6 June 19: The Emperor & Eight of Swords reversed & Knight of Rods

Go wild. Seriously. Somebody needs to get out and have a little fun, and nobody knows how to have fun like the fearless, adventurous Knight of Wands (Fire/Sagittarius/Gemini/Mercury).

It’s hard not to read this as someone who has crossed over. The white-haired Emperor in the past position (Aries/Scorpio/Jupiter) had a good deal of power in this world and, without the physical restraints of the body, is free to move about the cabin and any and everywhere else. The Emperor represents authority, stability and structure – house rules.

In the present is the Eight of Swords (Capricorn/Mercury/Saturn) in the reverse. This is the ‘jail card’, and in the reverse someone’s getting out – literally. A woman in a blindfold loosely bound with ropes stands on a windy beach in the center of 8 swords stuck in the sand to form makeshift prison bars. Swords being of the mind, this is usually a card of self-imprisonment or limitation – of holding oneself back. The Emperor in the past, if not someone you recognize, could be your own ‘code’ of behavior or standards or some other thing that’s awfully strict, don’t you think? Self – control and self – discipline are admirable, but whose rules do you live by? The Emperor has the power to throw you in the clink, or set you free – today someone is being ‘set free’, or, free your mind and your ass will follow, as someone said, I think George Clinton.

The Knight of Swords is certainly into following your ass, and just about any other ass that happens to walk by. He’s here, there, and everywhere. This nonconformist in the future position has had enough restriction, self-imposed or not.

He’s dashing and daring and the very picture of the Emperor as a young man. He (or she) often brings news of a move or a trip – he’s on the fastest horse. Where did he go? He was just here! Absolutely fearless to the point of recklessness, he’s a hell of a lot of fun but can be hard to keep up with.

It makes sense for this Spirit to be around, no longer old and white haired but young and brash and cocky – f*** you and your rules and regulations, and who said gravity was a ‘law’?

I especially enjoy the ‘laws’ of physics being broken.

However, modern-day Knights ride motorcycles (Harleys), in which case he or she should be very careful. The Knight of Rods drives like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, and can mean an accident or the possibility of one.

I’d tell him or her to slow down, but he’d only call me a ‘stick in the mud’.

Live it up.



5 June 19: Knight of Swords & Queen of Rods & Strength

Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.

I tried leaving one of those dog sitting music channels on and all four of them sat up and said “WTF is this crap? We want Hippie Sabotage!” because that’s pretty much what’s streaming all the livelong day around here. On the Epic “Mirror” the otherworldly Benjamin Clementine sings the lines, “the more you hate me, the more you hate me, the more you help me. The more you love me, the more you love me, the more you hurt me.”

In the past is the rather – ahem- brash and intimidating Knight of Swords (Aries/Gemini/Mars/Air). I call him the ‘collateral damage’ Knight. His sword (of truth) is bloody (Morgan-Greer), as in the truth hurts. He is a Knight, yes. His intentions are noble. However he is not know for a delicate and sensitive demeanor, let us say. His sword is sharp, but his or her words are blunt. Ouch. The Knight on the card is pleased with his work. He got the job done, but did you have to burn the whole place down to kill one cockroach? That sort of thing. Swords are words. ‘Sticks and stones’ and all that – words are just sounds made in the air, right? Sure. This is either you or someone you know, but although today in the past position, this Knight is facing forward. Charging ahead. Before the blood on the sword has even dried.

In the center is the Queen of Wands or Fire (Leo/Sun) who, if he or she were making an acceptance speech, would be as usual witty, warm and wearing a 1000 watt smile. On the card she carries a sunflower. This is the woman – or man – who ‘lights up the room’. But on the Morgan-Greer card, her laser – beam eyes betray her. Queens don’t mess, particularly this one – she’s had a harder time of it, perhaps a harder upbringing, than the other Queens. Dressed in sunny yellow posing with her staff and sunflower, it’s easy to not notice she is not smiling – her lips are sealed.

In the future position is #8 or #11 of the Major Arcana depending on the deck and because it seems if a human has any opportunity to rewrite history in any documented shape or form they will, Strength, or c-c-c-c-Courage (Leo/Neptune/Mars). Despite the presence of the potentially injurious lion being tamed by beautiful woman in the spotless white gown this is a quiet card. Ssshhhh. There there, ya beast.

