7 December 18: Ace of Coins & Knight of Cups

The proposal. Even I, deep down in my frozen cold black heart, know this is a romantic time of year, and we have a truly beautiful scene today. As a matter of fact, if you’re thinking about proposing you should just pop these 2 cards in an envelope and send it.

A large coin, huge, gold and shiny as the sun is handed to us from ‘out of the blue’ by the Fabulous Flying Skyhand of the Tarot who emerges from a bank of fluffy white clouds over the ocean. Our spectacular view is from a beautiful hillside garden. Roses and lilies bloom, and a lush, green trellis arches over a path that leads out down the mountain to the sea. This Ace I would call ‘the gift that keeps on giving’ that is, the ‘seeds’ that are the Aces have the potential to grow, and this ‘seed’ is all about money, home, family, and earthly possessions, plain and simple, including our most precious earthly possession, our own body. This Ace is of the suit of Earth and represents Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn. It actually looks like a lovely spot for a wedding. Perhaps he’s offering the home and garden itself – wow.

This is taking it out of the dream and to the street, as it were, IRL (that means ‘in real life’ I learned). The earthbound suit of coins are all about ‘IRL’, and it’s time to get real and manifest (I do not use that word often) this dream into physical reality. At least someone thinks so. He’s very special, this Knight. He’ll be crushed if he’s turned down. He’ll probably burst into tears on the spot.

The Knight of Cups is of the suit of Water, Pisces/Scorpio/Cancer. This is the dreamy, poetic Knight, riding over green valleys and blue hills carefully carrying his gold cup symbolizing what else? His love. When this water sign loves, he loves. He (or she) is the one who remembers the first time he saw you, the first thing you said to him, what you were wearing and what was playing on the radio. He’s a thweetheart. He loves love. He loves music. He loves art, he loves beauty. You’re his ‘dream come true’, and his dreams give him ‘wings’, as symbolized by the blue wings that crown his helmet. His armor is beautiful detailed and looks made of scales, like a fish. On his shoulder is an insignia of a blue wave – he is swept along, motivated and moved by his emotions. He can be a moody fish, but that’s to be expected from someone as sensitive as this lovestruck Knight (Morgan-Greer deck).

This is truly a beautiful combination. This Knight is offering him or herself, body and soul, in a rather cinematic, storybook setting. It will be a very special, memorable moment.

I hope the answer is yes, he went through a lot of trouble, gold ring and all.

It’s real.






5 December 18: The Hanged Man & Queen of Cups

Grok. This pair I’ve so seldom seen I cruised a few of my many online sources for some fresh info. Tarot Verbatim (excellent site) used the fictional word ‘grok’ to describe the relationship between this psychic pair, citing legendary Sci-Fi author and major early influence (he used to roller-skate on Hollywood Boulevard when he was kid, too) Ray Bradbury as the inventor of the word, but in fact it was another genius, author Robert Heinlein.

This relationship is so rare and indescribable that Heinlein had to adopt a word from the Martian language to describe it: Grok, meaning, the assumption of a singular reality.

I am you, you are me. I see through your eyes, hear with your ears. We don’t need to talk. We meet in dreams. She gets me, says the Hanged Man, who has been hanging there for a long time in surrender, waiting for a sign.

The psychic Queen of Cups is sending and receiving telepathic signals herself. She looks up from her gold cup as if she’s hearing her name being called or whispered from the large, pale shell held up to her ear. She hears many things the rest of us don’t, but then again, we don’t often ‘tune in’ to listen. She’s standing by the vast, blue, ocean – the water behind her not still, but not choppy either – just little waves. It’s all about waves: sound, light, everything comes in waves. She knows this, and probably surfs.

The Hanged Man has found his high, quiet place in which to meditate and ‘tune in’ himself, far above the fray and madness. What sacrifices is he or she willing to make for this relationship, or any relationship? He seems to be meditating on the question. What does this mean? Is he sacrificing a romantic relationship altogether for some ‘higher calling’? This relationship is the higher calling, and worth any sacrifice.

