5 December 18: The Hanged Man & Queen of Cups

Grok. This pair I’ve so seldom seen I cruised a few of my many online sources for some fresh info. Tarot Verbatim (excellent site) used the fictional word ‘grok’ to describe the relationship between this psychic pair, citing legendary Sci-Fi author and major early influence (he used to roller-skate on Hollywood Boulevard when he was kid, too) Ray Bradbury as the inventor of the word, but in fact it was another genius, author Robert Heinlein.

This relationship is so rare and indescribable that Heinlein had to adopt a word from the Martian language to describe it: Grok, meaning, the assumption of a singular reality.

I am you, you are me. I see through your eyes, hear with your ears. We don’t need to talk. We meet in dreams. She gets me, says the Hanged Man, who has been hanging there for a long time in surrender, waiting for a sign.

The psychic Queen of Cups is sending and receiving telepathic signals herself. She looks up from her gold cup as if she’s hearing her name being called or whispered from the large, pale shell held up to her ear. She hears many things the rest of us don’t, but then again, we don’t often ‘tune in’ to listen. She’s standing by the vast, blue, ocean – the water behind her not still, but not choppy either – just little waves. It’s all about waves: sound, light, everything comes in waves. She knows this, and probably surfs.

The Hanged Man has found his high, quiet place in which to meditate and ‘tune in’ himself, far above the fray and madness. What sacrifices is he or she willing to make for this relationship, or any relationship? He seems to be meditating on the question. What does this mean? Is he sacrificing a romantic relationship altogether for some ‘higher calling’? This relationship is the higher calling, and worth any sacrifice.

The Hanged Man is a creative or an artist of some kind, a musician, a writer, who by nature, is forever seeking divine inspiration.  Indeed he could be sacrificing this relationship for his art or work, his ‘higher calling’, but only temporarily.  Neptune and Pisces influence this Hanged Man and all things dreamy, watery and of the subconscious, which is why this man hangs upside down. He wants to hear the Source above the white noise of the world – and his Source seems to be this Queen.

If he didn’t believe before, he does now. Here’s the Wikipedia definition:

Grokmeans to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed—to merge, blend, intermarry, lose identity in group experience. It means almost everything that we mean by religion, philosophy, and science and it means as little to us as color does to a blind man.”

Obviously this relationship is worth any ‘sacrifice’.

How often do you really grok with someone?

4 December 18: The Pope & Eight of Swords

Death. Plain and simple. I immediately checked and was still alive and assuming  you who are reading or listening to this are as well, congratulations to us all. I Googled the news and of course the US news is all about the passing of and the memorials for former President George H.W. Bush, so I’ll assume (hopefully) that’s what this is about today. ‘The Heirophant’ is the ‘official’ name of this card, and he’s definitely representing all things official. The highest orders, religious and otherwise, institutions and organizations and the establishment in general are all represented by this unyielding, dogmatic card, which, now that we have that interpretation out of the way, has of course  at least a few other interpretations. The scary calaveras and grim reapers on the actual Death card in the Tarot don’t mean physical Death as much as profound and inevitable and necessary transformation, endings, change and rebirth.

The restricted, disabled – another literal meaning of this pair – woman on the 8 of Swords (Libra/Aquarius/Gemini) is tied up and surrounded by a makeshift ‘jail’ of 8 swords stuck in the ground around her. This is most often a card of ‘self-imprisonment’ or having a ‘victim’ mentality, since it seems to us she can slip away through the ‘jail bars’ any time she wants but in this case there can be very physical, real reasons why someone is restricted in some way, even a hospitalization for some reason, possibly mental. Conventional procedures and methods will be prescribed and employed. Serious stuff. This could even be holiday services or in-house religious events for patients or prisoners.

This is being willingly bound by convention. Not wishing to marry or associate with anyone outside your own faith or family or work, or very strict policies and codes imposed by your religion, beliefs or the establishment you work for. You represent the ‘brand’ and can’t or shouldn’t be seen with certain people or doing certain things.

Blind faith.

It must be mentioned that this Pope is upright, and seems to be the man of Faith that he professes to be.  I’d like to think there are a few good ones out there. This is a human that has chosen a conventional, conservative path and does not stray from it. ‘The Prisoner’ wears a low-cut crimson dress under those ropes that bind her, keeping her passions in check. They’re so poorly tied it looks like she did it herself – she did. That’s the point. God forbid she should ‘cut loose’, the presence of the Pope assures us that ‘God’ may very well and often does Forbid.  Holy Christmas, Father, ’tis the season to be jolly, for Christ’s sake!

This could be about the ‘restrictions’ imposed by the concept of traditional marriage. Blindfolded, she’s obviously not even looking at anyone else and takes her vows seriously, finding comfort and safety in the ‘confines’ of the institution.

