14 Aug 19: The Magician & Page of Coins & The Pope

Conform. The minute I decided to lead off with that word my stomach got all knotty and weird, and I haven’t had enough coffee for that yet.

2 out of 3 Major Arcana tells us that, once again, this is no ‘daily stars’ sort of a read.

Let’s focus on the eager, loyal Page of Pentacles, today in the center and our present subject of consideration. Pages bring news but are often children in the Tarot, in this case of the suit of Earth (Taurus/Capricorn/Virgo). These are the kids who were ‘born serious’, or maybe seem older than they are.  This young student is usually portrayed in some sort of uniform carefully holds and studies his gold coin – an Ace, the seed of the ‘money’ suit – but also food  and shelter – and how best to make it ‘grow’.  He or she is all about loyalty and the long haul. This Page could be announcing a new job or offer – I could even see a gold ring on a pillow, like a ring-bearer – next to the Pope in the future position. This could be a marriage proposal, one that’s been planned and arranged from  ‘behind the scenes’ for some time.


The Pope, #5 of the Major Arcana  (a Taurus) is in the future position, and the Magician in the past. This is interesting. The Church took many Pagan rituals and ‘made them official’ which is kind of what it looks like he’s doing on these cards. Both the Magician and the Pope have their right arms lifted to the sky or heaven as if they’re choreographed in sync.

Both are performing rituals of some kind.

Both are wearing matching red capes.

The Magician, #1 of the Major Arcana, hears it first.

This could be someone recruiting your own gifted son or daughter to groom him or her according to their own long-standing traditions.

There could be issues on how to raise a child spiritually if the parents are of 2 different beliefs.

You could have a talented child and of course want to send him or her to the best ‘institutions’ you can afford, and so you yourself may decide you need to go to work for a large corporation for the benefits.

Let’s talk about money because this Page is nothing if not practical. Not to mention the way he’s looking back to the Magician in the past: he or she may very well have been the Magician’s apprentice himself not so long ago. But the Magician operates on his own, in secret, in a walled garden. The Pope has the ‘audience’ and the collection plates.


This is about taking something to the next level –


or, some would say,  selling out.



There’s the Left, and there’s the Right, and then some newbie in the middle getting wild applause from both.

“You don’t sound so crazy when you have more than 5 seconds”  –

 – Trevor Noah to Marianne Williamson, the most Googled candidate of the debates. 



13 Aug 19: The Fool & Ace of Swords & Queen of Wands reversed

Person to avoid. A bitchy Queen (Leo/Sagittarius/Aries/Pisces) in the form of the usually sunny and inspiring Queen of Fire, Wands, or Clubs, today in the reverse. Were I to trust this woman (or man) I’d be a Fool, would I not?

Luckily, we have the mighty Ace of Swords in the center of our spread today, and the double-edges look sharper to me than usual. This is a supremely successful and powerful card, a breakthrough. Now, you’d think a sword 4 stories high slicing through the clouds held by a giant disembodied hand would be scary, but it’s not. It’s peaceful. It’s calm.

The Morgan-Greer card is beautifully blue, the Sword crowned with a gold crown and adorned with palms, laurels and both red and white roses, the collective symbolism too deep to get into here. The line up the center of the swords divides the 2 sharp double-edges clearly: the past and the future.

Protecting the Fool from the bitchy insecure Queen of Clubs.

The Fool in the past is a beautiful thing to be, and at one point we all were. #0 of the Major Arcana and as erratic as wacky Uranus who inspires him or her, the Fool, tripping along optimistically doesn’t care what people think. This is trusting the world and everyone in it because – well, is there a reason not to?

So the protective side of the Sword faces our Fool’s back, but the other ‘edge’ seems defensive against this Queen – a harsh energy in the picture, all screaming yellow against the blue and green of the Ace and the green of the Fool’s tights. Green is the color of the heart chakra, and in the past, the Fool had always let his heart lead his wanderings.

But the wandering free spirit may have a moment of clarity,  and if I were to read this backwards, he or she would be facing away and running  from this bitch as fast as he or she can,  Now that I do it sort of makes more sense.

This is an insecure human who overcompensates, or simply doesn’t wield his or her power very well.

