12 February 19: Ace of Coins & 10 of Cups & Seven of Swords

Stealing. Or, give me some of whatever he or she is having. When I drew these cards early this morning before the death of the latest IPHONE (6) and subsequent upgrade (10, I went on strike when they discontinued the headphone jack) which has been serving as my personal hotspot because the wind f**** my satellite dish once again a thought came to mind that has been occurring the last few days and that is that the past seems to be speeding up and the future seems to be slowing down. I’m not quite sure what that even means, but I like it. Must be an astrological thing.

Today in the past is the glorious Ace of Coins. It’s sort of amazing to see this card at all let alone how often it’s been showing up lately, so something big is happening, or more likely, in the past position, has happened. A major accomplishment or more like a new job, a birth, a windfall. An award of some kind. A reward of some kind. But here’s the deal about this Ace of Earth: it likes the ‘straight path’, as we see on the card, the blindingly bright gold gift is being presented to us by the Skyhand who is lowering the prize over a straight, narrow garden path. The straight and narrow, as it is said about this picture, meaning that this is was actually hard-earned and well deserved. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are all represented here, the salt-of-the-earth. The gift of  ‘talent’ is not wasted.

This has led to the present, the happily-ever-after 10 of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) and this is as good as it gets. We’ve done well in the past – this card sometimes gives me a ‘gold watch’ vibe, that is a parting gift of some kind or a retirement bonus, probably all going into your home and family, or a new home and marriage.

And here he (or she) comes, the sneak o’ the week, the 7 of Swords. In the future position,  the human with their head down hoping to not be noticed as he steals away with someone elses’ stuff is heading right for that happy couple and their happy home in the present position. This is straight up Watch. Your. Stuff. The Swords are of the mind, our ideas and as we know about this card, intellectual property. This could be someone with some bad ideas and possibly an offer of some kind, but if 2 cards were never meant for each other it’s the honest, straight up and solid Ace of Coins and the sharp but shady 7 of Swords. I don’t like.

This card in this position is always a warning to not get involved in anything even remotely dishonest. Plug your ears and go ‘nanananananaaaa’. This could even mean someone coming to you with stolen property, intellectual or not, and it’s not a welcome vibe. This could be home theft, and you need to watch who comes in and out of your house if you’re having any work done.

However, this card could also mean ‘stealing happiness’, or ‘stealing moments’ of quality time with a loved one or loved ones in the future, or being presented with some ‘secret plan’ that may be rather epic in scale, a dream come true almost. Or, somehow you’re being offered a life-changing position – an important one – that you or the family or the public didn’t even realize existed, was available or open to you. There will probably be some behind-the-scenes negotiations, but still – lawyer up.

He or she wants what you have, because to them, you seem to have it all, but you deserve it.



11 February 19: Four of Wands & Five of Coins & Ace of Coins

Unhappy home. This all ends very well, by the way – or at least it should, you’re certainly being handed the ol’ ‘golden opportunity’, and it’s a big one. Generally speaking, the Major Arcana, none of whom got up this morning, are a whole lot louder than the minors, but today we have some major, major minors.

In the past position we have the beautiful 4 of Wands (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius), the card of love, property, stability,  home and family. The 4 staves form the mysterious and holy 11:11, and the chuppah of a Jewish wedding, that is the canopy held over the bride and groom. ‘A house is not a home’ as it is said, and this is that. You may love your house, but wish it were somewhere’s else. You were happy there, but for some reason you aren’t today, or you’re very much missing someone you were married to, or your family, or your childhood home, even. No love up in your house. This card is so interesting in the Morgan-Greer deck. Unlike the olde tyme images, the stage is set but empty. No dancers, revelers, no sign of a human at all. In the future position, as we saw recently, the picture invited us to step into it but in the past, it seems like everyone’s stepped out of it. Which leaves us all kinds of broken – spiritually, morally, and possibly financially. We have the house, but not the home. It’s a damn nice house, too – or was. Except for the chuppah and the festive flowers, this is a strangely barren card, a monotonous yellow desert with a dry-looking castle in the distance, and no sign of life anywhere except for the new green leave sprouting from the staves that hold up the man (or woman) made canopy. It’s the humans that brought the scene to life.

