6 February 2019: Death & Ace of Coins & Ace of Cups

Happy New Year is all I can say about this perfect – no other word for it – New Year spread, yesterday having kicked off the Chinese Year of the Earth Pig. The weather prevented me from visiting my porky neighbors for a photo session, so just use your imagination.

So today Death, #13 of the Major Arcana and a Scorpio, is in the past position. This is obviously something ‘dead’, but of course not necessarily a human, although it could be. ‘The Transformer’ is what the Reaper prefers to be called (he IS a professional)  demands respect and skillfully wielding the tool of his trade, a scythe or sickle, looks about to cut down a beautiful white rose in full bloom who accepts and surrenders with grace. But what pops off the Death card to me today is the color of his sickle – and I keep wanting to say ‘cycle’, because that’s what Death is, the end of a cycle therefore beginning another what looks like today rather spectacular new beginning. The blade of his scythe is a beautiful, peaceful blue, the color of the sky and water on the next 2 cards of the present and future, and 2 of the most beautiful cards in the deck (Morgan-Greer as always unless otherwise noted).

The glorious gold coin on the Ace of Coins or Pentacles is appropriate for the 1st day of the Earth Pig, a weight-watching Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. This means money, course, and possibly even an inheritance. I know the recent New Moon was a good time to commit to some new health habits or practices, or rituals and ‘kill’ some old, unhealthy ones. Think of the big gold coin, or Pentacle, as a giant vitamin. This card can mean that, so while you may have cheated death up until now, my friend, start up on those supplements (for entertainment purposes only, of course). The slim, blue-steel blade of Death points to the present and future cards as if we get a pass this time, a second chance, in more than one area of life.

 If I had it to do all over again…

Well, you just might. The thing I like about this is the commitment to the balance of body and soul. The Ace of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio)  like the Ace of Coins, is also all blue and gold, and on all 3 cards flowers bloom: roses both white and red (male and female), lilies (purity and innocence) and the lotus, who lives and dies daily in a constant cycle of birth and death, blooming and dying. Bring Spring! 5 streams of water overflow from the cup, steaming down to earth, symbolizing a heart so flooded with emotion and love it cannot be contained. What an amazing pair. If last year, or even your whole life, money had been a priority, this year it won’t be. That’s not to say it’s not an issue, but notice it’s only 1 coin, not a pile of them. There is a whole new appreciation of  ‘golden opportunities’ but from now on our emotional fulfillment is as much as if not more of a priority than our net worth.

It is a rare sighting. 2 Skyhands, facing each other, coming out of the clouds to bless this entire scene. Blessed endings, blessed beginnings. I’d say there were some unseen forces at work here…

Doves are released at both funerals and weddings and today at least one of them hovers over the overflowing gold cup on the future Ace. The mourning dove, from what I read on the interwebs so you know it’s the absolute truth, is the only dove that can suck.



Dedicated to my niece who is expecting her first and to her Dad, the pilot, who I’m sure, wherever he is, has a ‘skyhand’ in everything. And a sense of humor. 



24 December 18: Death & Judgement

I die daily or: out with the old and in with the new.

 This is appropriate, I’d say. We’ve passed the solstice, the shortest night of the year, and I’ve been rather enjoying all this darkness and hibernating and wintering so I’m going to miss it. RIP, 2018.

It may come as a surprise to learn that the Death card, #13 of the Major Arcana, doesn’t mean physical death if at all as often as it means it’s over. No, not your life, maybe just  that life.

“That was the old me.” 

Nothing scary about that sentence, is there? But I’ll bet a lot of people reading or listening to this can say it, has said it or will say it at some point. Dark, wintry Death in his warm looking black hoodie poses with his scythe in front of a red rising sun and sky, sort of like the sky looks right now as I write this. O summer, taketh thy time! The red sky brightens and turns to the joyous yellow of the next card.

The glorious Judgement, also of the Major Arcana, is the card of rebirth and resurrection. I’m reading the Morgan-Greer deck which shows a happy, beaming man, woman and child in a boat. They are all the same color, blue, the color of peace, dreams, and heaven. A flaming gold trumpet emerges from a gold cloud in the warm yellow sky.

On more traditional images, the family rises up from the ground in a graveyard, having been called up by the SkyHorn. They look a little dirty but very happy.