Should the truth be told, and the Ace of Swords demands that honesty be our new policy, this is someone who is jealous of you and probably pretending to be a friend but is not. This could be someone you don’t know at all: seeing as how Aces are all things “new”, and this could be owning your own truth and expressing it: I am who I am, says the Fool, and boy, don’t the haters hate that.

Especially this woman. She may be someone from the past (seeing as how my eyes want to go dyslexic on the whole thing) who comes back into your life thinking she’s talking to the same  ‘old fool’  but the power belongs to him/her today, the truth being the best weapon. Perhaps you found out a ‘truth’ about someone, and you’re turning your back on them in the future – don’t be a Fool, though, there are 2 side to that double-edged sword which is why they say and let’s say it all together: the truth hurts.

If this woman crosses your happy path, keep your guard up.







12 Aug 19: Ace of Coins reversed & Judgment & The Hermit

No going back. So consider this very, very carefully.  Take all the time you need. Ask yourself the hard questions. You have a lot of helpers and relatives on the Other Side who have your back. This is heavy stuff, and not just affecting just you in just this lifetime, but if you get in this boat, this is how you’re going out, and today we may very well be talking about who you’re going out with, so you’d better think about it long and hard. Is this the ‘hill you’d die on?’.

Major Arcana are not the stuff of ‘daily horoscopes’ but are major turning points in life.  Judgment, #20, is right up in here front and center today (Scorpio/Cancer/Pluto/Mars). and the overall message from the cards seems to be:

you’re the one with the ‘free will’. What u gonna do?

This is one introspective soul-searching layout, that’s for sure.

Have we missed a ‘golden opportunity’? Not necessarily.

The Ace of Earth, Coins, or Pentacles (Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn/Libra) is basically the gift of the potential for fabulous wealth and ultimate earthly success. The Divine has gifted us with the possibility of a new beginning that is irrevocable. Aces being the ‘seed’ of the suit of the material and physical means, properly handled, this is the chance to build your legacy.

Which is?

The old familiar Hermit (Virgo/Mercury), #9 of the Major League, is today in the future position but again, these cards read as one to me today. The Hermit shines his lantern from high on the mountain. The OG Seeker, he in turn welcomes those who ‘seek’ also, as he has gained much wisdom from his self-imposed isolation:  – from where, though? He lives high on a snowy mountain in a cave. He has no internet. No TV.

This is very much about going within for answers/knowledge.

Who are you, asked The Who.

This talks about potential reunions, whether on this side or the next, but also about a potential offer or proposal that while potentially financially lucrative, proposes some sort of spiritual concern. There is very much a danger of an ‘only in it for the money’ vibe here, which is never a good reason to do anything if you don’t have to.

This is a very physical spread also, in that a very real consideration is our physical state: the Ace of Coins in the past could mean a dietary deficiency of some kind, or someone may be taking the wrong vitamins, but there is a definite waning or lack of physical energy here.

This is also a very musical spread: the gold trumpet on the Judgment card is being lifted high by the reunited ghost family in the boat, as the Hermit holds his lamp high in the dark – like a beacon, or a human lighthouse.

This may be that at this stage in life you’ve decided you are best alone, or your own family has passed (but they are still very much with you) and at although you may think you are at a ‘later stage in life’ are considering a child of your own.  That’s very special.

9 is a number of completion and graduation, and this can very much be that, but also of ascendence – passing from this earthly stage to the next.

Who and what meant/means the most to you here on Earth? Whatever you’re here to do, figure it out and do it before you’re too old.

See if a song doesn’t come on that is ‘them’ saying ‘hi’ today…


10 Aug 19: Three of Swords & Two of Cups & reversed King of Coins

Hamstrung. What a great word, and we haven’t had a good meat reference in awhile:

Hamstringing is a method of crippling a person or animal so that they cannot walk properly by severing the hamstring tendons in the thigh of the individual. It is used as a method of torture, or to incapacitate the victim. Wikipedia

But I imagine a string of hams hanging from the ceiling.