The Hanged Man is a creative or an artist of some kind, a musician, a writer, who by nature, is forever seeking divine inspiration.  Indeed he could be sacrificing this relationship for his art or work, his ‘higher calling’, but only temporarily.  Neptune and Pisces influence this Hanged Man and all things dreamy, watery and of the subconscious, which is why this man hangs upside down. He wants to hear the Source above the white noise of the world – and his Source seems to be this Queen.

If he didn’t believe before, he does now. Here’s the Wikipedia definition:

Grokmeans to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed—to merge, blend, intermarry, lose identity in group experience. It means almost everything that we mean by religion, philosophy, and science and it means as little to us as color does to a blind man.”

Obviously this relationship is worth any ‘sacrifice’.

How often do you really grok with someone?

27 November 18: Temperance & The Tower

De-fusing a bomb. Literally. This is a weird and downright disturbing pair to see fall out together, but in the Tarot multiverse there are of course several interpretations of this powerful combination,  none of them  exactly comfortable.

Temperance is the giant, halo’d angel who patiently pours back and forth between two cups an unknown liquid, meticulously balancing and brewing seemingly incompatible ingredients harmoniously – making it all work. Back and forth, time, patience, and control. In olden tymes, one who did not ‘mix his wine’, that is, mix your no doubt extremely potent Biblical private blend with some water you were considered out of control – on the hard stuff. This looks like someone falling off the wagon – hard.

Temperance. Temper. Tempering. Controlling one’s temper, and emotions in general, is  advised by this calm, healing image.The angel has one foot on a grassy green bank and the other in a clear blue stream. Yellow flowers bloom at the angel’s feet in the green grass, it is a peaceful scene. Temperance, tempo, time. This is vigilance, maintaining balance, the order of things, of oneself. A full-time job. #14 of the Major Arcana, 4+1=5 and that’s one edgy, nervous, conflicted, unbalanced number. That angel can pour all day, but 5 will never be a 4 or a 6. It is through careful, continued effort that he keeps an equal amount of liquid in both cups.

The Tower. Well, it’s a scary looking card. Under a stormy, violent gray sky, lightning strikes a castle tower which bursts into flames. We see the silhouettes of two humans falling into the huge, deep blue white-capped waves that lap at the base of the tower. Mars is pissed off here, and we don’t even particularly roll out the welcome mat for Mars even on his best days. If he has any. I heard the landing yesterday, be careful up there. He doesn’t look that friendly to me. Makes me wanna plant trees. Bottle trees, they need very little water, grow a couple inches every damn day and are evergreen.

Oh hell I don’t even want to look at these cards anymore, I just hope someone is negotiating like mad for peace somewhere right now, or, someone is taking their sweet time as somebody or something else is about to ‘blow’. Endless back and forth.

Another sad meaning of this pair is being forced out of a home after having been there a long time – but we could turn on the news for that (if we are fortunate enough to have a home in which to comfortably listen to the news).

Here’s another one: the sexual tension between 2 people is gonna blow if they have to keep themselves under control any longer. There.  I’d much rather consider that interpretation.

The Tower is also considered a healing card –  in the way of finally ending something that was destined and had to end, and ‘healing’ can begin, a word overused and trivialized but that’s another rant – things will never be the same – or something you thought was essential to your life has crashed and burned, finally. Or your appendix has been ready to blow for sometime now, and did.

Lose your temper, clear the air, what the hell, you’ve tried everything.  For a long time now. Just don’t get physical. Or be an arsonist.

The Tower comes in at #16 of the Major Arcana, 6+1 = 7, another unstable number, and, strangely, the number of Faith.

We don’t need it when things are easy…



16 November 18: Three of Cups

To life & love. All over the place. Friends, family, team. This is ‘making merry’ as they say, and making a lot of it with our favorite people eating, drinking and having some fun.  Party season is on.

