23 Aug 19: Eight of Swords reversed & Ace of Wands & The Pope, reversed

Trailblazin’. This is an inspiring, rebellious spread, and it feels very much like we’re about to break a ‘mould’ of some kind, or break free from a murky period of being stuck in some holding pattern, whether physically or mentally.

The 6 of Swords in the past position is a card of high anxiety resulting from negative patterns, people or even places and situations we can’t seem to break free from or we keep going back to. Were this card in the upright, the humans in the boat would be moving out of choppy, churning water out to calmer seas. Water representing emotion in the tarot, we can’t get out of this ‘churned up’ state. This boat was stuck in a whirlpool, lost and confused. This is a card of travel, but not happy travel – maybe you’ve just needed or wanted to get away and couldn’t or wouldn’t.


There is no going back now, though, since today this card is in the past and so then is all the shadowy, dark confusion and ‘murky-ness’ (Mercury in Aquarius (Air) Capricorn/Venus/Saturn).  The card is uncomfortable, unsettled, black and gray.

This is a great spread for creatives and that includes those creating a new human because the Ace of Wands is all lit up and our vibe of the day. Aces in Tarot Time mean Now. Today. This minute. This Ace of Fire (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius) is very much a ‘strike while the iron is hot’ card, the proverbial light bulb going off in your head. Even the way the Skyhand lowers the thick wand from the clouds is aggressive – this is forceful, masculine energy, and if you are a male, you may have decided you want to make a new human, married or not (not, according to the cards).

This is taking a risk. The Ace of Fire needs careful handling. Think of this Ace as a giant match – and think of how hot and fast fire burns. This is a very powerful card for starting your own business. While there was at least one other human in that sad, lost boat in the past, this is your opportunity and yours alone.

But not everyone will approve of your trailblazin’.  A male human may finally decide to ‘come out of the closet’ (it’s dark in there) much to the disapproval of church and family. You may be having a baby with someone of a different race or religion. The new you is not about following the old rules.

The Pope, today in the future position is pretty much who he is, someone who stands for something. #5 of the Major Arcana, he represents conservative tradition in the form of organized religion or a long-standing institution. Basically, the way things have been done is not working for you, and it will never work for you. It’s not you (Taurus/Moon/Venus). Whereas the upright Pope would bless you if you ‘toed the party line’, that is, of course, adhered to the doctrine, this is disapproval from the ‘establishment’.

This is working outside the established/corporate gallery/studio/corporate system: you don’t get them, they don’t get you – possibly having made the rounds and having had an idea or proposal rejected, you’re now more determined than ever to make it happen on your own, and you’re unstoppable.

This spread SCREAMS for you to wave that freak flag high. The Ace is all green and fresh, clear blue skies and wherever you now decide to plant yourself, you will bloom. This is  your own time, your own life and where you feel you belong, you belong, and nobody else can tell you where that is or with whom.

If you’ve been going back and forth over some major change in life direction or even a new business venture because of what people might think, I have a long list of great humans in history that were laughed at/ostracized/shunned/excommunicated/disowned/ rejected/passed on.



Risk it, write it, make it, do it. 





22 Aug 19: The Lovers & Five of Cups & Eight of Coins

Occupational therapy. An awkward and unattractive word to look at and either an unwanted and uncomfortable state or a rapturous one,  to be ‘fixated‘ on one thing ‘takes’ from other things, and the scales are then uneven, and presently someone may be unhappily ‘fixated’ on the past. Nonetheless, this spread today actually looks healthy to me. Rather than pine over the past – we have that ‘crying over spilt milk’ card front and center, the melancholy 5 of Cups – we’re dedicating or throwing ourselves and all our waking hours into something physical, whether our work or self-improvement. Eventually the reward for either is well worth it.

In the past position is the Lovers, #6 of the Major Arcana. In this position, a partnership, marriage, or relationship was very much part of your identity (Gemini/Mercury) as in, ‘being’ half of or part of a couple, team, partnership, group, duo, etc. This was a beautiful thing, but the impression I always get from the Morgan-Greer card at least from the Lovers in their secret green garden is that as long as there’s no one else around, their world is paradise. There is a romantic unreality about it, but that in itself is ‘real’, if you know what I mean. It is a very Karmic card, and whatever this was/is, it’s part of our DNA, emotionally and spiritually speaking, and after that, we can’t allow ourselves to settle for less.

At present is the regretful 5 of Cups, a card of separation, divorce, breakups and grief. Someone is sorry, because there they lay in the dirt, 3 gold cups, contents spilled and draining away.  Should the grieving human turn around and not fixate on the loss, he or she would see that there are 2  beautiful gold cups within reach sitting right behind him on a rock (Mars in Scorpio, Sun in Virgo, Earth).

