14 February 19: Four of Swords & King of Coins & Seven of Swords

Nobody ever called Pablo Picasso an Asshole* is a lyric from a song back in the day by a band called Jonathan Richmond & the Modern Lovers (great name for Valentine’s Day), and when I came across this little gem (KEEN articles) I thought some of you people whose mail and  messages sometimes pile up may appreciate this :

It is said that Pablo Picasso painted his masterpiece Les Demoiselles D’Avignon with the Four of Swords affixed to his studio door. 

..and he didn’t even HAVE a phone! So the 4 of Swords (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) today in past position is like the little card hanging on the hotel doorknob you flip over when you don’t want to be disturbed before they disturb you anyway. There may have been a period of extended rest and stillness that has been valuable and restorative.

What is the purpose of retreat, rehabilitation, rest, reflection, recovery, all meanings of the 4 of Swords. Swords are mental, 4 is stability. Peace, although this card is often referred to as a card of ‘truce’, that is, a temporary peace, not a permanent one.

If it’s grounding, healing, health and balance, we couldn’t have a better card in the present position in the solid, steady  King of Earth (Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn). Secure, confident,  rooted to his favorite spot in his lush, abundant vineyard, vines and purple clusters of grapes hang all over him.  If this isn’t you, this is someone who is a good person to have in control of things. Honest as the day is long, reliable, successful, he’s the ‘common sense’ King. He’s slow as gravity, being of the Earth, and doesn’t make quick decisions or ‘quick’ anything at all. This not only works for him but has worked for him (or her) so well, he’s the King. When he was but a Knight, his shield was engraved with the image of a tortoise (Scapini deck).

Thinks of Coins (earth)  and Swords (air) as tortoises and hares.

The Thief seems to not want to go away until we get the message, and in the future position once again, the 7 of Swords shows us someone stealing away from the crowd with whatever he can get – and once again in the future position he faces backwards, not forwards.  This though, I get as a very positive outcome: this needs to be a regular thing, this ‘stealing away’. The thief on the card does not steal all of the swords, but leaves 2, taking 5. As in:

‘Just give me 5 minutes.

The ‘takeaway’ from this reflective and restorative period of retreat was that this needs to be a regular thing – a permanent lifestyle change.  This can be seen as a selfish card, but look at that homebound King of Coins. This is a card of a successful home business, and you could be ‘gathering information’ as the sneaky swords like to do, taking ideas that work for you and leaving the rest. You may be researching ideas as to how to expand or franchise, having realized and accepted that you function better in your own environment and that’s where you do your best work, so let them call you selfish, stubborn, secretive, anything they want, but now you know what you need – and don’t need – to do your best and it’s serving you well. So put your mask on first and ‘steal’ some ‘you’ time. The ‘ratio’ of home time to social time may be the change to make, or lying low both on social media and In Real Life, consciously limiting your online time to a couple of hours a day and spending more time in nature or working with your hands. Does a mind and body good. In any case, when you feel that anxiety (the 7 is an anxious card) you know what to do. Get back to that happy place and re-charge.

Of course, this is the card of the thief, but it looks like whoever is in charge of the money is well in control, and if it’s you, you’re doing a great job.


Nobody steals from Picasso.





24 January 19: Ten of Wands reversed & King of Coins & The Chariot reversed

A successful life. Ask 10 people what their idea of ‘success’ is and they’ll tell you 10 different things. Better yet, ask them when they’re 16, ask again when they’re 30, and ask again when they’re 60. Better ask again when they’re 80.

My Dad came to me in a dream over the summer and who knows how these nocturnal conversations start, but I remember it went something like:

“You can do whatever you want whenever you want, right?”

“Yeah.” I said.

“Well, you’re successful.”

He was, of course, very simply correct. But it may not have always been this way for our most welcome King of Earth (Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn) who is at the center of this little spread in the present position. The King, basically, doesn’t have to work anymore if he doesn’t want to. This King, like his Queen, holds a large gold coin in his lap as he sits in his vineyard with fat, ripe clusters of grapes heavy on the vines that grow up and around him. His gold helmet (much more practical than a silly crown) has horns, like the Taurean bull. New green leaves sprout from either side of the helmet – this King  has ‘money coming out of his ears’. Carefully cultivated and maintained over the years which took a hell of a lot of work, he or she can now enjoy the fruits of their labor, literally. There will be a regular, consistent harvest every year from now on – this can mean some kind of passive income, even a social security check or some kind of retirement benefit.

In the past, though, look at this poor human of the heavy, burdensome 10 of Wands. Upright, this person has taken on way too much, and probably has – or rather had – a hell of a time saying no to anything, feeling like they had to take everything that came along to the point of physical exhaustion or straight up burnout. This workaholic is so engrossed in his or her work they’ve lost sight of the original goal, the bundle of branches so huge and heavy they block his view as he staggers along, oblivious to the beautiful blue sky above him. Reversed, those days are gone, period. But boy did they pay off.