This is a card of friendship and celebration. 3 young and beautiful Goddesses in a beautiful, green pastoral setting, usually a vineyard, lift their wine glasses joyfully as they dance, dreamy gowns floating and flowing, flowers in their hair. It’s all very Coachella Music Festival. On the Morgan-Greer card the 3 girls pose together for an Instagram shot, wine glasses and lovely fresh fruit on a table before them. Good times, and while they last, we cherish them.

Usually this card emanates a lively, happy vibe, and I’m never surprised to see it on a Friday (after-work drinks with the team sort of thing) but the #3 is not stable, and I get quite a different vibe today.

The three humans in the Morgan-Greer Instagram shot are quiet. They aren’t dancing, but sitting at a table together sharing a bit of fruit. It’s more of a personal, humble appreciation of their situation and each other. This is a very creative card, ruled by Venus, the Goddess of all things beautiful and feminine, and the ‘wettest of all the water signs’, emotional Cancer. Cups are receptacles and represent the heart in the Tarot, and we appreciate the love we receive from those we surround ourselves with – quality, not quantity.

I’m seeing a picture of people realizing how lucky they are. They looked for and found each other after the fire and may have lost everything but here they are. They are outdoors, these three, but it’s a beautiful day and as this is a card of creative collaboration, I half expect them to start harmonizing any minute.


To life, L’chaim.




13 November 18: The Hanged Man & Five of Swords

Someone’s screwing with you. So what. In the grand scheme of things is this really any  big deal, or is it just what it is, or who it is? What can they really do to you anyway? Just keep ‘an eye’ on them.

Th Hanged Man is of the Major Arcana, and is not about a noose and gallows but a human voluntarily hanging gracefully from one foot with one leg bent in a Yoga-like pose (Sirsasana, believed to stimulate the brain) with both hands clasped behind his back. He usually hangs from a lovely, shady tree, but on the Morgan-Greer card he has built his own rig from a couple of telephone-pole like trimmed trees (we see that portal, the #11 again) with a pole laid across from which he dangles, so he has created this position for himself. He is in meditation, going within, as did the Norse God Odin, the God of wisdom, poetry, war, death, divination, and magic. Sacrificing an eye, because he has 2 and what the hell why not, he got it, but only after spending 9 days and nights upside down twisting in the wind. When he came down, he’d been gifted with arcane knowledge and the Nordic system of divination, the Runes, and the answers he’d sacrificed so much for. If anybody needed Runes it would  certainly be someone with as much potential for conflict of interest as the great, one-eyed, multi-tasking Odin, Thor’s Dad.

This is a card of seeing things from another angle. Hmmm.

The bitchy, petty, nasty 5 of Swords (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius), being a 5, will never be happy unless he or she is in some sort of conflict with someone and they usually are. We see 3 humans on a beach having just finished a fight. 2 humans have tossed down their swords and are walking off into the sunset as one snickering, sly figure in a dark hoodie watches them retreat and gloats over his having ‘won’. We don’t see his face, only his rather sinister smile. He’s behind the scenes, lurking in the shadows. His hands are full with his own 3 swords, he can’t even hold those that have been surrendered and lie on the beach. Why, then, is he doing this? This is a card of defeat, he hasn’t ‘won’ anything. The dropped swords form a cross…keep this vampire away, already.

This strange pair can be read a couple of ways: someone needs to take the high road because someone else wants to fight or won’t leave you alone and it’s annoying and ‘hangs you up’ but whatever, it’s only a 5. You’re all chill hanging in your tree with your mind on other things.

As Odin sacrificed an eye, life is all about sacrifices. We make them every day. We need to give something up in order to get something else. Often sacrifice is the first step to compromise, but someone needs to let someone or something go that maybe seemed  to make sense at the time, but from this new angle, doesn’t.

On the other hand, time spent ‘upside down’ or in a ‘stuck’ or ‘hamstrung’ state – possibly due to another’s manipulations –  requires us to look at the world from a different angle and from a different point of view. Neptune, the ruler of this card, brings profound dreams, visions and inspiration – but also foggy lenses. Not everyone is out to get you or screw with you, not everyone is a stalker, not everyone is even looking up at your tree, you know? They can’t touch you up there. But when you come down oh, you learned so much from this, did you not?

