3 April 19: Three of Cups & Ace of Wands & Four of Swords, all reversed.

Procrastination. We have an Ace (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius) up our proverbial sleeve, but in the reverse, we can’t light the match to start the fire, we haven’t yet planted the seed, we have yet to take a first step towards a goal. Whatever that is.

Why not?

In the past position is the 3 of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio), the card of good times, good friends, family and celebration. We see the 3 happy humans dancing and drinking and making all kinds of merry on this card that talks about our closest relationships. Being too under the influence is suggested here, including being under the influence of too many people under the influence. Whoever they are, they are in the past, let it be. For whatever reason, this could be a group of friends or family of any sort just ‘dissolving’  (thank you, contributor unseen), a very appropriate word to describe this card of the suit of Water and speaking to our deepest emotional being. This card can also talk about someone who feels alone even in a crowd – and may try to hard to ‘fit in’.

In the future position is the card of retreat, rest, and escapism – the ordinarily restorative 4 of Swords, today alongside that reversed Ace warning you against starting up anything new. This card also warns of stress and burnout from wasted energy.

Some people of your past are not yet far enough behind you, if that makes any sense, and they need to be.

Nothing new can be started unless a few old things are let go – including some habits  and or people or both  – that may be holding you back. That upside-down sprouting branch that is the Ace of Wands or Clubs or Staves is starting to sprout, but there is no earth energy here, we’re not ‘grounded’. Where do we plant? Here? There? What do you think?

Procrastinating much?

Someone needs more time. Take more time. Aces don’t grow unless they’re planted in the right place at the right time, and this obviously isn’t, yet an Ace it certainly is, so when the time is right, and you really know it as opposed to all your family or friends telling you what you know and don’t know, you will act on your own deepest and most resonant motivations and be energized and inspired rather than burning all your energy on this and that and him and her and here and there and see?

Something wants to happen, but you don’t know what it is, or you do, but are, or were,  too concerned about what people think.

Go deeper, listen harder.











2 April 19: Strength & Knight of Swords & Ten of Swords, all reversed

Pace yourself. Short term, long term. Words and actions. All these swords are making me have to think too hard, Swords being of the mind and needing careful handling. Ouch.

In the past position and of the Major Arcana is Strength, #8 in the Morgan-Greer deck, today reversed. As we may be able to guess by the formerly ferocious lion being petted like a kitten by the serene-looking lady on the card, Strength is associated with the astrological sign Leo, in turn associated with the Sun, from where our good health comes from in so many ways (still a big believer in swapping out all your lightbulbs for grow lights, but I digress). Strength reversed is weakness, it’s that simple. In the past position, someone may have had a major setback either physically or mentally and probably both. This card can mean a lack of confidence, and someone’s may have taken a hit for some reason. Or, your past default position: insecure. Leo is of the suit of Fire, but in the reverse, the fire isn’t burning as brightly as we’d like.

The Knight of Swords (Gemini/Libra/Aquarius) is also upside down today, not at all his most flattering angle. Knights are expected to stand and ‘deliver’, and this one isn’t. He or she is facing the past, which seems to be the reason he or she is not moving forward – he or she has lost their way. Knights are made to move, to act, and this one isn’t doing it. WTF is the problem here. I have no time for this. Someone’s ‘fallen off their horse’ and is afraid to get back on. He may be right, though, one more fall would probably kill him – he’d probably fall on his own sword. Swords are sharp words as well, and that sword is already pretty bloody. This Knight may be delivering to you a painful truth or awareness – you can’t do what you used to, it’s that simple. Is he or she avoiding ending something that needs to end? Nothing new can begin unless he or she does.

I shall turn this Knight right side up then. There. Focus. You’re a Knight. 

He is now facing the future, as he or she should be, and should not have been so afraid to.  Because although there’s a pretty bleak card here, the 10 of Swords, (Libra/Aquarius/Gemini)  the 10 being the end of a cycle, it is today also in the reverse. The unfortunate human laying in the pool of blood with 10 long swords stuck in his back may not be entirely dead after all. This is what I call the ‘death by 1000 cuts’ card, wound after wound, backstabbing. betrayal, defeat. If you live long enough chances are you’ll be walking around like a porcupine, too, someday. It is what it is.

Reversed, the swords are falling out of his or her back. This is a slow healing or recovery from what could even have been some kind of verbal or physical injury or abuse or attack –   something or someone  ‘got into your head’ and threw your game, hard – possibly even to the point a breakdown of some kind.  You may have lost your sense of purpose or direction and certainly your ‘cool’.  Maybe your mind is ‘writing checks your body can’t cash’. Slow down, this is a warning: we can entertain the porpoise (for entertainment purposes only) with the very real possibility of a back injury should we at 50 be trying to lift things like we’re 20.

