4 February 2019: Nine of Clubs & The Fool & Queen of Swords

The Odd Couple. If ever there were 2 cards that would make up one of the most unlikely couples in the deck it would be the wonderful, no-f***-to-give Fool and the brainy, notorious ‘Ice Queen’ of the Tarot, the Queen of Swords. Yet, this makes a lot of sense, in a sense.

In the past and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out is the bloodied, scarred card of the survivor, the 9 of Clubs, Wands, Staves, Rods, ot whatever you want to call the Suit of Fire (Sagittarius/Leo/Aries). This is having been forged by fire, in a manner of speaking – like a sword. The thrashed – looking human on the card trying his best to stay upright and alert at his guardpost is typically pictured as wounded, paranoid and defensive, and who can blame him or her – they’ve seen some action and have suffered some damage.

The Fool is magnificent in his or her innocence, enthusiastically embracing every moment and everything life has to offer for all it’s worth. The Fool is beautiful. Unique among the Major Arcana and numbered Zero, there is nothing to gain and nothing to lose, and the world is to be explored, making the Fool and his trusty little dog the quintessential travelers.  Uranus, the ‘radical’ planet, rules the Fool, and I don’t know much but I do believe Uranus has moved for the first time in most of our lifetimes, so bring on the Fool! Expect the unexpected when he is around. On the Russian card, he dances like – well, a dancing fool, and I take his dog a lot more seriously, his black tail  wrapped protectively around the fool’s leg. He’s playing with a puppet of himself, a little mini-me Fool wearing a matching tassled, pointed cap with the sun emblazoned on it. He shakes what looks like a rattle painted in rainbow colors, streaming a long red ribbon. This Fool likes to wear a nice dress once in a while – he or she may also be sexually open to just about anything or anyone. So then, what in the world is the Ice Queen aka the Queen of Swords aka Lady Logic doing in the future position?

Make no mistake, as we have heard it said “the secret of the wise man is to appear a fool’  and nobody has all-access like a Fool. The message and mood of the Fool – not to mention he outranks both cards, being of the Major League Arcana – seems to contradict both the past and the presumed future, the manifestation of our own Free Will, of course. The Fool considers neither.

This Fool is always a good influence on the serious, responsible, logical Queen of Air (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) whose card was in olden tymes was referred to as ‘The Widow’s Card’. This Queen is quite the intellectual, well-studied (she could even have a degree or two) and thoroughly professional. What a bitch.

The Queen needs a bit more of the Fool in her life, which is why she has one, and the Fool may needs a bit of the Queen’s practicality, clarity and precision.

This is a major shift in consciousness, or even a way of Being, probably kicked off by this mega-transition. The Fool gives us no choice but to start from Zero, from which anything and everything is possible, or to at least embrace that spirit and try not to take life  so seriously. To not let the war wounds of the past follow us the rest of our lives. Screw the rules, screw convention, the Fool is dancing through life and he’s smarter than he lets on but if he gets a laugh out of her or the King by falling on his ass, it’s a job well done.

The Queen, although she’s in the future position, is looking back at the Fool as if she’s ready to jump off the card and join him or her. Holding her long sword at her side, pointed downwards, usually used to mete out decrees and declarations and once in a while maybe even lop off some poor peasant’s head (although she usually manages that with painfully sharp – but truthful – words) she looks like she’s tapping time on the floor with it, along with the dancing Fool.

But if we know this Queen, obviously she herself is no Fool. Since she is a Court card and needs a number about as much as a Queen and her Court Jester need I.D cards, she also has the option, as a Queen, to do whatever she wants. Even if it means abdicating or stepping down from her throne, which would be a foolish move. Or would it?  On the Russian card, she does not sit, but stands straight and strong.

This is starting all over, but this time with a certain guarded optimism, somehow. It’s a great combination.

What do I have to do to get this bitch’s attention?

Or, you may even have an audition or interview of some kind with a hard-to-please female boss, probably older, and you feel like a fool having to do the ‘pick me, pick me’ dance. Did she like it? Yes, it seems you will get the gig, but she’s the ultimate poker face and you would have never known it from her expression, or lack of.  Very cool. See? She does have some sense of humor. Does it matter if she’s laughing with you or laughing at you? The Queen of Swords is laughing! On the inside, anyway. Of course she’s the Queen and publicly a politely bemused expression is all you’ll ever get out of her.

