8 February 19: Seven of Swords & Five of Swords & Four of Wands

Protection. Someone has your back, for once. Something went down, and something is going down, but the good news is it’s the last battle.

In the past position and slinking off with what looks like his tail between his legs (it’s just his sash hanging down, but today it’s plainly his tail between his legs) is the Thief. Somebody’s been creepin’, sneakin’ and stealin’ in broad daylight. Not necessarily or only money, but any sort of intellectual property or your ideas  –  your livelihood.  This cowardly slime sneaks away with 5 swords, leaving 2 behind. On some versions of the card the thief is looking back as if he intends to come back for them later: on the Morgan-Greer card his head is down, he does not want to be seen. No one is even looking for or at him or her, and he does this on the regular.  They’ll be happy with the 2 that are left, he mutters to himself as makes off with his haul.

It’s like going out in the morning to get the eggs out from under the chicken and there’s an egg and you think, fine, and then find out someone’s been sneaking out and stealing 2 before you even get up, and it’s your own dog. With his tail between his legs.

This is notoriously the ‘Card of the Thief’ but also the ‘lone wolf’ card, a card of avoiding  or ‘shrinking away’ from confrontation. Of course, the actor’s part in the play depends on who the other players are, and now we have even more swords to deal with on the in -your – face 5 (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius). This  confrontation has not only happened but isn’t exactly over, although as we can see on the card, the sun is setting on the situation. This wasn’t and isn’t pretty. Everyone on the card looks blue and drained, 3 humans on their knees, their swords tossed down in defeat. However, I don’t get today that the hooded figure in the foreground is the bad guy, which is weird, but I get that he chased off the creep on the 7. Harsh, you bet. The next card is the ‘jail card’, the 8 of Swords, and the thief best not show his face around these parts again.

This is some behind-the-scenes hostage negotiations kind of shit. Both humans have hidden their faces. We don’t know what’s going on here, but as long as the Thief stays in the past – he literally looks like he’s just glad to get away with what he’s gotten away with at this point — all will be well. Very well. The hero of the 5, his dark hood covering the upper part of his face, gives me a Batman vibe. He is a professional, and seems to have the thief on the run: lawyer, accountant, hit man.

I could break my head over this but I don’t have to because no matter what’s gone down or going down, Batman has come to your defense and there couldn’t be a better future card, the ’11:11′ card, the joyous, celebratory 4 of Wands. 4 is a number of security, stability and protection, and today I get more of a warm homey vibe (the suit of Fire: Aries, Sagittarius, Leo) rather than a celebratory party vibe, which is also what this card is about. Weddings, showers, friends and family, homecomings. Usually we see a couple of humans dancing under party decorations, arms uplifted, shoes kicked off and letting the good times roll but on the Morgan-Greer card the flowers are fresh, the garden looks beautiful, and our happy place is waiting.


Worth the fight.



14 November 18: Five of Swords & Eight of Swords reversed

Somebody got the message. I won’t try to calculate the odds of having the same card show up for 2 days in row. There are 78 cards in this (Morgan-Greer) deck and at the track that would be called a longshot and that’s all the math I know. That and pool table astrology: squares, angles, and if you spin English, planetary reversals.

Yesterday we had the nasty battle on the 5 of Swords beside the detached Hanging Man, suspended from his branch gently blowing in the breeze trying to stay above it all. Today in place of the Hanging Man we have another upside-down human on the windy, uncomfortable Eight of Swords.

Today we’re free from this nasty person or fight or at least not letting it mess with our heads anymore. Swords are of the suit of Air (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) and of the mind, and this has been a whole lot of mental stress.

The Eight of Swords is the ‘jail’ card and the card of self-limitation. Imagined ‘prisons’ or real ones. If I were to read this card as the next page of a story, I’d say someone is coming out of that ‘Hanging Man’ stage, like a butterfly out of a cocoon, or coming out of hibernation. I feel like a whole new bird, says the Common Poorwill, the only known hibernating bird,  I can’t wait to get up and show all the other birds that new winter nest design I dreamt about.

What’d I miss?

Yesterday’s Hanged Man was up there voluntarily and gladly suffered  for his enlightenment. Most of the time this is a condition we bring upon ourselves for whatever reason – even if referring to actual, physical incarceration.  The Eight of Swords is a famous ‘victim card’: there are a lot of ‘innocent’ people in jail.  I can’t do this because of that, because of him, because of her. Which is bullshit, of course. I sometimes call this the “You had the power all along, Dorothy” card. But what did you learn when you were ‘trapped’ in Oz, Dorothy?

The Hanged man yesterday took the high road, literally, because there was nothing else he could do. He stayed above it all, and it was the waiting, the stillness, that brought him his greatest inspiration.

It’s like the Chinese river-rock thing. When there’s a rock, the river can’t flow through it, so it flows around it however it can. It may be dammed up here and there, but the flow will flow.

Today, reversed, the 8 swords that formed the ‘prison bars’ fall away and she is free to go. She is a victim no more, and he or she could even have actually served time with someone fighting their case.  It wasn’t an easy fight, and in the quiet of the aftermath of the battle, surrendered swords lie on the beach as the sun sets.

I get a feeling of sad, tired relief with this pair.

It’s like someone who never should have been there in the first place was let out of jail after ‘winning’ a long fight and walks out gray and haggard and worn. All I have are the clothes on my back, he says,  and I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I’m free and that’s all that matters. The astrological sign of Aquarius likes freedom, and the planet Venus rules beauty,  and both have been associated with the harsh, sharp 5 of Swords, not so strange when you stop to think that those are things people do fight for.  It’s beautiful to be free, the former ‘inmate’ realizes. I will not make the same mistake again.

What’d I miss?