11 February 19: Four of Wands & Five of Coins & Ace of Coins

Unhappy home. This all ends very well, by the way – or at least it should, you’re certainly being handed the ol’ ‘golden opportunity’, and it’s a big one. Generally speaking, the Major Arcana, none of whom got up this morning, are a whole lot louder than the minors, but today we have some major, major minors.

In the past position we have the beautiful 4 of Wands (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius), the card of love, property, stability,  home and family. The 4 staves form the mysterious and holy 11:11, and the chuppah of a Jewish wedding, that is the canopy held over the bride and groom. ‘A house is not a home’ as it is said, and this is that. You may love your house, but wish it were somewhere’s else. You were happy there, but for some reason you aren’t today, or you’re very much missing someone you were married to, or your family, or your childhood home, even. No love up in your house. This card is so interesting in the Morgan-Greer deck. Unlike the olde tyme images, the stage is set but empty. No dancers, revelers, no sign of a human at all. In the future position, as we saw recently, the picture invited us to step into it but in the past, it seems like everyone’s stepped out of it. Which leaves us all kinds of broken – spiritually, morally, and possibly financially. We have the house, but not the home. It’s a damn nice house, too – or was. Except for the chuppah and the festive flowers, this is a strangely barren card, a monotonous yellow desert with a dry-looking castle in the distance, and no sign of life anywhere except for the new green leave sprouting from the staves that hold up the man (or woman) made canopy. It’s the humans that brought the scene to life.

The dismal and depressing 5 of Coins is in the present position, but not for long. Traditionally we see 2 humans who have been ostracized or evicted or shunned, and who knows why but they’re out on their asses, seemingly homeless, trudging through snow. This is such a painful, dark card. ‘Poverty of the Spirit’ is one tag for this 5 (uncomfortable, uneven, restless number) of Earth (Taurus/Capricorn/Virgo). I don’t even know how seriously I can take this card today seeing as it’s flanked on either side by 2 of the best cards the Minor Arcana. On the Morgan- Greer card, a bloodied, bandaged young man, walking stick in hand, falls exhausted into the arms of a nun, whose fingerless frayed Oliver Twist orphan glove rests on the young man’s shoulder – she took vows of poverty a long time ago, of course – but she lives in that building with the warm glowing window – he or she is not the one who is homeless. On the old card, we might assume the humans are shunned because they won’t compromise or commit an oath to the church – or anything or anyone else – from whom they can receive help.

I hear ‘meeting in the middle‘ just as these humans are doing in this layout.

The mighty Ace of Coins is in the future position and if there was ever a dawn after the dark, this is it. A distant relative of the Magician, #1 of the Majors, this is big stuff, and it looks as if – on the old card and the Morgan-Greer – the outsiders – or outsider – wins.

But not just money because of course real wealth is so very much more than that.

It seems the potential for a relationship or partnership outweighs whatever differences there may be between 2 estranged or separated humans.

Somebody went rogue and may have got the shit kicked out of them, but look what they brought back for your collection plate, sister.

Now we can build our own sanctuary.






8 February 19: Seven of Swords & Five of Swords & Four of Wands

Protection. Someone has your back, for once. Something went down, and something is going down, but the good news is it’s the last battle.

In the past position and slinking off with what looks like his tail between his legs (it’s just his sash hanging down, but today it’s plainly his tail between his legs) is the Thief. Somebody’s been creepin’, sneakin’ and stealin’ in broad daylight. Not necessarily or only money, but any sort of intellectual property or your ideas  –  your livelihood.  This cowardly slime sneaks away with 5 swords, leaving 2 behind. On some versions of the card the thief is looking back as if he intends to come back for them later: on the Morgan-Greer card his head is down, he does not want to be seen. No one is even looking for or at him or her, and he does this on the regular.  They’ll be happy with the 2 that are left, he mutters to himself as makes off with his haul.

It’s like going out in the morning to get the eggs out from under the chicken and there’s an egg and you think, fine, and then find out someone’s been sneaking out and stealing 2 before you even get up, and it’s your own dog. With his tail between his legs.

This is notoriously the ‘Card of the Thief’ but also the ‘lone wolf’ card, a card of avoiding  or ‘shrinking away’ from confrontation. Of course, the actor’s part in the play depends on who the other players are, and now we have even more swords to deal with on the in -your – face 5 (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius). This  confrontation has not only happened but isn’t exactly over, although as we can see on the card, the sun is setting on the situation. This wasn’t and isn’t pretty. Everyone on the card looks blue and drained, 3 humans on their knees, their swords tossed down in defeat. However, I don’t get today that the hooded figure in the foreground is the bad guy, which is weird, but I get that he chased off the creep on the 7. Harsh, you bet. The next card is the ‘jail card’, the 8 of Swords, and the thief best not show his face around these parts again.

This is some behind-the-scenes hostage negotiations kind of shit. Both humans have hidden their faces. We don’t know what’s going on here, but as long as the Thief stays in the past – he literally looks like he’s just glad to get away with what he’s gotten away with at this point — all will be well. Very well. The hero of the 5, his dark hood covering the upper part of his face, gives me a Batman vibe. He is a professional, and seems to have the thief on the run: lawyer, accountant, hit man.

