14 July 18: Page of Wands & Six of Swords

Breaking away. From a family, group, marriage, town, city. Something that you and the rest of the world have considered to be part of who you are, your identity.

The 6 of Swords shows us two people  leaving everything behind but what they need to fend for themselves in a new, unknown place. A figure huddles miserably in a small boat as her companion stands strong and works with a long pole to push them out of choppy waters into the smooth open seas beyond.  It isn’t easy for them to leave, but for some reason they no longer ‘fit in’ where they’ve been.

We need to find ourselves, the couple says. Our own life, our own way.

The Page is a messenger of the energetic Fire suit (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius) and being a Page, affiliated with or belongs to a family, organization or establishment of some kind.  The brooch that gathers his cloak at his shoulder looks like it could be a family crest,  insignia or logo.

It has always intrigued me that this long-haired Page (Morgan-Greer) of a deck full of Knights, Queens and castles is wearing a bowler hat, completely out of time and place with the rest of his costume, a loose yellow peasant-artist type of thing. He stands, holding his tall staff upright in a vast desert, dry mountains in the distance. Why is he wearing that formal, stiff, banded bowler?

He doesn’t want to wear the stupid hat anymore, it’s not who he really is, but the company makes him wear it. It’s tradition. A lot of people would be proud to wear that hat, and maybe he was, once. The Hat got him the best tables at restaurants, VIP treatment and lots of women – but was it really him or just the hat they admired? I’m just another man in the hat, he says. Who am I without the hat?

There’s a place for him out there, and he ditches the bowler and swaps it for the close, knitted cap more appropriate for the windy journey.

No one will recognize him, and wherever he’s going he can start over, this time as his or her true self. When he’s free to be, he’ll find his true tribe.


There’s a place for us, say the couple in the boat.  Good luck to them.












11 July 18: Ace of Swords

New horizons. What an amazing card. Once again, how many years have I been reading this card? But I clearly see something I’ve never really focused on before – which is exactly the message of this powerful Ace of Air (Gemini/Libra/Aquarius).

Aces, of course, are the ‘seeds of the suits’, that is, the opportunity and the power entrusted to you to manifest…think of growing a tree. It’s the last seed in the world, and it’s been given to you. You don’t know when you’ll get another seed, and you don’t even know if it’s the kind of tree you even want to grow. You must plant it at the right time in the right place and commit to consistently maintaining and nurturing that seed through all kinds of weather. This seed WILL grow, so we have to make sure it’s in exactly the right place and not going to fuckup the neighbor’s fence or power lines or fall on his car, or us, for that matter, or that it’s not toxic or invasive.

This potentially dangerous Sword, which can be, of course, either a weapon of defense or a weapon of attack, requires and demands clarity of purpose and intention from the ‘swordsman’ (us).

The thing that I’m noticing on this card is the lack of a horizon between the sky and the water. Assuming there is water.The card shows a dreamy blue landscape: blue mountains in the foreground, blue sky, and what may or may not be blue water.  I can’t tell where blue land meets blue sky or blue sky meets blue water or blue water meets blue land,  because that deeper blue below the blue mountains looks sort of like a blue highway, but everything’s so blue I can’t tell. I’m glad I’m not driving. Or flying.

But from out of the ‘blue’ a bank of clouds roll in and we know what that means: SkyHand! From out of the fog and clouds emerges SkyHand over the blue mountains to present us with a sharp, clean, glistening blade encircled with a crown at the top flanked by green fronds on either side that seem to form the shape of a heart but sliced through by the logical Sword, who is not interested in and has no time for all these sloshy, sloppy, watery emotions or ‘feeeeeelings’. Are the fronds ‘coming together’ via the Sword or are the peaceful greens being divided and sliced apart?

But here’s the thing I’ve never really noticed before: slicing through the clouds, the clouds settle on the surface of the water, giving us a horizon line.


We see clearly where we’re going and how to get there. We’re logical and strong-minded. Sharp as the proverbial tack.


This is a very powerful Ace and a ‘new horizon’ beckons.

