26 December 2018: The Emperor, Three of Cups & reversed Eight of Swords

Go out, already. More of a command than an invitation – you’d best show up. Especially if it comes from the man in charge, who may be an Aries, the sign of the suit of Fire which rules the Emperor, #4 of the Major Arcana.  He certainly has shown up in a lot of readings this year. He’s the boss of you, whether your father, employer, even a husband or partner – or you wish he was.  Whoever they are, we respect his authority and they are making you an offer that you can’t, or shouldn’t, refuse. It certainly looks like a good time, though. You won’t regret it. As a matter of fact, the way these three humans of the suit of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) look up from the table when you walk in, you may even be the guest of honor. This very much pleases the Emperor.

We know the poor, imprisoned human of the cold, windy 8 of Swords (Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) who stands alone, blindfolded and loosely bound in ropes, surrounded by her little homemade ‘jail’ made of swords – so flimsy it seems about to blow down. Swords are like words- double-edged and sharp. The Emperor has been known to have a rather fiery sword of a tongue, but the cuts have healed. We have a happy reunion here.

For some reason, he or she is free, willing and able to join the party today.  This person may have been laid up for some time. The female humans of the 3 of Cups sit together at a table, the remains of a fruit plate strewn all over the place. Huge wineglasses are set before them, and one of them even has hollyberries and a Christmas wreath on her head! How is it that I have never noticed that before?

The 8 of Swords sometimes means mental or physical rehabilitation or treatment. Someone may be out of the hospital and able to join the family for the holidays and it’s a happy occasion, possibly the Patriarch of the family, Father or Grandfather.

These girls sure look happy, and I have to wonder if someone’s celebrating a divorce or separation or being ‘freed’ from some sort of relationship, maybe a strict or controlling father or husband. Maybe you’re just ‘free’ for the day, or the holiday break. Or, you are now free to marry someone very important who fits that description, or finally free to work for someone who fits that description.

You are finally free to take control of your own life and destiny for some reason, and the champagne corks are poppin’.

I am paying particular attention the position of the cards: first the Emperor, then the 3 and the 8, left to right. The Emperor faces left and looks back, sword resting but in hand, as if guarding the future positions with vigilance – watching his back. The reversed, painful, victim of the 8 is free to go – her prison-bar swords and blindfold fall away. Now welcomed back out into the world, he or she needs to guard and protect this fragile new condition – he or she may want to borrow that armor bling from the Emperor.

If Father is in Spirit, he is free to watch over his girls/boys.

And he loves it when you guys talk about him, but only if you’re laughing.


31 October 18: Ace of Cups reversed & Eight of Swords

Emotionally unavailable. Or, someone is withholding affection. These two do not belong together at all, it’s a pretty uncomfortable picture…love wants to happen for someone, but it can’t.

The intellectual Swords are of the suit of Air (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) and solely of the mind.  They like logic and reason. Cold, hard facts.  The emotional Cups are our human hearts, all soft and squishy and soppy and messy representing the deep, emotional watery suits of Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. This would be such a different picture if I were to just get up and move to the other side of the table! The thing to do is to get these cards both to flip over, that would be progress.

The Eight of Swords is the ‘victim’ card. A blindfolded human stands in the center of a temporary ‘jail’ she’s created for herself from 8 long swords stuck into the ground around her in the shape of a circle. She is the only lonely, solitary human on this card, no one seems to be around to have helped her. She is loosely bound with ropes, why does she not escape? What’s her problem?

The Ace of Hearts is our cup overflowing. The offer of or beginning of a new love. A full heart. Hovering just outside the ‘jail bars’ is this glowing cup. Reversed, the contents drain away, wasted. Interesting to me visually are the streams that flow from the cup on this card from the Morgan-Greer deck: reversed, the straight, flowing streams also seem to form ‘prison bars’. Good Lord what the hell is the problem here? A perfectly fine-looking human with obvious passions of her own as we can see from the bright-red low cut dress she is wearing is prevented for reasons unknown to us from being ‘free’.  There is love, but she doesn’t see it or doesn’t want to. That’s a big-ass cup, too, a huge, overfilled golden goblet. It won’t fit through the prison bars, she has to come out to get it. Why is she fighting this? Behind her on a mountain looking down at this silly scene is a rather imposing, dark, Gotham-style city or castle, or even a real prison. The one she’s in now is all in her mind – a temporary structure at best. It is not meant to protect her from anything, and certainly won’t from her own mind and heart.

Has she broken away from this dark place physically but not yet mentally?

I have no time for this victim mentality. I’m turning them over.

There. See? Now the ropes have fallen off, the blindfold has fallen away, the swords are dislodged from the sand. She is free to go. The  SkyHand of the Tarot emerges from the clouds and hands her the upright glorious golden flowing cup as a beautiful white dove hovers overhead.

