12 November 18: King of Fire & Three of Fire (Clubs, Wands, Rods, Staves)

It’s go time. All fired up and ready. You’re anxious to make a move, you’re chomping at the bit. You want to get going on something, but..

But what?

There is so much energy in these two cards I want to hook it up to my amp (not lying, last  week I solar-powered my washing machine which is completely blowing my mind and is easily one of my Top 5 Lifetime Achievements). Knights are always charging around on their poor horses, but on the Morgan-Greer deck we  see our hero of the Fire suit (Sagittarius/Leo/Aries) only from the waist up, so today, well, that may be his problem. He has no horse, and he needs to get going! Of all the Knights, he’s the hardest to keep still. He looks over at the 3 of Clubs which shows us a human looking off in the distance who seems to be waiting for something or someone or considering a journey himself.   The Knight shoulders his club which is starting to sprout new leaves, as are the clubs on the 3. I can see why he’s in a rush to get there, between them they have 4, and the 4 of Clubs is one of the happiest cards in the deck, specifically a happy home. However, for some reason that’s not happening, and we don’t know why. There is distance between the two, but the way is clear. There is not a tree or bit of green on either card aside from the new little green leaves sprouting from the thick, straight brown branches they both hold. The Knight’s bright yellow glove bears the silhouette of a salamander, long believed to be fireproof.

Well, there’s some reason something’s not happening that someone wants or needs to happen, like, now. Like, yesterday. But it can’t.

If I were watching a little movie, I would say the firefighter is waiting for what he needs to charge on into that fire – and someone else is pretty on edge waiting for them, and although the human of the 3 has one branch planted where he stands and will have to abandon it, he has 2 more in hand ready to run with. It’s all he can carry. A yellow, vicious looking wing’d Griffin rides along on top of the Knight’s helmet, or at least I thought that’s what it was, it’s front half bird and back half lizard or dragon and I can’t find it on the internets but I did discover the Shug Monkey, and I want one, although they haven’t been seen since WWII.

I digress. Wands often mean travel, fast, and by air. No doubt as I type this there are water-dropping planes coming and going all over California and people nervously waiting for help to save their homes and themselves. This is very much having to get the hell out, and the word ‘stressful’ doesn’t even qualify as an understatement here. This poor 3 could be watching his own home burn down to the ground having fled with only what he could carry, and has had to ‘plant’ all over again somewhere else, literally and figuratively. For the first time I notice if I focus on the brown cloak, from the back it resembles a thick, brown tree trunk. Old growth is threatened, but new growth will take its place.

Resources are spread thin, and our firefighting sky pilot is ready to go as soon as he gets his vehicle. That thing on his helmet is ready to take off as soon as it gets the word.

Maybe that’s why he has no horse today, they don’t fight fire on horseback, thankfully.

Jupiter is back where he belongs after a lot of years and brings more of everything, and in Sagittarius, bigger is not better when it comes to fire.

Good luck to all.



5 November 18: Two of Wands, reversed

Are we on the same page? Not today, unfortunately. After the fired-up, enthusiastic Ace of Wands (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), which was the original idea or ‘spark,’ we now have  2 and we consider joining up with a like-minded potential ‘partner in crime’ in order to make it happen and to bring this idea into being.

On the upright card, facing left, is a human dressed for travel in flashy blue-leather gloves and a stylish red hat. He holds his sprouting staff in his left hand, and in his right, a globe – this detail always drives me nuts on this card, at first glance it looks like the moon but a closer look and there are faint outlines of unfamiliar continents. This human has some big ideas, and he’s all charged up and ready to conquer new horizons, but he can’t do it alone. In fact, he seems to be in some kind of negotiation with someone. We don’t know who they are, we can only see another beautifully tattooed hand in a blue sleeve extend his or her own staff into the picture from the left, whoever this is is not where Red Hat is from.

Let’s partner up, says the well-dressed-to-travel, excited human in the red hat. He’s really excited about the possibilities here. Can’t wait to get going. Let’s do this.

