18 July 18: Temperance & Ace of Wands

Let’s talk about sex even though I know you’d both rather discuss taxes, dental work or traffic conditions. Do we have to talk about this? Yes, it seems you do. Somebody sure does. Oh no. Not the ‘what is this relationship?’ conversation…

I drew Temperance, the card of time, patience, and balance. Simmer down, says Temperance, here in the form of a rather stern angelic winged being pouring liquid steadily and slowly between two gold cups. Back and forth, back and forth. Taking the time to get it right. This card is all about controlling emotions, not losing your cool, keeping it together. This could be an inner dialogue or a calm, careful conversation or communication. It’s a good thing this is a Major Arcana, a strong card, because there’s a lot of fire here: Sagittarius is associated with this card, its element Fire. For all we know there could be gasoline in those cups, liable to explode if not handled with care.

So what is it talking/warning us about today?

I drew the extremely flammable Ace of Wands, or, as it is also universally known, the Boner Card, also of the Fire suits (Sagittarius/Aries/Leo).  The Universal SkyHand once again reaches down through the clouds to present us with a straight, strong staff sprouting with new leaves. This card has so much passion, so much desire it would spontaneously combust right now if not for Temperance.

So: is it water or gasoline? This is a gift, as all Aces are – whether you want it or not. Heaven knows boners are miraculous mysteries and many museums, parks, shrines and works of art pay homage. Rightfully so.

Looks like self-control is in order here no matter what the situation.

I like these two together. The fiery hot-to-trot Ace is a strong, inspiring card giving us passion and drive. The ever-mindful angel of Temperance gives us control over our emotions and reminds us to be patient and wait until the time is right.

Maybe things – or you – had to ‘simmer’ down before starting over, but you’re rarin’ to go now.

This could be any new passion or project that may take some time – or the realities of what’s involved as far as time and sustained effort may threaten to ‘dampen’ your ‘fire’, but don’t let it.

The time is right for this new start, but will call for a lot of communication and cooperation.


Or: it could take some time to put out all these California fires, and you can bet there will be a new one.



8 – 9 July 18: Ace of Wands

Lit! This was actually yesterday’s draw but it was too hot to write about fire, and I am very backed up on personal readings which I can’t do with fans on as I record them to MP3 and need all fans off.  SO as you can imagine the ‘windows of opportunity’ to record with the fans off are few and far between so I’m on it.



..and no new fires, please…

29 April 18: The Chariot & Ace of Wands/Fire

I’m all fired up, let’s do this.  This is an exciting new inspiration and a chance for a whole new start in a whole new direction.

This is a pretty hot combination under this Scorpio Full Moon (don’t even ask me WTF those dreams were even about last night..Scorpio Rising here).

The Chariot is #7 of the Major Arcana, a number of Faith, and on the card is pictured a chariot pulled by two horses or sometimes two Sphinx, one black and one white. The Chariot is associated with the astrological sign Cancer, the emotional, nervous, self-protecting crab. The human driving the chariot is staring straight ahead and has his two horses firmly under control even though it seems they’re wanting to run off in different directions. Only if he keeps them in line can he move forward. It’s not easy keeping even one horse under control, let alone 2.  But he will not be distracted, he is concentrating all his energies on keeping those horses (emotions, impulses, even anger) under control, in sync and moving. This human may have a bit of an ego, but he does win every race, and will most likely win this one as well.

As a matter of fact he’s especially motivated and ‘fired up’ about this one for some reason – blame it on that moon, whose symbolic crescents the driver wears on his armored shoulders (Morgan-Greer deck).

The Aces are the super-potent ‘seeds’ of the suit, the ‘chances’ handed to us by the Divine (Creator, Source, God, etc.) as depicted by the weird and mysterious Sky Hands of the Tarot. The classic illustrations of the Aces in the Tarot picture the giant Sky Hands coming down out of the blue through the clouds to present to us a ‘seed’ of a suit: A Coin (Earth), Sword (Air), Cup (Water) and today our Wand/Club (Fire). It’s like literally being given or entrusted with a seed. How do I raise and care for this? Where do I plant it that it will grow best?

This Ace also refers to the written word, so perhaps he is delivering an important message about a new writing or work assignment that ‘fires you up’.

This driver is, as they used to say back in the day, ‘hot to trot’.  He’s got the inspiration and the transportation. This may be a journey motivated by the promise of a passionate encounter. Whatever this guy wants, he’s getting, that’s for sure.

Maybe it’s a new car.  Even a firetruck. Our driver could even be a fireman heading to a fire, but it just started, so should be ok. Water (Cancer) kills fire, so he’s the right guy for the job.









22 March 18: Ace of Coins, Ace of Wands

A new partnership. These 2 inspirational cards jumped out of the shuffle as a pair, and I can see why. Each is a force to be reckoned with, but together? Stand back. Aces are the ‘seeds’ of their respective suits, containing all the potential power of the 10 – the oak tree in the acorn, as it were. We have the passion of Fire (Aries, Sagittarius, Leo) and the grounding practicality of Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn).

These cards are gorgeous together. They presented themselves side by side, Earth left, Fire right. The Morgan-Greer cards are just beautiful, and in fact side by side, they  look like one picture. The Ace of Wands is on the right. An active, passionate, energetic male energy. Out of the huge bank of clouds and fog over blue water a hand extends a straight cut branch that has started to sprout. It’s as if he needs to get it in the ground, quick. The card on the left, the Ace of Pentacles, is grounded and receptive. We see a red rose in full bloom in a garden overlooking the water, and in the garden along a pathway lilies, a symbol of regeneration and rebirth, bloom. There are clouds over water here, also, and a hand extends from the clouds holding a large gold coin. This garden has been tended well for a long time. Our point of view is looking down a path that leads out under a beautiful archway of greenery and eventually, we assume, to the ocean. Green mountains are visible in the distance, and the hands reach out to each other, offering this new beginning.  There could be no better place for Mr. Sky Hand to plant his sprouting branch.

This is one hell of a partnership, especially a creative one. If all those fiery ideas and passionate drive were well-managed, developed and brought to earthly fruition?  Wow.

This is a great combination for a creative collaboration involving eco-conscious property development or organic growing.  Guaranteed success.

You’ve got the brains, I’ve got the looks, let’s make lots of money -Pet Shop Boys