7 February 19 : Temperance & Six of Coins & Queen of Swords

Forged in fire. The center card in the present position today is the 6 of Coins or Earth (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn) and what immediately strikes me is that unlike the olde tyme images, the gentleman (or woman) of the Morgan-Greer image who dispenses coins in an apparent act of charity carries not an uneven pair of scales but, held in his left hand, which is the hand associated with the heart, his (or her) scales are perfectly even. We have a nice balance of elements in the spread of Fire/Water/Earth/Air. There are usually 2 beggars on their knees before the obviously well-dressed and better off human who gratefully accept the generous donation, but not on this version, which emphasizes the 6 large gold coins equally divided on the left and right side of the card with a large column of crimson straight up the middle behind the man holding the scales. This to me more clearly demonstrates the idea of a redistribution of wealth rather than random charity. Money is energy, and the red stripe up the middle reminds me of the red Chinese paper wallets meant to ‘stimulate’ and ‘energize’ thereby multiplying the cash contained within.  This could be talking about utilizing our waning or limited physical energy in the same way.

In the past is the alchemist of the Tarot, Temperance, the giant angel who, like the Star, has one foot in the water and one on land. The angel is a Sagittarius, of the suit of fire, and I get a ‘forged in fire’ feel out of this spread. The angel patiently pours liquid back and forth, mixing and measuring between 2 gold cups. There is a red triangle on the breast of the gown of the tall, androgynous angel, right over the heart, and should we give it a spin, we get the symbols for fire and water, both methods of purification. Temperance is time, tiempo, tempo, tempering, refining, even negotiating. Back and forth. For a very long time. Until. We. Get. It. Right. Now, let’s try this again. Judging by the even scales and exactly divided coins, all has been handled fairly and everyone treated equally.  This could be a divorce settlement or any kind of legal dispute after a long period of mediation, resolved satisfactorily if not altogether amicably. The Queen’s not here to make friends.

The Queen of Swords (Libra/Aquarius/Gemini) is the card of a divorcee or widow, so it does seem like some sort of settlement has been reached. If she was a pub,she would be called The Thorny Rose. Even in her garden, neck-deep in lush, red roses, she holds her sword ready although she looks quite safe surrounded by all those mature, glorious, full blooms. I want to say that the long sword she holds up straight and strong is well-tempered, that is, forged in fire, as was she. Someone may have had to ‘hold their temper’ for a long time. She’s one tough lady (or man) , yet, the way the cards are positioned, one of the hands on the center card looks as if it could be hers, reaching into the picture, directing her minister to dispense the coins – or, in the future position, accepting a coin herself, but only after the scales are even. She brings to mind the image of Justice, sword raised, gesturing to the balanced scales, but she is not blindfolded, and  her eyes are intense and penetrating, as if she can see right through you. She can. I hope he doesn’t think he’s hiding all those coins behind his back, because her sword is still as sharp as ever.

Someone may be looking forward to being single now that they’re older and wiser. The past defines us, of course, Temperance suggests the way a diamond is formed, under pressure  and heat – the way a sword is forged to diamond-edged perfection and sharpness.

Make sure grandma gets her meds or vitamins – or stay on yours.  This could also be a female doctor you should think about visiting for entertainment purposes only, but generally speaking, whatever you’re doing is working.

It may have taken a long time to achieve a body/soul balance, and it looks like some alone time would be beneficial. You don’t have to explain it, you don’t have to be bitchy about it, just take care of yourself, especially if you’re aging gracefully (’cause I know you all are) and whatever that is, you’d at least like to be healthy in mind and body. This Queen can be quite ‘mental’ which is a proverbial double-edged sword. This is either ‘mellowing’ with age, or…not. I get a ‘time is money’ vibe out of this too, and we have to think about the realistic allotments of time and physical energy, as we get older.


But the Queen of Swords, she still dances.





4 February 2019: Nine of Clubs & The Fool & Queen of Swords

The Odd Couple. If ever there were 2 cards that would make up one of the most unlikely couples in the deck it would be the wonderful, no-f***-to-give Fool and the brainy, notorious ‘Ice Queen’ of the Tarot, the Queen of Swords. Yet, this makes a lot of sense, in a sense.

In the past and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out is the bloodied, scarred card of the survivor, the 9 of Clubs, Wands, Staves, Rods, ot whatever you want to call the Suit of Fire (Sagittarius/Leo/Aries). This is having been forged by fire, in a manner of speaking – like a sword. The thrashed – looking human on the card trying his best to stay upright and alert at his guardpost is typically pictured as wounded, paranoid and defensive, and who can blame him or her – they’ve seen some action and have suffered some damage.