In any case, this is as straight up as it gets, and involves either a partnership or potential romantic relationship – and a painful past, today represented by the wounded and bloodied 3 of Swords or Air. Sharp air in this case, and the wounds look pretty fresh. (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius/Saturn/Capricorn/Mercury/Virgo). This is Van Gogh’s bloody ear, which was the ultimate Valentine’s gift, you must admit. He could have even been the one to inspire the nickname  “The Artists’ Card”. This card is in the past position today, and it’s not going anywhere. Deal with it.

The card is all black and blue and stormy and scary, but we can see the faintest yellow glow around the bleeding red heart. But as my eye moves from left to right, the yellow is stronger and stronger, the cards get brighter and shinier. So how much of this dark past will we allow to ‘color’ our future?


At present we are considering the romantic 2 of Cups, the minor-league version of the mighty Lovers of the Major Arcana. 2 people meet, lock eyes across the room, and everyone else disappears. Strong emotion, definitely, but a fragile card. No doubt, the chemistry is there, but today this couple who mutually offer their cups on the Morgan-Greer card actually look a little sad. This card is usually the ‘rush’ of falling in love, the rose-colored glasses that blind us to the pitfalls and pains of romantic relationships. No danger of that with these 2 though, they are both well aware. (Water/Scorpio/Virgo/Cancer/Moon/Pluto/Mars.) This could be a reunion with someone who may have hurt you in the past, or you have realized the pain you yourself have caused to someone else in the past. Once again, it’s not going anywhere.

Deal with it.

Let’s mention again that the 52 days before one’s birthday is that wobbly, watery Neptune period – no commitments. The King of Coins (Earth/Capricorn/Mercury/Gemini) is today reversed in the future position. This is easy enough: no commitments.

Whether this is a creed or just the temporary energy, I cannot say, but the King of Coins in the reverse is either non-committal or someone you cannot commit to, because you don’t know what he or she is really up to. I’ll tell you what IS up, though: in the reverse, the huge gold coin the King holds on his lap is higher than anything in the spread – above the bleeding heart, above the star-struck couple’s heads. Money. Above. All. Make no mistake, we’re not talking about the King of Hearts here.

I get it, love sucks so money’s the next best thing. There’s a lot of that going around.

However there is another possibility in that being the  ‘King of Money’ may not be the goal anymore – something may have changed. Love does that.

This King of Earth in the upright more than anyone knows things need to grow in their own time – germinated, sprouted, nurtured.

Patience is required, especially with the ‘hamstrung’.







9 Aug 19: The Moon & Five of Cups reversed & The Fool reversed

How Things Really Are.

Everything else, said artist Frida Kahlo, is “painted bread”.

This is a very interesting picture, but a rather pensive one. Our innocent, free-spirited, trusting number-less (0) Fool today in the future position  is upside down and therefore not seeing things the way they are. This is dangerous for our naive, innocent Fool.

I would advise the Fool to check and see if he or she isn’t in their own Neptune period, although erratic Uranus and the Disneyplanet Pluto are associated with this card. Someone is acting foolishly or about to. In the reverse, the red trim and sash of the Fool look like a big red flag (Morgan-Greer). The Fool just wants to get going!

Lamb to the slaughter, the poor thing.

The beautifully illusionary Moon, #18 of the Major Arcana and today in the past position suggests to me a way of choosing to see the world, in ‘your own light’, which is greatness. But I get a fine line between genius and madness here, so I’m fascinated.

Artists, creators, inventors, musicians – we get a bad rap. The job at hand, as I see it, is to open the ‘portal’ to another dimension. It still does, and it never will cease to amaze me, the moment silence becomes music, and the way humans resonate. There is no science in the world to explain that, just look at the way the animals sing to the moon on the card. Look at the little purple crawfish crawling up out of the water to play along with his little castanets (It’s a wolf and a dog and they’re not singing they’re howling and they’re not castanets they’re his freaking claws.-Ed)

This is our problem sometimes, we just see things differently.

In the present we are considering the energy of the reversed 5 of Cups, a card of loss, grief, and regret. In the reverse, the human who has been ‘crying over spilt milk’, downcast and depressed over 3 spilt cups, blood-like contents draining out onto the sand,  has realized he does have ‘pieces to pick up’ after all and is ready to move on.

Only to be ‘let down’ again. At least, under these skies, at least for somebody.

This is no minor spread.

