5 February 19: The Moon & The Star & The Hanged Man

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. The Moon can be an ominous card. If I were a dog or a a wolf, both seen on this card, #18 of the Major Arcana, baying and howling at a massive supermoon, eerily pale against the indigo sky and framed by 2 dark, stone towers, I’d be scared, too. The Moon looks loud, the howling animals are loud:

What the hell is it?

I don’t know!

The Moon, in the past position next to the Star in the present looks like the same picture, like a panorama. In the moonlight a little purple crawfish crawls up to the shore as if being called, the way fish beach themselves to spawn under a full moon. How do animals know that stuff? They have some kind of inner ‘thing’. The crawfish looks like he’s about to crawl out and up to a road that leads through the barking animals and dark towers over the distance hills and straight up to the moon, but he doesn’t come all the way up out of the water – ’cause he doesn’t know what that thing is either. I can’t resist, he says, but..what if it’s just a pile of rocks up close? The little purple one is the only one really  ‘in tune’ on this card, which in the past position reminds me of my favorite Disneyland ride, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Strapped into a little Model T, you careened around in crazy foglights in the dark as things popped out in front of you, above you, behind you, and it was all very weird and surreal and you can’t tell what the hell’s going on then it’s over. This is that. Sort of. Juvenile delinquents (ahem) would jump out of the cars, sneak around in the dark and mess with stuff and then jump back on, but they got wise to that a long time ago and now have people hiding in the dark and watching. This is the fine line between visions & illusions, illusions & delusions, intuition, animal instincts and ‘full moon madness’. Glad to see it in the past.

In the center, the nude woman under the stars seems to be drawing water from the same pond – she says nothing, but appears to be listening to something: a glowing 7 pointed star shining down on her as she draws and pours, from the past to the future positions.

This is serious stuff – all 3 of these cards are Major League Arcana, and all three address the subconscious. The past and the present merge, and the naked woman always reminds me of the character in the Lars Von Trier film “Melancholia” who lays naked on a grassy bank at night by a stream, offering herself to the approaching mysterious planet Melancholia, whose effects she subconsciously feels before anyone else does. The Moon and the Star are also all about stage, theatre, music, singing, and ‘the land of light and shadow’ which it is said is the Native name for what is now Hollywood, which I can’t swear is true but would make sense. The Star is a healing card, and if all these cards have one thing in common, it’s about seeing, or even hearing things in a way others do not. These cards are all upright, suggesting to me that listening to and trusting your subconscious, instinct, intuition or however you feel it, has served you well. This woman may seem a little ‘spacey’ to onlookers but does have one foot planted solidly on dry land.

In the future position is the legendary Hanged Man, calmly hanging from a scaffold of his own making, in a deep meditative trance. The thing that immediately jumps out to me today is the same deep, nocturnal blue on all 3 cards: the deep night of the Moon, the starry night sky of the Star, and just a patch of it on the Hanged Man. A big bank of clouds rolling in, it’s almost as if he hopped up there to avoid the fog – master of dreams, visions, illusions and collector of funhouse mirrors Neptune rules this card, also a card of escape via drugs or alcohol – Neptune likes a drink.

What I like about this card is also something that could be a warning. I like that he has ‘one foot’ in the patch of blue sky, the same blue sky as on the Sun and the Moon, and if there is a message, this is that. It is that same instinct and following your own path that got you through the confusion and chaos in the past – being in touch with your own inner voice. This human sees things ‘from a different point of view’.  Like the Star, this is a card of healing, restoration, wholeness and health.

Looks like a possible ‘dust up’ in the future, from what I can see judging from the wall of incoming clouds. Some kind of ‘weather’ may be blowing in and I like the way he’s handling it, calmly detached, making sure to keep that one foot – instead of on the ground, since that seems to be where that nasty exhaust is coming from – firmly in that clear patch of blue, where he or she can stay in touch with that ‘higher’ or ‘inner’ voice – like the Moon and the crawfish.