Reversed, the fact that I can’t make out the continents on the globe bothers me. It’s vague, this ‘plan’, this ‘mission’, if he has one at all. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but exactly how are we getting from point A to point B? Who will be paying for what? How long should it take to get there? I don’t know about this. I’d love nothing more than to be a part of this but realistically we’re lacking a solid, step by step, budgeted, scheduled plan so call me when you’ve got one. It’s a great idea, but…

This partnership isn’t working. Reversed, the enthusiasm and fire is too hot, and there is overconfidence and stubbornness. Upright, I notice that the tattooed hand does not extend his staff to Red Hat, but is holding it back somewhat. I notice Red Hat does the same. Reversed, the two ultimately clash and cross at the top. ‘Dominion’ is the OG name for this card, and the pale orb he contemplates looks like the moon: he’s promising someone the ‘moon’ but what exactly does that mean? By the way, what is on the other side of moon? He doesn’t know, but wants it anyway. He may be watching your mouth move for a few minutes but he’s only pretending to listen,  he already knows what he thinks he wants and what he’s going to do. We can argue all day, but this was supposed to be something fun for the both of us, remember?  That’s all we do anymore is argue.

This looks like some kind of partnership that if not over already probably should be, and probably will be.  If there is talk of a new business partnership, roles and goals need to be clearly defined. If it’s a hot, heavy affair, that’s all it’s meant to be.  Mercury, also associated with this card, comes and goes pretty quick.

Someone is all talk – inspiring talk, passionate talk. But the Devil is, as they say, in the details.




29 October 18: The Emperor, reversed

Good Dad/Bad Dad: The almighty Emperor and #4 of the Major Arcana is the Father Figure of the Tarot. He is the very embodiment of stability, control, power and authority. He represents the suit of Fire: Leo, Sagittarius and especially Aries.

I so dislike this card reversed it’s hard for me to even give him the time it takes to write about him, but here he is (the card is well described in the WordPress archives). An Emperor is  humanly endowed with supreme earthly authority and dominance. Of course he gets and enjoys a lot of attention. Reversed, he needs it for all the wrong reasons. He’s a tyrant, a bully, and a bastard. This could be someone about to be busted down a rank or lose their job altogether, so have hope.

Today, though, this card is all about Dad. You as a Dad, your Dad, her Dad, and how that relationship  ‘imprint’ manifests in your life. Your relationship to your own father or, as a father, your relationship to your own children: are you exercising too much or too little authority? Are you being too strict or controlling? Too lax? Do you or did you have a difficult relationship with your own father, who may have shown more affection to his dog, or did Dad leave everything to Mom the Boss?

If this description fits someone who is using you for whatever he thinks he can get out of you, run. He’s all about him. Shouldn’t you should be the boss?

This has everything do with our relationship to authority or imposed structure in any form, but anarchy and rebellion for its own sake will eventually leave you with nowhere left to go.

Not everybody’s your bad Dad.

“What are you rebelling against?”

“What do you got?” – James Dean, Rebel Without A Cause











20 October 18: Three of Wands

Follow me shouts the human from the edge of a tall cliff from where he can see further than the rest of us (Rider-Waite). The is an Aries card but Leo and Sagittarius can be and are also represented by this inspired, passionate suit of Fire.

This is about leadership. You ‘fire people up’ with your vision, enthusiasm and drive. I’m all in with this human, whoever they are.

One of the many interesting concepts of the ICHING (Chinese Book of Changes) is that of leadership. Generally, rather than the idea of a ‘leader’ as a drum major leading a parade of followers,  ‘the center’ is to whom everyone looks to for guidance, wisdom, and counsel: a woman’s role in the home. When the ‘center’ is off, everything’s off.

On the Morgan-Greer card, the caped human with their back to us is looking way off out into the distance. Although we don’t see him standing on a cliff, he is eye-level with the mountains he sees out there, so we know his vantage point is one from some altitude. He or she is a visionary. In fact  there are no mountains higher than his own feverish human head. He sees no obstacles, only his destination.

One tall staff is held in the left hand, another in his right, and standing behind his back is the third. They form a triangle around him, and he or she is at the center. 

This is the card of the visionary with the ‘long view’. The breakthrough artist, writer, inventor, or even actual explorer. This sometimes means travel or trade by water. We don’t see any water on this desert landscape, but he’s the team leader and says the ocean is just over those mountains.

