8 December 18: Seven & Eight of Cups, reversed

Careful what you wish for.  Again, a pair I don’t usually find together, but I wish I did (there I go, now I will more often, I’m sure) because in spite of cups, cups and more cups which as we know are all about what’s in our hearts, these two today aren’t about hopes, wishes and dreams, but rather about making a decision and getting real. Too many cups, see how that goes? Now the whole table’s turned over. Imbalance. We need some earth and fire here. Jupiter, the planet of luck, abundance and expansion has just come home for the holidays after a 12 year absence and it looks like he brought plenty of booze for everybody!

Cups are of the suit of Water, of course, Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces, and I’ve been meaning to mention – should anyone be interested  – your moon and rising signs are as if not more important than a sun sign when considering a horoscope. It’s like leaving an ingredient out of a recipe…it may be edible, but what’s missing?

The 7 of Cups upright is a card of choices and options – some look good on the surface, and some don’t really look all that appealing. This is the ‘all that glitters is not gold’ card, that is, like that chocolate box I constantly hear about from that movie I never saw. When I was a kid (I would probably still do it, truth be told) I’d always take a test bite looking for the ones with the nuts. Cherries were cool too, but if any of that oozy crap started bleeding out, back in the box it went, bite side down. Only this isn’t a box of chocolates, and you can’t put it back. You break, you buy.

A choice of some kind must be made, and it must be made with a clear head with both feet on the ground.

The 9 of Cups is ‘The Wish Card’ but it too is reversed today. Too may options, job offers, romantic partners? Should this pair be taken as advice, it would be to pick a lane and stay in it.

I don’t know what I want.

This looks like someone who has ‘achieved the dream’ but it wasn’t what they thought it was – they got the gooey center. The flushed, portly character on the 9 seems to have had his share of chocolates anyway, and everything else. It’s not even the middle of the month and this human’s gained weight and needs a cleanse and a detox.

9 + 7 = 16 = 1 + 6 = 7, the number of Faith. Somebody let you down. Somebody wasn’t who  they said they were or who you thought they were, or didn’t live up to your unrealistic expectations.

What looked like a ‘golden opportunity’ turned out to be ‘fool’s gold’.

Don’t expect people to live up to your fantasies. They’re only human.

The dream was an illusion, like a mirage. What’s the difference? If you dream in both black and white and color there is,  but maybe I’ll explain that some other time.

Morning jam:


5 December 18: The Hanged Man & Queen of Cups

Grok. This pair I’ve so seldom seen I cruised a few of my many online sources for some fresh info. Tarot Verbatim (excellent site) used the fictional word ‘grok’ to describe the relationship between this psychic pair, citing legendary Sci-Fi author and major early influence (he used to roller-skate on Hollywood Boulevard when he was kid, too) Ray Bradbury as the inventor of the word, but in fact it was another genius, author Robert Heinlein.

This relationship is so rare and indescribable that Heinlein had to adopt a word from the Martian language to describe it: Grok, meaning, the assumption of a singular reality.

I am you, you are me. I see through your eyes, hear with your ears. We don’t need to talk. We meet in dreams. She gets me, says the Hanged Man, who has been hanging there for a long time in surrender, waiting for a sign.

The psychic Queen of Cups is sending and receiving telepathic signals herself. She looks up from her gold cup as if she’s hearing her name being called or whispered from the large, pale shell held up to her ear. She hears many things the rest of us don’t, but then again, we don’t often ‘tune in’ to listen. She’s standing by the vast, blue, ocean – the water behind her not still, but not choppy either – just little waves. It’s all about waves: sound, light, everything comes in waves. She knows this, and probably surfs.

The Hanged Man has found his high, quiet place in which to meditate and ‘tune in’ himself, far above the fray and madness. What sacrifices is he or she willing to make for this relationship, or any relationship? He seems to be meditating on the question. What does this mean? Is he sacrificing a romantic relationship altogether for some ‘higher calling’? This relationship is the higher calling, and worth any sacrifice.

