16 Jan 18: Five of Swords, reversed

End the conflict, already. Upright, this is all-out warfare. On the Russian deck, in the distance a city is in flames. In the foreground is a man in silly pants who has seemingly won the battle, as he has fought for and won all 5 swords and has an expression of smug satisfaction on his face. Two figures are retreating. Not defeated, but it’s just not worth it. it’s like, “here, if it’ll make you happy…no more fighting!” as they throw down their own swords to the ground at his feet . They run back to the burning city to try to save whatever or whoever they can. Enough damage has been done. There is neither the peaceful truce and retreat of the 4, or the moving away from it with the 6. This is angry air, fanning the flames.

Today this card is reversed, thankfully. Somehow the clash has been avoided, or the conflict has been resolved, or at least ‘the lid is kept on’ for today. If someone’s looking for a fight, walk away from it.

Some people get off on fighting.




14 Jan 18: Judgment / Ace of Swords

There are 78 cards in this deck, gentle readers, so when we are presented with the same cards repeatedly, patterns and flow become apparent.

Today Judgement is upright: a final and just decision, possibly legal. The iconic image of Justice is in fact a woman holding a sword, so this pair could be announcing a final decision and judgement of profound and long-lasting or permanent effect. This could even be a divorce decree or settlement after a long and difficult process that is, in the end, fair for all involved.

All rise, the judge has cut through this foggy mess with his powerful sword – tipped with a crown that seems to float down from heaven, so there is a divine authority at work here. However you feel about it, the outcome is fair and just for everyone. All can now move about the cabin, crawl out from under whatever this mess has been and with extreme clarity of mind, once more move forward. On the Judgement card the three people who rise from their graves at the sound of the angel’s horn are draped with vines, as if they’ve just broken free from them. A rolling stone gathers no moss, you may now roll on.  Forgive and roll on.

You are stronger from it.




13 Jan 18: The Moon

..woke me up this morning staring in the front window at me, a creepy-crescent smile hovering over the desert, as if spying on my dreams.

The imagery on this card is pretty consistent through time. The moon, who looks over the scene below, wears an expression of disapproval on her face. Out of the stagnant body of water. As the moon is ruled by Pisces,  water signs are especially affected, or if you have a lot of water in your chart. The moon rules the tides, you don’t think it can push and pull your bodily fluids around? Your heart is about 73% water and your lungs 83%. The moon rules women’s cycles. XVIII = 18 = 8+1 = 9, the completion or ending of a cycle. The moon ends our day, and is a female reflection of her male counterpart, the Sun, who illuminates everything clearly and openly, whereas the moon creates shadow, bent light and illusion.

Two dogs – or a dog and a wolf – both are howling at the moon from different shores, a river dividing the land. The Russian tarot depicts a man alone on a boat, attempting to sail away down the stream from the howling dogs. But there’s no flow, and he can’t get away. Are the dogs howling at the moon or howling at each other? The other consistent image on the Moon card is that of twin towers, and the history and meaning of that imagery is a bottomless rabbit hole. One stands on each shore. A gateway is a traditional meaning of the twin towers, but beyond the gate is..nothing.

So let’s look at some mundane, possibly useful meanings to us morning dog-walking-horse-feeding card reading-coffee drinkers.

My Team of Unseen have a sense of humor about the crab or crawfish or whatever the hell that crusty thing is that’s crawling out of the stagnant water on this card, and that is that the poor man’s wife turns into the crab once a month and he can’t get away from her. She howls at him and treats him like a dog. Separate bedrooms, please. Very funny..

The moon is deceptive. She is jealous, as she is nothing really but a reflection of the sun, after all. She may look like a diamond at night but like chipped cheap glass in the morning…

This is a very powerful lunar month, so if you check your moon sign, that will tell you a lot about how and where the moon affects you, but affect you she does, bringing lunacy to lunatics everywhere. On guard. Watch yourself… not everything or everyone is who or what they seem under the watery, foggy, soft-focus of moonlight.














12 Jan 18: Ace of Swords

Xtreme Logic. Sharp and straight and true as a blade. This awe-inspiring card – aka the powerful Ace of Spades – doesn’t want to know about your ‘feeeeeeelings’. On this card, a hand from ‘out of the blue’ is holding a sword upright, and on the Russian deck, the sword is tipped with a laurel wreath and a crown. The sword has sliced cleanly through the blue, dreamy clouds.

It’s like someone slapped you out of your muddled muttering monkeymind with a cold wet cloth across your face.

“Ah! It’s all clear to me now!”

Can you handle it? Careful with that blade…or sharp tongue…the truth can hurt.



11 Jan 18: Judgment reversed

Are you judging yourself and/or others too harshly? Do you need to make a final decision and you just can’t seem to make it? Has someone passed ‘judgement’ on you? Are you awaiting a final decision of some kind? Perhaps you are waiting on a legal decision, a promotion, even for someone to forgive you.

I described this rather morbid and strange card – even on the most benign decks this card is just – uncomfortable. The angel blows his horn over a cemetery and the fresh-looking (thankfully) dead rise from their graves. And that’s on a good day.

Yes, there could be a judgement against you. Yes, you may make a bad decision. Or, someone else may make the bad decision to hold back essential information preventing or obstructing some kind of final judgement. Not cool, not legal.

Step back. What decisions do you know you need to make this year? Are you afraid to make a ‘final’ decision about something?

XX = 20 = 2              2018 = 11 = 2


10 Jan 18: The High Priestess

Burn the witch! Why does this Priestess, crowned with the moon and holding a mysterious scroll of ancient writings, scare you? Only those with something to hide would be reluctant to stand before this Priestess, the female counterpart of The Magician. She can do anything he can, but without the ego. This is the first woman, she of pure intuition and honesty. You cannot hide anything from her. She is The All-Knower. She is encouraging you to tap into your intuition, which we all have, but the ‘middlemen’ of organized religion would rather you not know that. You are psychic, you do have her inner voice, be still and listen.

This is a trusted advisor or counselor. If you need one, find one, but you may know this woman already. She’s the one who knows what you’re thinking, and somehow you know exactly what she’s thinking.  Her eyes see straight through you, and she doesn’t need to say a word. She knew what you would say before you even say it. The pomegranates illustrated on the curtain that hangs behind her indicate fertility, and the ‘apple’ of the Garden of Eden. If you are trying for a baby, she can help you, but encourages you to study your moon position and cycles as throughly as you study other positions and cycles!

Honesty – be honest with yourself. You have as many phases and cycles as the moon, stay tuned in to yourself.

9 Jan 18: 7 of Coins / 9 of Clubs

Do not disturb, work to do, says the 7 of Coins (Pentacles, Discs, LP’s) This man, on a log with his ax, has been busy as we can see from all the wood he’s cut and the lovely, carved discs he’s made. He is taking a moment of rest, and behind him is a beautiful wooden cabin and fence that we assume he built himself. He looks up from his work, stares into space for a moment and wonders if all this investment is in the right place…is it worth it?

I drew another card to clarify for this poor log-man and out came the 9 of Wands, a card of defense. On this card, our battle-weary hero stands among his 9 clubs beside his wood-chopping friend, and reminds him to shut everything out and focus on the task at hand, which is worth it. The 7 gives our worker the faith to carry on, and the 9 beside him the strength to shut everything and everyone else out if necessary.

The man of the 9 -a number of completion – will do what he must to ensure the carpenter completes his work and will protect the work itself as well. Perhaps our worker is re-building something that had been destroyed, and actually does need a physical guard over him as he works to re- build. Is it worth it, he may ask, if he may lose it all again?

Carry on, keep the faith, ignore the haters.