I could break my head over this but I don’t have to because no matter what’s gone down or going down, Batman has come to your defense and there couldn’t be a better future card, the ’11:11′ card, the joyous, celebratory 4 of Wands. 4 is a number of security, stability and protection, and today I get more of a warm homey vibe (the suit of Fire: Aries, Sagittarius, Leo) rather than a celebratory party vibe, which is also what this card is about. Weddings, showers, friends and family, homecomings. Usually we see a couple of humans dancing under party decorations, arms uplifted, shoes kicked off and letting the good times roll but on the Morgan-Greer card the flowers are fresh, the garden looks beautiful, and our happy place is waiting.


Worth the fight.



26 January 18: Four of Wands & The Hermit & Ten of Swords

Back to the future. Literally. The wise old Hermit (Virgo) stands alone on his (or her) snowy mountain, holding his glowing yellow lamp up against a black, starless sky. He wears a white beard and the brown, hooded cassock of a monk. The Hermit, #9 of the Major Arcana, is all about solitude and reflection. This is not a young person, or at least not young in spirit – an old soul at the very least, and the yellow light of his lamp illuminates not the future card, but the past – the joyous 4 of Wands (Aries/Sagittarius/Leo).

A happy, yellow card, this is the card of a happy home and happy, stable life. On the olde versions of the card, there are 2 humans dancing in celebration under a canopy of garlands of flowers and ribbons -the planted 4 staves holding up the festive decor form 11:11. It’s a peaceful, loving vibe. Heavenly, really. This is being perfectly in tune, and, very simply, happy.

But the Hermit has turned his back to the future card, the bloody, potentially fatal #10 of Swords, (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius). The thing I notice immediately about this picture is the weather. The flat, black sky of the Hermit card continues on to the next card, and he lays bloody on a snowy beach and the water looks frozen in the distance. The brown cassock has fallen away to expose a white shirt stained with the red blood from wounds sustained from the 10 swords that pierce his back. It has started to snow. This, if anything, is an anti-future card. The wise hermit knows this, and shines his light instead on the past.

But this is not a card of wistful nostalgia. This is more about reflecting on what exactly it was about that place or time that was particularly resonant, where and when and with whom you felt you belonged. Where was home. Not necessarily a specific geographical location but a feeling of being inspired, happy to wake up in the morning. The Hermit’s tall walking stick tells us he’s been around, but after having been there and done that, he thinks he may like to retire to that little warm place he or she visited so long ago, or even grew up or used to live. That’s where the ‘home fires burn’ for this Hermit, who seems to be considering a trip back down the mountain. On the Morgan-Greer card, there are no dancers under the garlands in the garden, the ‘stage’ is empty.

The 10 is the ending of a cycle and the beginning of a new one: 1+0=1.

This may be about having a strong feeling about something you may not feel right about doing, or people you may not completely trust aka the ‘backstabbers’.

Or the Hermit has wisely decided to turn back, because he can’t drive in the snow. Or, any more traveling will kill him.

His old back hurts, and one of those swords looks like a serious pain in the neck.

Pass the balm.

10 November 18: The Emperor & Queen of Cups

Father/Daughter love. The Emperor is the patriarch and the quintessential Father figure of the Tarot and associated with the suit of Fire, specifically Aries. He represents authority in its many forms, and, upright, makes and enforces the rules for our own good. He’s wise. He’s experienced. He must know everything ’cause he’s Dad, and of course an essential figure in our lives. DNA is DNA.

The Queen of Cups, she of the psychic, sensitive, emotional suit of water (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) is openly emotional – she tears up at the drop of a hat – receptive, and sometimes a little naive, that’s why this older man likes her. This combination can mean an older man – younger woman relationship – her childlike naivety is part of the appeal, and makes this aging Emperor feel like a young man again. He’s her Sugardaddy. (Last paragraph dedicated to the late Hugh Hefner.)

Forgive me if you’ve heard this one before but I feel like someone could be encouraged by this today.

My Athiest  Harley-riding, hard-working, hard-partying Father (“God doesn’t put food on this table, I do.”) grew pensive in his last years even before he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. “How do you know” he’d said, “there’s anything after this?”

“Because you’ll tell me when you get there.” I’d said matter of factly as we ate Italian and drank wine at his dining-room table.

He went quick, refusing chemo and dying as he always said he would, in his damn Levi’s.

Some days later, I’d be typing away around midnight and I’d hear the microwave go off in the next room. I didn’t think anything of it, it was just a couple of random beeps. The same thing happened the next night, and again I was so into whatever I was doing I didn’t really think about it. But when it happened again the next night, it finally occurred to me that someone was trying to tell me something. I got up and went in to look at the microwave.

Very slowly, as if a child were learning to work the numbers on the keypad, the digital display spelled out ‘1-1—-11’. Awkwardly, hesitantly. I stood in front of it and watched as the display went black, and then again, this time a little more confident, a little quicker, the bright white numbers in the dark room:

11:11 11:11 11:11 11:11

Finally realizing I was receiving some kind of message, I Googled 11:11 and those of you who know, know. It’s a love thing, an eternal thing, and believe it or not it’s easier for love to be when and where it belongs when it’s needed when it’s not trapped in a meatsuit.


High five, Dad, now you know.


Oh yes – and we have an issue with the “G” word. Please use Spirit or Presence. You love someone’s Spirit or Presence, that sounds nice, but ‘ghosting’ someone, well, that’s not a nice term, is it? No. It’s not their fault we’re not listening.

We thank you, my Father and I.