18 September 18: Strength & Four of Swords

Replenish your strength. Time to settle down a bit after a busy summer? The Strength card is number 8 of the Major Arcana, and actually is a summery-looking card in the Morgan-Greer deck. Under a hot yellow sky, green palm trees, and what look to be a couple of volcanoes a woman sits in a green field wearing a white, billowy, summery dress with a garland of flowers in her hair. She is calmly and gently closing the jaws of a huge, snarling lion at her side. Incredibly, the lion does not attack or bite, but is soothed by her voice, her manner, and her quiet determination. He is tamed. Suggesting the astrological sign Leo and the 8th month of August, summer’s over. This card can literally mean strength, as in your actual physical strength and health.

The 4 of Swords (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) shows us a Knight – almost always on horses and in motion in the Tarot, except for that slow-ass Knight of Coins, whose horse just stands there – resting, sleeping or deceased. He is in a stone building, and through the window we can see the sky has darkened to a misty, streaked, cloudy indigo color. Burnt-orange colored oak leaves sprout from a fallen tree. Swords demand action, but this Knight’s swords are hung up for now. 4 is the number of stability, and this human needs stabilizing.

This means chill out and rest of your own free will or wind up in a hospital bed with a nice nurse patiently prying your jaws open to give you your meds. This could be suggesting someone temporarily ‘asleep’ while the dentist works.

Hibernate. Get a massage. Retreat, spend some quiet time with your dog. Or cat. But stay rested, you need your strength.


14 September 18: Ace of Swords

Nothing but the truth. No matter what the President’s fat-assed diamond-pinkie-ring wearing ‘lawyer’ says, it’s not “truth isn’t truth”,  it’s the simple TRUTH. This mighty Ace does not fuck around, and truth, as we all know, is a double-edged sword. This Sword is about to fall and cut the crap, and the truth is a funny thing:  like a lie, or like a domino, once one truth is exposed, there’s another, then another. This Ace is the first link in the chain. Hard and metallic, this is a cold blast (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius), a harsh wind that blows away all fog and clouds leaving only the naked, unobscured Truth, a powerful weapon indeed.

The truth hurts

…some people.



6 September 18: Seven of Swords

A Secret Strategy. The number 7 is a number of Faith. It’s also a challenging, odd number – not quite the 8, nor the 6. You can’t see electricity, you just assume it’s there and when you plug in a lamp it’s going to work.

The classic image on this card of the suit of Air (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) shows us a human making off with 5 swords over his/her shoulder with 2 left standing alone, stuck in the sand. Some images show him looking back to a city/town/camp behind him in the distance as he sneaks away  He’s outta there.  No one will notice for awhile.The landscape looks desolate. Why is he breaking away from the rest and where is he going? On the Morgan-Greer card he’s intense and moving quick, head down, looking straight ahead.

The card is mostly yellow, which is a strong, positive color. So this mysterious loner has complete faith in his own agenda, his own motivation and his own plan but is holding his cards close to the chest, as it were. It is interesting that the swords he carries are in the dark, while the ones he leaves behind are in the light, like the tip of an iceberg.

This is also the card of a spy or secret service.

This human has faith in what they’re doing, why they’re doing it and that their methods are justified.

Stealth or rogue? 







5 September 18: Justice

Balance. Justice sits upon her throne, her scales in her left hand and her ever-present Sword of Justice in her right. However, the scales are not even – one is higher than the other. There is imbalance and injustice here, and she’s not having it. Somebody needs to make shit right, whether with someone else or in their own mind:

“Justice has two aspects: the outer, which rules our moral and social life, and the inner, which rules our consciousness. that is to say, man face to face with himself.” *

This card is ruled by Libra, and we’re coming up into Libra season at the end of the month.

This is a card of Karma, so you’re either dispensing Justice or being judged. Be fair and honest in all you do, with everyone. With yourself. This card wants you to look at your own ‘life balance’. What’s out of whack?


Hope they find an orange jumpsuit that fits his fat ass.



-from The Tarot: Art, Mysticism and Divination by Sylvie Simon.

4 September 18: 8 of Swords & Ace of Coins

Don’t settle. We’re in real-time today. After drawing a couple cards and getting my coffee thing together I started receiving a stream of texts from a friend who is in one mother of a shitty divorce with a tweaker who needs time on ice or a beatdown or both. Not her, him.