This sad situation is none of our business. Cups are emotions, and our emotions are all our own. This human is very much in solo mode, but has very much ‘picked up the pieces’ in the form of the 2 remaining cups and, rather than dwell on what was, is actively ‘working it off’.

The human on the 8 of Coins in the future position may have committed to bettering himself or herself in some way, as in being a better wife/husband/partner. The human looks to be the same one from the 5, but here we see him transform the 2 remaining gold cups into hand-crafted gold coins on a workbench. He or she has rolled up their sleeves and is putting in the hours and labor needed to ‘get good’ at something. This is putting the work in, as in your physical effort,  carcass and time. Your past relationship(s) may have failed from your commitment to your career, or you have an opportunity to study or work or travel and you can’t even think about relationships right now – this is someone ‘in training’ who will put everything else out of his or her mind.  This is not just a ‘work’ card, though, this powerful 8 is a way of life.  An artisan, an apprentice, someone who knows the commitment now will pay off later (Sun in Virgo/Mercury/Earth). Love is, or soon will be, far from your mind.

But your ‘payoff’ is guaranteed, and you’ll make it up to them. 

A cliche, yes. But ‘throwing yourself into your work’ is better than moping and drinking and ‘crying over spilt milk’.



Wish me well! I’ll be happy to find either my phone (with my Podcast app) OR my wallet, I’m down to a Passport and a car key but cracking on!


21 Aug 19: Nine of Clubs & The Star & Ace of Swords

A Higher Truth. This is a very special spread, in my opinion. The Ace of Swords aka the Ace of Spades, while not of the Major Arcana, is one of the strongest cards in the deck (Gemini/Libra/Aquarius).

A new sense of power, clarity, and purpose. Inspired, it is clear to us now what we feel we must do, but it isn’t at all the way we’ve been doing things in the past.

The 9 of Clubs hurts to look at. A human who looks like he or she has ‘been through the wars’ stands with the aid of a long staff guarding 9 staves planted in the ground. His head is bandaged and he’s pretty beat up. This is a defensive and protective card. Look at this anxious, jumpy, paranoid human. Hasn’t slept at all. This is very much ‘working harder, not smarter’ and overwhelming – there is only 1 of you, you poor human (Moon in Sagittarius, of the suit of Fire = also Aries & Leo).

But sometimes that’s all it takes, because this is also a card of not giving up. This is defending and protecting yourself and what you believe in. This human is all alone on this card – this is a lot for one person. In the past, I get the impression something may have  ‘taken a lot out of you’ – whatever it was, and it looks like you didn’t have much help. You took a lot on, and only you know why.

But aaaaaahhh, we have the peaceful, healing, shining Star over our heads today, and of course as #17 of the Major Arcana, draws and centers our attention without saying a word. The Star is an Aquarian, who I feel today is inspiring you in a whole new direction. The Star is about higher truths, and along with that Ace of Swords that cuts the crap and settles for Nothing But The Truth should the truth be told, and it will, maybe you didn’t like your old job very much, or it simply kicked the sh** out of you physically. You may have been doing what you’ve been doing for a long time. You may have not gotten along with the people you were working with because they didn’t understand you.  This is a very, very telepathic message, clairvoyant or clairaudient, and it is just for you.

This could be ‘fighting off’ your own psychic abilities, which we are all born with. Don’t give up on yourself, says the Star.

You’re trying to do the right thing but you’re going about it the wrong way.

If this is a ‘career’ change, it is a successful one, and more truthful to who you really are, and appeals to your Higher Self.

This is a whole new way of expressing yourself, or being inspired to express yourself: in writing.  It seems like your own trials and tribulations could and would be very inspiring to others.

Tap into your dreams, there’s a lot of ‘downloading’ happening. Your best idea, inspiration, or moment of clarity (Eureka!) may come to you in a dream.

The pen is mightier than the Sword.

This is a successful rehabilitation. The mind is clear and aware, sharp and clean.

Your future starts today, it would seem. Aces are…




20 Aug 19: Ace of Cups & Seven of Swords & The World

En garde! Big secrets, little secrets. This may be something you’re anxious to share with the world, but as for now, for whatever reason, you’re holding your cards close to your vest, as they used to say.

Or, you’ve fallen in love with an international spy. It happens, and is quite the trend.

They’re a cheater, whoever they are.

Appropriately, the sneaky 7 of Swords is our present vibe, whose Moon is in Aquarius as was this last Full Moon. This is notoriously the Card of the Thief. But not necessarily of ‘things’, this is a stealth mentality – the origins of this card are military, specifically foreign military, specifically Turkish, as the Tarot is mighty olde and maps have been re-drawn many times over the course of the history of Western Civilization. I’m not going to read this on the ‘big screen’, but I may just come back to it later after the news for my own Entertainment Purposes. Because new ‘sweetheart’ arms deals are so very entertaining.