My work is done here.


This Ace is pure love waiting to be ‘born’, possibly even literally, requiring some restrictions on Mom, who may have even been prescribed enforced bedrest whether she likes it or not.


18 October 18: Eight of Swords, reversed

Free your mind, and the rest will follow.  This angst-ridden card of self-limitation is an interesting draw after yesterday’s, and I’m actually glad to see it today in reverse.

This sharp card of Air (Gemini/Libra/Aquarius) is described ad nauseam in the WordPress archives and the image is uncomfortable: a human stands on a deserted shore, eight swords stuck in the sand in a circle shape around her forming ‘prison bars’ that are spaced far enough apart that she could certainly squeeze out if she wanted to. She is also loosely bound with ropes that she could easily slip out of. But the blindfold she wears tells us she isn’t even looking for a way out of this situation. Why not? Is it that hopeless?

Some people are more comfortable with the ‘devil they know’ than the ‘devil they don’t’. The job is shitty, but at least it’s a job. This relationship is shitty, but at least I’m not alone (even though she looks pretty lonely to us). I hate living here, but where else is there to go? Well you’ll never know, lady, if you don’t take the blindfold off and look.

Yesterday’s beautiful and talented but reversed Queen of Cups showed us someone who has everything going for her but is limited by her insecurity, emotional instability, laziness and behavior. I dedicate this morning’s card and x-tra large Circle K cup of Organic Dark Roast Mexico to her.

Reversed, the swords as prison bars have fallen away. The blindfold has fallen off, and the ropes drop.  She realizes now there never were any ‘prison bars’ except those of her own making in her own mind. She was blind to the opportunities all around her. This is no easy thing for our human, all this freedom. The Number 8 means she’s ‘had the power all along’.

It’s possible, of course, that this is a release from some kind of physical restriction or bondage, even a hospital stay involving some physical therapy of some kind, or an actual release from prison or jail.

Either way, this is an important and welcome message. Subconsciously or consciously, most of the time, we impose our own restrictions on ourselves, and only we can ‘break ourselves out’.

The good news is you have the power.







5 October 18: Seven of Clubs & Eight of Swords

Staying out of jail. The Eight of Swords ( Air =Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) is ‘the jail card’ but more often than not, it’s more about self-imprisonment and self-limitation, the ‘prison’ of one’s own mind. A human stands in the wind, blindfolded and loosely tied up with ropes. She stands in the center of a circle of 8 swords stuck into the ground forming ‘jail bars’ (Morgan-Greer deck). The ropes are loose – or are they tightening? The ‘bars’ of Swords are far enough apart for her to sneak through and escape – or are they closing in?

The fiery Seven of Clubs or Wands (Sagittarius/Leo/Aries) shows us a human who stands on higher ground defending himself, holding a long club across his chest protectively, and we see the tops of 6 more clubs below and assume they’re being carried by a crowd.  It’s like when they came for Frankenstein. They could be torches, there’s so much fire in this card. We see at least more than half of the tops of the clubs he faces from those below, so the I hope the high ground he’s standing on is high enough.


Well then! No need to turn on the news today, back to work.


5 July 18: Eight of Swords

False imprisonment. What a strange way to read this card. This is a ‘jail’ card, but generally speaking only if surrounding cards would support literal ‘jail’ (Justice, Judgement, or a lawyer card, for example) in a reading.

This card of the suit of Air (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) speaks of imprisonment and restriction. Most of the time it is a ‘prison of our own making’ (again, previously written about in the archives).

‘Air’ in the Tarot is sharp and clean, like the metal of the Swords. What we need is a sharp, clean, clear mind. On this card, the Swords are loosely stuck into the ground in a circle around a blindfolded woman who stands in the center. That’s not what Swords are for..they’re made for action. She is tied up, but there are no knots, and she could easily slip out of her ropes if she tried. The swords that surround her are spaced widely enough apart for her to squeeze out in between them, yet she doesn’t. We see a castle or city behind her in the distance, but not so far away that she can’t get to it.

The mighty number 8 gives her the power and strength to do whatever she/he wants. As a matter of fact, she obviously built her ‘prison’ herself, because the beach where she stands is windblown and desolate, not another soul in sight. She wears a red gown (red = passion) which is being blown and wind-whipped, a bit of her hem even blowing out from between her prison ‘bars’ as if his/her passions are straining to ‘break free’ (Morgan-Greer).

So, we know this is a ‘prison’ of one’s own making.

We know someone is ‘holding themselves hostage’ for some reason.

The question is why. 

This is not a ‘safe’ place. As easily as she can get out, someone else can get in.

Her head.


This card also makes me want to look into how August (8th month) will be affecting Air signs (Libra cusp here) and possible areas of restriction –  it’s monsoon season and yes, There Will Be Wind.