16 Sept 19: Death & Two of Wands & Eight of Cups

A new direction. You have no choice now, there nothing left for you wherever you are and you know it. Fear not, this is all part of the Universal Plan.

Death, #13 of the Major Arcana is in the past position today (Scorpio/Uranus/Pluto/Mars) and there’s nothing pleasant about Death, whether death of a person or a way of life. This is a hopeful spread even though at first glance it doesn’t seem to be.

Death carries a white rose in the Morgan-Greer deck, and on the olde-tyme cards he rides a white horse carrying a flag emblazoned with a rather Masonic looking white rose,  the symbolism of which is a course of study in itself. In the East, a white rose is a funeral flower. This today could very well be the death of a human, but I’m getting more of the ‘death’ of a phase, a chapter, a time of life, but not necessarily life itself.

Life-style, maybe.

The human, at present and in the center of the spread is looking back at the past as if taking one last long look before moving on. The 2 of Wands or Clubs or Rods is of the suit of fire (Mars in Aries/Leo/Sagittarius). This is fresh, but careful, energy. The human holds the world in his hand in the form of a small globe  as he contemplates the horizon – where in the world do I go next, he or she seems to be thinking. We have finally ‘let go’. Now what?

The suit of Wands is a very intuitive suit. Think of the wands as antennae; your instinct tells you that your destiny lies somewhere else or with someone else. Or not: the human we see on the 8 of Cups in the future position is very much alone, or at least certainly feels that way (Saturn in Pisces).

Something’s missing. 

Perhaps you have lost someone and you’re ‘haunted’ by past memories. Travel would be good for you. Moving would be great for you. The human on the card in the future position is walking away from an uneven stack of gold cups out into the rather rugged and rocky looking terrain along a shoreline out into the unknown. The next card in the suit would be the 9, or what is called ‘The Wish Card’ in the tarot.

This human may realize they can do or have whatever they want, they just may not know what they want.

This is a tough one – the cards have been weird all month, never mind the meltdown of my electrical panel and the storm ripping off the roof and the satellite dish in the same week! In 15+ years that has never happened. This could be your house dying a slow death no matter how much love you put into it!

I digress. 

I like this for someone who is ‘walking away’ from a lifestyle that could have killed them. Look at all those cups on the 8 in the future position he or she is walking away from: in spite of the even number, they’re all haphazard, uneven and sloppy, as if stacked up by a gang of drunken monkeys.

This is ‘sobering up’.

The human on the 2 of Wands has his hand on one of the long sticks as if to steady himself – and in fact on the future card, has only the 1 walking stick he takes with him on his journey.


Put the past behind you.


13 Sept 19: Knight of Cups & Two of Cups & Seven of Coins

I repeat, say the cards in case I missed it the first time. Will you look at this?

If I didn’t know any better I’d say the 2 people from yesterday actually opened up, were honest about how they felt, who they were and what they each had or were willing to offer each other and/or expected from the relationship, and if I were a betting (wo)man, I’d say they may just make it but

…look at all the cups in this spread. Cups are water, and water is the deep blue sea of the subconscious. We have a full moon in Pisces today, so try to keep one foot on dry land, emotionally speaking, because we’re in warp-world. But as I see an Earth card in the future position, I doubt anyone here is ‘going under’. If the Moon can pull the ocean what do you think she’s doing to your humours? (Great word-Ed.) Virgo and Pisces are opposite signs, and we have the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces. How confusing. The Moon reflects light from the Sun, so are we seeing things as they really are as under sunlight or funhouse mirror moonlight?

Astro-logically speaking, yes, things are that weird (and wonderful).