The card of the past is dark and the sky a denim-blue (dark wash) but the present and future are sunny, warm, strong energies – the Queen is Queen, period.

Knights are young, immature beings, and in the past either someone’s words ‘cut’ you,  or you made it your ‘mission’ or ‘quest’ to do the painful truth-telling. The Knight of Swords has no ‘filter’ whatsoever.

The Knight has fought many battles and has torched many castles, but the feminine energy is definitely taking over here.

“Oh, Donald, DO be quiet, dear.”

4 June 19: Ten of Swords & The Fool & The Lovers

Trust life said a remarkable psychic to me years ago. Forgive me if you’ve heard this one before, I realize I’m starting to repeat myself in the manner of a harmless nutty old aunt.

That horrible, painful, thing that happened? The thing you thought would certainly kill you but didn’t? The thing – or person – you thought you would never get over? You know what I’m talking about. That. Them.

In the past position – thankfully – is the bloody, fatal 10 of Swords (Air/Taurus/Uranus/Venus) which is a painful card to even look at, let alone live it. A human lies in a pool of his or her own blood and is left for dead on a frozen shore with 10 long swords piercing his or her back. What at a glance appear to be stars in the black sky are snowflakes falling.  Backstabbing, and not just a little. This was a painful ending, a tragic loss, childhood trauma, or all of the above. This is a painful past to be sure. This human couldn’t take any more if he or she wanted to. Swords are words, and painful, sharp words can cut as painfully as any sword or knife, and this human is bleeding out. 

Fin. The End. 

Plainly there is a choice to be made here, and seeing as we have 2 Major Arcana today, this is not a choice to be taken lightly.

The Fool is a great card, and kicks off the whole adventure at Zero. Carpe Diem, says the Fool, and how right he or she is . The Fool (Aquarius/Uranus/Pluto) knows the entire planet is his or her playground and he or she is quite at home anywhere in or on it. Uranus is the innovator, the status-quo upsetter, the unexpected breakthrough, the cutting edge. The Fool will go where no man or woman has gone before. The Fool is a genius. The Fool lives for the the potential of magic in every moment he or she is alive.

I actually like that in this spread the Fool is looking bad at the past – not in a negative way, but the expression on the Fool’s face (Morgan-Greer) is almost like a light has gone on – the worst is over. Done. The little dog at his or her side looks relieved. This is truly a Helen Keller moment.

In the future is #6 of the Major Arcana, the Lovers. A choice needs to be made, and it’s a big one. Those 10 Swords of the past could have been accumulated over time – not just one failed attempt, but many.

Here’s the deal: this Fool has no business being in a relationship at all. The Lovers in this case I don’t get as a specific person but as an overall concept.

It’s easy to say this Fool needs to ‘take a chance on love’, but he or she is not facing forward. It takes a special kind of person to love a Fool, because who knows where they are, what they’re doing or with whom. The Fool is quite happy to blow along with the wind, and happiest when he or she is free to come and go as they choose. It’s very hard to keep up with a Fool – the poor, loyal, nervous dog at his or her side is the only companion the Fool needs.

On the olde time card, there is a choice to be made between 2 people, or 2 ways to live, I suppose. Loosely referred to as ‘virtue and vice’, we all have freedom of choice, and today this Fool chooses  – neither.

However, tomorrow may be a whole different story.

This does talk about a very strong connection between 2 people and what comes of it. Romantic or otherwise, it’s a deeply meaningful encounter of souls.

Both of these people may know what it’s like to have Swords in your back – but these Lovers are naked, so unless one of them is hiding a razorblade in their rather sexy, luxurious heads of hair there are no sharp words, no cuts and bruises, nothing painful here, only love. He or she would be a Fool to let his or herself be crippled by the past and not acknowledge and nurture this deep, natural bond.

Then babe, I gotta ramble.

There could be a person from the past returning, in which case they come in peace, and will go in peace as well.

Start over from Zero – every day.





3 June 19: King of Rods & Wheel of Fortune & Four Of Cups

No thank you. I’m good. Better than good. Great, even. I’m on a roll.

You sure are – unanswered calls, mails, unopened invitations – all that will have to wait. You know when you have to strike the hot iron, or ‘strike while the iron is hot’ I think is how that goes. This is that.