The dismal and depressing 5 of Coins is in the present position, but not for long. Traditionally we see 2 humans who have been ostracized or evicted or shunned, and who knows why but they’re out on their asses, seemingly homeless, trudging through snow. This is such a painful, dark card. ‘Poverty of the Spirit’ is one tag for this 5 (uncomfortable, uneven, restless number) of Earth (Taurus/Capricorn/Virgo). I don’t even know how seriously I can take this card today seeing as it’s flanked on either side by 2 of the best cards the Minor Arcana. On the Morgan- Greer card, a bloodied, bandaged young man, walking stick in hand, falls exhausted into the arms of a nun, whose fingerless frayed Oliver Twist orphan glove rests on the young man’s shoulder – she took vows of poverty a long time ago, of course – but she lives in that building with the warm glowing window – he or she is not the one who is homeless. On the old card, we might assume the humans are shunned because they won’t compromise or commit an oath to the church – or anything or anyone else – from whom they can receive help.

I hear ‘meeting in the middle‘ just as these humans are doing in this layout.

The mighty Ace of Coins is in the future position and if there was ever a dawn after the dark, this is it. A distant relative of the Magician, #1 of the Majors, this is big stuff, and it looks as if – on the old card and the Morgan-Greer – the outsiders – or outsider – wins.

But not just money because of course real wealth is so very much more than that.

It seems the potential for a relationship or partnership outweighs whatever differences there may be between 2 estranged or separated humans.

Somebody went rogue and may have got the shit kicked out of them, but look what they brought back for your collection plate, sister.

Now we can build our own sanctuary.






1 February 19: The Lovers & Ace of Coins & Seven of Wands

I did it my way. At least, from now on. In the past position are the Lovers of the Major Arcana, which is interesting because it crossed my mind for one second as I was scrolling through some pages this morning that the olde tyme Lovers card is insanely complicated. There are trees and birds and a snake and sometimes a fat little cherub buzzing around, ready to shoot one of 2 women on the card because the poor human in the middle can’t make up his mind between them. That’s a whole lot of stuff going on. On the Morgan-Greer card, there are only 2 humans, obviously deeply in love. In the past, this was not only a profound relationship or partnership but an essential component of your DNA and your public identity. This is in the past, but no matter what the relationship, these cards are all upright today and things are As They Should Be. Not a sword to be seen. But the olde tyme image keeps coming to mind – it’s complicated. This card having been called ‘The Choice’ among other things, makes my blood pressure jump just a wee bit. The poor sod in the middle is being put on the spot, and it’s stressful. Quite a different feeling than I get from the Morgan-Greer. Love, yes, marriage, yes, this card means that, and at least in this deck, it looks like a lovely memory for both.

In the present though is the fabulous Ace of Coins, pure gold (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn).  I like getting an Ace on the 1st of the month, off to the best possible start in all earthly matters. The Ace is success and wealth, the giant gold coin in the sky presented to us by the legendary Skyhand of the Tarot, up close and in person. This is one of the best cards in the deck. This is to be rich. Not only money-rich, but body and soul rich.

So why then, in the future position, do we see a rather defensive human bracing himself to ‘stand his ground’, holding a long walking stick or staff across his body like a weapon. 6 more sprouting sticks look rowdy and restless and stand at sloppy angles just under him. They always look to me like they’re carried by a mob, and they may be. If not a mob, then maybe just too many offers or questions, even questions pertaining to your integrity or ethics. This human on the 7 of Wands (Leo/Aries/Sagittarius) is not doing things the way other people might, and it ‘inflames’ them.

This could be a financial incentive to go back to a partnership or marriage, or an offer from someone in the past – probably met with some resistance – that could turn out to be both passionate and profitable.

So this human may actually need to drop some defenses – but doesn’t seem to be interested in all these other little sticks, rather he looks straight up at that gold coin in the center of the spread. Amazing. How did you do it? They want to know.

Keep your eye on the prize and keep the haters at bay.

You don’t have to explain yourself to anybody, and you don’t owe anybody anything.







21 January 19: Nine of Coins & The Magician & Two of Cups

I was doing fine until you came along. You thought you were, anyway. Perhaps, in the past, like the regal-looking, self-made woman or man of means on the 9 of Coins (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn), your focus had always been on your career or more likely, as with this well-to-do human, creating and building your own business, and you’ve  succeeded. This well-dressed and richly adorned human has acquired money, property and status, and has truly elevated himself or herself in life, and enjoys a comfortable, even luxurious, existence. This card, though, always means a person who is independent, single, and happy to be. This human is the whole package, not only in the material sense, but the whole card is awash in purple, her gown, the sky, the antennae-like sprout of feather on her turban, the grapes in her vineyard. At one tyme only royalty were allowed to wear purple, associated with higher vibration and divine connection.