The presence of the poetic Knight of Cups in the past, who could be male or female, suggests even more unrealistic ‘in love with love’ romanticism than we had yesterday, which is probably the reason this poor lady/man has always felt/been ‘let down’ by love. Knights are on the move, that’s why they’re on horses. On the Morgan-Greer card, although we can only see a bit of his or her face under the lifted visor of his or her helmet, this Knight looks a whole lot like one of the love struck humans on the 2 of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio/Mercury/Sagittarius). At first I thought it was her, now I think it’s him, and although the Knight is in the past position, is seems he may be one standing between the fantasy-prone female human and the here and now, no-nonsense 7 of Coins (Capricorn/Virgo/Saturn in Taurus) in the future position, or at least the misty memory of him or her.

Once again, the 7 of Coins appears in the future spread, except that today it is upright, but still contemplating and considering the value of an investment or is tired or waiting for ‘the perfect’ partner. Like this gardener, who looks as if he or she expected their crop to have yielded more by now and is wondering if it – or they – ever will, you may be wondering the same about someone. (No adult version, sorry -Edit)

This is one of the most ‘realistic’ cards in the deck, in my opinion. The reality is someone needs to accept and even appreciate that someone else is just a lover in general, and obviously (safely) spreads the love, as Knights are on horses. The Knight of Cups of the past is the mystical ‘Knight in Shining Armor’ of dreams. Keyword: mystical. Seeing as the olde tyme name for the 7 of Coins is ‘The Lord of Success Unfulfilled’, that Knight in Shining Armor doesn’t look like they’re coming back anytime soon, if ever.

The Knight of Cups is a seducer, he or she can’t help themselves. A river runs through the card behind him or her, dividing a green landscape and a rather imposing, dry looking mountain (Morgan-Greer). They love him or her on both sides of the river, as in you’re not the only one, that is if you care to know, and it may very well know and it may not matter to you.

If you are a musician or artist or actor or filmmaker, this could be one of the best weeks of the year for you in terms of being able bring into being some fantastic work(s) of the imagination. If you’ve never considered yourself any of these things, this may be the week you discover you are one of these things, and whether to pursue the arts seriously as an occupation, in which case faith in yourself and your work is essential to a successful outcome. Someone may be considering investing in your own partnership, but once again, contemplating the ‘yield’.

This is saying any new relationship or partnership demands nothing less than 100% of your body and soul should you want it, but

…this can also be a loved one or lover from your past that has passed – the Knight of Cups wears a winged helmet – and is standing right between you and someone who may very well be out to take advantage of you, so thank them. They see things we can’t, and with that 2 of Cups, there’s always the possibility there’s a whole lot we don’t.


Especially today.




12 Sept 19: The World reversed & Two of Cups & Seven of Coins reversed

At odds. I don’t know what else to say about these 2 humans in the center of this picture. Very strange. I could write a bad romance novel – or a good one – around this for sure, these people are so crossed-up about what they expect out of each other and the relationship in general someone is bound to be disappointed: a lot is being assumed here, I think.

I assume.

In the past position and in the reverse is the last card of the Major Arcana, #21, The World. The World can mean many things, wisdom and experience, travel, accomplishment, achievement, dreaming big, living big. Freedom, especially to be yourself in the world as you are, as is the naked human blissfully dancing in the sky encircled by a laurel wreath. This is being comfortable in your own skin and at home in the world  Proud of what you’ve accomplished and the life you created for yourself. A keyword for the World card is completion, and that is the word that resonates today. (Scorpio/Saturn/TheSun).

In the reverse, someone is not seeing the world as it really is, someone has ‘unfinished business’, or someone is basically too lazy or afraid to live their best life and is looking for fulfillment in the shape of another human aka someone to complete me.

It is the laurel wreath around the head of the female of the 2 of Cups that draws my eye today, the same wreath that encircles the dancer on the reversed World card.

She is on the left facing right, lost in the eyes of a male human on the right facing left who is lost in her eyes. They both offer (empty?) gold cups symbolizing love and emotion to each other as everyone and everything else on the card, and in the room, fades away. While this is arguably the best scene in the movie, it’s also usually the most unrealistic.  Distracted by her flirty headgear and beautiful eyes, her mess of a past is the farthest thing from his mind.