This is Van Gogh cutting his ear off because well, real life isn’t as beautiful as art, movies and music.

And people aren’t always who we wish they were –

This is also romanticizing the past.

This is and will always be consistent disappointment if we don’t accept life and people as it, and they, really are. But we certainly appreciate the ones who don’t, because man does not live by..

painted bread alone.



8 Aug 19: The Lion’s Gate Event

.is today. If you are so inclined, do check out the many astrological explorations on YOUTUBE. I must get a few hours of rehearsal in before a long day today so cannot cuddle with my cards this morning,  but I shall make it up with an extra post this weekend. In the meantime, thanks for reading and I’ll be back tomorrow.





7 Aug 19: Strength & The Star & The Hanged Man reversed

The Neptune Period. All 3 cards today are of the Major Arcana, and it’s a bit of a mixed message but I think I may know why..

2 beautiful and complimentary cards, Strength and the Star are calm, peaceful energies. The lovely lady gently but firmly taming the potentially dangerous lion with love and #8 (Morgan-Greer) is barely moving at all, both delicate, pale hands tenderly closing the huge jaws  and it is said she hums quietly to the lion, aka ‘music soothing the savage beast’. Music and animals are both good therapy. You may have worked to regain your own physical strength, possibly with kind, patient help.

This is a pretty cosmic picture, I must say. Tomorrow is the Lion’s Gate event when a portal opens and we’re able to see Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, many times brighter than the sun – and here we have today the Star itself, hard to miss on this card – it’s bigger and brighter than all the other stars.

The gowned maiden on the Strength card and the woman on the Star appear to be the same person: but, her lion taming done for the day, off comes the gown and there she is, hair down, au natural. Whatever her mysterious ritual is, the pouring back and forth of the water between the 2 pitchers – this is a card of purification, she is pouring out old water and collecting fresh water, re-balancing both body and spirit, as they both serve the other. I suppose to the casual bystander, it doesn’t look like she’s doing much of anything at all (#17/Aquarius/Saturn/Uranus.

The Neptune Period is, according to a system I use for major readings (Robert Camp’s Cards of Destiny) the 52 days prior to one’s birthday, so if this is you, this is very good advice we’re getting today from this Hanged Man, today in the reverse and himself ruled by Neptune, Lord of the Waters. The Hanged Man is a card of self-sacrifice in order to achieve a higher understanding. With all this inspiration, meditation, and sheer genius  the creative potential of this spread is awe-inspiring. The short-haired blonde hanging man, arms clasped behind his back as he serenely hangs from one leg, looks to me like the women on the other cards who for some reason has cut her hair all off. Did she sacrifice her hair for some ‘higher’ purpose or reason? That’s pretty much what this seems to be about. How much does one personally ‘sacrifice’ for the greater good?reverse, this is a ‘martyr’ making useless sacrifices.

Rebel without a cause.

But there is of course another ‘angle’ or a way of seeing this picture, which is also a message of the Hanged Man – who today seems to refuse to see anything from anywhere other than his rather skewed POV.

These are all cards of healing and recovering – from what are you recovering, and are you really or is this an excuse we’ll have to hear forever because you’re simply not making any effort?

I get a vibe that someone is indeed refreshed, restored, and is ready to ‘shine’, and as the saying goes, ‘to those to whom much is given much is expected’, so yes, much is expected.


So, though, back to Neptune. One of the best creative collaborators you could hope for. Dreams, visions, all that wonderful stuff that feeds the soul. Think of a foggy, dreamy filter. That’s Neptune, and everything looks beautiful – he invented ‘beer goggles’, not many people know that. But have you ever tried to read a lease or a contract or anything else with fine print with beer goggles on? Exactly.

The Neptune period is great for art, crap for commitments. There is always possibility of deceit in matters of contracts, leases or legal agreements. If one can put off having to deal with such things until after one’s birthday when one enters the Mercury period, , one should.

Neptune and the Hanged Man reversed warns of abusing drugs and alcohol, which is not what we want to see after these 2 cards of healing and personal progress – if the time isn’t right to ‘act’, don’t. Don’t be pressured into anything. Trust your instincts – don’t drown them in whatever is is you try to drown them in.

Take care.