12 November 18: King of Fire & Three of Fire (Clubs, Wands, Rods, Staves)

It’s go time. All fired up and ready. You’re anxious to make a move, you’re chomping at the bit. You want to get going on something, but..

But what?

There is so much energy in these two cards I want to hook it up to my amp (not lying, last  week I solar-powered my washing machine which is completely blowing my mind and is easily one of my Top 5 Lifetime Achievements). Knights are always charging around on their poor horses, but on the Morgan-Greer deck we  see our hero of the Fire suit (Sagittarius/Leo/Aries) only from the waist up, so today, well, that may be his problem. He has no horse, and he needs to get going! Of all the Knights, he’s the hardest to keep still. He looks over at the 3 of Clubs which shows us a human looking off in the distance who seems to be waiting for something or someone or considering a journey himself.   The Knight shoulders his club which is starting to sprout new leaves, as are the clubs on the 3. I can see why he’s in a rush to get there, between them they have 4, and the 4 of Clubs is one of the happiest cards in the deck, specifically a happy home. However, for some reason that’s not happening, and we don’t know why. There is distance between the two, but the way is clear. There is not a tree or bit of green on either card aside from the new little green leaves sprouting from the thick, straight brown branches they both hold. The Knight’s bright yellow glove bears the silhouette of a salamander, long believed to be fireproof.

Well, there’s some reason something’s not happening that someone wants or needs to happen, like, now. Like, yesterday. But it can’t.

If I were watching a little movie, I would say the firefighter is waiting for what he needs to charge on into that fire – and someone else is pretty on edge waiting for them, and although the human of the 3 has one branch planted where he stands and will have to abandon it, he has 2 more in hand ready to run with. It’s all he can carry. A yellow, vicious looking wing’d Griffin rides along on top of the Knight’s helmet, or at least I thought that’s what it was, it’s front half bird and back half lizard or dragon and I can’t find it on the internets but I did discover the Shug Monkey, and I want one, although they haven’t been seen since WWII.

I digress. Wands often mean travel, fast, and by air. No doubt as I type this there are water-dropping planes coming and going all over California and people nervously waiting for help to save their homes and themselves. This is very much having to get the hell out, and the word ‘stressful’ doesn’t even qualify as an understatement here. This poor 3 could be watching his own home burn down to the ground having fled with only what he could carry, and has had to ‘plant’ all over again somewhere else, literally and figuratively. For the first time I notice if I focus on the brown cloak, from the back it resembles a thick, brown tree trunk. Old growth is threatened, but new growth will take its place.

Resources are spread thin, and our firefighting sky pilot is ready to go as soon as he gets his vehicle. That thing on his helmet is ready to take off as soon as it gets the word.

Maybe that’s why he has no horse today, they don’t fight fire on horseback, thankfully.

Jupiter is back where he belongs after a lot of years and brings more of everything, and in Sagittarius, bigger is not better when it comes to fire.

Good luck to all.



8 November 18: The High Priestess, reversed

Something’s not quite right. That may be true, but it could also be that your own spidey-sense needs a tuneup.

We recently explored this card of all things ruled by the feminine Moon, The ‘Female Pope’ or The High Priestess, knower and keeper of secrets. She is serene as she sits on her throne in a deep meditative state. This is the card of feminine intuition and all the mysteries of the subconscious. Use your instincts, she says, or did she? Her mouth never moved.  She’s telepathic like that. This moody, changeable Goddess of the Moon lives in the space between light and the dark, the conscious and the subconscious. Between What is Known, and What is Unknown.

Reversed, she’s gently alerting us (again, doesn’t need to say a word) that we may not be on our game as far as our ‘gut feelings’ are concerned, or that we simply don’t have all the facts we need in order to make a decision or choice today. Information is being withheld, possibly by or involving a woman, but certainly doesn’t have to be. She’s not a very reliable source of information in this position – rather a source of gossip or slander, in which case we should always hear and believe it straight from the horses’ mouth (“you won’t hear it from mine!” says my horse, although I just did. Or did I?) and not act, opine or comment on hearsay. Inadmissible, your honor. But I did not have all the facts.