In the future position is the Chariot, the ‘fast track’ to success, indicating movement, journeys, travel, and having to keep everything together, like the driver who guides the two horses of the Chariot, and it’s a tough task. This card is ruled by emotional Cancer, and also represents our own emotional state and self-control. Reversed, there may be  opportunity or offer to travel for work, or even many. Wands like to travel, and it looks like from the reversed 10 in the past position and the reversed Chariot in the future, that King isn’t going anywhere. He can now afford not to.

This is a truly successful human being not just because he managed to make him or herself a lot of money, but is also well grounded, has solid values, good character, and respect. He also looks pretty young for a King, but people are staying younger a lot longer these days.

Or, I’m getting my car looked at today, and although it has a ton of miles on it, I hope Dr. V doesn’t find anything fatal.




9 November 18: King of Coins & 5 of Coins

I can help says this King of Earth, money, worldly goods, loans, and finances which is  welcome news for the poor, cold, wandering couple of the flat-broke 5 of Coins.

The King of Coins is a solid, stable, Taurean  earthbound energy. On the Morgan-Greer card he is quite serious and looks us straight in the eye. It may be the greenest card in the deck, he wears a warm green hoodie to match the lush, deep green of the grapevines that wind almost protectively around him. Huge, ripe, clusters of purple grapes hang from these vines he planted long ago and will continue to bear fruit long after he is gone. He is a wise investor, this King. Even his crown is practical, a peaked gold protective helmet with bull’s horns sprouting even more green leaves. No froufrou jeweled silly ornamental tiara for this no-nonsense King. If he has any jewelry it’s probably in a safe-deposit box. He is often referred to as King Midas, who, when granted ‘the vain prayer’, his wish for the ability to turn everything he touched into gold,  realized too late he’d royally f*****up when he couldn’t eat a 24 carat pizza. But I don’t recall ever having referred to him as King Midas, because Taureans are much more practical than that. They wouldn’t have believed in ‘wishing’ for anything in the first place, they know better. Steady, logical and long-term security-minded as well as concerned with all things having to do with physical health, I doubt this King would have not thought that through.

The familiar couple on the lonely, olde, traditional 5 of Coins are in trouble. They are wandering and homeless, down on their luck, and its taking a toll on their health, or it certainly will if relief doesn’t come soon. Traditionally, the pair wander through the snow past a warmly lit stained-glass window of what we assume to be a church, and wonder why they don’t go in and get out of the snow? Are they unwanted? The Morgan-Greer card does not picture them wandering, but the pair have morphed into a nun or nurse who comforts a bleeding, bandaged, battered little human who has fallen, exhausted, into her arms, and the gray stone building with the glowing window could be a hospital. This is a painful card. Things aren’t good. We’re feeling hopeless, and don’t know where to turn. We feel like we may lose everything if we haven’t already.

If there were any 2 cards I’m happy to see fall out of the deck together, it’s certainly this pair. This King is a successful business type who can certainly help, but will also seriously take into consideration how you wound up in this uncomfortable position in the first place. His advice and guidance is worth $$$ in the long run, but he’s not King Midas. He turns money into land and land into food, wine, cannabis, and so on and so on, he’s a long-term guy.

I always get the vibe on the olde tyme cards that the couple are ‘shunned’ for some reason. ‘Ostracized’ is a word often used when describing these sad people , rejected for any reason from disapproval of a same-sex marriage or marrying outside of the prevailing common faith or family tradition to falling from their social class, as in, no one calls us since we can’t afford the golf club membership anymore or, if I marry you Dad says I’m out of the family.

There is help, but only for what you need, says the King  (who worked his way up from Royal Accountant) not for tiaras and golf course memberships.

He already has a budget and a plan, and if they’re smart, they’ll re-assess their values and position in life. He represents a comfortable retirement – nothing flashy, just his earthly needs met.

In the Salvador Dali deck, Dali, a Taurus, paints himself as the King of Coins keenly aware that it is his own dedicated, physical earthly efforts with his own two human hands that manifests his imagination into art into money, which he liked – a lot. There’s more where that came from.

Which is good because wifey, the Queen of Coins, notoriously has a grand time spending it all.









27 June 18: King of Coins & Ace of Swords

Sound financial advice or a contract of some sort from a solid, successful businessman or woman is one of the situations this pair – who like each other a lot – could be talking about today.

The King of Pentacles/Coins represents  the suit of the Earth and associated astrological signs Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn. This King has money. Lots and lots of money, as he has worked very hard and managed very well. He is pictured looking us straight in the eye, a large gold disc held on his lap as if patiently waiting and watching  for the next promising investment opportunity. On his gold helmet are the horns of a bull (Taurus), as he can certainly be as stubborn as one. He relaxes in a mature vineyard under vines heavy with purple clusters of ripe grapes. The tendrils of the vines are starting to grow over him, and will continue to grow for generations. Traditional ways and means have served this King well. He values long-term security, not just for himself but also for his or her family and friends.