Someone who is harsh with their words or worse could have been the cause of your past insecurities and fears, but as it is said with words about words, they don’t kill you – physically.

Unfortunately, this reckless misdirected Knight may have more to say to you and more knives to throw at you – or you to them.

May the swords and knives forever bounce off your back – and theirs.

1 April 19: The Emperor & Seven of Swords reversed & King of Coins reversed

You haven’t changed a bit. Ah well, what can you do. You wanna be sneaky and greedy be sneaky and greedy. That’s one impression I get from this mess of a mixed message, but of course, we have to always look into the nooks and crannies.

The Emperor, #4 of the Majors (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius) is in the past today and is simply the Way I Do Things. Your Dad, big boss, government, or whoever or from whoever you got your work ethic from. He is all about control and structure, and ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ as regards the letter of the law. He is emperor for exactly that reason. He is the older and wiser ‘stern’ voice. In the past position, he made and enforced the rules you lived by. The 4 is foundation, and this is yours.

In the present is the 7 of Swords (Gemini/Libra/Aquarius) today reversed, the card of the thief, shady dealings and lying. In the reverse, this is not wanting to have to do that anymore on any level – maybe because you got caught. This could even be lying to yourself: you’re not really happy living under someone’s ‘rules’ or even your own, which were never actually your own but ‘the way you were raised’ or taught, or ‘appropriate’ to your social or career environment.  This 7 is a challenging number and you may even be trying  to ‘reform’ yourself from controlling tendencies of your own.

If it comes to light someone’s been less than forthcoming it’s going to be this King in the future position, the King of Coins, Pentacles or Earth (Capricorn/Taurus/Virgo) in the reverse. This is very unattractive, please do not let this be us. This is way too much of the good things of the earth and being greedy FOR the good things of the earth which are here for all of us to enjoy, of course, but this is a King we’re talking about and if anybody has enough it’s the King who from the looks of it has been corrupted by all this earthly goodness and abundance – which isn’t enough, is never enough,  and it’s never going to BE enough.

I once had a manager tell me to keep 2 sets of books once.  I fired him. How the fuck can you trust somebody like that?

For everyone great you have learned from, even Dad, there may have been just as much you learned NOT to do.

Conversely, you may know yourself that you’re spending too much, being too lazy, and not living up to your potential. It’s a very good day to start over, especially regarding anything physical  (for entertaining purposes only).  Diet, exercise, all that stuff.

This could be someone who you are used to leaning on, the ‘strong one’,  who may for some reason in the near future need you to be the strong one – and you will.

This could be someone from the past coming to tell you how they’ve changed.

Maybe today, but I don’t know about tomorrow.




29 March 19: Five of Cups & Seven of Swords & Five of Swords, all reversed

Crimes & Misdemeanors was an amazing movie no matter who made it, a dark,  unsettling, but all too real story about high crimes and those who commit and get away with them. Irony?

Not today, not today. If there are any 3 cards we’d rather see in the reverse, generally speaking, it’s these 3. This is like bowling a strike.

Not to mention we’ve reversed 2 #5’s, a very uncomfortable, conflicted and restless number, which when visiting as a couple can mean petty bickering or backstabbing. Not today!

In the past position we have a card of grief, depression, regret and ‘crying over spilt milk’, the melancholy 5 of Cups (Scorpio/Cancer/Pisces). This is an emotional card, addressing our feelings, which for a long time may not have been good. Loss, grief, and justifiable sadness is the picture on the 5 where we see a human, head hanging in sorrow,  so fixated on 3 spilled cups before him he doesn’t see 2 still fresh, shiny cups sitting on the bit of high ground behind him. Upright, this is a card of deep disappointment. Something didn’t work out the way you’d hoped, or something is over, or was over, and you had a very hard time getting over it. Cups are emotions and hearts and hearts are humans, and you may have mourned a few in the not so distant past.

Reversed, you’re getting over it: you’re finally moving on, as I see it.

Or: reversed, you feel no regret whatsoever for any mistakes you have made – or hearts you may yourself have broken, or, hopefully, have forgiven yourself and are able to move on.

I didn’t mean to.

In the present is the ‘thief’ card in the reverse, the 7 of Swords (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius), here to make his or her case. Fair enough. Today, this card of the ‘the thief’ or the ‘teller of lies’ is changing his or her ways, or, at least, wants to. No more creepin’, no more lyin’, no more hustlin’. At least, on someone’s part. At least today. ‘Futility’ is also a tag for this card, so any unethical or shady or dishonest dealings would be – futile.

Or: a lie has been exposed.

Upright, the thief, undetected, secretly carries off 5 of seven swords, leaving 2 stuck point down into the ground behind him.

They’ll never miss these.

Well, guess what, they did.

