot in a clear blue stream or pond and the other up on the grassy bank, a soft golden glow emanating from his/her head. Calmly and methodically, the angel pours liquid back and forth between two gold goblets, over and over, patiently and exactly. He measures, mixes, timing his moves carefully, like a cosmic chemist. This is maintaining equilibrium.

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m finding this current Uranus/Taurus meet up to be an extremely uncomfortable and restless energy, like having a one foot on the brake and one on the gas. Take a breath.

Upside down, this is losing it. He got impatient and sloppy mixing those drinks (probably had a few himself) and dropped the cups, spilling everything out all over the place. He’s lost his focus, or has in trying to do too much has now overwhelmed himself, rushing, making mistakes, or quitting and throwing everything away altogether in frustration.  He’s lost his temper and is now on an emotional rollercoaster – this is a bi-polar card. He’s not getting along with or ‘mixing’ well with anyone around him.

You may feel time’s running out, or pressured for some reason.

Do whatever it takes to maintain your health, as your mental, emotional and physical well-being could take a turn. This reversed card is associated with an out-of-whack nervous system but could also warn of white/red corpuscle imbalance in the blood or of an out-of-whack emotional state that could be due to hormonal imbalance.


Seek help, we all need it sometimes.



16 May 18: Six of Coins/Earth

We’re even. The scales that the generous man on this card is holding in his left hand as he dispenses coins with his right are perfectly balanced, Justice having done her job weighing, measuring and leveling. When we last saw Justice yesterday, she was taking her sweet time pondering and deciding and processing evidence, her own scales not quite level, she has not yet made her decision.

The man on the Six of Coins card is a fair and generous man (the ‘have’) and looks almost like he’s ‘rationing’ out spare change to a pair of beggars kneeling before him (Rider-Waite; the ‘have nots’). The man is noble and dignified and does not look down upon these unfortunate people with disdain, but rather with an expression of wisdom. Coins are down-to-earth energy, Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn. Solid, earthly things you can touch, like money and property.

This man is responsible for an even distribution of money or wealth somehow. This gentleman could be a trustee or third neutral party appointed by the court to distribute money from a divorce settlement or even child support, carefully weighing and equally dividing property among the divorcing couple or the children.

This could even be giving someone a job or being offered one yourself, or some sort of grant or donation. This could mean investing in a team or partners you believe in, or someone investing in you and a partner. For Earth signs, this is a great month to ‘shake things up’ under revolutionary Uranus and maybe take a risk on an investment – and that’s not a sentence I would typically write about an Earth sign.

The 6 is a karmic number, as we’ve seen lately. There’s a lot of that going around, so you can be sure that even if you don’t see the situation, resolution, decision or judgement as ‘fair’, it is.

Humbly take what has been decided is justly yours with grace and gratitude, or give in the same spirit.








15 May 18: Justice

Karma. Basically, and on many levels. This card of Air (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) could bring some swift payback under today’s Uranus transition – the planet of ‘surprise’ is making a shift and doesn’t really get along with May’s earthly Taurus energy.  Uranus is the anarchist of the sky.

Heard: this ‘verdict’ is a shock.

Number 8 or 11 in the Major Arcana (somewhere along the line the numbers change for vague reasons, the way many ancient texts seem to ‘edit themselves’ over time, depending on who is translating) shows a woman in the same relaxed, seated position as The Empress. She holds the upright Sword of Truth in her right hand and the scales in her left (Morgan-Greer). The thing I always notice about this card is that the scales in her left hand are not balanced, not even, whereas in other decks they are. I’m not sure how important that is, she will either balance the scales or has already balanced the scales, but balanced they will be. Gracious in her lush red robes she is passionate about Truth and Justice. Unlike the statue we see in front of courtrooms she is not blindfolded – justice is not blind.

Karmic justice, anyway.

This is things being put right in an actual legal situation in which case it’s working out in your favor if you’ve been fair. 

Lawyers, contracts, negotiations – all of that sort of thing.  Law & Order, even a run in with an Officer of the Law. Don’t lie.

..but something is keeping that scale from balancing with the other. Justice calmly looks us straight in the eye, patiently waiting.

Revolutionary Uranus, associated with the astrological sign of Aquarius, also of the suit of Swords or Air, will have something to say about this now that he’s in town so I expect those scales will be balanced perfectly the next time I look at this card, and I wouldn’t be surprised.

Uranus is associated with scientific breakthroughs, inventions, and cutting-edge technologies.

Things could get even more interesting than they are.

Here’s something: this planetary configuration is associated with Thomas Edison somehow, so I’ll be jumping down that rabbit hole later, I’m sure. Famously the lifetime nemesis of Serbian genius and free-energy advocate Nikola Tesla, their battle over AC vs. DC power back in the day is legendary.

Anyone familiar with solar power knows the most efficient delivery method is the shortest route possible between the source and the whatever is being powered (rooftop).

Solar power, directly delivered.

Scales balanced, thank you both.




14 May 18: Five of Cups/Water

Loss. This sad card seems to continue the saga of our Boatman of the 6 of Swords, having to pick up and move on.

On this card is a person dressed in black, his back to us, head bowed in sorrow. His posture is limp, he is defeated. He is on a shore and looks back over the water he has just crossed to a crumbling castle on a hill in the distance. He is consumed by regret, and would do it all differently if he could, but it’s too late now. The castle is crumbled, already growing over, there is nothing left to go back to.

He turns his eyes (yes, he just did that) to 3 cups laying on the beach, their blood-red contents spilling out all over the ground, wasted. This card is typically called ‘crying over spilt milk’, and that’s exactly what he’s doing. But if he would turn around, he’d see that he has 2 perfectly lovely gold cups within reach – something does remain, but he’s so overwhelmed with grief and disappointment and so broken after what he’s been through he doesn’t notice them and isn’t even interested. This #5 of the Minor Arcana  is associated with both angry Mars and violent Scorpio – not my favorite combination to say the least.

It’s the end of the world, as far as he’s concerned. Morbidly, he’s going to stand there and watch until that castle in the distance is completely grown over and gone.  He’s going to stand there watching those cups drain until the last drop has seeped into the sand, which will take some time.

When it ‘sinks in’ that what’s done is done, he’ll have to turn around and realize there’s something left with which to start again.