The Fool is magnificent in his or her innocence, enthusiastically embracing every moment and everything life has to offer for all it’s worth. The Fool is beautiful. Unique among the Major Arcana and numbered Zero, there is nothing to gain and nothing to lose, and the world is to be explored, making the Fool and his trusty little dog the quintessential travelers.  Uranus, the ‘radical’ planet, rules the Fool, and I don’t know much but I do believe Uranus has moved for the first time in most of our lifetimes, so bring on the Fool! Expect the unexpected when he is around. On the Russian card, he dances like – well, a dancing fool, and I take his dog a lot more seriously, his black tail  wrapped protectively around the fool’s leg. He’s playing with a puppet of himself, a little mini-me Fool wearing a matching tassled, pointed cap with the sun emblazoned on it. He shakes what looks like a rattle painted in rainbow colors, streaming a long red ribbon. This Fool likes to wear a nice dress once in a while – he or she may also be sexually open to just about anything or anyone. So then, what in the world is the Ice Queen aka the Queen of Swords aka Lady Logic doing in the future position?

Make no mistake, as we have heard it said “the secret of the wise man is to appear a fool’  and nobody has all-access like a Fool. The message and mood of the Fool – not to mention he outranks both cards, being of the Major League Arcana – seems to contradict both the past and the presumed future, the manifestation of our own Free Will, of course. The Fool considers neither.

This Fool is always a good influence on the serious, responsible, logical Queen of Air (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) whose card was in olden tymes was referred to as ‘The Widow’s Card’. This Queen is quite the intellectual, well-studied (she could even have a degree or two) and thoroughly professional. What a bitch.

The Queen needs a bit more of the Fool in her life, which is why she has one, and the Fool may needs a bit of the Queen’s practicality, clarity and precision.

This is a major shift in consciousness, or even a way of Being, probably kicked off by this mega-transition. The Fool gives us no choice but to start from Zero, from which anything and everything is possible, or to at least embrace that spirit and try not to take life  so seriously. To not let the war wounds of the past follow us the rest of our lives. Screw the rules, screw convention, the Fool is dancing through life and he’s smarter than he lets on but if he gets a laugh out of her or the King by falling on his ass, it’s a job well done.

The Queen, although she’s in the future position, is looking back at the Fool as if she’s ready to jump off the card and join him or her. Holding her long sword at her side, pointed downwards, usually used to mete out decrees and declarations and once in a while maybe even lop off some poor peasant’s head (although she usually manages that with painfully sharp – but truthful – words) she looks like she’s tapping time on the floor with it, along with the dancing Fool.

But if we know this Queen, obviously she herself is no Fool. Since she is a Court card and needs a number about as much as a Queen and her Court Jester need I.D cards, she also has the option, as a Queen, to do whatever she wants. Even if it means abdicating or stepping down from her throne, which would be a foolish move. Or would it?  On the Russian card, she does not sit, but stands straight and strong.

This is starting all over, but this time with a certain guarded optimism, somehow. It’s a great combination.

What do I have to do to get this bitch’s attention?

Or, you may even have an audition or interview of some kind with a hard-to-please female boss, probably older, and you feel like a fool having to do the ‘pick me, pick me’ dance. Did she like it? Yes, it seems you will get the gig, but she’s the ultimate poker face and you would have never known it from her expression, or lack of.  Very cool. See? She does have some sense of humor. Does it matter if she’s laughing with you or laughing at you? The Queen of Swords is laughing! On the inside, anyway. Of course she’s the Queen and publicly a politely bemused expression is all you’ll ever get out of her.

Or, my power failed this morning right after laying out my cards requiring me to reset everything electronic, you wacky Uranus, but I have my very logical and practical backup plan aka my generator which was fired up as soon as local ordinance would allow and soon we were all grooving to the Chilled Cow and making coffee. Have been through too may of them (power failures, but coffees, too). Having had analyzed and organized all my essential basic power needs I was prepared and able to switch over no problem (Libra cusp).








28 January 19: Eight of Cups reversed & Queen of Wands & 10 of Wands

Spring. The seasons have changed, at least they have where I am, and while the Farmer’s Almanac says the last frost in my region is on Feb 12, I just find that hard to believe. But one morning I woke up and the air was different.