To a pig, a poke is not a prison, but a home.

The Holiday services are represented here and a lot of people feel restricted by the obligatory rituals and traditions, of course – that ‘bound by convention’ thing.

But it looks like she did dress up for it, which is nice.

Reminds me of my New Orleans mentor who, well into old age and immobile, never failed to put her lipstick on ever day. She was religious about it.




3 December 18: Ace of Wands & Four of Wands, reversed

 Go forth bravely from thy Comfort Zone. Wheels up in 20 minutes.

Aces are always ‘gifts from the sky’ that is, that ‘spark’ of initial inspiration and passion – wherever did that idea come from? This healthy, straight branch being presented to us from out of the clouds by the mysterious Skyhand of the Tarot is already starting to sprout and needs planting, quickly. Where? The Skyhand carrying the strong new sapling flies over a green woodsy looking forest landscape and a beautiful, calm blue lake. It’s like a view from a plane, and it looks like someone’s going somewhere – probably a last-minute decision, but an inspired one. Sagittarius, Leo and Aries are all of this restless suit of Fire, and like to travel fast and light.

The desirable Four of Wands is reversed today, that card of abundance and happy home. Four posts are planted in the ground strung with garlands, ribbons and flowers, like a garden party or wedding reception.  This is a very happy card, 4 being the number of stability (think the 4 legs on your chair). A beautiful, happy place, and although there are no humans on the Morgan-Greer card, usually pictured under the floral canopy are 2 dancing humans lifting bouquets or as they used to call them in olden tymes, nosegays (please somebody have a band called Nosegay) in celebration. These people are appreciating their home and each other.

Reversed, the stable, protective, reliable 4 has rutted the road from its 4 wheels taking the same route day in, day out for years. Alternatively, our happy home is unsettled and uncomfortable.

Somebody’s moving, wants to move, or needs to move. Your environment is not, as a late mentor used to say, ‘throwing you out into the Universe’.

Literally, ‘greener pastures’. The weather couldn’t be more different on these two cards, or the landscape. The Ace is fresh and new and green, the belly-up 4 is yellow and harsh, dry and barren except for the beautiful floral garlands that obviously did not grow there. The beautiful arrangement is manmade and handmade, tied with red ribbons, symbolizing the inspiration and passion that went into this picturesque place. We’ve had a lot of gatherings, parties, raised a family, made memories here but..

Suddenly inspired or invited to take a quick trip, you may find you want to move. This is such a drastic change in environment – and we see plenty of old growth down below from our bird’s eye view, pine trees and forests. It seems that this is the environment in which our new idea or passion will thrive. This is where the big trees grow.

If you have a penis, you may be traveling to ‘plant’ it somewhere new. Just saying. It wants to wander, but you know that.

Could be as simple as getting out of the house for a trip to the lake.

Always inspiring.




1 December 18: 3 of Cups reversed & Eight of Cups

Fair-weather friends. At the very least. What a melancholy little picture. Not everybody realizes that for some of us the party is not the destination, it’s the celebration for having reached the destination. Interesting.

Both of these cards of the Minor Arcana are of the emotional suit of Water being Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio, and all about the way we’re feeling, and we’re not feeling too good. We’re deeply unsatisfied, lethargic, uninspired and burnt out on everyone we know and everywhere we’ve been. We’ve given it all we’ve got, and it hasn’t gotten us where we thought we’d be by now. We’re not even sure where we should be by now. We haven’t got a lot left in terms of motivation, inspiration, and will. It’s been sucked out of us.

Upright, the classic 3 dancing humans of the merry, festive 3 of Cups emanate joy and love, while on the Morgan-Greer card the 3 goddesses (a lot of mythology here about these 3 women for whom entire books have been written) are simply 3 humans enjoying each other’s company and drinks at the table.  Cups as hearts in the cards are the people closest to us, family, extended family, or those we consider family. The ‘inner circle’ as it were, with whom we’ve shared our joys and sorrows and most intimate and personal life events and achievements such as weddings, engagements, births, graduations, promotions. They’ve never ‘not’ been there, but today, reversed, our human on the disappointed 8 has his or her back to the party and is walking off to who knows where, even he or she may not know, but does know one thing for sure: their ultimate fulfillment is not here, and not with them.

