8 September 18: King of Cups & 2 of Cups, reversed

Emotionally unavailable. To say the least. This King of the watery suit of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) is the most compassionate, loving King in the deck. Generous and kind, he truly has affection for his people. This is a man of deep feeling, but he is a grown-ass King, and has control over his emotions – his heart does not rule his head. Cups correspond with the hearts of a standard poker deck, and with our own hearts, as they represent our emotions.

The beautiful, romantic 2 of Cups is of the same suit of the heart, a card of love – the feeling is mutual. 2 is a partnership or commitment, and we see 2 lovers offering their cups to one another as they look into each other’s  eyes. It’s beautiful, this balance of energies. Their faces are solemn. They are being married, or making some sort of commitment…

Insert record-player-needle-scratch sound effect here.

Don’t do it. The King is out of control. We don’t know why, but it’s serious. He’s let his emotions get the best of him and is, well, out of his mind. He may even have very serious drug, alcohol or emotional problems when it comes to relationships.  Because of this he (or she) can be very manipulative – they know how to push your buttons. This would be a marriage made in hell for one or both of them, they’re in no way ready.

Which is a shame. Both of these people need to learn to communicate on another level. I can see both getting emotional, then he/she gets mean, then he/she starts crying, then back to square one, but I’d have to say it’s the water sign that needs help here (or someone with a lot of water in their chart). We see on the card the choppy ocean behind him, and he usually manages to ‘keep his waters calm’ but at present he’s ‘drowning in his own tears’. Maybe one or both of them have to sober up.

It’s a hot mess.



10 July 18: King of Cups, reversed

Respect my authority.

Fuck you.


This card is making me physically queasy. This King shouldn’t be King at all.

Upright, this King is the compassionate and archetypical kind, loving Father figure. He is of the emotional suit of Water (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer), and  pictured  seated on his throne (Morgan-Greer) with a thoughtful expression on his face holding his gold cup in his right hand, his gold scepter in his left.

Cups correspond with hearts in a poker deck, and they do represent the heart, love and emotion – and in OG Tarot, the Ace of Cups is said to represent the womb, specifically the womb of Mary – but which Mary? A-HA! (Cartoon Einstein voice).

This King is responsible for maintaining a certain amount of security and the emotional stability and well-being of the realm. He’s the King, after all, and we love and admire him for that. As we can see, he is calm and serene although the water under him and behind him is choppy and unstable.

Reversed, this King who should be ruling from his heart is not. He is a manipulative, miserable bastard who is so emotionally and sexually confused and repressed it’s scary and I don’t even want to see this guy after a couple of drinks. He’s in over his head.


On another level, you may be being offered kind advice – possibly regarding a creative project – by someone who means well. This could be Dad or a Father-figure type, or you’ve cast someone in that role in your life. You may have outgrown the need for this person’s well intended (or not) advice.










4 April 18: Page of Coins, Eight of Cups, King of Cups, reversed

The grass is no greener. Amazing. I did a long reading and a full layout for someone last night and these 3 cards could have told the whole story, or at least the important part.

We have 2 people here. The card on the left is the young and eager Page of Pentacles, serious, dedicated, studious. But he is a Page, and a long way from being established. Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn earth energy is here, and there’s nothing complicated about this person. He’s a good, honest, down to earth, practical soul. Holding his single gold coin, he wears a uniform suggesting a cadet or student of some kind, or  a member of a team of some kind. He stands alert and at attention.

Center we have the Eight of Cups, cups being of the heart, our emotions. A caped figure abandons eight gold cups. Why? Where is this person going? Do they see no chance of real emotional or spiritual fulfilment where they are with this present person or job? Is this person or company too ‘young’ for them, or possibly hasn’t developed at the rate they/it were expected to? Have you outgrown the position, and see no further advancement? The Page is facing left in this layout which caught my eye, the figure who wanders off to seek fulfillment and their true place in the world is moving to the right, away from a stagnant pool out through rocks and cliffs to the open ocean. I know it’s out there somewhere, this person says. I’ve given my all here yet I’m deeply unsatisfied. They don’t get it.

So we have an offer. From a King, no less! An established man who could even be a doctor or a CEO. He’s a King, so he’s up there. Piscean/Cancer/Scorpion energy around this dreamy-eyed King of Cups, serenely holding his royal golden goblet as he stands before a choppy green sea. Emotions are watery, wobbly things than can go from peacefully placid to churning and uncontrollable in an instant. Here’s the massive problem with this King: he’s upside down. He’s no way in control of his own self or anything else. He may be a serious alchoholic. He’s making an offer, but to take it would be a mistake.  He’s making promises he can’t keep, and may or may not know it. He’s offering what is not his to offer, whether he knows it or not. The man is unstable, therefore his ‘kingdom’ or company is unstable as well. He may be older, and probably is. Don’t do it.

This is a pretty a clear-cut message for a general reading (all three fell out of the shuffle). Essentially we agree that someone is not happy, not fullfilled, not satisfying the deepest part of themselves with their life choices or partners, whether work-related or personally. Someone’s ready for something a little bit more colorful or an ‘upgrade’ in their lives, but this isn’t it.

I would read this for someone who is ready to jump from one relationship to another  and may find themselves in over their head, like the drowning, reversed King of Cups.

Wipe the vaseline off the lens and take a second look at this. There is a whole world of options out there, you know.

This King is offering you an empty cup.