This is a picture of a woman who doesn’t feel ‘complete’ without a man, or because he or she didn’t handle things right in the past, needs financial help to ‘finish’ something if not someone to ‘finish’ her/him.

These could very well be 2 people who feel they ‘complete ‘each other, but there aren’t a hell of a lot of good vibes around them for some reason.

The 7 of Coins is to the far right and in the future position. In the upright, this is a card of stepping back, pausing and taking stock before any further ‘investment’. Will this pay off? Asks the gardener, taking a break to lean on his hoe and rest as he assesses his ripening crop of gold coins hanging from a money tree.

Do I go all in?

This card in the reverse says ‘no’ but not unkindly, at least not now or in the near future.  (Saturn in Taurus/Capricorn/Virgo). Someone has no faith in the potential ROI in you, or you in them.

If these 2 people would open their mouths and talk I think they would be surprised, or not, at what each expects or even thinks of the other.

Then again, they may very well know.


Or, somebody is spending all their money on exotic dancers.



11 Sept 19: Ten of Swords & Four of Wands & reversed Knight of Coins

9/11. I had all kinds of notes about all kinds of things and then logged on and saw the date.

No wonder yesterday’s reading was so bi-planal.  

In the center is the ’11:11′ card,  the 4 of Wands, 11:11 being ‘cosmic code’. This is a communal celebration or occasion, a gathering of family and friends. I rarely hear the word ‘funeral’ anymore, ‘Celebration of Life’ is the preferred term, and I imagine there are a lot of families gathering today as well as commemorative speeches and presentations – the 4 of Wands can be a stage. The overall feeling of this card is of home and happiness. The 4 poles holding up the canopy, which is used for both weddings and funerals, form the pair of 11’s, always a greeting from those on the Other Side (Venus in Aries/Sagittarius/Leo).

I’m ok and with you today. 

The 10 of Swords in the past is as bad as it gets and as bad as it’s ever going to get. This is a 10 and can literally mean murder, as that lifeless human laying on his face with all those swords in his back certainly didn’t put them there himself. This is the ‘rock bottom’ card, as low as you’ve ever been. This is an accident, a bad fall, basically the ‘worst thing that could happen’  as Uranus, the planet of the Unexpected, has a hand in this most  painful card (Air: Gemini/Libra/Aquarius/Uranus/Venus).

It happened. 

I notice on the olde tyme 4 of Wands the 2 attendees who lift their bouquets of flowers in celebration/commemoration stand in front of a huge white chateau – making a commemorative speech, no doubt.

The slow-moving Knight of Coins is in the reverse today which means he’s not moving at all. This Knight is not a King, he doesn’t make the rules, he just carries them out. He or she is the hardest working of the Knights, he holds no weapon but he does hold a large gold coin (Earth: Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn touched by Venus). The Knight of Pentacles is a loan officer, a bean counter. It’s repetitious, boring  work, but that’s his or her job, and they’re not doing it – this Knight looks like he or she is ‘dropping the ball’.

This is insurance money/aid coming in too slowly or not coming at all. Related to home and family, while today may be ok for now (‘at least we’re together and alive’) someone somewhere is living under 4 sticks and a tarp.

These are Minor Arcana, so if we zoom in to a narrower picture, someone could have been trying to ‘pin you down’  like that pincushion of a human on the 10 of Swords about  money or a loan or you could be trying to do the same, with no luck.

The money isn’t coming fast enough.

You may hear someone is getting married to someone else which may be ‘crushing news’, and you may not want to attend the wedding.

Once again I notice the colors of the cards – under the dismal, black sky of the 10 in the past there is a strip of yellow sunrise that overtakes the present and dominates the future card and the entire spread, left to right.

You can’t rush a sunrise, your own healing,


.. insurance companies or government aid.  



(Get well Jeff)

10 Sept 19: Ace of Coins & Judgement & Six of Cups

Reunited. If you don’t believe in or aren’t interested in the concept of reincarnation, you can skip this one, but of course there is always more than one interpretation of a spread, as the question is everything, but we’re just freestylin’ here.