But careful with that axe, Eugene. This is also a new military contract.



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6 July 2018: Seven of Swords

Deception revealed. Or, it’s even worse than you thought.

The mystery of the mechanics of the Tarot is the way the cards talk to each other and form ‘chains’ of pictures, like frames in a film.

Of all the ways I could read this card ruled by the Moon and and running on Sword/Air energy (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius), it makes the most sense following yesterday’s 8, our troubled Lady of the Prison of her Own Anguished Mind.

I thought about her yesterday. I should have added that the 8 of Swords can strongly advise a visit to a therapist or psychiatrist, and with this 7 reversed it looks as if she may have.

This card upright is called ‘The Card of the Thief” and shows a figure sneaking off with 5 swords, leaving 2 stuck in the ground. On the traditional decks he looks back over his shoulder, making sure no one is following him or sees him, but on this card his head is down as he makes off with his haul, holding his ‘cards close to his chest’, as it were. This is a card of deception, but it may be our own – something secret that we must keep to ourselves, or feel we must. Things we may feel we can’t reveal to others for whatever reason.

But it is clear that following the 7 there will come the 8. So many secrets, like those Swords stuck in the ground – the ‘prison bars’.

Interestingly, the Swords he steals are in shadow, and the 2 left behind are in light, to me suggesting the upcoming Lunar eclipse (the “Blood Moon” she thought in Grandpa Munster’s voice. Why.) which we won’t see in the US but is the longest of the Century, so we’ll be feeling it.

Reversed, very generally speaking, the cards can mean the energy of that card is blocked or not ‘manifesting’ (once again, Grandpa Munster’s voice. Go away.) it’s energy or potential as it should, for ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

I’m gonna read this for our Lady (or Lord ) of yesterday’s tortured card. She or he has realized they have no choice but to unburden their crippling secrets and unexpressed fears to someone who has the tools and skills to help him or her.

That’s no way to live.




5 July 18: Eight of Swords

False imprisonment. What a strange way to read this card. This is a ‘jail’ card, but generally speaking only if surrounding cards would support literal ‘jail’ (Justice, Judgement, or a lawyer card, for example) in a reading.

This card of the suit of Air (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) speaks of imprisonment and restriction. Most of the time it is a ‘prison of our own making’ (again, previously written about in the archives).

‘Air’ in the Tarot is sharp and clean, like the metal of the Swords. What we need is a sharp, clean, clear mind. On this card, the Swords are loosely stuck into the ground in a circle around a blindfolded woman who stands in the center. That’s not what Swords are for..they’re made for action. She is tied up, but there are no knots, and she could easily slip out of her ropes if she tried. The swords that surround her are spaced widely enough apart for her to squeeze out in between them, yet she doesn’t. We see a castle or city behind her in the distance, but not so far away that she can’t get to it.

The mighty number 8 gives her the power and strength to do whatever she/he wants. As a matter of fact, she obviously built her ‘prison’ herself, because the beach where she stands is windblown and desolate, not another soul in sight. She wears a red gown (red = passion) which is being blown and wind-whipped, a bit of her hem even blowing out from between her prison ‘bars’ as if his/her passions are straining to ‘break free’ (Morgan-Greer).

So, we know this is a ‘prison’ of one’s own making.

We know someone is ‘holding themselves hostage’ for some reason.

The question is why. 

This is not a ‘safe’ place. As easily as she can get out, someone else can get in.

Her head.


This card also makes me want to look into how August (8th month) will be affecting Air signs (Libra cusp here) and possible areas of restriction –  it’s monsoon season and yes, There Will Be Wind.









29 June 2018: The World, 9 of Swords, the Devil

Shutting out the evils of the world. At least for the weekend. This is a strange pair, and could, of course, like every other possible combination in the Tarot, be read as a different story depending on you or a querant’s specific concern, question or life situation. The cards speak to us each very much as individuals while helping us to see and understand our place in the bigger picture. Make sense? The bigger picture, I mean.