In the future is the ‘win at all costs’ card and another 5, the nasty, sneaky 5 of Swords, also known as a card of ‘defeat’, because there are no winners here.  Upright, we see someone hoarding after swords that aren’t his/hers – more ill-gotten-gain. 2 humans retreat, either defeated or more likely, surrendering their own swords to this rather sadistic looking black-hooded human since they’re obviously SO much more important to him/her. But not today!

This is not that.The 5 is conflict: this is about resolving that conflict or more likely, avoiding a potentially painful one.

We need to end this. Nobody’s winning. 

Swords are of the mind, and this looks like a whole new way of thinking.

Upright, there is so much negativity here it’s not even funny. Their past is a clue to why this human, who I’m assuming to be the same person in both present and future positions with a nice hat collection has possibily realized their own motivations for having been such an asshole or at the very least, having such a negative outlook on life in general: everything’s a fight.

Reversed, someone wants to end this. Something may need to be ‘brought to light there is possibly fear of the truth causing a fight – but it doesn’t look like that wants to happen.







PS: Because it’s Spring and it won’t be long before it’ll be impossible to stay outside past this time in the desert, I’m going to have to get everything done outside and around the place in the mornings before it gets too hot to go out past 8 so I’m going to have to take back Saturdays for awhile, but if I can pop it in I will, depending on the weather.

Thank you for reading.





28 March 19: Wheel of Fortune & Knight of Swords & The High Priestess, reversed

Don’t lose your mojo. That is, never let somebody shake you up to the point that you can’t hear yourself, and by that I mean your own instinctual, intuitive, ‘this doesn’t feel right’ inner voice, or, if you will, your Gut. 

The subject of the matter and in the center position today is the Knight of Swords or Knight of Air (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius). Knights are always on the move in the Tarot, and each according to their suit has their own personal style. This Knight is the most ambitious of the Knights and the one most likely to shoot first and ask questions later, or in this case, from the blood we see drying on the blade of his sword (Morgan-Greer deck), probably beheaded them all – one of them must be the right guy? This Knight watches a tower burn in the distance with a slight smile on his (or her) face. Good job, right? Collateral damage? What’s that? In any case, this is someone who can really shake you up if you let them. Sharp words and hot air.

In the past position is the Wheel of Fortune, ruled by ‘lucky’ Jupiter and in this position, whether you think so or not, life has basically been pretty good to you, if not very good to you. There may have been a recent period of good luck or some change for the better in your life – a promotion, engagement, anything that made you stop and say ‘I lucked out’.  If you yourself don’t recognize or appreciate your own good fortune, this Knight of Swords certainly has and does.  This could also be the Knight’s own good life, or someone who has been very successful in the past, and charges into your life with something that needs to be decided now. Knights, remember, don’t hang around. They do what they need to do and then they and their horse are off to the next assignment – which could very well be being crowned the new King or Queen.

In the future position is the High Priestess, the card of the subconscious, that murky, twilight space between the cells. The High Priestess is nothing but stillness, instinct, the world within, and that ever present but too often ignored ‘inner voice’. But she’s (or he) is about to be shook up.

This is being destabilized by someone or something, or possibly by having to take some drastic, fast action without having time or opportunity to consider all the variables. In any case, our mojo is off, we are thrown, shaken and stirred. We may only be hearing ‘half the story’ from this Knight, who may have an attraction to ‘the darker side’. This could be unsettling or upsetting news about something or someone we turned out to be completely wrong about.

Reversed, it looks like the Priestess is diving or trying to hide from the forward – charging Knight.

Won’t work.




27 March 19: Seven of Swords & Queen of Wands & Four of Coins

Keeping it to yourself. If that’s even possible in this world of TMI, as they say, as in too much information.

In the past position and with nothing much to do about it now is the 7 of Swords, or 7 of Air (Gemini/Libra/ Aquarius), and the ‘default’ ‘Card of the Thief ‘ of the Minor Arcana. It is a card of deception and lies, and we see the thief steal away in broad daylight with property that isn’t his, including ideas, plans or work.  This is the guy who signs his name to someone’s elses title, thesis, copyright, or bank account. So we know that about this card. Swords are of the mind in the Tarot, and this could mean ‘stealing off’ or even running away from home having had ideas and a mind of your own. Doing what you had to to get by. It’s not a good card, generally speaking. Someone may even regret this behavior on their own part in the past, and it occurs to me that no one ever asks the human on the card why he’s stealing the swords, but in the past position, they got away with it. The thief is leaving 2 swords behind as he makes off with 5, almost as if he’d feel guilty if he were to take them all, or, knows they won’t be missed – at least for awhile. They’ll be long gone by then.  You or someone you know may have gotten away with something you may have ‘turned a blind eye’ to, as they say,  shady ethics or questionable practices. It’s more the case that you just didn’t know. But it probably was someone you do know.