This could be a picture of a judgement in your favor regarding money having something to do with the past – but this feels a lot heavier than that to me, although the outcome is anything but.

This could also be an overall emphasis on materialism in general, and a message to simplify.

In the center is Judgement, #20 of the Major Arcana, a dramatic card that shows a family of 3 – a man, woman and child – rising from their graves. It’s visually a complicated card with rich symbolism from the huge Angel blowing his horn to the red cross on his flag to the glowing, flowing river beyond. The deck I’m using this morning is a beautiful Rider-Waite with a mirrored finish and Chinese numerical translations which I love, and on this version of the Judgement card shows 3 more joyous humans, arms outstretched, waiting for them ‘on the other side’, of the river, but the newly-risen family in the foreground does not see them – the are all looking up at the angel, having heard the music of his golden horn aka a calling. 

This is a card of reunions.

This is a very clairaudient, musical card, and obviously loud enough to ‘wake the dead’ (Scorpio/Cancer/Pluto/The Moon).

I’m listening, already.

In the past although this feels more like a timeless flow is the blessed Ace of Coins, a gift or inheritance of some kind.  A fresh, new seed of the suit of Earth and all things physical and tangible, including new humans (Capricorn/Virgo/Taurus). The Ace holds the promise of all the riches on Earth, basically, but it’s all about what you do with it. The Coins or Pentacles talk about our bodies (the 5 pointed star carved into each golden coin represents, DaVinci-like, the head, arms and legs of us humans as well as the 5 senses).

New babies are referred to as ‘gifts’, so the Ace of Coins can mean an earthly birth.

In the future position is the sweet and nostalgic card of childhood and children, the 6 of Cups.

The children on the 6 are in a garden of their own making in the form of leaves and flowers either stuffed into or planted in 6 gold cups lined up along a stone wall. A little boy sweetly presents a little girl with the gift of one of the cups, as they recognize each other as pure souls – as if from another lifetime. Indeed, the beautiful garden of the card in the past – the roses, palms, and lilies – over which the beautiful Ace hovers is no dream, it’s real – you may feel like you’ve known someone in a past life.  (Scorpio/Pisces/Cancer).

It could be a major turning point in your life when you’ve made peace with the past, and realize how ‘gifted’ you’ve been, which is, of course, making it possible to move into the future with a fresh, childlike innocence and enthusiasm.

That may be your gift, and it would certainly please them. 



9 Sept 19: Page of Coins & Nine of Clubs & Three of Cups, all reversed

Time out. You may desperately need it today as in time alone to yourself. If you’re a child, go to your room, finish your homework and no friends are allowed over for awhile. Come to think of it, if you’re an adult, the same applies.

I very seldom see the dependable and studious Page of Pentacles in the reverse. This is the kid who dreams big and follows through with determination, commitment and dedication. The young Page holds his oversized gold coin up to the light and sees his or her future – money, money, money. In the reverse, this is ‘wasted‘ something, talent, youth, time, money, an opportunity, or all of the above. This Page in the upright can usually be found in school uniform studying in the corner – in the reverse, this is a rebellious kid or you yourself may have been the rebel of the family. (Earth: Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn)

This is a hot mess, my friends. Someone may be their own worst enemy, at least today, but these being ‘little cards’ as in Minor Arcana, I expect ‘weather conditions’ to change.

They always do.

The Nine of Clubs upright is a card that encourages us to hang in there and give it one – more – push. You’re exhausted, battered, confused and bruised, and you can’t possibly go on. But you can, and you must (Sagittarius/Aries/Leo). Look at how far you’ve come, says the 9 of Wands/Clubs, you’re almost there. In the reverse, this card means pretty much the same, but our ‘fire’ may be ‘burning out’. The #9 makes me think of 9 months of gestation and then – the last push. (Only 9 months? You humans have it easy! -my horse.)