The World is, well, The World. It is the final card of the Major Arcana and a grand card that does a pretty good job of conveying a feeling of a vast universe (Morgan-Greer). Widely believed to be a hermaphrodite, the lower half of his/her body is draped and covered in a purple garment that swirls around her as she dances in space.  He/she is Shiva, the ecstatic Hindu God who danced the world into being. Against a vast, endless starry deep blue sky she dances, a wand in each hand representing the balance of the dualities looking very much like the two rods that start to ‘dance’ and twirl to wind DNA strands. An evergreen wreath formed of earthly green leaves fastened with a red ribbon in the shape of an infinity sign above her head frames her as she dances against the starry backdrop of an endless sky. 21 = 2+1=3, the number of Creation.  A cycle is complete. This is as ‘good as it gets’. This is your world. This is our world.

But we don’t need to know all that today. This card is ruled by serious, sober, gravity master Saturn, who wants to talk about our immediate, personal, physical world.

The 9 of Swords a painful, dark card with a lot of ominous nicknames: the grief card, the depression card, the Lord of Cruelty. Traditionally, a poor, tortured soul is shown sitting upright in bed the middle of the night, head in his hands. Anxiety, fear, worry, it’s all here.

Sidling up along the beautiful dancer of The World is the Devil himself, whose intentions are never good, and like the World, is ruled by Saturn. This is some heavy shit.

You’re telling me the Devil’s fucking with the World?

You’re not the only one who feels like crawling under the covers screaming ‘MAKE IT STOP!’ this weekend. There is some very bad stuff going on. Some very bad people are doing some very bad things.

It’s very hard sometimes – ok, all the time – to try to see the good in people who aren’t.

Feel free to crawl back under the covers if you need to.













27 June 18: King of Coins & Ace of Swords

Sound financial advice or a contract of some sort from a solid, successful businessman or woman is one of the situations this pair – who like each other a lot – could be talking about today.

The King of Pentacles/Coins represents  the suit of the Earth and associated astrological signs Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn. This King has money. Lots and lots of money, as he has worked very hard and managed very well. He is pictured looking us straight in the eye, a large gold disc held on his lap as if patiently waiting and watching  for the next promising investment opportunity. On his gold helmet are the horns of a bull (Taurus), as he can certainly be as stubborn as one. He relaxes in a mature vineyard under vines heavy with purple clusters of ripe grapes. The tendrils of the vines are starting to grow over him, and will continue to grow for generations. Traditional ways and means have served this King well. He values long-term security, not just for himself but also for his or her family and friends.

The almighty Ace Of Swords is extreme power and clarity of mind. A cold blast of air, (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) it is pure intellect, and emotion has no place here. This is the card that ‘cuts through the fog’ as it is said. Alongside the King of Coins, this is someone who could be some kind of business manager or financial advisor – even a lawyer – who is respected and powerful in his field. This could be you coming into a lot of money and needing to keep a clear head as to how to spend it – or not.  Possibly a contract or offer from someone very successful – look sharp, as they say, and keep in mind that this is your ‘superior’ and expects to be and is used to being treated with the respect he or she deserves…if you want the gig, that is.

Assess your long-term ‘worth’ with a clear head, realistically, and if you need an advisor, get one.  Making the investment in a good business manager, accountant or lawyer will save a lot in the long run.

You wouldn’t take out your own tonsils, would you?




24 May 18: Queen of Coins reversed & Two of Swords reversed

Dear Johnette,

Please get off your ass and bust a move immediately. There’s no time this morning.

You know we love you,

Your Cards


Basically that’s what happened this morning. I was endlessly driving – or more accurately, not driving, but stuck in various traffic’s all day out of town and out of range yesterday, the day a long-awaited piece of business mail finally arrived, of course, the first day in months I’m out of town…

Rather than settle in for a nice morning read I felt the slap of the reversed Queen (Virgo/Capricorn/Taurus) and had no choice but to take it personally. I shut down and did trek to the Post Office to be there the minute it opened. All is signed and sent back overnight to get a jump on the 3 day weekend.

Done and dusted.

We can now turn her upright again.


Thank you for the message.


I listen, I listen.