The Hanged Man is a creative or an artist of some kind, a musician, a writer, who by nature, is forever seeking divine inspiration.  Indeed he could be sacrificing this relationship for his art or work, his ‘higher calling’, but only temporarily.  Neptune and Pisces influence this Hanged Man and all things dreamy, watery and of the subconscious, which is why this man hangs upside down. He wants to hear the Source above the white noise of the world – and his Source seems to be this Queen.

If he didn’t believe before, he does now. Here’s the Wikipedia definition:

Grokmeans to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed—to merge, blend, intermarry, lose identity in group experience. It means almost everything that we mean by religion, philosophy, and science and it means as little to us as color does to a blind man.”

Obviously this relationship is worth any ‘sacrifice’.

How often do you really grok with someone?

13 November 18: The Hanged Man & Five of Swords

Someone’s screwing with you. So what. In the grand scheme of things is this really any  big deal, or is it just what it is, or who it is? What can they really do to you anyway? Just keep ‘an eye’ on them.

Th Hanged Man is of the Major Arcana, and is not about a noose and gallows but a human voluntarily hanging gracefully from one foot with one leg bent in a Yoga-like pose (Sirsasana, believed to stimulate the brain) with both hands clasped behind his back. He usually hangs from a lovely, shady tree, but on the Morgan-Greer card he has built his own rig from a couple of telephone-pole like trimmed trees (we see that portal, the #11 again) with a pole laid across from which he dangles, so he has created this position for himself. He is in meditation, going within, as did the Norse God Odin, the God of wisdom, poetry, war, death, divination, and magic. Sacrificing an eye, because he has 2 and what the hell why not, he got it, but only after spending 9 days and nights upside down twisting in the wind. When he came down, he’d been gifted with arcane knowledge and the Nordic system of divination, the Runes, and the answers he’d sacrificed so much for. If anybody needed Runes it would  certainly be someone with as much potential for conflict of interest as the great, one-eyed, multi-tasking Odin, Thor’s Dad.

This is a card of seeing things from another angle. Hmmm.

The bitchy, petty, nasty 5 of Swords (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius), being a 5, will never be happy unless he or she is in some sort of conflict with someone and they usually are. We see 3 humans on a beach having just finished a fight. 2 humans have tossed down their swords and are walking off into the sunset as one snickering, sly figure in a dark hoodie watches them retreat and gloats over his having ‘won’. We don’t see his face, only his rather sinister smile. He’s behind the scenes, lurking in the shadows. His hands are full with his own 3 swords, he can’t even hold those that have been surrendered and lie on the beach. Why, then, is he doing this? This is a card of defeat, he hasn’t ‘won’ anything. The dropped swords form a cross…keep this vampire away, already.

This strange pair can be read a couple of ways: someone needs to take the high road because someone else wants to fight or won’t leave you alone and it’s annoying and ‘hangs you up’ but whatever, it’s only a 5. You’re all chill hanging in your tree with your mind on other things.

As Odin sacrificed an eye, life is all about sacrifices. We make them every day. We need to give something up in order to get something else. Often sacrifice is the first step to compromise, but someone needs to let someone or something go that maybe seemed  to make sense at the time, but from this new angle, doesn’t.

On the other hand, time spent ‘upside down’ or in a ‘stuck’ or ‘hamstrung’ state – possibly due to another’s manipulations –  requires us to look at the world from a different angle and from a different point of view. Neptune, the ruler of this card, brings profound dreams, visions and inspiration – but also foggy lenses. Not everyone is out to get you or screw with you, not everyone is a stalker, not everyone is even looking up at your tree, you know? They can’t touch you up there. But when you come down oh, you learned so much from this, did you not?

As Odin sacrificed an eye, life is all about sacrifices. We make them every day. We make sacrifices for love, art, causes close to our hearts. We need to give something up in order to get something else. Sacrifice is the first step leading to compromise, and something needs to be let go, something that seemed to make sense at the time and probably and possibly for a very long time but from this new angle, doesn’t.


Bless your ‘enemies’.

I just got a newsflash about the election results in Georgia here in the US:

Contested results, so we’re all ‘hung up’ while we get another set of eyes – another POV – and a recount. This is that, too.







