6 November 18: The High Priest

Institutionalized. Or, loyalty to the establishment, whatever that institution or establishment may be or represent to you. It is The Way of Things,  the Way Things Are and the Way They Have Always Been. As in, my father did it that way, as did his father before him, and his father before him. This card is actually called The Heirophant, from the old Greek,  but my eyes don’t like that word so today I’ll call him The High Priest. A “Heirophant” is described in the dictionary as being  “a person who brings religious congregants into the presence of that which is deemed holy” but can also be a professor at an established University or some other old, revered institution or methodology. They, he or she doesn’t just accept anyone, Grasshopper.

On this solemn and serious card is the Pope, facing us with his right hand held up in blessing. The traditional (Rider-Waite-Coleman-Smith)  image shows 2 monks kneeling  before him. They are initiates, wearing the little shaved bald spots that mark them as initiates and of which they are both very proud. He has approved of and has publicly declared them worthy of his esoteric knowledge. They take solemn vows. This is the card of the leader, the professor, the master, the maestro. Perhaps these kneeling people have been accepted into a respected and established University. This card has everything to do with tradition, and so the 2 kneeling humans before this Priest could be getting married, as this is a wedding card – the old fashioned kind, where someone’s wearing his or her mother’s wedding dress and is gifted with his in law’s secret bbQ sauce recipe. It’s been in the family for generations! Well,that certainly makes it official.

This card is associated with the conservative, grounded Earth sign of Taurus. At his feet are 2 crossed keys, one silver and one gold, the colors of the sun and moon.

Upright, the High Priest advises doing things ‘by the book’ if you want to be accepted by whoever or whatever. It’s a serious card, and expects to be taken seriously.

This is about making a commitment to or being accepted into a very specialized or exclusive association or society, or even a (possibly very prominent) family in which  respect and adherence to the family traditions and values will be expected. ‘Papa’ is the Latin name for this card, ‘Papal’ of course is of the Father, or the Pope. People find comfort in their tribe who believe the same as they do, and look up to the spiritual leaders who lead them.  That’s a lot of responsibility, Papa.

This card demands conformity and morality, but who defines and dictates these concepts?

The crossed 2 keys on this card always give me Church & State vibes, and that’s not the way it’s supposed to be.

But – it’s tradition.

It’s midterm Election Day in the US.

Pray for us.



26 October 18: The High Priestess

There is much you do not know. This mysterious, beautiful card is #2 of the Major Arcana and is pure, receptive, passive female energy. Ruled by the Moon which in turn rules Water, she wears a crown adorned with a bright crescent and her feet rests comfortably on another. She wears a simple cross (the Cross of God and Earth), the earliest of all signs and symbols, donkey’s years before Christianity. She is the Virgin, the Mother, the Crone. She is pretty witchy, this woman. Seated between 2 pillars, one white and one black, she guards the entrance to a portal that is draped in purple,  the  royal color of the highest vibration. The pillars are shown throughout the tarot in various guises, including twin towers, and are said to be the pillars of the porch of the Eastern entrance of the Temple of Solomon, the Women’s Court.

Now see what she did there? She made me have to dive down a rabbit hole and discover that. Who knew about a Women’s Court at Solomon’s Temple? I did, she says, and winks  at me from under her veil – or did she? Her sly, mysterious expression tells us nothing, her lips are sealed.

She holds protectively in her lap a rolled up scroll. What else does she know?

Wouldn’t we like to know…

She scares some people, this solitary, mysterious woman. She shouldn’t. Sometimes this is a woman we’ve put on a pedestal, someone we may be a little intimidated by or are afraid of. The fear is not justified: fear of the unknown or people we don’t understand is a most unfortunate human trait.

She’s trying to get us to develop and rely on our own ‘6th sense’. She often represents our Mother, who often didn’t tell you things before you were ‘ready to know’. Even then, you probably had to ask.