Today we have the most fortuitous Wheel of Fortune, #10 of the Major Arcana and big stuff indeed – life changing, even. The Wheel (Virgo/Uranus/Jupiter/) is turning very much in our favor, and we have a major window of opportunity here.

Destiny and the free will to act. Ah, the paradox. Flip a coin.

Don’t do that.

In the past is the King of Fire, Rods, Wands or Clubs (Aries/Mars/Sagittarius/Leo). This beloved King is all about encouragement and motivation – he may even be a motivational speaker type of person, male or female, likes an audience and the audience likes him. He’s dashing, daring, the ladies love him and the men want to be him. He (or she) is very psychic: and when I think about the fire signs I know they are all very psychic, but either don’t know it or acknowledge it as such, and it can make them edgy. This King has, or had, a lot of energy in the past position, but not ‘controlling’ your fire can mean ‘burning out’ before the job is done – like the fire burned out before the house got warm. This is   someone who gave you good advice in the past – or you, yourself, Dorothy, were King all along – or your Dad was.

This could be talking about relying a whole lot or even too much on luck and whatever direction the wind is blowing. Or, as Tennessee Williams said via Blanche DuBois, “I’ve always relied on the kindness of strangers”. I can’t really argue with that approach today, because it seems to be working out very well, or it will, if we keep in mind this is only a ‘turn of the wheel’ and we must decide what it is we need to do and jump on it before we’re on our way down again when the wind changes.

In the future position which is a great place to have not such a great card is the 4 of Cups (Scorpio/Pluto/Mars/Water/Pisces/Cancer).

I would hate to think of us as someone who takes their good fortune for granted, which is very possible with the bored, apathetic 4 of Cups in this position. This self-absorbed human doesn’t even look up at the gold cup he’s being offered – from the Skyhand, no less! Do you know how many people wait and wish for a visit from the Skyhand? OMG, dude. 


Some people don’t deserve their good fortune, but let’s assume you do. First, you have to recognize and acknowledge your good luck (“gotta carry it in a truck” -Blowfly) (SO uncalled for -Editor) and make the most of it. This is as positive as a read as it gets – but none of us know when the last ‘turn’ is, that is, how many ‘turns’ do we have left coming to us? The King and Queen riding high on the wheel today are in full celebration mode – this is very much a ‘live for today’ vibe, and  I like it.

Back to the future – exactly. We don’t not want to act, we must – but this human on the 4 in the future is picky. He or she should be. 3 cups sit untouched even as the 4th is offered. Basically, unless it’s an invitation or an offer from a King, it’s not worth getting out of bed for.

Be selective. Entertain all offers, but accept nothing and no one less than the best.

Including yourself.


31 May 19: Page of Cups & Ace of Wands & Queen of Swords

The dream, the drive, the plan. This is a very encouraging spread for artists and creative types and anybody, really, who has always dreamed of living their dream, as impossible and ‘out there’ as it may have always seemed to others when we were young. Today we have the sensitive, sweet little poetic Page of Cups in the past position, we can be talking about ourselves as a child or our own child, as Pages represent children and young people of either sex.

In the past, this Page was a dreamer. This is the kid who plays with Mom’s makeup, writes their own birthday cards and stages elaborate little plays with their dolls. Talks to ‘imaginary friends’ in his or her own little world. Pages are messengers, and on the  card  this sensitive Page seems to be receiving a message himself, dreamily contemplating a little fish rising out of his gold cup to tell him or her something. This is all about water, (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) among a few other things)  the un/subconscious and all the wonderful wonders of the deep therein just waiting to swim up and be ‘birthed’ as a song, a genius work of art, or, as he or she seems to enjoy dressing rather eccentrically in hats, plumes and scarves, a hot new fashion designer. This Page was encouraged in the arts by whoever was around him or her, which is a good thing – I don’t need to go into how important music and art are to brain and emotional development, dammit, Jim, I’m no doctor, but they are.

In the present is an Ace, and the ‘fire is lit’. The Ace of Wands, Rods or Clubs (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius/Mercury/Mars) is fierce. This is primal fire, and it feels great. New inspiration, willpower and energy, this Ace is as fertile as the part of the male anatomy it often represents.