The almighty Ace Of Swords is extreme power and clarity of mind. A cold blast of air, (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) it is pure intellect, and emotion has no place here. This is the card that ‘cuts through the fog’ as it is said. Alongside the King of Coins, this is someone who could be some kind of business manager or financial advisor – even a lawyer – who is respected and powerful in his field. This could be you coming into a lot of money and needing to keep a clear head as to how to spend it – or not.  Possibly a contract or offer from someone very successful – look sharp, as they say, and keep in mind that this is your ‘superior’ and expects to be and is used to being treated with the respect he or she deserves…if you want the gig, that is.

Assess your long-term ‘worth’ with a clear head, realistically, and if you need an advisor, get one.  Making the investment in a good business manager, accountant or lawyer will save a lot in the long run.

You wouldn’t take out your own tonsils, would you?




17 March 18: Rey De Oros/King of Coins

You have achieved much, sire. Yes he has. What a fun card to read in the Dali deck. Of course, Salvador portrays himself as this King, comfortably resting back on an ornate, heavy Spanish chair carved from dark wood, with red velvet cushions and rich gold fringe. His eyes are closed and he is napping, iconic mustache impeccably upturned as if, when sleeping, his antennae are never down. In fact, above his head is a dreamy bubble in which a bull seems to be sleeping. Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, Marquis of Dalí de Púbol, known professionally as Salvador Dalí, was a Taurus himself, and he is himself the bull of his dream. His feet are up, and the large golden pentacle we usually see in the lap of this financially and materially successful King of Earth is not earthbound at all, but seems to float in the air at his side as he sleeps. Genius. He sleeps as his legendary pet leopard sleeps beside his chair, leashed. In the air floating all around him in his dream are round shapes that upon closer look are Dali’s own paint-stained fingerprints. The background is a blank canvas. Dali painted his dreams, and his dreams turned into money.  A vivid slash of purple, like a thread, connects his dream-bubble to his resting feet.

Now the other thing about Dali, who was a member of the original Rat Pack of revolutionary Spain and wining it up with the likes of Picasso and the great poet Federico-Garcia Lorca was that he liked money. He wife Gala was major in propelling Dali to international Amadeus-like rock stardom and money was just fine with him, if not so cool with some of his revolutionary contemporaries who the great Mexican artist Frida Kahlo dubbed “Las Cacas Grandes” (the big shits) after her visit to Paris. That was just the thing they were revolting against, back in the day.  The film “Little Ashes” is one of my favorites about this crew and time.

So. Dali. King of Coins, definitely. So this man, or woman, is well established and much accomplished. Excellent businessperson. He doesn’t mind a nap, that’s where his best ideas come from. Ideas = money, created with his own two hands and ten paint-stained fingers. It is interesting (and rather obvious) that in this deck he also portrays himself as the Magician of the Major Arcana.

This person, this business man or woman, manager, or financial adviser knows his stuff. You could be offered a promotion or mentoring by someone very important who you could learn a lot from. This person may be willing to invest or loan you some start up money – but the thing about this King is that he’s essentially very conservative with money, and would be the type to maintain a rather dull stock portfolio, but it sure seems to work for him. No risky investments.

Slow and sleady, like the Taurus bull.





27 Feb 18: King of Coins/Pentacles/Discs

Your generosity and wisdom are legendary, your grace. This King of Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) is calm and composed on his throne, a large gold coin in his lap. He is as grounded and solid as a bull, and in fact his golden helmet sprouts Taurean horns wreathed in green leaves. He is well established, well respected, and the go-to King for business advice. He is self-made, and has patiently and steadily worked his way up to the throne, having amassed quite the fortune for himself.  He is patient and loyal. A very traditional kind of  guy. Doesn’t believe in what he can’t touch, see, hear, taste or feel. Dressed in green, vines hanging with purple clusters of ripe grapes wrap around him,  almost taking over. He doesn’t even have to move to amass fortune at this point, as he is probably a wealthy property owner and has many leases or tenants and collects and banks checks. Oh, he’ll make what he sees as a solid, well-timed,foolproof investment from time to time but don’t expect to see him at the racetrack very often.

This King (Morgan-Greer deck) in his right hand holds a golden stick, rod, or wand topped with a golden orb, suggesting a link to the Divine, and the ability to manifest earthly matter. This King has a special relationship to the earth and could easily be a wise old gardener – a very rich man indeed. The old wise man who you thought was the gardener but after he passed away you found out he was in fact the owner of all 500,000+ acres.  Taking the divine (gold) and spinning into earthly wealth (green) is what this King does, which is ironic, since he himself would be the last person to see it that way.

I think of Mike Tyson, buying a town, building and investing in much-needed medical cannabis research and hiring a staff of Veterans to do it.

That’s royal.

Oh yes, another thing: he sometimes warns of earthquakes. Told me to tell you that.