1 January 2019: The Star & The Chariot reversed & Eight of Wands

Not today. If you don’t feel much like reading today, I’ll give you a quick short version:

Past position: The Star (Aquarius) can mean nightlife, neon, showbiz, all that – New Year’s Eve.

Present position: The Chariot (Cancer), reversed: I’ll assume if your car wasn’t impounded it’s parked for the day and you’re not going out or doing much of anything.

Future: Eight of wands (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius): many quick  messages  and /or moves. The New Year will start off quick with a lot of opportunities, so rest up. Your challenge may be to pick and choose the right ones without a whole lot of time to think about it. 0-60 mph.

You can go back to bed now if you like. Otherwise, read on:

The Star is intuition and inspiration – and high idealism. So high that we may be rather shattered if everyone elses’ isn’t. The Chariot, a card of confidence, control and moving on and up in the reverse can warn of overconfidence or your dreams and plans being delayed or blocked in some way.  The frantic, rapid movement of the 8 of Wands or Clubs, flying through the air as if someone shot off a whole quiver of arrows at the same time may have you scrambling pretty soon, catching some and fending off others. The calls and offers may come thick and fast, or you may need to do some ‘running around’ once the New Year gets started and your vehicle may need attention.

Salvador Dali’s 8 of Wands shows a Roman soldier with 8 hands attacking a man who defends himself against the weird assault, keeping the soldier’s octopus arm at bay. He divides the 8 staves on the card in a way that suggests out of the 8 ‘thrown’ at him – he has ‘sorted’ them into lots of 3, 3, and at the very top, 2 remain floating behind a little book, as if after studying and considering every offer, he can only get excited and actually accept 2,  suggesting a potential partnership. In other words, everybody wants you. Only accept the things that you are passionate enough about and worthy of the investment of your best time, energies and soul. Consider and accept only the most promising commissions or jobs, and work only with the best people.

In the face of the oncoming onslaught, stay with your original inspiration, and as always, that inner guidance – it hasn’t been wrong yet, even if no one else ‘hears’ it but you. The Star is upright, beautiful and glowing…

But maybe just not today.







29 December 18: Queen of Coins, Temperance & Four of Coins

Sustainability. That fine line between frugality and hoarding. That urge to go ahead and spend it all as it comes because, well, we could all die tomorrow and the scrimping and saving and self-deprivation will have been for nothing because, well, no one wants to be found dead on a pile of empty cat food cans someday. This is not that.

When we talk about the Coins or Pentacles in the Tarot, the suit of everything earthbound and material (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn), we talk about money, yes, but also the things we need to live. The basics. What we need in order just to survive and function in society, never mind life’s little luxuries. What once were luxuries are now considered basics: a car, a phone. Indoor plumbing.

The Queen of Coins is a natural manager, whether of a household (what a beautiful house, and probably has lots of animals crawling, running and hopping around) or a business, which is probably her own. She cradles and nurtures a large gold coin, almost as if it were a baby. She is dressed in the colors of Autumn, the harvest season, but the hills we see far in the distance behind her are blue, the color of dreams, feelings, and heaven, as I like to think. As in the ‘blues’ and ‘blue heaven’. In the past position, on the left, no matter what your sign, up until now security and money have been your primary concerns. She is upright, so she has done well. Perhaps you’re retiring from a management position. You could have a mother or grandmother on the other side moving and shaking on your behalf. They don’t really rest until they know we’re ok.

Today,  Temperance is in the center and there is no better card to have between the Queen and her money. Sure, she knows how to make it, but she knows how to spend it, too, so she’s lucky he’s around, this Angel, pouring blue water back and forth, back and forth, wings spread, expression serene. Everything is ok, and everything is going to be ok from now on, says this Angel, telepathically. 4 is the number of stability, and besides the careful, penny-pinching miser on the 4 of Coins, Sagittarian Temperance is #14 of the Major Arcana.

His or her worries are over. Temperance is a card of healing and overcoming stress and strife and since angels like to fly, I’d say we’ve reached cruising altitude. Takeoff was mighty rough. Bumpy climb. But we’ve leveled off, and now we can relax. But even cruising requires vigilance and attention. Even autopilot measures and detects and predicts and calculates and advances so that the pilot can do whatever he does when he or she is not piloting.

To me, this is a strong message that it’s time have a little more fun overall. You can sit at home with your money, I suppose. This human on the 4 of coins is literally using all of his or her limbs, fingers and toes, not to mention sheer energy, to hold onto those coins as if the world is conspiring to snatch them from him, which is ridiculous. Only the IRS is.