This combination could be talking about someone thinking about or always having wanted a baby – this is a pretty fertile picture for sure, but even though one partner may want a child the other most certainly doesn’t, can’t, or won’t. Because we haven’t yet had a ‘woman as meat’ reference yet today,  and why not –  let’s just say that this woman is ‘no Spring chicken’. She looks determined enough to poke a hole in a condom with that sword. Or, someone has decided to become a single parent – in which case remember, it’s your child, not one of your ‘subjects’, Your Highness. 

In the future is the ‘Widow Queen’, the Queen of Swords or Air (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius Virgo/Scorpio). She’s the one we need for sure. I am amazed to read that this is the only Queen not married to the King –  I never knew that, but it makes complete sense, duh, how can she be called the Widow Queen if she’s married?  (Tarotheaven.Com). Said to be the King’s sister (will I ever dive down that rabbithole this weekend), Her brother has a law degree and so does she – she holds her double-edged sword straight and upright.  Her notorious tongue is as sharp as that sword. She’s prickly: on the Morgan-Greer image her crown always reminds me of  a sea urchin – a round pillowy golden thing stuck with thorny and painful looking spikes.  This is the Logical Queen. Don’t even try to BS this woman, she doesn’t look at you, she looks through you. She knows her job, and she must make her decisions for the good of her realm,  over which she is very protective.

She knows Kingdoms are not built on dreams alone.

They look like they could be related, or even the same person, the Page and the Queen -it’s time to get serious.

In the future position, this is a reassuring card – meaning we can trust ourselves, or whoever this is, to calculate the ‘big picture’ and advise us as to how to bring our ‘dream’ into reality, but we must be clear, realistic and logical in our thinking  – and set emotions aside. An artist at some point if they’re going to be successful has got to get used to his or her expressions of their deepest soul being referred to as ‘product’ or ‘units’ or ‘assets’ and ‘marketable’. It is that sort of detachment that will be required to make this happen.

Or: the Page in the past is a ‘puppy love’ card, and could mean an immature,  overly romanticized concept of romantic relationships or even women in general. The Queen of Swords in the future position has no time for such puffery. She’s the ‘tough love’ Queen, and all business.

But there is a lot of beautiful blue on the table this morning: these cards harmonize very nicely…

… and they’re both wearing a such a gorgeous shade of red, dahling!

30 May 19: Page of Coins & 5 of Coins & The World

Don’t give up now you are sooo close.

A supremely encouraging spread is what we have here, as ‘outside’ and downright ‘broke’ as we may feel right now.

If this spread were a musical, the young Page of Coins studying the gold Pentacle he so carefully holds in both hands would be singing a soliloquy, something like ” this is my  dreeaaaaammmmm..”  This serious, studious Child of Earth (Capricorn/Taurus/Virgo/Uranus/Saturn) can be a moody kid, but is the type that knows exactly what he or she is going to be when he or she grows up and starts studying early. Depending on whatever theory of relatively you subscribe to, the Earth turns either slowly or quickly, but in the Tarot the Coins are the former – grounded, weighty, and speak of the physical, material world. The suit requires patience, time, and attention to detail. Before this Page makes a move, he studies all angles and possibilities – including potential obstacles and setbacks, financial and otherwise. The Page of Pentacles has the long view. What can I do with what/who I’ve got? You may have not had a lot, or, you had everything – which can be alienating as well. The Page is a born student, and is possibly beginning an apprenticeship or a new job that may not pay a lot at first. This may depress him or her, who may feel they’re the only one who ‘gets it’, or sees their potential – overestimating their worth or abilities.

Whenever I see the 5 of Coins or Pentacles, (Earth /Gemini/Aquarius/Jupiter/Uranus/Saturn/Mercury) Today in the present position, and the 2 humans struggling through the snow barefoot and dressed in tattered clothes I always expect them to bust into a chorus of “There’s A Place For Us” from West Side Story. This is a ‘poverty’ card, but these people chose to be ‘outsiders’ – or not, but the vibe I always get from this card is ‘you can come in from the cold, but there are conditions’.  This requires compromise, something the freedom-loving, unpredictable #5 is not good at.  It always make me think of the story I heard about my Great-grandfather. who, when he came to America, converted from Catholicism because the Freemasons didn’t take Catholics. Now of course, as Monty Python sings (I told you it was a musical today) “they’ll take you as soon as you’re warm”.  That is also the generation who saved, repaired, repaired again, and like the recent news item about the dead cat lady ( theme from “Cats”) who had thousands of dollars in unopened social security checks laying around her human litterbox, resulted in a ‘poverty’ state of mind, that is, I’m always gonna be broke. Therefore, you will be.