This could be letting a past failure prevent you from being happy. Sadly, a rejection in the past could have damaged someone severely to the point of being unable to ‘open up’ or trust people again.

In the future is what should be the card of joy and merriment, the 3 of Cups. It’s a Party Card, basically, a card of celebration, but in the reverse, this is either way too much of it. or it’s just not going to happen. This could be considered an ‘anti-party’ as in getting together with close friends and family for a funeral, possibly for someone who ‘almost made it’.  (Cancer/Pisces/Scorpio.)

These people could just be bad drunks and time wasters.  In the reverse, these 3 people are 2 or 3 faced gossipy bitches, and who has time for that?

This edgy human in the center shouldn’t drop his guard if he sees this crew coming.

If this human is a little paranoid about somebody stealing from him/ her, I can’t be the one to say he’s not justified.

He or she doesn’t even trust themselves today.



6 Sept 19: Queen of Coins & Page of Swords & Justice

Coveting is a word I don’t get to use often, but someone is, or you are, and it’s very off-putting as a feeling. Whereas the Queen of Coins  is the very embodiment of calm, earthy, comfortable stability and security, the annoying Page of Swords is one defensive, nervous little bitch, assuming he or she is not a child, as the Pages in the Tarot are children or very young adults,  immature in either case. The Page on the Morgan-Greer card holds his adult-sized Sword with both hands. In the Tarot Swords are words, sounds we make pushing air in order to communicate.  The Page has yet to learn to wield his double-edged sword with discretion, skill and grace.

The Page of Swords (Air: Libra/Aquarius/Gemini and a bit of Earth) is a messenger, as are all the Pages. This Page could be bringing news of a legal matter, possibly involving family money or property. This Page could be ‘looking into’ information as in actually spying, stalking, or gathering information in order to bring a legal action against someone, including reading their e-mails and text messages. No matter what the specific situation, this spread very much advises staying above board and street legal in all dealings at all times.

The Page of Swords is a jealous human. If this isn’t someone we know or our own reflection today, you may be ‘served’ or having someone else served with a lawsuit or summons, possibly regarding child support or alimony.

The Queen of Pentacles (Earth: Virgo/Capricorn/Taurus) is in the past position today, the nurturing Earth Mother and Queen of Home and Hearth, garden, kitchen, and family money. I’d like to make up a little story about how this loyal Page of Swords, facing to the right with his or her back to the capable, talented Queen is defending his mother’s  (the Queen is almost always a mother or mother figure) or accountant’s honor. The Queen of Coins is a hardworking, down to earth, back to basics sort of a woman (or man), and handles money better than any other Queen, but she’s more comfortable being the Queen of her own castle than in a boardroom, but she’s definitely the Queen of that, too. She can show up as anyone who handles money professionally, and it may be her today who is a little defensive. Ever been audited?

Whoever was in charge of the money, says the gov’t, we want to talk to them. 

There is no love here, but for the past love of the Queen of Coins – mother’s love, if you will. This could be someone looking to hook a sugar mama or sugar daddy – and they want it official as in ‘let’s make it legal’. Justice represents the law – someone may not like mom having control of the ‘dynasty’. But this is not a heroic Knight, as much as he’d like to grow up to be one. This Page may sometimes use that Sword to ‘cut some corners’, but Justice (Libra/Capricorn/Saturn/Venus) is a Karmic card, and does not approve.

Neither does the Queen.

However, these cards are all in the upright. Both of these humans face forward, almost giving me a mother/son vibe. This could be an age difference, someone is a mother figure in the relationship or someone sees someone as a mother figure. This could be dealing with legal matters as a family, or what’s left of one.

These 2 energies in the shape of humans can in some ways be good for each other. The agile, youthful Page and the accomplished, successful, grounded Queen may have a mutual respect and loyalty, but there are no Cups aka ‘hearts’ aka love in these cards, save for the ‘motherly love’ of the Queen in the past position, who ‘has his back’.


Where there’s a will…there’s usually money.