10 November 18: The Emperor & Queen of Cups

Father/Daughter love. The Emperor is the patriarch and the quintessential Father figure of the Tarot and associated with the suit of Fire, specifically Aries. He represents authority in its many forms, and, upright, makes and enforces the rules for our own good. He’s wise. He’s experienced. He must know everything ’cause he’s Dad, and of course an essential figure in our lives. DNA is DNA.

The Queen of Cups, she of the psychic, sensitive, emotional suit of water (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) is openly emotional – she tears up at the drop of a hat – receptive, and sometimes a little naive, that’s why this older man likes her. This combination can mean an older man – younger woman relationship – her childlike naivety is part of the appeal, and makes this aging Emperor feel like a young man again. He’s her Sugardaddy. (Last paragraph dedicated to the late Hugh Hefner.)

Forgive me if you’ve heard this one before but I feel like someone could be encouraged by this today.

My Athiest  Harley-riding, hard-working, hard-partying Father (“God doesn’t put food on this table, I do.”) grew pensive in his last years even before he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. “How do you know” he’d said, “there’s anything after this?”

“Because you’ll tell me when you get there.” I’d said matter of factly as we ate Italian and drank wine at his dining-room table.

He went quick, refusing chemo and dying as he always said he would, in his damn Levi’s.

Some days later, I’d be typing away around midnight and I’d hear the microwave go off in the next room. I didn’t think anything of it, it was just a couple of random beeps. The same thing happened the next night, and again I was so into whatever I was doing I didn’t really think about it. But when it happened again the next night, it finally occurred to me that someone was trying to tell me something. I got up and went in to look at the microwave.

Very slowly, as if a child were learning to work the numbers on the keypad, the digital display spelled out ‘1-1—-11’. Awkwardly, hesitantly. I stood in front of it and watched as the display went black, and then again, this time a little more confident, a little quicker, the bright white numbers in the dark room:

11:11 11:11 11:11 11:11

Finally realizing I was receiving some kind of message, I Googled 11:11 and those of you who know, know. It’s a love thing, an eternal thing, and believe it or not it’s easier for love to be when and where it belongs when it’s needed when it’s not trapped in a meatsuit.


High five, Dad, now you know.


Oh yes – and we have an issue with the “G” word. Please use Spirit or Presence. You love someone’s Spirit or Presence, that sounds nice, but ‘ghosting’ someone, well, that’s not a nice term, is it? No. It’s not their fault we’re not listening.

We thank you, my Father and I.


25 October 18: Ace of Cups

Pure love. The start of something beautiful. Little tiny seeds have huge, massive trees in them something I still consider a miracle, having spent the entire summer planting trees. This perfect, gorgeous Ace-seed is one of my favorite cards in any deck visually, a beautiful white dove hovers over an ornate goblet which gushes forth pure, clear water over a blue lake offered to us by who else? The Notorious Divine Skyhand of the Tarot, extending to us the overflowing cup from a bank of bluish clouds. The sky is blue, the water blue, even the dove is tinged blue, the color of dreams. The Skyhand is the gift from the Divine, it is up to us to ‘grow the seed’ or not. Cups in the Tarot are hearts, emotions, love, creativity. This joyous card can announce a pregnancy or birth, or the beginning of a relationship. There is a beautiful pink and yellow lotus blossom in full bloom rising from the water on a green lily-pad. There is a spent, empty pod, and a new tight bud that hasn’t bloomed yet. The lotus is a symbol of purity, rising from its place in the mud to shine beautifully. Opening at dawn and closing at night, the Lotus is also a symbol of light, and from the depths of the center of the cup is a strange, soft golden glow. It really is a beautiful card.

5 streams of water overflow from the cup, 1 represents the divine inspiration and 4 made real by a human with arms and legs, 4 being the first number of earthly Matter. This love is real.

If you’re not making a baby, you should make something. This could be a creative idea you’re ‘putting all your love’ into. A new love, and your heart-cup is overflowing.

Or if you got a nice touch of food poisoning like I did last night and are as dehydrated as a piece of beef jerky – and I was warned! 6th house health action, stay away from bad food! But no! I had to have nachos with everything – I paid for it. Refilling my poor sick cup with a lot of fresh, clean water is the order of the day. Someone even sent me an e-mail recently saying  to drink a lot of water which was a bit out of left field but thank you. I am doing exactly that.




17 October 18: Queen of Cups, reversed

“It’s hard to love her when she’s like this.”

“Oh no. What is it now?”

This lovely blonde Queen of Water (Cancer/Pisces/Scorpio) is dressed in dream-blue and wears an eccentric and lovely crown of seashells and pearls – probably created especially for her by one of her famous artist friends – and holds her soup-bowl sized cup with both delicate, pale hands. She stands by the sea in front of a giant white seashell. It’s like when you hold a seashell up to your ear and listen for the sound of the sea: this psychic Queen is well in tune with the mysteries of the deep and beyond. That shell is huge and it looks loud (Morgan-Greer deck). Turn it down.

This is the poetic dreamer, in love with love. She’s the beloved mother, sister, wife. Upright, she’s artistic, psychic, spiritual, imaginative, has natural talent for fine art and dance, but isn’t very confident and can be delicate in both body and mind. She’s a very romantic and emotional Queen, easily moved to tears and feels deeply others’ pain and suffering.

Reversed, she’s all over the place. Emotional instability, addictions, drama and more drama. Questionable morality and manipulative, passive-aggressive tendencies.