A human is sneaking away with stolen swords – 5 out of the 7, he’s leaving a couple behind stuck in the sand.

I’ve taken what I needed from them/this/here/ or at least what I could get away with. 

If nobody notices, he’ll probably come back for the rest.

He is ‘hiding in broad daylight’, that is, in the case of someone stealing or taking credit for your ideas, or stealing anything, it’s always someone you know, you know?

This also has a bit of stalker energy to it, specifically online. Someone has become someone’s ‘whole world’, but either you don’t know it because they’re not saying or they don’t know it because you’re not saying.

The Ace of Cups (Cancer/Pisces/Scorpio) today in the past position is what started this whole thing. A beautiful card, and one of my favorites. Someone has ‘stolen your heart’ or you’ve ‘stolen’ theirs. This is the ‘welling up’ of deep emotion, the gold cup on the card is literally overflowing – streams of water flow from the bottomless cup aka unconditional love.  Whereas the 7 of Swords – who is definitely the odd man out in this reading, energetically speaking, has to steal, the Ace of Cups is The Source. Held aloft by the Skyhand, the cup gushes unceasingly, overflowing into the calm blue lake. The dove hovers over, representing spirit – this is a deep spiritual connection, and Aces being  ‘new beginnings’, we must keep in mind all new beginnings/hearts are fragile, and from that angle I get almost a protective vibe out of the secretive 7 of Swords.

A new baby has driven many a man/woman to lie, cheat and steal to create a better world for their child.

The World, #21, is the final card of the Major Arcana. There are 7.7 billion people in the world, and you know what they say, opinions are like a-holes, everybody’s got one. Need I say more? No wonder you’re keeping this to yourself. It’s not yet ready for the world, and the world is not yet ready for it. (Saturn/Scorpio/Libra/Capricorn)

The ‘lone wolf’ character on the 7 of Swords in the center is looking back over his shoulder at the World in the future position, as if avoiding it.

You can’t.

This could also be wanting to keep someone all to yourself,

but that’s not in the cards.




16 Aug 19: Seven of Cups & Queen of Cups & Ace of Coins, all reversed.

Full moon madness may cost you.

All the new letters and initials and and various interpretations of sexuality confuse me, and I find people to be (understandably) of short humor these days so all I can say is that this reading looks very specifically for humans who have periods. No idea what anyone wants to be called anymore, but it’s all good. Unless you have periods. This is female trouble and it should be dealt with . Hormones, hormones. Do something. This lady is in crazy town.

This state needs no explaining, but my poor friend, the self-medicating isn’t working.

There is water, water everywhere today and emotion spilling out all over the place, along with a troubling amount of fantasy and delusion.

The 7 of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Venus in Scorpio) is known as the Lord of Illusionary Success. A human is overwhelmed by 7 golden cups emerging from a dreamy fog. The contents of the cups are eclectic and strange. It’s hard to tell through our fog what is of value and what is ‘fools gold’. This is the ‘castles in the air’ card and from the looks of this spread, we couldn’t know what was real if it bit us in the ass. Remember the challenges of the 7: in the reverse, we could have gone for the ‘glitter’ and missed out – or are in danger of missing out – on the real ‘gold’.

Oh snap. 

The reversed Queen of Cups (/Scorpio/Pisces/Cancer/Moon) is a mess today. All the Queens have a measure of water in them no matter what the suit, which is what gives them the feminine receptivity that makes them Queens. But the Queen of Water is more emotional than any of them, and more gullible. This Queen needs the week off because I wouldn’t want her making any major decisions in this state. There are reproduction issues possible for someone and women should be having full hormonal profiles as often as they have mammograms.

Off to the menstrual hut you go with your chocolate and cannabis. 

Great idea, you say.  See you in a few. Whew, say the kids as they high-five your spouse.

As for the rest of us: your habits are in danger of costing you even more than they have already. The Ace of Coins (Capricorn/Virgo/Taurus) is the promise of great health and wealth, but in the reverse today, it is out of our reach for some reason, or: it’s all in this human’s head – a fantasy is not materializing, and new opportunities are being missed. The Skyhand who lowers the giant coin down from the clouds in the reverse is ‘dropping the ball’ or, as it is said, ‘slipping through your fingers’. Not at all what you want your money to do, or miss a ‘golden opportunity’ because it’s not what you thought you were looking for.

Dream on.

The thing about this upcoming Ace though is that there is a clear path for us, we can walk right through the beautiful garden and accept this gift. Luckily, that warped, trippy reversed 7 is in the past, and if you can’t see a ‘clear path’ right now, seeing as how these are all Minor Arcana, once all this fog clears, hopefully, you will.