26 October 18: The High Priestess

There is much you do not know. This mysterious, beautiful card is #2 of the Major Arcana and is pure, receptive, passive female energy. Ruled by the Moon which in turn rules Water, she wears a crown adorned with a bright crescent and her feet rests comfortably on another. She wears a simple cross (the Cross of God and Earth), the earliest of all signs and symbols, donkey’s years before Christianity. She is the Virgin, the Mother, the Crone. She is pretty witchy, this woman. Seated between 2 pillars, one white and one black, she guards the entrance to a portal that is draped in purple,  the  royal color of the highest vibration. The pillars are shown throughout the tarot in various guises, including twin towers, and are said to be the pillars of the porch of the Eastern entrance of the Temple of Solomon, the Women’s Court.

Now see what she did there? She made me have to dive down a rabbit hole and discover that. Who knew about a Women’s Court at Solomon’s Temple? I did, she says, and winks  at me from under her veil – or did she? Her sly, mysterious expression tells us nothing, her lips are sealed.

She holds protectively in her lap a rolled up scroll. What else does she know?

Wouldn’t we like to know…

She scares some people, this solitary, mysterious woman. She shouldn’t. Sometimes this is a woman we’ve put on a pedestal, someone we may be a little intimidated by or are afraid of. The fear is not justified: fear of the unknown or people we don’t understand is a most unfortunate human trait.

She’s trying to get us to develop and rely on our own ‘6th sense’. She often represents our Mother, who often didn’t tell you things before you were ‘ready to know’. Even then, you probably had to ask.





9 October 18: The Hanged Man

Hamstrung. This is one of the weirdest cards to me, Number 12 of the Major Arcana, The Hanged Man. A human hangs upside down from a tree by a bit of rope tied to one ankle. There is a lot of mythology in the tree alone, linking heaven to the Underworld, but on the Morgan-Greer image it is not a tree but a scaffolding made from two dead trees with a pole stretched between them from which he hangs gracefully. He may have even built the structure himself. His face is serene, and he holds his hands clasped behind his back, one knee bent forming a triangle shape with his legs. Aerial yoga. He’s simply looking at the world from another point of view. Yogis assume the Sarasana pose – standing on your head – when they want to see the world from a different point of view  and stimulate the brain.

From above, he looks right side up. This is a card of surrender, no doubt, to a higher power which could be God or the Universe or the weather, but it’s as if the rope were a puppet string controlled by an unseen hand from above and we’re not in control right now. This card is unique in that when the card is right side up our human is upside down, meaning that’s exactly where he’s supposed to be at this juncture. To everyone else it looks pretty strange but this ‘suspension’ is necessary right now.

Neptune, the Patron Saint of the Hanged Man, loves all things foggy and weird and wobbly and wavy and misty and mystic, like the gray wall of fog we see behind the hanging man. Neptune also loves art and music, and this dedicated and passionate (the red pants give him away) artist is sacrificing all for his art. When he finally does come back down he will have created (1+2=3, the number of Creation) something divinely inspired, as did the Norse God Odin, who after having hung himself upside down for nine nights in the World Tree, the one that grew up from the center of the flat Earth, was granted the wisdom to create the Runes.

This is basically being ‘hamstrung’ for some reason, sometimes even literally. An accident victim in traction who came out of his coma declaring he’d had a revelation and was never the same, it changed his life. That’s obviously an extreme example, but the epiphany is the same. The Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, an invalid for much of her life, affixed a mirror to the canopy of her sickbed and created her beautiful and complicated self-portraits, considered some of the world’s greatest works of art.

This is delay, but a productive one in some way. Worth the wait, worth the ‘hangup.’ Be patient. This isn’t the time to move, that’s all. You may be having to wait on something or someone else before you can do much of anything anyway.

Or, a psychologist is giving you another perspective on your own ‘hangups’.

Which is Major.





23 May 18: Seven of Cups reversed & Five of Wands

Waking up to reality. What a pair this is.