Or is she an empath:

Empath (chiefly in science fiction) a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.

Doesn’t sound, or seem, so ‘paranormal’ to me, ask any mother with a child in pain. These people often show up in the form of what we call ‘people pleasers’. This Queen is one, probably because she suffered some kind of emotional damage in the past. The problem is that you can’t please everyone, and there are people certainly not worth the effort.  She may be ‘shutting down’ emotionally altogether, probably with the help of alcohol or drugs. She doesn’t want to hear what her own intuition is telling her. She looks around the party and realizes she doesn’t even like these people.

The ‘I’m a victim’ thing is getting old. You’re a grown-ass Queen, act like one.




16 October 18 Four of Cups

Letting life go by. On this frustrating card of the Minor Arcana we usually see a human sitting cross-legged under a tree, arms folded, not going anyware. Leave me alone.

He or she seems to be lost in thought, not even looking up to notice, acknowledge or accept an offer from the notorious Skyhand of the Tarot a beautiful, big, shiny, gold goblet. Cups in the Tarot are always full o’love, but he already has 3 cups sitting on the ground before him, untouched, contents evaporated and wasted. Why our human is not currently participating in life is a bit of a mystery.

Has he been so disillusioned with love that he no longer want anything to do with it? They’re all starting to look alike to him. These women – I mean, these cups. They’re all the same. They’ll never be another one like_______________.

I’m even sick of myself. 

He must meditate on this.

I do prefer the Morgan-Greer image of a human so lost in their own world he or she is oblivious to the green vines that have been slowly growing over them. We only see a bit of face peeking out, they’ve been sitting there so long.

On this card, the stability of the 4 has calcified into emotional numbness and apathy. The contents of the cups – representing the emotional suit of Water (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) -stagnate and sour before him.

How can he or she choose to be so disconnected? Why?

How could I have wasted/why am I wasting my life in/on this/that last relationship/job? 

Sooner or later, we hope, he’ll get up and dust his ass off and move on to the 5, where he’ll cry a little over ‘spilled milk’ and at least realize he can no longer live this way, and although I think the word is overused and misused, healing can begin.

That next offer may be the One, but if he doesn’t make some kind of move that ivy will finally close over him and, well, out of sight, out of mind.

Don’t bother asking him/her, they won’t come anyway.

I’m sorry for this person, but life has much to offer.

He may someday wish he hadn’t refused those cups.



1 October 18: The Lovers

The Choice is another name for this heavily karmic 6th card of the Major Arcana. The traditional image is that of a young man standing between two women as a fat little wing’d cupid buzzes around overhead, bow and arrow in hand, ready to make the call and shoot one of these poor women as the flustered young man seems unable to decide for himself. One represents Vice and one Virtue if you ask an olde tymer.

The Morgan-Greer deck simplifies the image, showing us 2 naked humans embracing in a beautiful garden of calla lilies, sexually suggestive in themselves. This is a very deep emotional and physical attraction. The Air sign Gemini rules this romantic card, the sign of the Twins, and I do believe we’re under a Gemini moon today, so if you’re a Gemini you may feel it.

He/she completes me.

This card is about dualities, within and without. Choosing the ‘right one’, but not according to anyone else, according to us. 

At the crossroads. Both the poor sod in the olde tyme image and the Adam and Eve wannabes frolicking in the lilies in the newer picture must make a decision that will affect the rest of their lives and probably the lives of others around them. A lot of soul searching is called for. Is the choice made from our higher, or lower self? Once the relationship is consummated, there’s no going back.


Free will is a bitch, isn’t it?


26 September 18: Two of Cups, reversed

Love trouble. This romantic card of the soppy, emotional suit of water (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) is such an obvious Hallmark image it should be a wedding invitation. Anybody could read this card. This #2 of the Minor Arcana shows us a couple of humans who stand facing each other staring lovingly into each other’s eyes as if the rest of the world doesn’t exist. Each extends to the other a gold goblet, the proverbial cup o’ love. It is an even, equal and mutual exchange. They truly love each other and feel blessed to have found each other. Anybody can see that, and everybody does.

Reversed! Insert turntable needle-scratch-drag-soundbyte since I’m too lazy to do it.

This isn’t even getting off the ground. Something is blocking this potential union. This is an interesting follow-up to yesterday’s timid and fearful 4 – the one afraid to make a move. Someone isn’t communicating effectively or affectionately, or communicating at all. Something broke down, something happened. Tears, silence, hurt feelings.

This is a romantic relationship or deep connection that is waiting to be made and for some reason isn’t happening. For the water signs, the water may be a little choppy right now. Only you know if the ol’ love-cup can be refilled, and if the relationship can be restored.

You both know how –




12 September 18: Queen of Cups

Your feminine side. Think of the woman you know who loves/ loved you no matter what. Mother, sister, aunt, grandma, wife or someone close enough to be. This tenderhearted Queen is compassionate, loving and nurturing. She’s in touch with and driven by her own emotions and of those around her – she’s a bit psychic that way. Of the deep, subconsciously wobbly suit of Water (Pisces/Scorpio/Cancer), she is moved by and acts from the heart before all, and when she shows up she’s usually here to remind us to do the same. The most psychic Queen  in the deck, she looks up from the gold cup she’s been gazing into for a moment into your eyes, smiles sweetly and assures you that you already know the answer.

Act from the heart, with love, she says, and all will be well.


“How do you feel about it?”

What would he/she would say if he/she were here?