Upright, this card calls for meditation, stillness, contemplation and listening to the inner voice, and feels like all things watery, mysterious and ruled by the moon. Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio are members of this club, but we all have a whole lot of water sloshing around in us, so we’re all affected somehow somewhere in our astrological makeup.

Reversed, our ‘inner voice’ isn’t as sharp or reliable as usual.  We must formulate answers based more on hard facts, x-rays and research. Movement is needed and action is called for. Secrets are revealed. Something is hidden and will be or needs to be uncovered and exposed. This card reversed for females could mean extreme mood swings resulting from hormonal imbalance. She can mean fertility problems or a difficult birth. She can warn of mental health issues from unknown causes. Is your doctor missing something?

The High Priestess reversed is not asking, but telling us we’re going to have to work a little harder to uncover the truth of a matter if we really want to know. We may have to ‘come clean’ about something ourselves, or about ourselves.

Take everything with a grain of salt, I heard her say.

Or did I?



3 November 18: The Chariot

Onward and upward. You’re on your way. Just keep moving, don’t look down, you’ve got this. Enjoy the journey.

This very fortunate card, #7 of the Major Arcana, is ruled by the Moon and the tender and emotional sign of Cancer, the wettest of the water signs in my opinion, the others being Pisces and Scorpio (whose influence we are currently under). The number seven reminds us to have faith – this time in ourselves and our ability to stay in control as we find ourselves (finally?) moving forward, going from 0-60 MPH. Possibly literally. Travel is on someone’s agenda, probably as an occupation or lifestyle. This is a Card of the Road, for sure, only it’s first class all the way.

The Chariot from the Morgan-Greer deck shows us a charioteer driving and controlling the 2 horses that pull his chariot, one black and one white. It’s a pretty sweet ride, high-end gypsy, nice blue curtains. Blue is the color of watery blurry dreams, and this driver has one. Nothing is stopping him. He looks straight ahead as he holds the reins firmly in both hands, and  today I notice he seems to be paying just a little more attention – seems to have a slightly firmer grip – on the dark horse, which is held with his right hand, the ‘logical’ one.  The horses are looking in opposite directions, and if he were to let go of the reins they would take off, derailing him altogether. He must stay in control in order to stay on this fast-moving ride. Focus.

He wears a crown of stars – he is following his own. At his side is a gold staff topped with a crescent moon, and he wears a crescent on each shoulder of his armor. He looks well in control, confident, and full of purpose even though on the inside he may not be. Our Cancerian crab is tough on the outside, all squishy on the inside. Think about crabs. When have you ever seen one come straight at you? They don’t. They skitter from side to side. How much control would that crab have to have and how much effort would it take for him to move himself forward? This much.

This is the card of the ‘overnight success’ that took years. False starts, bad timing, or he simply wasn’t prepared for it. This time, he’s in control.

Or, there’s still time to put a $2 bet on the Breeder’s Cup. There’s a ‘dark horse’ paying 20 to 1.

This is the card of ‘if you don’t succeed, try and try again’ which has always been for me in direct conflict with the ‘definition of insanity’ which is to do the same thing over and over expecting a different result. I disagree: timing is everything.

Sensitive, socially-minded Cancerian Nikola Tesla was not insane, he was ‘ahead of his time’.  No one could keep him down or stop him from following his ‘star’, though many tried.

Who’s crazy now?







2 November 18: Five of Swords

Nobody wins. It’s every man for himself at this pointDon’t hate the game, hate the player.

This is one of those cards that make you wince when you turn it over. The uneven, restless, unresolved number 5 itself is a hint at what this card is about. 5 can only be 3+2 or 4+1 or 5+0 and it’s early and I hate math anyway so if there’s more combinations  whatever, but you get the idea. One side of the scale is going to be heavier than the other no matter what the hell we do with this card.

This sucks, it really does. There is no common consensus possible here, only conflict. This is a card of bitter failure and defeat, but also a card of ‘pseudo winning’.