The Queen of Wands is at the center of things today (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius) which is where she usually can be found. Queens are always surrounded by people who do their bidding and attend and serve them, but this is the Queen everybody wants to work for. She’s so damn bright and yellow and passionate, this Queen of Fire, so enthusiastic about everything she does it’s infectious. As if her yellow gown, cape and yellow crown aren’t enough she completes the look with a long-stemmed giant sunflower in full bloom. This is the human who ‘lights up the room’. She is the Queen who wasn’t born into it, but came out of and through adverse circumstances and celebrates life joyously. This Queen owns the room wherever she goes, and everybody wants to know her, and Spring is her season.

In the past position is the gloomy Eight of Cups (Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces) which upright, shows someone abandoning something they had put a lot into – heart and soul – that didn’t, for some reason, turn out the way they’d hoped. A lone figure, dressed in a red cape and hood, is leaving behind 8 gold cups stacked on a desolate, inhospitable, drying-up beach. The emotional investment has not, and probably never will , pay off. The shock of red is the only color on this muddy, sludgy card, we are taking our love somewhere else.

Reversed: hold on a minute, have we really given it all we’ve got?

Don’t ask the tireless Queen of Wands.

In the future position is the heavy, overcommitted 10 of Wands. A human whose orange sleeve matches the Queen’s own (she insists on it) staggers under the weight of 10 heavy staves, all sprouting new leaves, as is the Queens own staff, and strangely, her crown-hat. The Queen thinks that with some TLC and elbow grease things can work after all. Spring fever has set in. She has more new ideas popping out of her head than new green leaves.

This is good to see. For sure. The Queen is infused with fresh passion and enthusiasm and has all kinds of plans for planting and renovations and a new garden a new website and let’s get all those in the ground! She calls out to the poor worker whose job it is to actually DO it  He’s carrying as much as he can.

This is commitment, or, wondering when and where to ‘lay one’s burden down’ if you play the blues. The unfulfilled wanderer of the 8 of Cups has rediscovered their passion and purpose, which of course is an internal thing, a personal thing. This is committing to something for ‘the long haul’, that is, as long as this human can carry the load. It’s a lot  for one person – which may be the point. It’s not an easy card, and could mean taking on too much on one’s own, or having more ideas than actual manpower, woman power or means to make them happen.  I do get a warning feeling out of this: with the suit of Fire, there is always a ‘strike while the iron is hot’ kind of a vibe – and that’s a mighty big potential bonfire this human is carrying. It is a card of success, but with success comes pressure to keep it burning. Ask the Queen.

Whatever you say, your highness. Where do you want these?

This could also be committing to or ’embracing’ new or extra responsibilities or work, having re-ignited a passion for it, the way the human on the 10 wraps his arms around his load of branches.

Never mind, she may say, I’ll do it myself my way. Which is probably why those cups back on that beach aren’t stacked up right.

Because it may just be spring fever.

I don’t think so, not this time.



5 January 19: The Emperor & Knight of Swords & Three of Wands

Bring it. Ah, but can you, really? There is an old Mexican saying, “the napkin wants to be a tablecloth”. This is that, sort of. Maybe.

The Emperor, an Aries who showed up in 2018 probably more than any other card, today is in the past position. Whoever it is, you’re done with him. Boss, authority, rules and methods – which worked very well for him, by the way, and truth be told, you learned a lot if not everything you know from this person, probably much older. But, declares the brash and  bloody Knight of Swords, I’m ready to start up on my own. Be my own boss. I don’t need anybody to tell me what to do, bla bla bla.

At present, the Knight of Swords or Air (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) shoulders his bloody sword as a tower burns in the distance, huge, orange and red flames shooting from the top of the gray, stone structure, a window glowing red. No, I didn’t see him do it, but the blood on his sword looks pretty fresh and the fire is raging as the tower burns down. The evidence is circumstantial –  he’s not even looking back at the carnage he may not even realized he’s caused, only ahead to the 3 of Wands in the future position, also influenced by Aries, and charges on to the next thing.

The 3 of Wands or Clubs is pondering the future. It’s tense, uncertain, and often called the ‘Writer’s Card’. A human stands waiting for something, or considering something or someone or somewhere off in the distance, holding his sprouting, straight branch and wondering where to plant it. Theres a lot of energy here between these 2, the Knight of Air and the Fire of the Wands.

Hot air. A lot. Of Hot. Air.