Or, my power failed this morning right after laying out my cards requiring me to reset everything electronic, you wacky Uranus, but I have my very logical and practical backup plan aka my generator which was fired up as soon as local ordinance would allow and soon we were all grooving to the Chilled Cow and making coffee. Have been through too may of them (power failures, but coffees, too). Having had analyzed and organized all my essential basic power needs I was prepared and able to switch over no problem (Libra cusp).








14 January 19: Wheel of Fortune reversed, 10 of Swords reversed & Justice

You’re a free agent and you probably haven’t been for a long time – a very long time. So now you have at least one major decision to make.

The Wheel Of Fortune is exactly that. The giant all-knowing all-seeing SkyHand of the Tarot reaches out of the clouds to turn the Wheel, and sometimes we’re on the top like this King and Queen riding high in April on Morgan-Greer card, or replaced and tossed into the gutter in May, like the poor human we see falling off. He had his ‘turn’, now it’s someone elses’ turn and then it will be someone elses’. But this card is in the past position, and if we have to see it at all, is certainly the best place for it.

The card in the present position is also reversed. It is possible years of excess have taken their toll. The dramatic and bloody 10 of Swords (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) shows us a dead human (I’m no doctor) laying face down on a desolate beach under a black starry sky with 10 long swords stuck in his or her back bleeding out all over the place. This person has suffered a lot, possibly their whole life (depending on how old you are, of course, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we were talking  decades).  Those swords were backstabbed in to him or her one at a time over a long period of time. This lovely card is nicknamed ‘The Lord Of Ruin’ and Swords being Swords, our thoughts have been dark and negative and downright painful. This hasn’t happened overnight, and although like the 8, this could be and often is a ‘victim’ card but today this is not about self-victimization, drama queens and theatrics. This is #10, the maximum of the suit, and more ‘slings and arrows’ than a human should take, and frankly it’s a miracle they didn’t off themselves or completely lose their sanity altogether but they didn’t, because the card is reversed, and those Swords are starting to fall out. We are no longer ‘pinned down’ like a butterfly on display. How morbid an image.

This is like being released from a bad contract. In the Future position we have Justice, who has a firm grip on her own Sword, and knows how to use it. Scales in her left, she making things right.

2  10’s: major endings, new beginnings, phases. Nothing trivial, this is the rest of your life. The maximum of the suit. The worst is over, things will never be that bad again. Things are finally put right in any legal or court or money matters, because Justice lives for that shit. This is a divorce that took forever, possibly preventing a wedding that has been wanting to happen forever, or finally being a free agent, settling up and moving on, which of course requires us now to decide what to do next, but we are finally now finally able to clearly and logically weigh all future options.

Dressed in passionate red against a screaming yellow background, her lips are sealed, but against the darkening blue sky of the ill-aspected Wheel of Fortune and the blacker than black darkest before the dawn if it ever comes 10 of Swords, she’s easily the loudest.

She goes all the way up to #11.

10 + 10 + 11 = 3+ 1 = 4 = stability. No more ups and downs.

14 September 18: Ace of Swords

Nothing but the truth. No matter what the President’s fat-assed diamond-pinkie-ring wearing ‘lawyer’ says, it’s not “truth isn’t truth”,  it’s the simple TRUTH. This mighty Ace does not fuck around, and truth, as we all know, is a double-edged sword. This Sword is about to fall and cut the crap, and the truth is a funny thing:  like a lie, or like a domino, once one truth is exposed, there’s another, then another. This Ace is the first link in the chain. Hard and metallic, this is a cold blast (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius), a harsh wind that blows away all fog and clouds leaving only the naked, unobscured Truth, a powerful weapon indeed.

The truth hurts

…some people.



3 Sept 18: Page of Swords & Six of Cups

Mind your own business and move on. Pages are generally messengers who bring us news of some kind, but in this case may be gathering news of some kind, as in straight up spying, trolling or investigating.  The suit of Swords is the permeating energy of Air (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) and we’re coming up into Libra season. This Page could be male or female.  The sweet, nostalgic 6 of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) shows us a child tenderly handing another child a flower. This is the card of an innocent past, simpler, happier days, and happy memories.

This Page, being a notorious spy and gossip, means that someone is really digging into someone’s past or even childhood…get a life. 6 is the number of Karma, so if there is something in the past that is meant to be exposed, it will be. You may be hearing some news or gossip about someone from your past. It is a quirk of the human condition that people seem to love digging for dirt and spreading bad news whether true or not than good news. Do not ask me why, I do not know, that is not why I am here. They can snoop all day, there is nothing but good memories and love between these people.