The ‘Castles in the Air’ card, the dreamy, illusionary 7 of Cups/Water (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) shows us a shadowy figure of a human with his or her back to us enamored with a beautiful smorgasbord of overflowing gold cups containing various questionable contents floating in on Sky Clouds.  He is overwhelmed by his options, visions, and imagination – some of these images are more realistic than others, which is what this card is all about (Rider-Waite). The Morgan-Greer card has no shadowy figure, it is us who has to decode these mirage-like images.

One cup seems desirable, overflowing with gold and jewelry, but it could all be fake. One contains a dragon head, but what with all the clouds and mist and confusion, we can’t tell what’s what. Is it a dragon, or a distorted puppy? He’s got to pick a reality, basically, or his life will never get past the dream state. Cups are emotional, not necessarily practical, and this is a mighty watery, misty, wishful card. He feels chaos. Overindulgence and escapism to the point of delusion is the common reputation of this card, and in a lot of readings, even worse when reversed.  Hallucinations. Fantasy.  This is well known as the ‘all that glitters is not gold’ card.

The 5 of Clubs/Fire (Sagittarius/Leo/Aries) is a card of competition. 5 young men brandishing thick clubs wave them around at each other in mock-battle, but don’t seem to be doing any real harm, as we see no physical contact. Debate, argument, dissent, lively collaboration – could even be in your own head, one of those ever-entertaining ‘internal debates’ i.e. arguing with yourself. This is the martial arts card, you have a judo match going on in your head.

I’m wanting to see this as successfully coming out of a period of neglect or self-indulgence, possibly even with the help of an intervention. Maybe friends are trying to talk some sense into someone who is ‘losing it’ after ‘a dream has died’ or they’re trying to involve you in a group or team project or event of some kind to get you ‘out of yourself’. It’s not comfortable, but they mean well.

Maybe there was or is competition for a ‘fantasy job’ or person you desperately desired but didn’t get – and you’ll see it turned out to be a good thing you didn’t.

Or: are other people keeping you from achieving your own dream?





3 May 18: The High Priestess & The Moon

All will be revealed. But not right now, maybe in a couple weeks.

There is not a more psychic pair in the deck than these two powerful Major Arcana. The High Priestess is sometimes called the “Daughter of the Moon” and are both here to let us know there are things we don’t and are not meant to know right now.

Why do dogs and coyotes howl at the moon? On the Morgan Greer card, everything is deep dream blue: the sky, the hills, the still pond from which a creepy crawfish seems to be emerging – but he never does, he never crawls all the way out onto dry land, he’s always half in and out of the water in that in-between being awake and asleep dream state. The world is half in shadow, and it’s hard to tell what is real and what isn’t. There are two towers pictured on the card, one on either side of a long road that leads off and disappears into the far-off mountains that form a gateway. What is beyond is a mystery.

The High Priestess is seated calmly on her throne, also between two pillars, or a gateway to the unknown. This card is also a dream-vision in blue: blue sky,  her draped blue gown, the deep blue banner draped behind her and lined with purple, the color of the highest vibration. She wears a crescent moon on her head. The answers we seek are written in the mysterious scroll she holds and protects in her lap, but she has decided this isn’t the time for the reveal.

The deceptive moon distorts and we are prone to fantasy and confusion and a certain amount of anxiety – especially all water signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio). This is a flood of subconscious messages, and you would do well to write them down.  Many great plans, inventions and ideas for great works of art and literature were dreamt by their creators. But what is real and what is fantasy? The ‘world of illusion’ also encompasses film and theatre, poetry, fiction, and science fiction. There’s a fine line with science fiction. What may have been sci-fi 50 years ago is a smartphone now.

The knowing Priestess is however a trustworthy and experienced tour guide through our subconscious, dream life, and intuitions.

She may be a psychologist, her notes on her lap as she helps the patient sort out what is real and what are only vague, unidentified anxieties. Shadows.

Pregnancy is a very strong possibility when this pair show up, but may be being kept a secret for some reason, possibly even from the father. Possibly waiting for test results or secretly trying for a child and working with cycles. The Priestess likes detox, and having so much moon and water energy may really affect all water signs or those with a lot of water in their birth charts.

Pay attention, the answer is in a dream.