The same goes for relationships. The immature Page is closely examining his coin for imperfections – searching for the ‘perfect’ partner – which, of course, doesn’t exist.

Anywhere in the world.

The World (Scorpio/Saturn/The Sun)  is associated with the Master Number 33 and is #21 of the Major Arcana,  and today in the future position guarantees worldly and even international success, so to say the least there is nothing to worry about.

YOUTUBING Gloria Gaynor: I will survive! I will survive! 

You not only have, and will, survive, but thrive and be recognized – famous, even.

Hang in there – you’ve invested a lot in yourself, there’s no way you won’t be successful.

It will all have been worth it: you will be ready, and finally, the World will be ready for you.


Editors note: she doesn’t pay attention to dates but I noticed we’ve been posting for a year now save for last August aka the Summer of Death. Every time a reading resonates with you she says it feels like having a hit record. Thank you all. 

29 May 19: The Empress & The Tower & Three of Swords reversed

Surprise! Is the only thing I can think of to say about this. Something or someone has definitely ‘disrupted’ your life, or rocked your world, or both.

Let’s just start with the dreaded Tower, #16 of the Major Arcana, one of 2 of the Majors today. Major Arcana are the game-changers, the life-altering cards of destiny – or, as they are sometimes called, life’s ‘turning points’.

The Tower (Aries/Capricorn/Mars) is a violent card. Lightning strikes a castle tower, sending bits of stone flying and setting it on fire as 2 people are are either thrown or leaping off into to the angry, churning white-capped ocean waves below – it’s every man for himself. The sky is sooty gray and black. This is the rug being pulled out from under you, even literally. This could mean suddenly losing a much-loved home, as the Tower could warn of a fire or earthquake or both.

The key concept of the Tower is having ‘built on a weak foundation’, that is, it was unstable in the first place, including what Mom may have or have not taught you.

But 2 people are falling from the Tower, so this traumatic event did not affect only us.

The Empress is the ‘mother’ card, including the Mother Earth card. Gloriously pregnant, she is the Creator, and could be the one who created you. She is all about fertility and abundance, and, being an Empress, can certainly behave like one. Venus and Libra (Air) rule the Empress, who acknowledges her rulers by wearing a crown of stars. Nature, beauty in all forms including art and music, and of course, babies.

She is the Queen Bee.

This could be losing your mother, perhaps suddenly. This could mean losing a baby, perhaps suddenly.

But this can also mean the ‘sexual healing’ Marvin Gaye sings about so…convincingly, as in , ‘did the earth move for you too, baby? ‘

This gives me a ‘I thought I was doing fine until I met her/him‘ vibe, in which case you needed that, and you know it. To re-visit that ‘women as USDA Grade meat’ rating system,  (ask your grandpa) the Empress is Prime, A grade, filet mignon. No cheap chuck here.

In the future position is the painful 3 of Swords (Air/Earth/Libra/Capricorn/Virgo/Saturn/Mercury), today, in the reverse. Upright, the image of the bleeding, hurting heart pierced with 3 dripping Swords is painful to look at. The stormy black clouds on the card have blown over from the Tower in the center, but they’re settling. There is a faint glow around the heart: we have a pulse!

In the reverse, I read this as getting over some kind of shock – possibly revelations of some kind – about a woman in your family  – you own mother – who you thought you knew (my real father is WHO?“) or, if recent past, well, you’ve obviously never had filet mignon before.

The reversed 3 of Swords in the future requires forgiveness any way you slice it (Lame. -Ed) because there is no way this woman was unimportant to you, or you to her, and the actual realization that she was, or is, may actually be a bit of a shock.

The sky is now clearing over the reversed heart as the swords fall away.

2 x 3 = ‘surprise’

Hopefully nothing too earth-shaking, our poor hearts can’t take it.