“You don’t look for love, love finds you, honey.” said the witty, wise Magician of New Orleans, Otis at the Bottom of the Cup Tearoom to me many lifetimes ago.  How right he is today, because in the present position, the Magician looks as if he’s about to make something happen. His raises his wand over a table laid with the symbols, or the Aces, of the elements – earth, air, water and fire. The ‘primary colors’, as it were. In the old Marseilles deck, only the primary colors were used. They either mix or don’t, depending on the skill of the artist- or magician. Perhaps this is a ‘matchmaker’ who knows just who you should partner with romantically or creatively .

The 2 of Cups (Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces) is love, of course, the 2 humans whose eyes lock across the crowded room. You may have thought it was a fated meeting, but someone may have actually made a lot of calls behind the scenes to make sure you would both be in the same place at the same time.

This is a picture of a happily single successful person who has not made relationships a central focus of their life because they simply don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy.  The 9 is a number of completion, and this woman (or man) obviously feels complete and up until now has been fine on their own and enjoys their freedom  This person may have always considered relationships a hindrance, but this Magician is about to change all that.

The 2 of cups talks about commitments, and someone worthy of committing to. We may not be talking about a romantic relationship, because knowing the single lady of the 9, well, her standards are pretty damn high, but that’s why she is where she is, and that’s never been her first priority. Nobody’s good enough, it’s that simple.

#1 of the Major Arcana, this Magician is definitely an exception.

Right there on the table in front of him is the 10th coin, like the last piece of a puzzle.










15 January 19: Two of Cups & Seven of Coins reversed & Ace of Coins

We had a good run. Here’s to us, kid, or whatever it was Humphrey Bogart said.

This is the story of a partnership, marriage, affair, or friendship that may have simply run its course. Or not.

In the past position, the 2 humans of the 2 of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio)  offer golden long-stemmed cups to each other, as if in a ceremony. Usually the card would look like the 2 are staring deep into each others eyes, falling in love hard, everyone else in the room disappearing, but today they seem to be toasting each other sadly. The sky on the Morgan-Greer card is a neutral, whitish color, but if you really look close it was once a happy yellow. This was a very important affair or partnership, and impacted both of them for life. Neither will forget the other, and neither wants to. Neither has.

Perhaps they’ve gone as far as they were meant to go together. In the present position, the 7 of Coins (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn) is reversed. Coins, besides being the hard cash we need to live, address the realm of the physical in general. The farmer, leaning on his hoe, contemplates his 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 harvest  – he, however, is brown from the sun, so many hours and years has he spent on this field, the leaves green, the coins hanging like gold fruit. Reversed, returns are diminishing. He looks off into the distance, wondering if he even planted in the right spot.  Wondering if he should invest any more into this property, or anymore years of his life into this – situation.  Upside down, seeing things from another point of view entirely, he finds himself facing the huge gold coin  on the future card. He should get a metal detector (I just got one, I like this spread).

Well, sir, may I ask, how much do you really think you can get done all by yourself?

The Ace of Coins is the very promising new start in a new place. An amazing new opportunity or offer ‘falls out of the sky’ – say good morning to the Fabulous Flying Skyhand of the Tarot, today lowering the shiny prize of a new gold pentacle into the garden of your beautiful new home with a beautiful ocean view.

I wasn’t even going to go there but the 2 flowers in the garden, a red rose in full bloom (masculine) and the white lilies (feminine) remind me of the 2 of cups of the past. This is the ‘gift’ of a new beginning with maximum potential – possibly with someone new, or with someone you ‘filed away’ for future consideration, because the timing was wrong – possibly a water sign.

A new start in a new place is what I’m feeling here, but you cannot do what you want to do alone, is all I’m saying.

7 + 3 = altogether now = 10, the maximum of the suit, end of a cycle and new beginning, and that which one leaves as legacy.

Looks like a beautiful spot to build.



12 January 18: The Moon & The Empress reversed & The Sun

Night and Day. You’re not your mother- and neither am I. And that, says this power trio of the Major Arcana, is final.