The exhaust is probably coming from a careening Model T, and, like the painted wooden mole and frog and mice and all the other terrified characters on the wild ride, he’s jumped up out-of-the-way, staying clear until the dust settles, but when he drops, he drops: 12= 1+2=3, the mighty number of Creation.

Upright, this is a period of going deep, reflection, healing, and the re-balancing of spiritual and earthly priorities, but above all (excellent pun!) staying in touch with one’s inner voice, which is the higher voice.

‘Surrendering’ to higher powers, plain and simple.










1 January 2019: The Star & The Chariot reversed & Eight of Wands

Not today. If you don’t feel much like reading today, I’ll give you a quick short version:

Past position: The Star (Aquarius) can mean nightlife, neon, showbiz, all that – New Year’s Eve.

Present position: The Chariot (Cancer), reversed: I’ll assume if your car wasn’t impounded it’s parked for the day and you’re not going out or doing much of anything.

Future: Eight of wands (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius): many quick  messages  and /or moves. The New Year will start off quick with a lot of opportunities, so rest up. Your challenge may be to pick and choose the right ones without a whole lot of time to think about it. 0-60 mph.

You can go back to bed now if you like. Otherwise, read on:

The Star is intuition and inspiration – and high idealism. So high that we may be rather shattered if everyone elses’ isn’t. The Chariot, a card of confidence, control and moving on and up in the reverse can warn of overconfidence or your dreams and plans being delayed or blocked in some way.  The frantic, rapid movement of the 8 of Wands or Clubs, flying through the air as if someone shot off a whole quiver of arrows at the same time may have you scrambling pretty soon, catching some and fending off others. The calls and offers may come thick and fast, or you may need to do some ‘running around’ once the New Year gets started and your vehicle may need attention.

Salvador Dali’s 8 of Wands shows a Roman soldier with 8 hands attacking a man who defends himself against the weird assault, keeping the soldier’s octopus arm at bay. He divides the 8 staves on the card in a way that suggests out of the 8 ‘thrown’ at him – he has ‘sorted’ them into lots of 3, 3, and at the very top, 2 remain floating behind a little book, as if after studying and considering every offer, he can only get excited and actually accept 2,  suggesting a potential partnership. In other words, everybody wants you. Only accept the things that you are passionate enough about and worthy of the investment of your best time, energies and soul. Consider and accept only the most promising commissions or jobs, and work only with the best people.

In the face of the oncoming onslaught, stay with your original inspiration, and as always, that inner guidance – it hasn’t been wrong yet, even if no one else ‘hears’ it but you. The Star is upright, beautiful and glowing…

But maybe just not today.







27 December 18: Three of Coins & Knight of Wands & Eight of Coins

Wanted:  Handyman. So said the ad I ran recently, more or less. Need s*** done around here, and need to get this trailer restoration on. I’m getting old and can’t swing a hammer like I used to and can’t break any more bones at my age, so forget about anything on the roof like chimney cleaning or the ventilator on the barn.  But I also can’t have people working at the house all day, I’ll lose my mind and won’t get any writing or readings or recording or anything else done. Not to menton my power nap.

I digress.

The 3 of Coins traditionally shows a meeting in a church involving an architect, a craftsman and a bishop or nobleman of some kind,  the commissioner of the work The Morgan-Greer card shows a solitary stonemason putting finishing touches on a wall in the low light of a stained-glass window – one he probably hand a hand in crafting. It’s beautiful work, built to last for generations. This card always looks to me as if everyone else took off for the weekend or holiday, and this human is ‘moonlighting’.

In the center and the star of the show because he usually is wherever he goes is the energetic, restless Knight of Wands usually seen charging around on his horse but on the Morgan-Greer card stands ready for his orders (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius) shouldering a tool of his own trade, a thick, strong, wooden club. Today the helmet and faceguard of his armor and his yellow rubber-looking gloves remind me of a welding helmet and welder’s gloves emblazoned with the logo of the legendary salamander, long believed to be fireproof. He’s the guy for the job, he declares, and it won’t take him long, either. He’s not interested in spending any more time than necessary, he’s on to the next thing.