Then again, this has been one hell of a wild, creative. fantastical, otherworldly, beautiful Full Moon.




15 Aug 2019: Seven of Coins reversed & The Chariot & The Lovers

Destiny awaits. So dramatic is this, you could easily read it yourself, I’m sure. What is obvious is that the past is Minor Arcana and the current energy and future potential – Major.

In the past position and in the reverse is the 7 of Coins or Earth (Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn), a card of assessment. The grower takes a break, and, leaning on his hoe, assesses the potential yield of the bushy green plant before him, the ‘fruits’ of his labor in the form of gold coins ripening and ready for harvest. Will the harvest be worth the investment?  Whether in money, time or labor, is whatever this is really going to ‘pay off?’ Will the 7, asks the grower, ever be a 10, no matter how hard I work on this and no matter for how long? This could be a home, job, relationship, project, anything that you’ve put a lot into physically. This card in the rear-view mirror today means the answer is no – at least not where you are. This is planting in infertile soil, if you ask me, metaphorically or even physically. Something hasn’t  ‘paid off’ at the rate you’d like, or more to the point, you thought you’d ‘be there by now’. Look at what the grower has done, though, entirely by himself with only that garden hoe.

Our aura today is one of success. The mighty Chariot , #7 of the Major Arcana and our second seven which is pretty strong stuff – 7’s are challenges, but also the faith to overcome them. The Charioteer proudly drives his regal rig through town, and although he draws many admiring (and jealous) stares, his eye is on the prize, he is fixed on his goal, and is quite obviously headed towards greatness. If he can manage himself as well as he or she is managing those horses, that is, emotionally speaking. Cancer and the Moon watch over our Charioteer, so to stay on an ‘even keel’ may be the bigger challenge.

Stay on the wagon, pings the Cliche Generator App.

Because this Charioteer is in love. 

The Lovers is #6 of the Major Arcana, the Morgan-Greer image showing us the gorgeous, lush, calla-lilies and huge green leaves of a garden that no doubt our hard-working grower had imagined in the first place.

You may have to travel or move for love, if not of love of a person, than simply somewhere you are able to fully ‘bloom’. Somewhere you love.

6’s and 7’s always suggest to me issues of equality in a relationship, but on that Lovers card, they’re both naked in the garden – this is a card of twins (Gemini).

Finally realizing what wasn’t working, you are now free to get on with your true destiny, whether it’s a where, what or a who.


14 Aug 19: The Magician & Page of Coins & The Pope

Conform. The minute I decided to lead off with that word my stomach got all knotty and weird, and I haven’t had enough coffee for that yet.

2 out of 3 Major Arcana tells us that, once again, this is no ‘daily stars’ sort of a read.

Let’s focus on the eager, loyal Page of Pentacles, today in the center and our present subject of consideration. Pages bring news but are often children in the Tarot, in this case of the suit of Earth (Taurus/Capricorn/Virgo). These are the kids who were ‘born serious’, or maybe seem older than they are.  This young student is usually portrayed in some sort of uniform carefully holds and studies his gold coin – an Ace, the seed of the ‘money’ suit – but also food  and shelter – and how best to make it ‘grow’.  He or she is all about loyalty and the long haul. This Page could be announcing a new job or offer – I could even see a gold ring on a pillow, like a ring-bearer – next to the Pope in the future position. This could be a marriage proposal, one that’s been planned and arranged from  ‘behind the scenes’ for some time.


The Pope, #5 of the Major Arcana  (a Taurus) is in the future position, and the Magician in the past. This is interesting. The Church took many Pagan rituals and ‘made them official’ which is kind of what it looks like he’s doing on these cards. Both the Magician and the Pope have their right arms lifted to the sky or heaven as if they’re choreographed in sync.

Both are performing rituals of some kind.

Both are wearing matching red capes.

The Magician, #1 of the Major Arcana, hears it first.

This could be someone recruiting your own gifted son or daughter to groom him or her according to their own long-standing traditions.

There could be issues on how to raise a child spiritually if the parents are of 2 different beliefs.

You could have a talented child and of course want to send him or her to the best ‘institutions’ you can afford, and so you yourself may decide you need to go to work for a large corporation for the benefits.

Let’s talk about money because this Page is nothing if not practical. Not to mention the way he’s looking back to the Magician in the past: he or she may very well have been the Magician’s apprentice himself not so long ago. But the Magician operates on his own, in secret, in a walled garden. The Pope has the ‘audience’ and the collection plates.


This is about taking something to the next level –


or, some would say,  selling out.



There’s the Left, and there’s the Right, and then some newbie in the middle getting wild applause from both.

“You don’t sound so crazy when you have more than 5 seconds”  –

 – Trevor Noah to Marianne Williamson, the most Googled candidate of the debates.