The scene on this unwelcome card of the Minor Arcana representing the suit of Air (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) is tense and uncomfortable. In the foreground is a human in a billowing, black hooded robe, face obscured, shouldering 2 swords with his left hand and one more in his right watching 2 other humans retreat, having tossed their own swords at his feet. One is even on his knees in prayer: get me the hell away from him. Take anything you want, just leave us alone. The angry red sun is halfway down over an angry red sea, they’ve wasted half the day on this unwinnable war. All we can see under the bully’s hoodie is a sly smile, and the sky over his or her head is a bright, sunny yellow. At least somebody’s happy here. This is a person who wants to win for the sake of winning, at any and all costs. He already has 3 swords, why does he need the others as well? He may win, but probably won’t find anyone who will want to celebrate with him. This is a bitter victory, if you can even call it that. These people didn’t even fight back, How could they? He has more swords.

Here is the origin of the term ‘every man for himself’ from the Urban Dictionary:

“British military origin. In Armed Forces terms, this formal order is a specific command sometimes issued in a case where the strategic situation has become hopeless, the collapse of a force is imminent, and there is no chance of relief. Once given, the order suspends certain aspects of military discipline, allowing each individual to surrender, flee, or continue fighting independently according to their individual circumstances, without regard to previous battle orders.”

As I said, 5 is never going to be a nice, even, balanced 4 or 6, so it’s already a losing battle for both sides. Sharp, ‘cross’ words – the surrendered swords lie on the ground forming a cross – everyone is at ‘cross-purposes’ here.

We don’t know the story behind all this mess. This card can and sometimes does point out to us a need to put ourselves first and not concern ourselves so much with the needs of others. When you are told to put your mask on first in case of an in-flight emergency before helping others, you are not being an air hog, you’re simply no good to anyone if you’re not breathing . This is that.

This is like being the sole survivor of a plane crash.

Not really anything to celebrate.



1 November 18: The Magician

Using Your Power For Good. The thing I think I love most about about the Tarot is that both sides of my brain have to work, which were created to work together in the first place, and when they sync up it’s…magic. Who the hell has ever heard of a Psychopomp? The ‘ability to move between two worlds’ or, between the left and right sides of our brains? I love that word. You learn something every day.  As ‘burners say, we wake up in what is referred to as the ‘default world’, our itchy surface to scratch (#BurningMan).

This is the card of the alchemist. A Magician stands at his table in a garden surrounded by a high castle wall – his secrets contained within. He may very well have been summoned by the King, who retains his services exclusively. He holds his wand high, like an antennae, as if to call down the powers of the Universe. He’s #1, literally. The first of the Major Arcana and the entire deck, he stands at a table laid with the talismans representing the four elements and the four suits: a cup (water), a sword(air), a coin(earth), and a staff(fire). Every sign of the Zodiac is represented here and every planet in the solar system including those we don’t know about yet. What an amazing card. Red roses bloom beside him as do white lilies, and he is dressed in a white robe and bright red hooded cape, representing the alchemy and the harmonizing of the masculine and feminine.  The sky is bright yellow above him, radiant and joyful with solar energy, an eternal source he has connected to. The powerful 8-shaped eternity symbol floats above his head, and another forms the clasp holding his cape closed at his throat. He has everything he needs to make ‘magic’. He seems to have some kind of conduit to the unseen and unknown, and we may even doubt if he’s even human, but he’s been doing this for a very long time. He knows exactly what to do with each of those elements, exactly how they affect each other, the exactly the right mix and exactly the right time for mixing.

This is someone in control of themselves, their destiny – and that of others as well.

This is someone who can make things happen. Serious mover and shaker, all he has to do is ‘lift his little finger’ and like magic, his or her will his done. Make it so, says the Magician, and so it is.

This is someone you want on your side: he could sell ice cubes to Eskimos. Luckily for us, he is upright as in a straight-up dude who uses his powers for the good of all, which would not be the case if he were to have come up reversed.

This is strong stuff, and could manifest in your life as some kind of expert – agent, marketing, computer marketing, communications of any kind. He doesn’t even have to say anything. He’s telepathic, or sure seems to be. This card can also be a professional in the field of psychology, a brain balancer. Tweak those right and left sides back in line.

Mercury, who rules the Magician as well as the signs Gemini and Virgo, is quick, and so is this Magician – he moves his hands so fast as in ‘sleight of hand’ our eyes don’t pick up on how he really did it.