25 October 18: Ace of Cups

Pure love. The start of something beautiful. Little tiny seeds have huge, massive trees in them something I still consider a miracle, having spent the entire summer planting trees. This perfect, gorgeous Ace-seed is one of my favorite cards in any deck visually, a beautiful white dove hovers over an ornate goblet which gushes forth pure, clear water over a blue lake offered to us by who else? The Notorious Divine Skyhand of the Tarot, extending to us the overflowing cup from a bank of bluish clouds. The sky is blue, the water blue, even the dove is tinged blue, the color of dreams. The Skyhand is the gift from the Divine, it is up to us to ‘grow the seed’ or not. Cups in the Tarot are hearts, emotions, love, creativity. This joyous card can announce a pregnancy or birth, or the beginning of a relationship. There is a beautiful pink and yellow lotus blossom in full bloom rising from the water on a green lily-pad. There is a spent, empty pod, and a new tight bud that hasn’t bloomed yet. The lotus is a symbol of purity, rising from its place in the mud to shine beautifully. Opening at dawn and closing at night, the Lotus is also a symbol of light, and from the depths of the center of the cup is a strange, soft golden glow. It really is a beautiful card.

5 streams of water overflow from the cup, 1 represents the divine inspiration and 4 made real by a human with arms and legs, 4 being the first number of earthly Matter. This love is real.

If you’re not making a baby, you should make something. This could be a creative idea you’re ‘putting all your love’ into. A new love, and your heart-cup is overflowing.

Or if you got a nice touch of food poisoning like I did last night and are as dehydrated as a piece of beef jerky – and I was warned! 6th house health action, stay away from bad food! But no! I had to have nachos with everything – I paid for it. Refilling my poor sick cup with a lot of fresh, clean water is the order of the day. Someone even sent me an e-mail recently saying  to drink a lot of water which was a bit out of left field but thank you. I am doing exactly that.




20 October 18: Three of Wands

Follow me shouts the human from the edge of a tall cliff from where he can see further than the rest of us (Rider-Waite). The is an Aries card but Leo and Sagittarius can be and are also represented by this inspired, passionate suit of Fire.

This is about leadership. You ‘fire people up’ with your vision, enthusiasm and drive. I’m all in with this human, whoever they are.

One of the many interesting concepts of the ICHING (Chinese Book of Changes) is that of leadership. Generally, rather than the idea of a ‘leader’ as a drum major leading a parade of followers,  ‘the center’ is to whom everyone looks to for guidance, wisdom, and counsel: a woman’s role in the home. When the ‘center’ is off, everything’s off.

On the Morgan-Greer card, the caped human with their back to us is looking way off out into the distance. Although we don’t see him standing on a cliff, he is eye-level with the mountains he sees out there, so we know his vantage point is one from some altitude. He or she is a visionary. In fact  there are no mountains higher than his own feverish human head. He sees no obstacles, only his destination.

One tall staff is held in the left hand, another in his right, and standing behind his back is the third. They form a triangle around him, and he or she is at the center. 

This is the card of the visionary with the ‘long view’. The breakthrough artist, writer, inventor, or even actual explorer. This sometimes means travel or trade by water. We don’t see any water on this desert landscape, but he’s the team leader and says the ocean is just over those mountains.

That third branch – starting to sprout, as they all do, with new energy – seems to be planted in the ground. This human could have established a business or name for himself where he is and is thinking of expanding, possibly overseas. New territory, new readers, new fans or followers, new investors.

If they don’t ‘get you’ where you’re at, take it somewhere they do.



16 October 18 Four of Cups

Letting life go by. On this frustrating card of the Minor Arcana we usually see a human sitting cross-legged under a tree, arms folded, not going anyware. Leave me alone.

He or she seems to be lost in thought, not even looking up to notice, acknowledge or accept an offer from the notorious Skyhand of the Tarot a beautiful, big, shiny, gold goblet. Cups in the Tarot are always full o’love, but he already has 3 cups sitting on the ground before him, untouched, contents evaporated and wasted. Why our human is not currently participating in life is a bit of a mystery.

Has he been so disillusioned with love that he no longer want anything to do with it? They’re all starting to look alike to him. These women – I mean, these cups. They’re all the same. They’ll never be another one like_______________.

I’m even sick of myself. 

He must meditate on this.