You can – and should – invest, but I’m not talking about stocks. Something fun, like a Greek cooking class cruise. Great investment! You won’t feel guilty because you’re learning something and that’s something Earth signs like, practical fun.

Someone up there/over there/right here is making sure you’ll always have what you need.

Don’t blow it all on those expensive drinks on the plane and you’ll be good.  Those, you don’t need.


28 December 18: The Star & Six of Swords

Leaving Las Vegas. A lot of people have been getting the wistful 6 of Swords this year (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius), a card of moving on from something or somewhere, not necessarily knowing what lies ahead, but recognizing that peace and fulfillment certainly must be elsewhere.

We usually see a boat headed away from and out of agitated, churning, violent waters toward open, calm sea, and the vague outline of city or village in the distance. There are 2, sometimes 3 humans in the boat with their backs to us as the one standing pushes the boat out of the chaos with a long pole, a woman and child huddled at his feet. There are usually 6 swords stuck into floor of the front of the boat, points down, and seem to be all they carry with them on this risky journey. Baggage. Why bother moving if you’re taking all that crap with you? I don’t mean stuff like the crap in storage, in the attic and in the shed, I mean the attitude. Someone knows it’s time to move on and someone is afraid to – a part of you knows it’s time to move on and a part of you is afraid to. I get it.

You do realize you have The Star here, which, yes, does mean Divine inspiration. intervention and guidance, especially your own ‘inner voice’. The beautiful, naked woman kneels under the starry sky beside the stream, one foot in the water, the other on dry land. In a trance, she’s filling and emptying the pitchers from the stream, watering the parched, brown ground beneath her feet.

I’m reading the Russian deck today, and there are as usual some interesting differences: rather than stuck point down into the front of the boat – always strange, but makes the point, no pun intended – that you can’t run from your head. As I always say about this card, no matter where you go, there you are, and that ‘somewhere else’ won’t be any more peaceful if you’re bringing all those swords. Before they even get there they’ll poke the bottom of the boat and it was all for nothing. On the Russian card, the swords don’t seem to be in the boat, but almost swimming behind the boat trying to jump on. That’s the point, pun intended. He’s churned up quite a wake behind the boat, he can’t get away fast enough. The Zen maiden of the Star is not naked, but wears a light pink nightdress, her overgarment tossed onto the rocky ground from which we see 2 tiny flowers, one red and one white, have sprung up. It is hardly practical to be naked outside at night in cold Russian weather, obviously. Interesting that Aquarius is the astrological sign associated with Russia. Could it be my Russian Grandmother? Could be.

You could be leaving behind or moving on from a flashy, prestigious position or could be well known yourself, and taking your shiny ass somewhere else, or want to, but someone doesn’t want to go or loves the night life too much. You’re not following the same star, as it were. She always looks so damn miserable in the boat, no matter how hard the gondolier is working to get them out of ‘troubled waters’.

Both of these cards talk about distance – something’s telling you it’s time to move on, move on.  Could be an overseas offer for work, or even moving out of the country. Water’s too choppy where they are. I notice it’s only choppy on her side of the boat, though.

Maybe his inner voice is telling him he’ll need those swords wherever they wind up.

Or maybe she’ll learn to like it.

Or he’ll just dump her over the side. It’s his show, and he’s the Star.


20 December 18: Seven of Swords & The Star, reversed

Keeping it to yourself. You’re not telling anybody, but you’re losing hope. Confidence. You’re faking it.  But the cards, they know, she says in her best cartoon gypsy voice.

The stars, she continues, are not aligned for you on this day. At this hour. At this minute.

Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius are all represented here, so wherever air blows through your astrological DNA is where you’d  be most affected. But never mind, we’re all affected at some time. Everyone gets discouraged.

The 7 of Swords is notoriously the card of the thief, spy or stalker or someone not telling you something, or you being the secretive one. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything horrible, although erring on the side of caution when this card comes up is always wise. it could mean something as simple as someone planning a surprise of some kind.  In any case it’s about holding your cards close to your chest, as they say, not tipping your hand, all that poker talk. The Star can be all about space signals and the internet, and I’ll grant that this is the profile of an online stalker, and a nasty one who had best keep their online activities to themselves – and since the Star is reversed, could even be from another hemisphere.  Comes with the territory, I’m afraid.  Since this is a mental card, it would be more the theft of an idea or image or plagiarism than anything else, someone is studying everything you’re doing but lacks originality, consistency or attitude.