The thing I’m hoping is that this ambitious Knight doesn’t damn the torpedoes and charge ahead without a plan. The Emperor was a solid, stable 4, and the 3, is, well, a 3. This may mean a rather destabilizing confrontation you’d rather not have, or someone you’re moving away from. I don’t think I would depend on this Knight, I think he’s gone rogue, although he’s having a good day today. In spite of his boasting and wild tales of his many conquests and victories, he’s more of a guy that charges in and slices everyone’s head off, figuring one of them will have been the one he came for – especially without the wise guidance of the Emperor.  Rules of engagement? What are those?

Isn’t it better to consider and think through the potential obstacles to this plan? How do we get to the stable, happy #4?

If this Knight wants to be Emperor one day, he’d best start to think like the 3 of Wands – the human on the 3 we only see from the back as they ponder distant horizons, and it looks like he or she could have even been the Emperor in younger days. The Emperor also still holds a Sword, and still knows how to use it if he has to.  This Knight is out to conquer foreign shores, but hopefully with his creative work. Perhaps he or she are ‘just too much’ for where they are and are destined to create  – hopefully, please God – something entirely new, somewhere entirely new. This Knight is a good energy to have and will annihilate any obstacles in the way of achieving your future goals,  but there may be some perceived collateral damage. He’s no diplomat, he’s a Knight. I slay dragons for a living, after all, he says, sometimes a bunny gets hurt in the process.

Things may start to happen pretty fast now.




19 December 18: Strength & 8 of Wands

Firm but polite in all dealings is all I need to say about this thankfully more or less straight ahead, upright pair of 8’s. We like 8’s, and we like them in pairs. This is good news and communications in general and positive developments in relationships. Lovely! We are well in tune with the flow – our own – and that’s how it should be.

The Strength card shows us a serene-looking lady in a spotless white gown kneeling in a green, grassy field taming a lion with nothing but the sound of her voice. No whips, no stern commands, as a matter of fact she doesn’t even appear to be speaking at all. It’s as if she has a telepathic connection with the animal. Reminds me of my severely missed Coco. I didn’t dare so much as even let it cross my mind as to when I should leave for the store or he’d jump up as if I’d announced it out loud. I digress.

This is a lot of active communication – offers, invitations, proposals and propositions. It’s all good, but you gotta keep your cool – or somebody elses’. You do have a way with them…

This may be specifically about someone in particular in your life. A lot of fiery energy here under the surface – to say the least. #8 of the Major Arcana, Strength, represents the astrological sign of Leo. The potentially dangerous lion is obviously able to rip her to ribbons in the blink of an eye although, in her calming and soothing presence, tongue lolling out of its mouth, it looks more like a drooling baby or the big kitty kat in the Wizard of Oz. The wands, clubs, staves or rods are also of the suit of Fire  (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius) so there’s some bubbling under going on here for sure. Our Lady of the Lion may look demure, dressed in her white, billowy dress and wearing flowers in her hair but she’s restraining a lion, gently cradling his head in her arms. Awww. She’s much tougher than she looks, but it’s all about demeanor, tone and approach: you catch more flies with honey than onions, she winks.

The eight airborne wands are sometimes referred to and depicted as arrows, all launched to fly off at the same time, and often do represent air travel. They sail over a beautiful green landscape and blue water. Traveling does require a saintly amount of patience and self-control, that’s for sure, so there’s that. But this is like a million things coming at you, like all those arrows flying, and it’s not like they’re all going to land in the same place at the same time. This is perhaps a sudden or rattling – in a good way –  call, letter, e-mail or message, or more than one invitation or offer and you’ve got to sort them out and try to please everybody and be here and there and there’s a lot of last-minute scrambling. Don’t burn out.

Your beloved furry love bomb gives you strength and calm through the ‘slings and arrows’. What do they know about your inbox, or care? She is on the left and the flying wands are to the right, headed right, as if they’re bouncing off her back.

The Strength card is your center, the place where you try to stay when everything’s coming at you, and ideally, there’s a 4-legged waiting.

She does look like she may be checking his teeth, so this may be a reminder or notice about an annual vet visit..or you may need to call your own dentist.

Nothing like being lectured by a couple of tarot cards first thing in the morning.

(Be nice! – cards)



17 December 18: Four of Wands & Eight of Cups

End of an era. It’s time to move on, but it’s more than just moving house, because house is just fine. In fact, house is beautiful and we’ve seen a lot of good times here, but home doesn’t feel like it used to feel or should feel, and it’s time to move on.