The craftsman on the 8 of Coins, Discs, Pentacles, or simply ‘money’ and all things of the Earth (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn)  is working away, blue sleeves rolled up, his blue collar peeking out from beneath his leather apron. He has his head down, his hammer and chisel in hand and is turning out beautiful carvings. We see examples of his completed work lining the walls of his shop or studio – he or she is consistent and productive yet  pays close attention to detail.

It’s looking good. Coming today is a contractor who lives near by who is retired and in his words, ‘stir crazy’ who we agreed yesterday would work today for 3 hours but is hoping for a regular thing. Although retired, it seems he’s still got enough of the Knight in him to want to DO something! He’s ‘moonlighting’ from his retirement. I like that. A great combination, that fired-up enthusiasm for the job and the dedication and consistency and downright love for the work to get it done, and not only get it done right, but make it special, and of course a lot of ideas about ways to do things I couldn’t even think of.

Which is good, I have a very long list.



22 December 18: Ace & Five of Wands

Is it worth it? This new thing, this new person, this new job, this new idea you’re so fired up about?

This is a pretty strong pair of cards. Each on its own has all the passion of the suit of Fire (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius) and both want what they want and want it now.

The Aces are always new beginnings or the opportunity or offer of something new, in this case, feeling a new enthusiasm or passion for something or someone. That’s how we know we’re alive and still interested, so I always love to see this card. The potential of this Ace is like handing you a match to start a fire or a seed to plant a tree.  Today the Ace is on the left, and the giant hand in the sky reaches down from the clouds to hand us a flaming torch. Someone’s all fired up and all turned on – Happy New Year! New ideas, new opportunities. It can be a rush, a great feeling, starting over. Enjoy it. This card is wanting to get going, already…once that torch starts burning, it’s pretty hard to control the fire. That’s exactly the issue at hand.

The argumentative, competitive 5 of Wands shows us 5 humans engaged in some kind of conflict or negotiation. Each brandishes their own ‘weapon’ which is basically just a stick and they look to be all the same size, so it seems to be a level playing field, as it were. It’s not any sort of straight out serious physical fight, just an ongoing, pain in the ass  atmosphere of never-ending competition and posturing and defending and parrying, like you do in fencing:

Sir, you are a worthy adversary. Touche!

Yes, your idea is a fine one, but what about this!

It’s a very aggressive, male-associated energy. These 5 humans when not at each other’s throats are actually a great team, and could actually be a team of some sort. This card is often about co-workers or co-creators. Back and forth is what they do. It’s their process.  A lot of creativity here,  potential for greatness. But they’re not getting anywhere as long as egos are in the way.


Somebody’s over it. The Ace of Wands has left the building, is on a plane and flying the hell away from all this, breaking away and starting over on his or her own. Or, here’s a whole new job or challenge you’re psyched up about, but there seems to be some back and forth as to how or when to make a move.

Nothing is better than that spark of inspiration, the new idea, the ‘fire in the belly’, as they say. Speaking of, someone may want a baby, and want one bad, and it may be the male that wants it more than the female. He’s pretty worked up if you know what I mean, all kinds of agitated. The 5 of Clubs often represents inner conflict, the ‘negotiators’ in your own head. Passion and fire and drive are all wonderful, but not without some kind of workable, realistic plan, and with the humans involved all feeling as strongly as they do about things individually, it doesn’t look like anyone is backing down from their positions.  Whatever this new, exciting ‘thing’ is, we all have to agree at some point on how to make it happen or how to proceed. This infighting is getting us nowhere, especially our own inner conflict: should you or shouldn’t you?

Too much trouble, says the Skyhand, flying solo on a bank of white, fluffy, peaceful-looking clouds away from the chaos. I don’t need this, and is taking his promising Ace elsewhere.  5+1=6 = the number of peace and Karma, and ‘removing himself (or herself) from the equation’ and starting over is his, hers, and/or theirs. Leave the others to their petty bickering. Conversely, a group may be considering inviting you in as a new member – and they’re arguing about it.  Some people in this group may not feel the need to incorporate any new ideas or members – especially female.