The human on the 8 we only see from the back as they walk away from 8 gold cups stacked on the ground beside a stagnant body of water, greenish, brownish, brackish. The cups are stacked unevenly, as if whatever it is  – even friendships and relationships -in which he or she had invested so much love, time, and energy had been built on weak foundations in the first place, and there’s no point in putting any more into it. The brightest color on these 2 cards is the scarlet red of our departing human’s hooded cape, and when he leaves this will be a dull scene indeed. Saturn rules this heavy, angst ridden card, and while our lonely deserter makes his reluctant exit with a heavy heart, it’s obvious he’s the one in the picture with the real passion and drive. No doubt he also paid for the posse’s drinks on the 3 (again) and may even be ditching out before the bill comes, that’ll teach ’em. You know they’ll be at that bar until closing, and then probably want to move the party to your house and drink all your shit, too. Hey, it’s all good (laughter, clinking glasses, you looking at the clock). Ha ha ha.

Well, maybe for a long time it was. Maybe for a long time they were all for one and one for all, but time has gone by, and no one else seems to notice. This is like walking away and the circle closing behind you. This is having to leave something or someone you love or once loved if you’re still even remotely interested in achieving that dream you once had – what was it?  It’s still there, just not here. They’re stuck on 3, and he’s an eternally-on-the-move 8.

Is he or she walking away entirely from a 3rd party situation? Messy stuff.

This is the bittersweet realization that perhaps as co-workers you’ve done all you’re capable of doing together, at least as far as your concerned, although some people may be quite happy resting on the team laurels, as it were.

Why does the traveller travel? What is ‘out there’? This card is upright, so this isn’t just chronic dissatisfaction. This is a necessary move, and his or her not ‘breaking away’ makes about as much sense as a bonsai tree (I like them fine, they’re just weird, like Chinese foot-binding, which I don’t like at all) which I’m going to assume would rather grow to it’s natural height.

Since there actually is a baseball tarot deck (I love the hell out of the internet, I really do) and Mitts represent Cups, I’ll gonna say that this is like a kid being sent off to the major leagues – or running away – because he’s just that good, which is obvious to anyone. Of course he loves his home team and family, but when you’re born to be Jackie Robinson, destiny is destiny, and your own is your own. Do you, and if people can’t keep up, they can’t keep up.  Chances are when you come back after you’ve gone off  and achieved your dream they’ll still be right there at the bar or the kitchen table, bitching and gossiping, right where you left them.

Do not hold back or stifle your own creativity – your spirit and soul – for anyone. Do not make yourself smaller trying to make your friends look bigger. Wish them well and move on.

Haters gonna hate – that’s when you know you’re onto something.




30 November 18: King & Queen of Wands, Ace of Cups

Legendary love.  I’m really, really happy for this charismatic, exciting pair – they’re not exactly young, either of them, although the Queen may be a bit younger. They belong together, this fiery couple who could be both of the same suit: Aries, Sagittarius, Leo. They compliment each other, these two. We met the Queen of Wands when she was center stage – as she often is – earlier in the week, and the King is mature in body but might not have been ready to give up being the high-rolling stud of his randy, rather indiscriminating Knighthood . This Queen has done very well for herself, but you tend to either love her or hate her.  She can sometimes get carried away and be a little feisty and controlling. She is passionately compassionate only because she has been through so much herself. She is a natural, brilliant teacher,  and every student’s favorite. She very well could have been a teacher when the King first spotted her, her rapt audience hanging on to her every word. A born leader. The Wands are very intuitive and immediately recognize themselves in the other, but these two must maintain the dignity befitting their respective positions. The King, in the center, stands at attention although he obviously only has eyes for this unflinching Queen who, on the left, stares straight ahead. This is serious business, and we’re not peasants.

To the right of the determined looking King the overflowing, joyous, shining fountain of pure water that emanates from the beautiful Ace of Cups is all love, love, love as in the beginning of. The Ace is only the start of something big, the potential- the ‘seed’ of the suit, and depending on how we nurture and feed and water and raise that seed, there will be trees and seeds and trees and seeds to come. This well is bottomless.

This is a picture of a King very much in love and wants to make this woman his Queen. He may have known her for awhile but has just realized she’s the only one for the job. I’ll bet they have some spectacular fights, these two – and some spectacular making up.

This Ace, associated with the water signs of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio, often means the conception or birth of a child, and this may even be only about a child – the King has decided he needs an heir, and this woman, possibly a best friend –  – hears her biological clock ticking,  and they decide to start a family.

She looks as if she is listening – intently, and for once, her lips aren’t moving. Neither are his, but his eyes say it all, and his heart runneth over. My congratulations to happy new parents.

Perhaps they are King and Queen of their own ‘realms’ as in at the top of their respective professions, and if not coming together to make a new human they’re coming together to collaborate on some other sort of creative project, something they both love, but this is the power couple of the year, people will be talking about this union, that’s for sure.


Totally makes sense.