That third branch – starting to sprout, as they all do, with new energy – seems to be planted in the ground. This human could have established a business or name for himself where he is and is thinking of expanding, possibly overseas. New territory, new readers, new fans or followers, new investors.

If they don’t ‘get you’ where you’re at, take it somewhere they do.



15 October 18: Ten of Clubs

The burden of success. A burden we’d all like to have, you would think, depending on your idea of ‘success’. If it’s basically simply to accomplish what one sets out to do, this human, staggering under the weight of the huge bundle of heavy, wooden sprouting branches he carries, has. He is barely able to hold on to them all. In fact, he can’t even see where he’s going anymore, his head is down as he struggles along, intent on shouldering this load all by himself. Ruled by the heavy, serious disciplinarian Saturn, this overwhelmed human of the suit of Fire (Sagittarius/Leo/Aries) has worked himself to the point of burnout, so it looks like he won’t be enjoying that ‘success’ as much as he thought he would.

I’ll do it myself, he had said back at the Ace when he was all fired up over this idea, plan, project or job in the first place, or had started up his new company and felt he couldn’t say ‘no’ to any potential new assignment or contract and now he’s headed for an early grave trying to deliver on all his promises and deadlines. He’s plainly bitten off more than he can chew. These are not ‘burdens’ placed upon him but things he’s taken on willingly, and now he’s stressed, pressured and sleep-deprived, working day and night. He’s very much in demand, but can’t or doesn’t enjoy his success.

Our human’s face is grim.

Would he rather be throwing himself into his work than go home? Is he having problems at home? Maybe his or her spouse is running up the credit card bills.

Why do I have to do all the work in this relationship? 

Is he or she or you a workaholic needing a vacation at least? Good luck talking them into it.. all work and no play, etc. etc. etc.

This suit does like to travel (usually for work), but it looks like somebody overpacked for this trip. Better dump something, those overweight baggage fees will kill you.

Lighten up.


11 October 18: Page of Wands

I have an idea says this young Page of the enthusiastic and highly flammable suit of Fire  (Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries). Think of the clubs or wands as matches. On the Rider -Waite – Coleman- Smith deck they really do look like big matches, and our young Page stands in an empty desert ready to plant his sprouting club into the dry ground and get something going. I imagine this is how Burning Man started. This is the card of a fiery young activist, and if you haven’t read the story of the founding of the ‘Burn it is quite the revolutionary social concept – far from just a wild titty party it’s a life changer encouraging humans to recognize, nurture and utilize the very best of ourselves and our natural gifts – and everyone is born gifted in some way – for the betterment of earth and her inhabitants. The creativity we are capable of before we’re beaten into conformity is limitless.

This is the enthusiasm or the ‘spark’ of youth, which is an immature energy and we love him or her – our ourselves – for it. You can count on this person to get everybody excited about a new idea or startup, and their passion and enthusiasm are contagious – spreading like wildfire. This Page can be a little manic, starting a lot of things and ‘burning out’ too quickly before they’re finished.

This could be a very welcome message of some kind, something you have been waiting for, or an invitation. A call or an e-mail that ‘fires you up’ about something, probably career-related, in a good way, or a child starting to show signs of a passion or ability that should be ‘stoked’.  He or she wants – and gets – lots of attention.

This Page is a lot of fun on the road. If it’s an invitation to travel, and it might be, go!




21 September 18: Eight of Wands

Time to make your move.. This card of the suit of Fire (Aries/Sagittarius/Leo) shows us 8 straight rods/clubs/staves that are often interpreted as arrows flying through the air. The sky is clear and blue, and we can see a beautiful green landscape down below and a body of water, as if we’re in a plane. It feels fresh and free, the wide open blue sky, the view for miles, it’s as if we’re in a plane ourselves. The rods are all angled downward, as if we’re about to land. This card can and does often mean travel by air, often a last-minute impulse or business trip – even elopement.

The thing is to move quickly but not recklessly – those rods were all launched in formation in the same direction at the same time, and we don’t want them falling away from each other and apart before they land where they’re intended to land.

The pace is about to pick up, whether you travel or not, and quickly. This seems like it’s  something you wanted but can you keep up?