I had to put food on the table.

The Queen of Wands, today in the upright, and in the center and present position, demands (she’s not asking, she’s demanding) another hearing. Fair enough. This Queen of Fire (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius) who was so unflatteringly reversed yesterday, I believe it was, is back to make her own case. She deserves, in the upright, to be heard: this Queen, more than the other Queens, has really been through it as in trials by fire – many fires – and being ripped off is probably one of them.  If, reversed, in the past he or she lacked confidence, he or she certainly doesn’t today. The departing human on the 7, hat pulled low over his or her eyes, isn’t proud of this behavior, now in the past, and wishes we wouldn’t bring it up.

In the future of the suit of Earth and all things of the Earth (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn) is the rather miserly 4 of Coins (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn).

These 3 cards are a beautiful trio, actually, all a sunny, positive, yellow. The lesson has been learned.

The 4 of Coins usually shows a human clutching 4 gold coins with all his or her available limbs talks not only about coin but our physical selves and bodies and, as we can see from the large, well-built stone privacy wall behind him or her, our home and privacy as well. 4 walls, 4 wheels, 4 legs on your chair. Stability, privacy, and protection.

No matter who she is today – or he – they can’t really be blamed for simply protecting their realm considering, possibly, a rather dark past. The Queen of Wands is simply a product of her experience – and has spent a good deal of her life overcoming her own considerable trials, very successfully, which is why the King picked her.

This could be a relative or anyone else coming to you for a loan or a crash on the couch, but the last time they came around, things went missing. They probably thought you’ve never miss it.

This could be as simple (ha!) as finding an honest, reliable contractor for some work on the house, and being very picky, careful (and maybe a little on the cheap side ) as to who you hire for the job.

Run the background checks, pay due diligence, all that sort of thing.

That staff in the Queen’s hand today could be an umbrella: there’s no water in this sunny spread today, but it’s the Queen’s job to always be ready for the inevitable rainy day, financially speaking. He or she could be overprotective of their work, ideas or reputation – but for a good reason, as we’ve seen in the past. He or she simply does there best work ‘behind the scenes’.

Or, someone will do anything to get at this Queen, her crown, or money, in which case there’s that granite privacy wall.


Careful who you trust, that’s all.




26 March 19: Queen of Rods & The World & Ten of Coins

Happiness is the best revenge. I apologize for typing that word, it looks so angry, and this, if anything, is the opposite of that. You may not think in terms of ‘winning’ or ‘losing’ or ‘revenge’ or seethe with jealousy at someone’s else’s life, happiness, good fortune  and very existence, but someone else sure does – or rather, did.

In the past position and don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out is the Queen of Wands (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius), reversed. If anybody can smile in your face while  plotting your murder in their head it’s this bitch, but let’s look at another possibility in order to not give her any more ‘column inches’ as they say, than she deserves.  But, he or she was probably someone important in our life at one time or she wouldn’t be there. This woman was so fucked up we know she has to have serious problems of her own – painfully lacking confidence and self esteem – that probably go back to her own mother, so let’s leave it – and her – at that.

The Queen of Fire may have burnt herself down to the ground. In the past position, you may have just plain old burned hot, fast, and out. This could have been from taking too much on oneself for whatever reason, and/or being unable to delegate. Loud, proud and difficult, there he or she goes. Good luck to her.

The world has turned, and in the present position is the final card of the Major Arcana, #21, The World = destiny. It’s a beautiful card in the Morgan-Greer deck, the dancer in space, torso wrapped in a purple garment that flows around him or her like silk. Framed in a giant oval of green leaves tied at the tip with a giant red ribbon that forms an ‘X’, the Roman Numeral for 10 – this is the Big Ten, the card of the perfect end of an era. It’s a card of complete happiness, of having ‘figured it out’, at least for oneself. The harmonizing of ‘in here’ with ‘out there’, that is, celebrating who and where you are in the world and what you’ve done, that mark you have made.  You are at peace with it.  A-mazing. Look what you’ve accomplished.

The future is as good as it gets in terms of wealth, security and inheritance as we have in the future position the big money card, the 10 of Coins or Earth (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn). It needs to be said that each of those words mean entirely different things to different people: wealth, security, inheritance, fulfillment.

This is waking up and not believing your good luck, basically.

This is it, and you  worked hard for it, right?

Unfamiliar with this sense of wholeness and accomplishment, the dancer of The World card looks like they’re trying to keep their balance, getting used to this ‘unbearable lightness of being’ (Milan Kundera) assisted by 2 short wands held in each hand that look like the knitting needles with which to knit a nice long strand of DNA.

..and so the dream was, and is, real.