The 7 is a challenging number and we have 2 of them here. The glowing, hopeful but reversed Star comes in at #17 of the Major Arcana. 7 is the number of Faith and although this person should have it and usually does, for some reason right now he or she doesn’t, and I get the feeling it’s a shift that’s throwing a lot of people off  right now, or just the general slowing down – winter solstice vibes.

The Star is temporary – and I stress temporary – and while I’m at it I’ll also stress stress – discouragement, loss of hope, drive, inspiration. The stars will move, and you won’t have to pretend or fake it, you’ll feel it. Meanwhile you’re keeping it to yourself. Maybe there’s something you don’t want to share until or after Christmas, or you’re planning a big reveal of some kind. If you’re surprise planning or proposing (I notice he- or she- is down on one knee) good luck to you.

Or someone else is. You may be the only one who knows what’s going on with someone else and you’re keeping their secrets, possibly someone well known. You could even be blackmailing someone well known. And why not. Hackers, internet spies, this is all that. We can run but we can’t hide.

Don’t be discouraged. This could be someone who may feel inadequate in some way to someone else. They have no reason to. Maybe there is someone to talk to, and maybe then the Star will come correct.


18 December 18: The Emperor & Five of Coins

What would Dad do?  Who may no longer be here, but believe me, he’s here. In every cell of your body and in the spaces in between. The Emperor is the archetypical Father, or the ‘father figure’ in your life, whether an actual relative or not. Someone in control, in charge, the boss, the maker of the rules. #4 of the Major Arcana, the Emperor  represents authority and structure, like the 4 walls of your house, or the 4 legs on your table. He sits on a throne of stone carved with ram’s heads, representing the astrological sign of Aries, his own ruler. The angry war planet, don’t-f***-with-me Mars is his superior officer, so The Emperor is not about to tolerate any lame excuses from you, who are his responsibility.  We don’t like to piss him off. This is very much a card of the establishment, the law of the land, or who laid down the laws in your house – who built your foundation.

The cold, sad 5 of Coins (Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn) shows a couple wandering through snow, ragged, homeless and poverty-stricken. There is the welcoming, warm glow of a stained-glass window, the only bright spot of color on this otherwise dismally gray and gloomy card. The church like structure is of strong stone and a place of safety and community, yet they pass it by. Are they not welcome here?

This is pretty bad. They’re broke, for sure, and like the chicken and the egg, health and spirit are suffering as well. Everything just goes to sh**. This card would make a great country song: I lost my job, I lost my house, or, as the Chinese say, ‘I lost face’.  Aries rules the head and face, and these people could be ostracized or outcast for some reason. Sprinkle with a bit of shame and humiliation and you have the wandering couple of the 5 of Coins (traditional image).

Follow the rules, we’ll help you out. Whether that’s a family thing (“marry him or her, and I cut your ass out of the will”) or a work thing,  as I know I’ve mentioned before – you’re no longer working for the Company any more and all of a sudden your phone stops ringing. Your Dad or Grandfather may wonder why you’d not take a soul-destroying corporate but well-paying, secure position or you may not want to follow in their footsteps in the family business. I don’t want to be a boss, ok?

He is upright and in the right today, I’m afraid.

This is a sad separation. Maybe you’re missing your Dad and can’t get to him this Christmas, or he’s passed. You need to stop missing him and start employing him. He wants you to be happy and has a few ideas about what you should do in order to make this life you’ve chosen successful, and I’ll bet you know what they are. Or what they aren’t.

A practical plan is needed. A solid, disciplined regimen of some sort in order to get back on our feet – that means making a map and following some rules. You went rogue, that’s fine, but how’s that working out for you? Doesn’t look like it is. You look run down, you’re eating crap food, not exercising, and coming down with something. The first order of business is taking care of yourself with military precision and regularity, and we all know how to do that, we just don’t.  Don’t wait. It looks like these people will be lucky to make it through the winter.

Successful people, and I am not by any means defining that word for you, mind you, are regular about their thing, whatever that thing is. Commitment and discipline. Order. Structure. Regularity. Consistency. Sound painful?

Not as painful as whatever it is these 2 are going through now, but it’s not my life, it’s theirs, and they don’t seem to be looking back.


17 December 18: Four of Wands & Eight of Cups

End of an era. It’s time to move on, but it’s more than just moving house, because house is just fine. In fact, house is beautiful and we’ve seen a lot of good times here, but home doesn’t feel like it used to feel or should feel, and it’s time to move on.