29 November 18: Queen of Coins, reversed

Re: homework. More home, less work, please. I rarely see this familiar Queen of Earth (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn) in the reverse, because she so rarely is. The quintessential Earth Mother, she is pictured seated in a beautifully carved stone throne contemplating a large gold coin in her lap that she holds tenderly, almost as if it were a baby. She is outdoors in a splendid, lush, well-tended garden. Everything about her home is unique and beautiful, and she takes great pride in creating a welcoming and comfortable retreat for family and friends. A rabbit hops on the grass nearby – fertile little thing, and so is she. Generous to a fault, her door is always open, coffee & a healthy snack on the table before you even sit down. She may not have had it easy in life, and maintains an ‘attitude of gratitude’. The only things she really needs to be happy are home, family and friends.  She can make a little of anything go a long way. It seems she has a down to earth, common sense solution for any problem, and she’d give you the shirt off her back. She’s very talented, a real Renaissance woman (or man), and it seems she can do anything, especially with her hands. She’s an artist, a musician,  sews, cooks, and has a green thumb. She has beautiful handwriting and composes poetry and clever letters to friends. She’s a natural businesswoman, and knows how to make and manage money – which she enjoys spreading around and spending on those she loves.

Reversed, well, this isn’t a flattering angle. This is ‘smothering’ rather than ‘mothering’ and you know what that’s like. She’s cared too much about everyone else and not enough for herself to the point of depletion, financially, mentally and physically.  This is the Queen’s sad twin: lazy, wasteful, spendy and weirdly greedy, in a borderline hoarder sort of a way.  She is not at all happy at home, and has nothing left to give to anyone, and very possibly no one left to give it to – her kids couldn’t wait to get the hell away from her. If this were a personal reading for someone specifically, the other cards would tell me exactly why this Queen is in this state, which is, in my opinion, unusual. I would, and have, suggested professional help of some kind. This can be self-neglect for whatever reason. Coins or Pentacles refer to the material and the physical, and it is not like this Queen to let herself ‘go to seed’. Of course, eventually we all do, and she may just be getting on in years.

In 2018, this Queen is the Working Mom. She not only gets the kids off to school, feeds them something healthy, is great at her job and of course, makes sure all the household bills are paid, she or he is the jewel of the household. Kids seem happy and healthy, the dog’s happy and healthy, husband’s happy and healthy.



“Why are you still in your bathrobe? It’s 2:00 p.m.”

“Sorry, honey, I didn’t mean to yell. I just have to get all these reports in before the holidays.”

At the very least, Mom could use a spa day.




28 November 18: Two of Coins

My hands are full. Yes they are, we can see that. This is the card of ‘The Juggler’, an image of a human standing by the sea, sometimes on one leg to keep his balance juggling  2 large coins that form an ever-flowing figure 8, the eternity symbol . He’s so graceful, the coins move up and down, back and forth, this juggler makes it look so easy! Les cliches de jour are ‘irons in the fire’ and ‘balls in the air’, the ability to multi-task and the possibly and probably very real need, financially speaking, to take on every project, task or job we’re offered. 2 is a partnership number, so our juggler may be ‘biting off more than he can chew’ or making promises he can’t keep  to 2 love interests he’s so far managed to ‘juggle’. The earthy, horny goat-eed astrological sign of Capricorn rules this card, so I’m not surprised. Today’s juggler could also be a Virgo or Taurus, or we’re simply inspired by their work ethic. How does he make it look so easy? He’s actually enjoying it!

This is (barely) making ends meet, and could be as simple as a reminder to balance your checkbook and carefully calculate what’s coming in and going out over the next couple of months. It never ends, does it? Just when you may get a little extra, there’s an unexpected bill or expense. And so it goes. But the thing to notice is that our Juggler is having a –

ball (sorry)!

Yes, he or she is! This card can often represent an entertainer, performer, or writer – a talented person who doesn’t make much money but enjoys their work, and often finds  themselves having to take on 2 or more jobs just to make rent, and feels they can’t afford to turn anything down.

That’s fine as long as we realize we only have 2 hands and not take on more than is humanly possible. We’re in no hurry to graduate to the stressful, worried 3. We enjoy being busy, productive, and of course we all need money, but toss him another coin and it’s a little more work to keep all those irons in the air or whatever. The pace picks up, he’s gotta juggle faster, and the risk of ‘dropping the ball’ increases. The quality of our work starts to suffer,  and the juggler is no longer smiling.

This is ‘dancing on a shifting carpet’, that is, ‘juggling’ priorities and having to be adaptable, putting off this to pay that, negotiating, having to make quick decisions and fast moves just to keep the wheels turning, as it were.

Chinese cliche du jour: there’s nothing constant but change, but we should all have realized that by now.