I do prefer the Morgan-Greer image of a human so lost in their own world he or she is oblivious to the green vines that have been slowly growing over them. We only see a bit of face peeking out, they’ve been sitting there so long.

On this card, the stability of the 4 has calcified into emotional numbness and apathy. The contents of the cups – representing the emotional suit of Water (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) -stagnate and sour before him.

How can he or she choose to be so disconnected? Why?

How could I have wasted/why am I wasting my life in/on this/that last relationship/job? 

Sooner or later, we hope, he’ll get up and dust his ass off and move on to the 5, where he’ll cry a little over ‘spilled milk’ and at least realize he can no longer live this way, and although I think the word is overused and misused, healing can begin.

That next offer may be the One, but if he doesn’t make some kind of move that ivy will finally close over him and, well, out of sight, out of mind.

Don’t bother asking him/her, they won’t come anyway.

I’m sorry for this person, but life has much to offer.

He may someday wish he hadn’t refused those cups.



11 October 18: Page of Wands

I have an idea says this young Page of the enthusiastic and highly flammable suit of Fire  (Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries). Think of the clubs or wands as matches. On the Rider -Waite – Coleman- Smith deck they really do look like big matches, and our young Page stands in an empty desert ready to plant his sprouting club into the dry ground and get something going. I imagine this is how Burning Man started. This is the card of a fiery young activist, and if you haven’t read the story of the founding of the ‘Burn it is quite the revolutionary social concept – far from just a wild titty party it’s a life changer encouraging humans to recognize, nurture and utilize the very best of ourselves and our natural gifts – and everyone is born gifted in some way – for the betterment of earth and her inhabitants. The creativity we are capable of before we’re beaten into conformity is limitless.

This is the enthusiasm or the ‘spark’ of youth, which is an immature energy and we love him or her – our ourselves – for it. You can count on this person to get everybody excited about a new idea or startup, and their passion and enthusiasm are contagious – spreading like wildfire. This Page can be a little manic, starting a lot of things and ‘burning out’ too quickly before they’re finished.

This could be a very welcome message of some kind, something you have been waiting for, or an invitation. A call or an e-mail that ‘fires you up’ about something, probably career-related, in a good way, or a child starting to show signs of a passion or ability that should be ‘stoked’.  He or she wants – and gets – lots of attention.

This Page is a lot of fun on the road. If it’s an invitation to travel, and it might be, go!




6 October 18: 3 of Coins

Pooling our talents.  High-level collaboration. On this card of the solid, material suit of Earth (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn) we usually see in the olde tyme Renaissance-Faire woodcut tarot images 3 humans in a huge, stony, cold cathedral conferring over some building plans, usually a couple of monks and an architect. The discs are represented as round talisman designs in the ornate, stained-glass window. One could be the master  stained-glass artist, and the architect is the best in his field as well. The third appears to  be the head of the Church or institution commissioning the work. They are not all in the same tax bracket yet they have respect for each other’s talents, accomplishments and position(s).

This card is famous for representing teamwork, and on the surface this would appear to be a productive, equal merger of ideas and skills. Everyone’s specific talents and contributions are necessary in order to accomplish something enduring and magnificent. But is everyone really on equal ground here? This is a card of money, who’s paying for it?

I only ask because the Morgan-Greer card shows us a lone artisan, the light low in the cathedral, beautiful red and gold streaming in as he chisels away at the stones in semi-darkness, carving some Masonic sort of symbol in the wall. Has he outlived them all? Is he carrying on the work of those before him? Is he the only one left? Or is he team leader, up before anyone else? An earth sign, he’s exacting and meticulous in his work, taking his time. This has to last forever.

I’ll stick to the basics. This is a card of teamwork, making something real. There may be 3 people involved, but they are all the best at what they do, and they’re all committed to the work. 3 is the number of Creation, so whatever this supergroup is going to kick out, it’s going to outlast all of us.

May you Go Gold!

Or: I have eggs, you have a stove, he knows how to cook, let’s feed everyone.



Note: I always find this card to be a challenge. Back in the archives there’s a whole rant on this 3, where I try to interpret Salvador Dali’s version/interpretation which was like trying to untangle a ball of yarn puked up by a cat.