But he can’t hold that wand up forever. He holds that wand up like an orchestra conductor, all eyes on him, and when he brings that wand down, it’ll be pure magic. Out of pure silence, out of nothing.





31 October 18: Ace of Cups reversed & Eight of Swords

Emotionally unavailable. Or, someone is withholding affection. These two do not belong together at all, it’s a pretty uncomfortable picture…love wants to happen for someone, but it can’t.

The intellectual Swords are of the suit of Air (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) and solely of the mind.  They like logic and reason. Cold, hard facts.  The emotional Cups are our human hearts, all soft and squishy and soppy and messy representing the deep, emotional watery suits of Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. This would be such a different picture if I were to just get up and move to the other side of the table! The thing to do is to get these cards both to flip over, that would be progress.

The Eight of Swords is the ‘victim’ card. A blindfolded human stands in the center of a temporary ‘jail’ she’s created for herself from 8 long swords stuck into the ground around her in the shape of a circle. She is the only lonely, solitary human on this card, no one seems to be around to have helped her. She is loosely bound with ropes, why does she not escape? What’s her problem?

The Ace of Hearts is our cup overflowing. The offer of or beginning of a new love. A full heart. Hovering just outside the ‘jail bars’ is this glowing cup. Reversed, the contents drain away, wasted. Interesting to me visually are the streams that flow from the cup on this card from the Morgan-Greer deck: reversed, the straight, flowing streams also seem to form ‘prison bars’. Good Lord what the hell is the problem here? A perfectly fine-looking human with obvious passions of her own as we can see from the bright-red low cut dress she is wearing is prevented for reasons unknown to us from being ‘free’.  There is love, but she doesn’t see it or doesn’t want to. That’s a big-ass cup, too, a huge, overfilled golden goblet. It won’t fit through the prison bars, she has to come out to get it. Why is she fighting this? Behind her on a mountain looking down at this silly scene is a rather imposing, dark, Gotham-style city or castle, or even a real prison. The one she’s in now is all in her mind – a temporary structure at best. It is not meant to protect her from anything, and certainly won’t from her own mind and heart.

Has she broken away from this dark place physically but not yet mentally?

I have no time for this victim mentality. I’m turning them over.

There. See? Now the ropes have fallen off, the blindfold has fallen away, the swords are dislodged from the sand. She is free to go. The  SkyHand of the Tarot emerges from the clouds and hands her the upright glorious golden flowing cup as a beautiful white dove hovers overhead.

My work is done here.


This Ace is pure love waiting to be ‘born’, possibly even literally, requiring some restrictions on Mom, who may have even been prescribed enforced bedrest whether she likes it or not.


29 October 18: The Emperor, reversed

Good Dad/Bad Dad: The almighty Emperor and #4 of the Major Arcana is the Father Figure of the Tarot. He is the very embodiment of stability, control, power and authority. He represents the suit of Fire: Leo, Sagittarius and especially Aries.

I so dislike this card reversed it’s hard for me to even give him the time it takes to write about him, but here he is (the card is well described in the WordPress archives). An Emperor is  humanly endowed with supreme earthly authority and dominance. Of course he gets and enjoys a lot of attention. Reversed, he needs it for all the wrong reasons. He’s a tyrant, a bully, and a bastard. This could be someone about to be busted down a rank or lose their job altogether, so have hope.

Today, though, this card is all about Dad. You as a Dad, your Dad, her Dad, and how that relationship  ‘imprint’ manifests in your life. Your relationship to your own father or, as a father, your relationship to your own children: are you exercising too much or too little authority? Are you being too strict or controlling? Too lax? Do you or did you have a difficult relationship with your own father, who may have shown more affection to his dog, or did Dad leave everything to Mom the Boss?

If this description fits someone who is using you for whatever he thinks he can get out of you, run. He’s all about him. Shouldn’t you should be the boss?

This has everything do with our relationship to authority or imposed structure in any form, but anarchy and rebellion for its own sake will eventually leave you with nowhere left to go.

Not everybody’s your bad Dad.

“What are you rebelling against?”

“What do you got?” – James Dean, Rebel Without A Cause