The Eight of Swords (by this time, I think every card is described in the archives somewhere, but like little actors their roles are somewhat changeable depending on the movie and who else is in it) is a picture of a woman standing on a desolate beach, blindfolded. She is bound in ropes, but loosely bound, and we can see that she could just drop them if she wanted to and we wonder why she doesn’t. Stuck in the sand are 8 swords that form a circle around her, forming sort of a cage. This is commonly known as a ‘jail card’ and can literally mean jail, but more often this is a card of self-imprisonment or self-imposed restriction, a prison of your own making in your own mind (swords = air = Libra/Gemini/Aquarius). No one is restricting her, the ropes are loose. Her gown is red, the color of passion, here restrained. Part of her crimson dress is blowing through the ‘prison bars’ as if wanting to break free, yet she does not. When this card comes up we have to consider where we’re holding ourselves back and why.

Ah, but the second card, the glorious Ace of Coins, being an Ace, announces an offer of a new beginning. Coins are of the Earth (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn) and refer to the material world in general. We’re talking serious ‘abundance’ here, all the riches this planet has to offer. The huge, shiny gold coin is being offered to our blindfolded friend from a bank of white clouds from which a giant hand extends to present us with a pizza-sized gold disc.  No limit here, this is the jackpot.

This card could be the offer of a lifetime, basically, and can even be a ring.  So now we know what she’s been ‘holding out’ for. She deserves the best, she knows it, she waited for it, and here it is.

She/he didn’t settle, and it will have been worth it. Timing is everything, it’s Virgo/Libra season.

Maybe she’s on strike, and got what she wanted.

Or: is it right in front of her and she’s so ‘trapped’ in her own mind she doesn’t see it, and the Skyhand, facing away from her, may be about to give it to someone else?


3 Sept 18: Page of Swords & Six of Cups

Mind your own business and move on. Pages are generally messengers who bring us news of some kind, but in this case may be gathering news of some kind, as in straight up spying, trolling or investigating.  The suit of Swords is the permeating energy of Air (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) and we’re coming up into Libra season. This Page could be male or female.  The sweet, nostalgic 6 of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) shows us a child tenderly handing another child a flower. This is the card of an innocent past, simpler, happier days, and happy memories.

This Page, being a notorious spy and gossip, means that someone is really digging into someone’s past or even childhood…get a life. 6 is the number of Karma, so if there is something in the past that is meant to be exposed, it will be. You may be hearing some news or gossip about someone from your past. It is a quirk of the human condition that people seem to love digging for dirt and spreading bad news whether true or not than good news. Do not ask me why, I do not know, that is not why I am here. They can snoop all day, there is nothing but good memories and love between these people.

This is also being able to look at the past without the foggy filters, rose-colored glasses, or selective memory. He or she knows he should be thinking about ‘growing up’ (swords = logic) but the heart is still that of a child (cups = emotions) and all he wants to know is: how do I get that feeling back? 

Good question.

This could be simply a curious child looking at pictures of young Mom and Dad, or even someone looking for their birth parents.

Or our poor Page is outgrowing his little friends. Gemini is the sign of Peter Pan, the eternal child. He’s holding that sword, and seems almost ready to ‘cut’ away the past – soon.

The Autumn ‘change in the air’ can definitely bring the seasonal nostalgia, but the past is just that.




1 Sept 18: Queen of Swords

She knows. I have to love this Queen, the brainy, salty mate of the mighty King of Swords/Air (Aquarius/Libra/Gemini) and the most powerful King in the deck. Don’t expect a lot of warm fuzzies from this lady, though. She is not without sympathy or compassion but she has no time for whining, debate, diplomacy or bullshit in general. Before you’ve finished the sentence she’s cut you off with that massive, heavy sword she holds upright in her left hand (Morgan-Greer deck) and in one word, has your answer, has solved the problem, it’s done and dusted. She analyzes, identifies, dissects and clarifies with all the power of a fast blast of clean wind blowing away fog. We can even  see behind her a bank of clouds being blown away to show us a clear blue sky. The white clouds are tinted yellow-gold as if the sun has broken through and is shining down on them.

She’s surrounded by red roses (a male energy, this is the most ‘masculine’ Queen in the deck),  some lush and in full bloom and one tight bud. Roses represent passion and secrets, and there’s no keeping secrets from this intense lady with eyes like knives. Don’t even try to lie to this Queen..may as well just spill it before she slices your fool head off.

Cool, logical, unemotional and detached, she may also slice you up with her tongue before delivering her final decision, ruling or solution, but you probably deserve it.

Why do you people have to make everything so complicated?