5 July 18: Eight of Swords

False imprisonment. What a strange way to read this card. This is a ‘jail’ card, but generally speaking only if surrounding cards would support literal ‘jail’ (Justice, Judgement, or a lawyer card, for example) in a reading.

This card of the suit of Air (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) speaks of imprisonment and restriction. Most of the time it is a ‘prison of our own making’ (again, previously written about in the archives).

‘Air’ in the Tarot is sharp and clean, like the metal of the Swords. What we need is a sharp, clean, clear mind. On this card, the Swords are loosely stuck into the ground in a circle around a blindfolded woman who stands in the center. That’s not what Swords are for..they’re made for action. She is tied up, but there are no knots, and she could easily slip out of her ropes if she tried. The swords that surround her are spaced widely enough apart for her to squeeze out in between them, yet she doesn’t. We see a castle or city behind her in the distance, but not so far away that she can’t get to it.

The mighty number 8 gives her the power and strength to do whatever she/he wants. As a matter of fact, she obviously built her ‘prison’ herself, because the beach where she stands is windblown and desolate, not another soul in sight. She wears a red gown (red = passion) which is being blown and wind-whipped, a bit of her hem even blowing out from between her prison ‘bars’ as if his/her passions are straining to ‘break free’ (Morgan-Greer).

So, we know this is a ‘prison’ of one’s own making.

We know someone is ‘holding themselves hostage’ for some reason.

The question is why. 

This is not a ‘safe’ place. As easily as she can get out, someone else can get in.

Her head.


This card also makes me want to look into how August (8th month) will be affecting Air signs (Libra cusp here) and possible areas of restriction –  it’s monsoon season and yes, There Will Be Wind.









13 May 18: Eight of Swords/Air

Onward. I squealed a bit when I drew this card this morning…someone got the message, is what I heard, and when I went to log on, I had no internet.

Don’t know what happened but it was a lovely Sunday, and I love the way the cards speak so clearly and so obviously and so simply sometimes.

This card reversed also does talk about ‘backing up’ computer files, etc., and I sort of focused on other aspects yesterday, but there you go, that’s what happens. I tweaked something on ICLOUD and started up this morning and everything but the Declaration of Independence was on my desktop sending me into a state of being completely overwhelmed.

Breathing deeply and calmly, I worked through to the ‘make this shit go away’ box, ticked it, and it was gone.

Heavy exhale. Cloudy McCloud of the Air just lifted all those icons right on up and out of my face. Clean, peaceful, leaf-green screen. Aaaaah.



Time offline to delete, delete, delete and ‘dump’ and not look back.



#baggage comes in many forms.








17 April 18: The Chariot / 8 of Swords

Help is on the way. That is the only thing I’d written after drawing these cards awhile ago this morning, but then realized…

I had no coffee.

What do I do? I’ve already drawn the cards and have already started writing and NOW what do I do? Oh no I’ll never be able to finish this now because all I’ll be thinking about is if I can wring another cup out of the grounds that are left in the pot. Should I go get it now, or should I wait? I can’t wait. Crap. it’ll take forever if I go out now.

See? That Eight of Swords is a card of imprisonment. The image on the card is that of a woman, blindfolded, surrounded by what looks like a ‘jail’ of 8 swords stuck in the ground all around her, like prison bars. But they’re not. She can’t see, or doesn’t want to see, that she is free to move, run, leave, and come and go as she pleases.

The Chariot is forward movement, taking control. The driver of the Chariot holds the reins firmly, bringing the two horses who seem to threaten to run off in different directions together in sync to pull the ornate vehicle.  This is making an effort, making a move, a journey, an actual escape. Determination. Perseverance.

This is help on the way – or you’re finally determined to ‘break out’ of your own self-imposed ‘prison’.

What’s the big deal? Jump in the car and go get coffee already.

So I did, came back, here I am.

Break your own rules once in awhile.


PS:  This could be emergency vehicles and rescue, even a dog team, out to find those stranded in snow or weather.

Help is on the way.






21 March 18: Eight of Spades, Mars.

Just walk away and channel that anger into something productive.

Wednesday, everyone’s favorite day. Ruled by Mars, the red planet. Aggressive male energy. Primal and intense. Wednesday isn’t the day to pick a fight with someone, because it cold turn into a homicide. Beating somebody to a parking space could be fatal. A little argument could blow way out of proportion, and easily get physical.

If you’re a fire sign (Aries, Sagittarius, Leo) you are more likely to flame up and burn somebody today than any of the others. If you’re naturally aggressive, extroverted, have a temper, watch yourself on Wednesdays.

Duality in all things. How can we use this volatile energy? If you’re an introverted or meek person, are being bullied, someone’s been treating you like a doormat forever, or if you’ve deserved a raise for the last 5 years you may just find Mars may get you ‘all fired up’ enough to finally stand up for yourself (talking to you, Water & Earth signs) .

From a regular poker deck I pulled the 8 of Spades, which is the card of success and will power. Supreme focus. Incredibly powerful in work and health matters, this card ‘has your back’, basically.

This card under Mars is pretty amazing, bringing much success, especially with men or groups or associations with men. A legal matter could settle in your favor, a health matter could be overcome.

Use the energy well, but don’t be abrupt or put people off, it will be easy to do today.

The number 8 on its side is the sign for infinity, of course, and is so revered in China people pay to change street addresses to add up to the number 8, meaning abundance, love, power and good health forever.

There are some ways in which the Tarot and the regular old-school playing cards relate, or don’t relate. In the Eight of Swords in the Tarot, a woman is blindfolded, seemingly tied up, surrounded by 8 swords stuck into the ground around her as if to form a cage or jail. In fact this card can mean actual jail, but most often it means a ‘prison’ of our own making.

But the eight hangs over her head, infinitely. She could free herself at any time, because there is plenty of space between the swords. Her ropes are loose, but she chooses to be blindfolded.

Maybe this Mars Wednesday will give her the courage she needs to free herself .

I call this the ‘Dorothy, you had the power all along’ card.