10 July 18: King of Cups, reversed

Respect my authority.

Fuck you.


This card is making me physically queasy. This King shouldn’t be King at all.

Upright, this King is the compassionate and archetypical kind, loving Father figure. He is of the emotional suit of Water (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer), and  pictured  seated on his throne (Morgan-Greer) with a thoughtful expression on his face holding his gold cup in his right hand, his gold scepter in his left.

Cups correspond with hearts in a poker deck, and they do represent the heart, love and emotion – and in OG Tarot, the Ace of Cups is said to represent the womb, specifically the womb of Mary – but which Mary? A-HA! (Cartoon Einstein voice).

This King is responsible for maintaining a certain amount of security and the emotional stability and well-being of the realm. He’s the King, after all, and we love and admire him for that. As we can see, he is calm and serene although the water under him and behind him is choppy and unstable.

Reversed, this King who should be ruling from his heart is not. He is a manipulative, miserable bastard who is so emotionally and sexually confused and repressed it’s scary and I don’t even want to see this guy after a couple of drinks. He’s in over his head.


On another level, you may be being offered kind advice – possibly regarding a creative project – by someone who means well. This could be Dad or a Father-figure type, or you’ve cast someone in that role in your life. You may have outgrown the need for this person’s well intended (or not) advice.










14 Feb 18: Ace of Cups

My exploding heart! Honestly, this card crawled out from under the deck like the Valentine gift that it is. I could never have picked a better card on purpose!

The suit of cups are all about love and emotion. The heart. This is a beautiful and moving card in any deck, and long one of my favorites in  imagery and symbolism.

On this card, traditionally, a hand emerges from the clouds offering a golden goblet from which 5 streams of water flow – “my cup runneth over with love” – love has taken over our 5 senses, there is nothing else. This is the ace, the seed, the start of something really beautiful. This is fertility as well, as the watery cup also represents the watery womb, and usually has an “M” or a “W” engraved on it, said to stand for Mary, the mother, or Mary,  who is said to have borne the children of Christ, took off to the South of France and lived happily ever after.

This is so perfect, really. Obviously a day to declare your love. Punch-drunk, dizzy-ass love.

..not necessarily romantic, though, this is loving life itself. Everything around you. Exploding with song, art, joy. Overwhelming emotion. Manifestation and creation from the purest source. Draw, paint, bake, cook, dance, sing.

As long as it comes from the heart..