It’s an odd pair together. The joyful, happy stable 4 of Wands or Clubs (fire: Aries/Sagittarius/Leo) is a card of peace, contentment, marriage, home, and happiness. The melancholy 8 of Cups (water: Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) is all about having to leave, or needing to leave, and of being unfulfilled emotionally somehow at home. I call this the ‘something’s missing’ card. The hooded, caped figure on the right of the rather sad 8 of Cups is walking away from a pretty nice life, it would seem. We see a beautiful garden canopy of greens and flowers tied with red ribbons to 4 tall poles. A lot of love went into this place. On the Morgan-Greer version, there are no humans on the 4, just a castle on a hill in a desert. Everything’s dried up except the handmade garlands, and home doesn’t look warm and hospitable, but rather barren.  Is all this stable homelife starting to make you feel cooped up? It happens. Or do you feel like you have nothing left to achieve?

The pensive, reflective wanderer walks away from 8 gold cups stacked on the ground beside what looks like a shrinking or receding body of water. It always bothers me that the 8 cups are not stacked evenly, when 8 is an even number. That’s a clue to this card: they should, but they’re not.  Emotionally drained and having given it his all, reluctantly, our human has to seek fulfillment elsewhere. At least for now.

This card can mean retirement,  or somebody may find that his heart is no longer in his work, marriage or – life.  He could have built that house from the ground up, and is selling it and moving somewhere more appropriate, inspiring or practical for his age or the next phase or stage of life.


This person needs a change. I’d suggest astro cartography for this human, that is, where in or on the world you’re the most – you. When I discovered and got into it, I was amazed to find that the best places for me to be according to my stellar makeup (sun, moon and rising signs) were the places that I felt the most inspired, the most like ‘me’.


These cards are both upright so this may feel sad, restless, and dissatisfied now, but he’ll be ok.  Something, or someone, is missing. Cups represent our emotions, and there’s a big space in between the stacked cups on the ground, like a hole in a heart. This could be meeting with someone at a distance. Could even be as simple as a week off away from home in some new surroundings. There is an emptiness and a longing, but babe,  gotta ramble, the road’s my home, etc.



14 December 18: Three of Wands & Temperance, reversed

Patience, child. The cards know what they’re doing. After yesterday’s 3 with the Magician we all started looking for the check in the mail. The ship’s coming in! I think I can see it!

I’m glad to get this card again (fire: Aries/Sagittarius/Leo) because as often happens, later in the day yesterday I was pondering the reading and I realized that I should have pointed out that there is always a ‘mirror effect’, that is, the way the cards talk, this person standing on tall ground scanning the horizon is waiting for or considering something at a distance, as in miles or time away – could be you or could be someone waiting for you. That is, you are the one who could be working ‘behind the scenes’ as is/was the Magician to make something happen for someone else, or you’re the one with the power to ‘make magic’ for someone else.  Also, the humans depicted in the cards, if they don’t represent us, can be talking about someone close enough to us that what affects their lives affects ours, as in a relative having a baby or moving.

Also a Sagittarian, Temperance has everything to do with time as we consider it, that is in the default-world calendar sense. Think of how Einstein described time and relativity: when you talk to a pretty girl for an hour and it seems like 5 minutes and sit on a stove for 5 minutes and it seems like an hour. Temperance, the giant angel of the Major Arcana who pours patiently between 2 cups, back and forth, blending, mixing, balancing and combining, will serve no wine before its time. Reversed, this card is telling you you’re not ready. I don’t know what you’re not ready for, but you’re not. Plans are haphazard and not well thought out, or someone keeps going ‘back and forth’ on future plans. There could be an argument about future plans or over work done in the past, or a past partnership, as 3’s often present the possibility of a 3rd party situation. In any case, there is a certain destiny here, but what’s the point if we’re not ready for it?

This is trusting Universal timing. I saw a very famous weird old movie from the 40’s the other night where this man meets this little girl who knows she’s his future wife and asks him to wait for her, and then they meet again and again over time as she grows up and of course they eventually wind up together through weird chance meetings and dreamlike sequences.  I very seriously doubt that scene with a little kid asking a grown man to wait for her so they can be married would be appreciated today. Slight creep factor. But you get the point. It was an amazing film, actually.

This card is saying keep your cool and bide your time, you don’t have anything to worry about. Chill, if you don’t want to go anywhere, don’t. ‘There’ isn’t going anywhere. This is a travel card, and it’s reversed, so its not the best time anyway.  You don’t have to tell me twice, I hate flying.


“Divine intervention, always my intention so I take my time.” –  New Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Roxy Music #loveu