The 5 though, does warn that if you don’t want to be in this situation again, whatever it is you do decide to do may not be entirely smooth sailing either unless you pay close attention to details, methods, timetables and budgets – and especially your choice, if you have one, of teammates, co-workers or romantic partners. This is fighting and makeup sex, and of course we all know couples who thrive on that sort of relationship. Correction: used to. Like that flying Ace, I don’t find your relationship to be as entertaining as a spectator sport as you think it is. Bye, Felicia. There are 7. something billion people on the planet right now, I’m sure I’ll find somebody else who won’t give me such a hard time about every little thing. Happy New Year!


You’re hot but not that hot.







21 December 18: Queen of Wands & reversed Page of Cups

Kid gloves with the kid, whoever he or she is. I think I’m talking to a Mom today, or a teacher and a problem child. At least that’s one of a few little scenes I’m seeing possible here.

Little boo is an introvert – to say the very least. Poetic, artistic, sensitive and easily moved to tears, he may enjoy wearing his sister’s clothes. I call my little Pisces/Scorpio/Cancer Emo Kid. A young Page gazes into a gold cup set before him, fascinated with a weird little fish who has popped up out of his drink to tell him something. He sees dead people, has imaginary friends, and he’s either learning that it’s easier just be quiet around grownups and people in general or just not communicating at all. Reversed, this isn’t his or her best day – they could be rebellious ‘acting up’ or there could be more serious underlying emotional issues. He or she may be being bullied at school for their odd little ways, or just doesn’t ‘fit in’ with the rest of the family. If your kid is a water sign, we have a full winter moon in watery Cancer this weekend, so they may be a little ‘more’ than usual.

The Queen of Wands is the ‘ball of fire’ representing  Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. She is an encouraging and inspiring presence. She lights up the room, and has any situation well in hand. She likes to be in charge and we like her in charge. She was pretty much born to be in charge. The card of an actress, our Queen of Fire has all the pride of the Leo lion. You would never know there was any trouble at home, or that things weren’t altogether awesome in her world.

Which is sort of along the the lines of yesterday’s cards: this Queen may be internally processing emotions entirely new to her and going about her life as if everything is just fine, when emotionally, things are a little, or a lot, unstable right now. Pass on the open bar – relapse ahead. What is it that one of my muses, the great Dorothy Parker, said?

“I drank to drown my sorrows, but the damn things learned to swim”. Full Cancer Moon, You have been warned.

This could be something as basic as an age difference and/or communication style – someone’s bigger and brasher and more extroverted than the other. Of course, people work together whose differences compliment each other all the time, so that isn’t an issue. What is an issue is that our water sign, if not talking about a child or the Queen’s own inner emotional ‘awakening’ or ‘re-birth’ – is an adult with addictions or issues with their own sexuality that have interfered with or have affected their healthy, natural maturation process in some way.

In other words, somebody’s too old for this shit.

This compassionate but ‘tough love’ Queen is good to know.

If she is a teacher, she’s looking forward to a day off. If this is a Mom having a hard time with a special needs child, no one has to tell you how strong you are – they’re lucky to have you as a Mom, same if you’ve adopted.  If you or your kid is coming out, be proud. If you’re an intuitive, your mojo may be a little off.

If you don’t want a kid be careful, and if you, do be patient.

5 December 18: The Hanged Man & Queen of Cups

Grok. This pair I’ve so seldom seen I cruised a few of my many online sources for some fresh info. Tarot Verbatim (excellent site) used the fictional word ‘grok’ to describe the relationship between this psychic pair, citing legendary Sci-Fi author and major early influence (he used to roller-skate on Hollywood Boulevard when he was kid, too) Ray Bradbury as the inventor of the word, but in fact it was another genius, author Robert Heinlein.

This relationship is so rare and indescribable that Heinlein had to adopt a word from the Martian language to describe it: Grok, meaning, the assumption of a singular reality.

I am you, you are me. I see through your eyes, hear with your ears. We don’t need to talk. We meet in dreams. She gets me, says the Hanged Man, who has been hanging there for a long time in surrender, waiting for a sign.