This is also being able to look at the past without the foggy filters, rose-colored glasses, or selective memory. He or she knows he should be thinking about ‘growing up’ (swords = logic) but the heart is still that of a child (cups = emotions) and all he wants to know is: how do I get that feeling back? 

Good question.

This could be simply a curious child looking at pictures of young Mom and Dad, or even someone looking for their birth parents.

Or our poor Page is outgrowing his little friends. Gemini is the sign of Peter Pan, the eternal child. He’s holding that sword, and seems almost ready to ‘cut’ away the past – soon.

The Autumn ‘change in the air’ can definitely bring the seasonal nostalgia, but the past is just that.




1 Sept 18: Queen of Swords

She knows. I have to love this Queen, the brainy, salty mate of the mighty King of Swords/Air (Aquarius/Libra/Gemini) and the most powerful King in the deck. Don’t expect a lot of warm fuzzies from this lady, though. She is not without sympathy or compassion but she has no time for whining, debate, diplomacy or bullshit in general. Before you’ve finished the sentence she’s cut you off with that massive, heavy sword she holds upright in her left hand (Morgan-Greer deck) and in one word, has your answer, has solved the problem, it’s done and dusted. She analyzes, identifies, dissects and clarifies with all the power of a fast blast of clean wind blowing away fog. We can even  see behind her a bank of clouds being blown away to show us a clear blue sky. The white clouds are tinted yellow-gold as if the sun has broken through and is shining down on them.

She’s surrounded by red roses (a male energy, this is the most ‘masculine’ Queen in the deck),  some lush and in full bloom and one tight bud. Roses represent passion and secrets, and there’s no keeping secrets from this intense lady with eyes like knives. Don’t even try to lie to this Queen..may as well just spill it before she slices your fool head off.

Cool, logical, unemotional and detached, she may also slice you up with her tongue before delivering her final decision, ruling or solution, but you probably deserve it.

Why do you people have to make everything so complicated? 




11 July 18: Ace of Swords

New horizons. What an amazing card. Once again, how many years have I been reading this card? But I clearly see something I’ve never really focused on before – which is exactly the message of this powerful Ace of Air (Gemini/Libra/Aquarius).

Aces, of course, are the ‘seeds of the suits’, that is, the opportunity and the power entrusted to you to manifest…think of growing a tree. It’s the last seed in the world, and it’s been given to you. You don’t know when you’ll get another seed, and you don’t even know if it’s the kind of tree you even want to grow. You must plant it at the right time in the right place and commit to consistently maintaining and nurturing that seed through all kinds of weather. This seed WILL grow, so we have to make sure it’s in exactly the right place and not going to fuckup the neighbor’s fence or power lines or fall on his car, or us, for that matter, or that it’s not toxic or invasive.

This potentially dangerous Sword, which can be, of course, either a weapon of defense or a weapon of attack, requires and demands clarity of purpose and intention from the ‘swordsman’ (us).

The thing that I’m noticing on this card is the lack of a horizon between the sky and the water. Assuming there is water.The card shows a dreamy blue landscape: blue mountains in the foreground, blue sky, and what may or may not be blue water.  I can’t tell where blue land meets blue sky or blue sky meets blue water or blue water meets blue land,  because that deeper blue below the blue mountains looks sort of like a blue highway, but everything’s so blue I can’t tell. I’m glad I’m not driving. Or flying.

But from out of the ‘blue’ a bank of clouds roll in and we know what that means: SkyHand! From out of the fog and clouds emerges SkyHand over the blue mountains to present us with a sharp, clean, glistening blade encircled with a crown at the top flanked by green fronds on either side that seem to form the shape of a heart but sliced through by the logical Sword, who is not interested in and has no time for all these sloshy, sloppy, watery emotions or ‘feeeeeelings’. Are the fronds ‘coming together’ via the Sword or are the peaceful greens being divided and sliced apart?

But here’s the thing I’ve never really noticed before: slicing through the clouds, the clouds settle on the surface of the water, giving us a horizon line.


We see clearly where we’re going and how to get there. We’re logical and strong-minded. Sharp as the proverbial tack.


This is a very powerful Ace and a ‘new horizon’ beckons.

But careful with that axe, Eugene. This is also a new military contract.



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