It’s an odd pair together. The joyful, happy stable 4 of Wands or Clubs (fire: Aries/Sagittarius/Leo) is a card of peace, contentment, marriage, home, and happiness. The melancholy 8 of Cups (water: Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) is all about having to leave, or needing to leave, and of being unfulfilled emotionally somehow at home. I call this the ‘something’s missing’ card. The hooded, caped figure on the right of the rather sad 8 of Cups is walking away from a pretty nice life, it would seem. We see a beautiful garden canopy of greens and flowers tied with red ribbons to 4 tall poles. A lot of love went into this place. On the Morgan-Greer version, there are no humans on the 4, just a castle on a hill in a desert. Everything’s dried up except the handmade garlands, and home doesn’t look warm and hospitable, but rather barren.  Is all this stable homelife starting to make you feel cooped up? It happens. Or do you feel like you have nothing left to achieve?

The pensive, reflective wanderer walks away from 8 gold cups stacked on the ground beside what looks like a shrinking or receding body of water. It always bothers me that the 8 cups are not stacked evenly, when 8 is an even number. That’s a clue to this card: they should, but they’re not.  Emotionally drained and having given it his all, reluctantly, our human has to seek fulfillment elsewhere. At least for now.

This card can mean retirement,  or somebody may find that his heart is no longer in his work, marriage or – life.  He could have built that house from the ground up, and is selling it and moving somewhere more appropriate, inspiring or practical for his age or the next phase or stage of life.


This person needs a change. I’d suggest astro cartography for this human, that is, where in or on the world you’re the most – you. When I discovered and got into it, I was amazed to find that the best places for me to be according to my stellar makeup (sun, moon and rising signs) were the places that I felt the most inspired, the most like ‘me’.


These cards are both upright so this may feel sad, restless, and dissatisfied now, but he’ll be ok.  Something, or someone, is missing. Cups represent our emotions, and there’s a big space in between the stacked cups on the ground, like a hole in a heart. This could be meeting with someone at a distance. Could even be as simple as a week off away from home in some new surroundings. There is an emptiness and a longing, but babe,  gotta ramble, the road’s my home, etc.



6 December 18: Queen of Wands & King of Cups reversed

Losing their grip. We have a situation, and I’m quite sure it’s a situation we’d rather not be in or deal with but here we have it and it involves a very troubled human.

Fire and water, what can I say. The sunny, outgoing Queen of Wands is of the suit of Fire (Aries/Sagittarius/Leo) and is the ultimate survivor. She’s seen it all, pretty much, which is why she’s so warm and funny and entertaining – the comedienne with the dark past, hinted at by the mysterious black cat at her feet on the more traditional images. A wand is a wand, after all – she does have that transformative ability, that aura of theatre and magic. It is the way of theatre folk, you see, in this business we call ‘show’ to suspend reality, take people’s thoughts away from their problems and pains if just for a little while. It is a valuable contribution. During war, depression and disaster – entertainment thrives.

The King of Cups is of the suit of Water (Cancer/Pisces/Scorpio) and operates from the t. Emotion and instinct make him who he is, a tender-hearted, forgiving, compassionate King. Artistic and musical himself, I would ordinarily say this pair has some serious potential: fire & water = steam, and we like steamed lattes and veggies and creases on our pants, but a steam burn hurts like a bitch.

I’m glad this Queen is looking after this King today, who I’ll give the benefit of the doubt and just say he’s having a very hard slide – possibly and probably alcohol, but drinking is only a symptom –  what’s really going on? Insecurity regarding masculinity or sexuality may be the cause of his confusion or depression, something he doesn’t seem to be able to identify or express. He’s all churned up and all over the place. He may be ‘in over his head’ emotionally, and now, just doesn’t want to deal with it, and looks to escape any way he can – sex, drugs, lies, and he may even have to pawn that crown soon.

Ah, yes. The dreamy King of Cups. In this desperate state he could sell ice cubes to Eskimos and charm the snakes out of the trees. But, this Queen – she’s not buying it. Not at all.  She saves her compassion for those who really need it, not this sorry mess. She’s not even looking his way. He’s a grown-ass man with plenty of resources. The world isn’t just his oyster, he owns all the oysters.

There is some Mars-Neptune weirdness happening so I think the possibility of a ‘steam burn’ is pretty strong right now. I’m reassured by her presence – she looks straight ahead, unflinchingly, and will not be brought down.

But perhaps she’s the only one he can open up to, which is good – she’s been through much worse, and she knows the cure for what ails him.

Tough love.