The psychic Queen of Cups is sending and receiving telepathic signals herself. She looks up from her gold cup as if she’s hearing her name being called or whispered from the large, pale shell held up to her ear. She hears many things the rest of us don’t, but then again, we don’t often ‘tune in’ to listen. She’s standing by the vast, blue, ocean – the water behind her not still, but not choppy either – just little waves. It’s all about waves: sound, light, everything comes in waves. She knows this, and probably surfs.

The Hanged Man has found his high, quiet place in which to meditate and ‘tune in’ himself, far above the fray and madness. What sacrifices is he or she willing to make for this relationship, or any relationship? He seems to be meditating on the question. What does this mean? Is he sacrificing a romantic relationship altogether for some ‘higher calling’? This relationship is the higher calling, and worth any sacrifice.

The Hanged Man is a creative or an artist of some kind, a musician, a writer, who by nature, is forever seeking divine inspiration.  Indeed he could be sacrificing this relationship for his art or work, his ‘higher calling’, but only temporarily.  Neptune and Pisces influence this Hanged Man and all things dreamy, watery and of the subconscious, which is why this man hangs upside down. He wants to hear the Source above the white noise of the world – and his Source seems to be this Queen.

If he didn’t believe before, he does now. Here’s the Wikipedia definition:

Grokmeans to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed—to merge, blend, intermarry, lose identity in group experience. It means almost everything that we mean by religion, philosophy, and science and it means as little to us as color does to a blind man.”

Obviously this relationship is worth any ‘sacrifice’.

How often do you really grok with someone?

3 December 18: Ace of Wands & Four of Wands, reversed

 Go forth bravely from thy Comfort Zone. Wheels up in 20 minutes.

Aces are always ‘gifts from the sky’ that is, that ‘spark’ of initial inspiration and passion – wherever did that idea come from? This healthy, straight branch being presented to us from out of the clouds by the mysterious Skyhand of the Tarot is already starting to sprout and needs planting, quickly. Where? The Skyhand carrying the strong new sapling flies over a green woodsy looking forest landscape and a beautiful, calm blue lake. It’s like a view from a plane, and it looks like someone’s going somewhere – probably a last-minute decision, but an inspired one. Sagittarius, Leo and Aries are all of this restless suit of Fire, and like to travel fast and light.

The desirable Four of Wands is reversed today, that card of abundance and happy home. Four posts are planted in the ground strung with garlands, ribbons and flowers, like a garden party or wedding reception.  This is a very happy card, 4 being the number of stability (think the 4 legs on your chair). A beautiful, happy place, and although there are no humans on the Morgan-Greer card, usually pictured under the floral canopy are 2 dancing humans lifting bouquets or as they used to call them in olden tymes, nosegays (please somebody have a band called Nosegay) in celebration. These people are appreciating their home and each other.

Reversed, the stable, protective, reliable 4 has rutted the road from its 4 wheels taking the same route day in, day out for years. Alternatively, our happy home is unsettled and uncomfortable.

Somebody’s moving, wants to move, or needs to move. Your environment is not, as a late mentor used to say, ‘throwing you out into the Universe’.

Literally, ‘greener pastures’. The weather couldn’t be more different on these two cards, or the landscape. The Ace is fresh and new and green, the belly-up 4 is yellow and harsh, dry and barren except for the beautiful floral garlands that obviously did not grow there. The beautiful arrangement is manmade and handmade, tied with red ribbons, symbolizing the inspiration and passion that went into this picturesque place. We’ve had a lot of gatherings, parties, raised a family, made memories here but..

Suddenly inspired or invited to take a quick trip, you may find you want to move. This is such a drastic change in environment – and we see plenty of old growth down below from our bird’s eye view, pine trees and forests. It seems that this is the environment in which our new idea or passion will thrive. This is where the big trees grow.

If you have a penis, you may be traveling to ‘plant’ it somewhere new. Just saying. It wants to wander, but you know that.

Could be as simple as getting out of the house for a trip to the lake.

Always inspiring.