As Odin sacrificed an eye, life is all about sacrifices. We make them every day. We make sacrifices for love, art, causes close to our hearts. We need to give something up in order to get something else. Sacrifice is the first step leading to compromise, and something needs to be let go, something that seemed to make sense at the time and probably and possibly for a very long time but from this new angle, doesn’t.


Bless your ‘enemies’.

I just got a newsflash about the election results in Georgia here in the US:

Contested results, so we’re all ‘hung up’ while we get another set of eyes – another POV – and a recount. This is that, too.







20 October 18: Three of Wands

Follow me shouts the human from the edge of a tall cliff from where he can see further than the rest of us (Rider-Waite). The is an Aries card but Leo and Sagittarius can be and are also represented by this inspired, passionate suit of Fire.

This is about leadership. You ‘fire people up’ with your vision, enthusiasm and drive. I’m all in with this human, whoever they are.

One of the many interesting concepts of the ICHING (Chinese Book of Changes) is that of leadership. Generally, rather than the idea of a ‘leader’ as a drum major leading a parade of followers,  ‘the center’ is to whom everyone looks to for guidance, wisdom, and counsel: a woman’s role in the home. When the ‘center’ is off, everything’s off.

On the Morgan-Greer card, the caped human with their back to us is looking way off out into the distance. Although we don’t see him standing on a cliff, he is eye-level with the mountains he sees out there, so we know his vantage point is one from some altitude. He or she is a visionary. In fact  there are no mountains higher than his own feverish human head. He sees no obstacles, only his destination.

One tall staff is held in the left hand, another in his right, and standing behind his back is the third. They form a triangle around him, and he or she is at the center. 

This is the card of the visionary with the ‘long view’. The breakthrough artist, writer, inventor, or even actual explorer. This sometimes means travel or trade by water. We don’t see any water on this desert landscape, but he’s the team leader and says the ocean is just over those mountains.

That third branch – starting to sprout, as they all do, with new energy – seems to be planted in the ground. This human could have established a business or name for himself where he is and is thinking of expanding, possibly overseas. New territory, new readers, new fans or followers, new investors.

If they don’t ‘get you’ where you’re at, take it somewhere they do.



12 October 18: Nine of Coins

Self reliance. Coins or Pentacles (Virgo/Capricorn/ Taurus) represent the tangible, touchable material world, our bodies, our houses, food, property and of course, money.

Traditionally, this number 9, the number of completion, shows us a human strolling gracefully through a lush garden, a healthy green bush hanging with 9 ripe gold coins. The Morgan-Greer deck shows us a beautifully dressed brown-skinned woman eating from a bowl of grapes, white and red. She cultivates both. Around her neck is a necklace of 9 large golden discs, and perched on her upheld left hand is her pet, a hooded falcon. These are the pastimes of a gentlewoman or gentleman.

This is a card of someone who has done very well for themselves all by themselves. The self-made millionaire. This is the maid who saved all her money and then one day bought the hotel. But make no mistake: this is also a card of self-cultivation, and along with accumulating that wealth and moving up into a new tax bracket, he or she has been cultivating themselves as well, is graciously charitable and admired by the community. Along with viticulture and falconry, she’s probably a talented chef, enjoying cooking up delicious, earthy, healthy dishes from her garden for her fortunate dinner guests.  Of course you’ll want ask for a peek at her current painting-in-progress or a song on the piano for dessert.

This lady owns the hell out of that heavy gold around her neck, and she earned that all by her own talents and sweat. She may have been the maid once upon a time, but she ain’t no more, that’s for sure.

This card can read as an ‘overnight success’ but ask anyone who has been called that and you will likely find that years of hard work and dedication went into that ‘overnight success’. This is the result of that. This human is now set for life with time and a place to cultivate and enjoy the finer things of this world and share them with others as well.