My left ear often has a tone when I know someone wants to tell me something. No, it’s not tinnitus, I get checked. Of course there is lore, and of course ringing in the right ear means one thing while ringing in the left means something else. I’m clairaudient, always have been. Connected to the throat chakra, turns out. In one ear, out the piehole.

This is the most epic, amazing, mind-blowing, fantastic, magical Christmas ever. It’s a long story and we’re all busy today but ’tis the season of the spirits, and it looks like there’s a family reunion happening whether you see them or not.

But if you listen, they’ll make sure you hear their favorite song standing in line at the market. Also, they like the smell of their own cooking, so do your best.









4 December 18: The Pope & Eight of Swords

Death. Plain and simple. I immediately checked and was still alive and assuming  you who are reading or listening to this are as well, congratulations to us all. I Googled the news and of course the US news is all about the passing of and the memorials for former President George H.W. Bush, so I’ll assume (hopefully) that’s what this is about today. ‘The Heirophant’ is the ‘official’ name of this card, and he’s definitely representing all things official. The highest orders, religious and otherwise, institutions and organizations and the establishment in general are all represented by this unyielding, dogmatic card, which, now that we have that interpretation out of the way, has of course  at least a few other interpretations. The scary calaveras and grim reapers on the actual Death card in the Tarot don’t mean physical Death as much as profound and inevitable and necessary transformation, endings, change and rebirth.

The restricted, disabled – another literal meaning of this pair – woman on the 8 of Swords (Libra/Aquarius/Gemini) is tied up and surrounded by a makeshift ‘jail’ of 8 swords stuck in the ground around her. This is most often a card of ‘self-imprisonment’ or having a ‘victim’ mentality, since it seems to us she can slip away through the ‘jail bars’ any time she wants but in this case there can be very physical, real reasons why someone is restricted in some way, even a hospitalization for some reason, possibly mental. Conventional procedures and methods will be prescribed and employed. Serious stuff. This could even be holiday services or in-house religious events for patients or prisoners.

This is being willingly bound by convention. Not wishing to marry or associate with anyone outside your own faith or family or work, or very strict policies and codes imposed by your religion, beliefs or the establishment you work for. You represent the ‘brand’ and can’t or shouldn’t be seen with certain people or doing certain things.

Blind faith.

It must be mentioned that this Pope is upright, and seems to be the man of Faith that he professes to be.  I’d like to think there are a few good ones out there. This is a human that has chosen a conventional, conservative path and does not stray from it. ‘The Prisoner’ wears a low-cut crimson dress under those ropes that bind her, keeping her passions in check. They’re so poorly tied it looks like she did it herself – she did. That’s the point. God forbid she should ‘cut loose’, the presence of the Pope assures us that ‘God’ may very well and often does Forbid.  Holy Christmas, Father, ’tis the season to be jolly, for Christ’s sake!

This could be about the ‘restrictions’ imposed by the concept of traditional marriage. Blindfolded, she’s obviously not even looking at anyone else and takes her vows seriously, finding comfort and safety in the ‘confines’ of the institution.

To a pig, a poke is not a prison, but a home.

The Holiday services are represented here and a lot of people feel restricted by the obligatory rituals and traditions, of course – that ‘bound by convention’ thing.

But it looks like she did dress up for it, which is nice.

Reminds me of my New Orleans mentor who, well into old age and immobile, never failed to put her lipstick on ever day. She was religious about it.




28 September 18: Death, reversed

Resisting change. Boo. Death. Scaaaarrry! Smiley McSkull in his purple-lined black hoodie is coming straight at you, scythe in bony hand. In the foreground is a white rose in full bloom, positioned in the corner of the card as if we were offering it up  in welcome – to him or her, we’re all bones in the end.

There is a Chinese saying, something about learning to change or adapt to change – ‘learning to dance on a shifting carpet’ as they so poetically put it – or the Universe will do it for you. This is about that.

Death is actually about new beginnings, which cannot commence without something ending. Upright, we see a red sun rising behind him: a new day dawns as the old one dies.

Reversed: this is ‘slow death’. Change is growth, cycles happen, the world keeps turning whether you’re along for the ride or not.

Painful, slow change, and finally, total transformation.



This should have ended long ago.