In the past position we have the Moon, a creepy scene indeed. A dog and a coyote howl at a huge, scary moon hanging low in an otherwise starless night sky between 2 tall towers. There are no lights on, only the blinding glow of the huge, almost threatening, moon. I wonder what they think it is. We have to find our way through the dark on our own, which of course isn’t easy, because things aren’t what they seem in the moonlight. Those dogs are howling like luna-tics at la luna, the mythical, mysterious mirror in the sky who famously makes people crazy. So they say. Doesn’t it look like it’s hovering right over the highway, this supermoon? Of course it isn’t. It’s only reflecting the Sun from miles away.

In the future position is the Sun – and it doesn’t get much better than that. Love,  innocence, joy and contentment. Every day is pure gold. The Sun, of course, is always there whether we see it or not, and it always was. Childhood – in the future position?

The Empress is the quintessential Earth Mother. She is the OG Fertile Myrtle. She is almost always pictured as pregnant on the card, sitting in a lush, green setting in front of a waterfall. One of her feet rests on a crescent moon, and in the reversed position, it’s obvious, although she doesn’t realize it, if she doesn’t move her damn lazy foot the moon won’t wax properly, ‘smothering’ rather than ‘mothering’, as they say.

There is a tiny pumpkin at her feet beside the moon: something is trying to grow, possibly undetected. This card is also all about ladies’ issues regarding pregnancy or as in unable or not wanting to be, or not knowing she is.

Poor Bad Mom.  We’re turning over the old leaf, as it were, and not letting her influence  block our own happiness anymore.

The first thing that I get from this picture is having had to ‘find your own way in the dark’ in the past. No lights on, nothing but your own intuition to guide you. Nothing was as it seemed, and there could have been family secrets or distortions of truths, and probably a whole lot of howling. In spite of the dog and coyote screaming and barking mad at the moon, the purple crawfish, attuned to the higher vibration, crawls up from out of his little water-hole of the subconscious. It sees in this light just fine. Your intuition served you well.

This is overcoming whatever past programming (by mom) is preventing us from being just plain happy and guilt-free, bringing ourselves into the light without the distortion of the middle-man – or rather middle – woman – moon.

‘It’s never too late to have a happy childhood’ is the bumper-sticker of the day.






17 December 18: Four of Wands & Eight of Cups

End of an era. It’s time to move on, but it’s more than just moving house, because house is just fine. In fact, house is beautiful and we’ve seen a lot of good times here, but home doesn’t feel like it used to feel or should feel, and it’s time to move on.

It’s an odd pair together. The joyful, happy stable 4 of Wands or Clubs (fire: Aries/Sagittarius/Leo) is a card of peace, contentment, marriage, home, and happiness. The melancholy 8 of Cups (water: Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) is all about having to leave, or needing to leave, and of being unfulfilled emotionally somehow at home. I call this the ‘something’s missing’ card. The hooded, caped figure on the right of the rather sad 8 of Cups is walking away from a pretty nice life, it would seem. We see a beautiful garden canopy of greens and flowers tied with red ribbons to 4 tall poles. A lot of love went into this place. On the Morgan-Greer version, there are no humans on the 4, just a castle on a hill in a desert. Everything’s dried up except the handmade garlands, and home doesn’t look warm and hospitable, but rather barren.  Is all this stable homelife starting to make you feel cooped up? It happens. Or do you feel like you have nothing left to achieve?

The pensive, reflective wanderer walks away from 8 gold cups stacked on the ground beside what looks like a shrinking or receding body of water. It always bothers me that the 8 cups are not stacked evenly, when 8 is an even number. That’s a clue to this card: they should, but they’re not.  Emotionally drained and having given it his all, reluctantly, our human has to seek fulfillment elsewhere. At least for now.

This card can mean retirement,  or somebody may find that his heart is no longer in his work, marriage or – life.  He could have built that house from the ground up, and is selling it and moving somewhere more appropriate, inspiring or practical for his age or the next phase or stage of life.


This person needs a change. I’d suggest astro cartography for this human, that is, where in or on the world you’re the most – you. When I discovered and got into it, I was amazed to find that the best places for me to be according to my stellar makeup (sun, moon and rising signs) were the places that I felt the most inspired, the most like ‘me’.


These cards are both upright so this may feel sad, restless, and dissatisfied now, but he’ll be ok.  Something, or someone, is missing. Cups represent our emotions, and there’s a big space in between the stacked cups on the ground, like a hole in a heart. This could be meeting with someone at a distance. Could even be as simple as a week off away from home in some new surroundings. There is an emptiness and a longing, but babe,  gotta ramble, the road’s my home, etc.