12 October 18: Nine of Coins

Self reliance. Coins or Pentacles (Virgo/Capricorn/ Taurus) represent the tangible, touchable material world, our bodies, our houses, food, property and of course, money.

Traditionally, this number 9, the number of completion, shows us a human strolling gracefully through a lush garden, a healthy green bush hanging with 9 ripe gold coins. The Morgan-Greer deck shows us a beautifully dressed brown-skinned woman eating from a bowl of grapes, white and red. She cultivates both. Around her neck is a necklace of 9 large golden discs, and perched on her upheld left hand is her pet, a hooded falcon. These are the pastimes of a gentlewoman or gentleman.

This is a card of someone who has done very well for themselves all by themselves. The self-made millionaire. This is the maid who saved all her money and then one day bought the hotel. But make no mistake: this is also a card of self-cultivation, and along with accumulating that wealth and moving up into a new tax bracket, he or she has been cultivating themselves as well, is graciously charitable and admired by the community. Along with viticulture and falconry, she’s probably a talented chef, enjoying cooking up delicious, earthy, healthy dishes from her garden for her fortunate dinner guests.  Of course you’ll want ask for a peek at her current painting-in-progress or a song on the piano for dessert.

This lady owns the hell out of that heavy gold around her neck, and she earned that all by her own talents and sweat. She may have been the maid once upon a time, but she ain’t no more, that’s for sure.

This card can read as an ‘overnight success’ but ask anyone who has been called that and you will likely find that years of hard work and dedication went into that ‘overnight success’. This is the result of that. This human is now set for life with time and a place to cultivate and enjoy the finer things of this world and share them with others as well.




9 October 18: The Hanged Man

Hamstrung. This is one of the weirdest cards to me, Number 12 of the Major Arcana, The Hanged Man. A human hangs upside down from a tree by a bit of rope tied to one ankle. There is a lot of mythology in the tree alone, linking heaven to the Underworld, but on the Morgan-Greer image it is not a tree but a scaffolding made from two dead trees with a pole stretched between them from which he hangs gracefully. He may have even built the structure himself. His face is serene, and he holds his hands clasped behind his back, one knee bent forming a triangle shape with his legs. Aerial yoga. He’s simply looking at the world from another point of view. Yogis assume the Sarasana pose – standing on your head – when they want to see the world from a different point of view  and stimulate the brain.

From above, he looks right side up. This is a card of surrender, no doubt, to a higher power which could be God or the Universe or the weather, but it’s as if the rope were a puppet string controlled by an unseen hand from above and we’re not in control right now. This card is unique in that when the card is right side up our human is upside down, meaning that’s exactly where he’s supposed to be at this juncture. To everyone else it looks pretty strange but this ‘suspension’ is necessary right now.

Neptune, the Patron Saint of the Hanged Man, loves all things foggy and weird and wobbly and wavy and misty and mystic, like the gray wall of fog we see behind the hanging man. Neptune also loves art and music, and this dedicated and passionate (the red pants give him away) artist is sacrificing all for his art. When he finally does come back down he will have created (1+2=3, the number of Creation) something divinely inspired, as did the Norse God Odin, who after having hung himself upside down for nine nights in the World Tree, the one that grew up from the center of the flat Earth, was granted the wisdom to create the Runes.

This is basically being ‘hamstrung’ for some reason, sometimes even literally. An accident victim in traction who came out of his coma declaring he’d had a revelation and was never the same, it changed his life. That’s obviously an extreme example, but the epiphany is the same. The Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, an invalid for much of her life, affixed a mirror to the canopy of her sickbed and created her beautiful and complicated self-portraits, considered some of the world’s greatest works of art.

This is delay, but a productive one in some way. Worth the wait, worth the ‘hangup.’ Be patient. This isn’t the time to move, that’s all. You may be having to wait on something or someone else before you can do much of anything anyway.

Or, a psychologist is giving you another perspective on your own ‘hangups’.

Which is Major.





10 September 18: The Star

Hope. Healing. Inspiration. This is a most welcome and beautiful card of the Major Arcana associated with the astrological sign Aquarius, which is actually of the suit of air.

What a great card for a Monday. This is something special. We see a nude woman kneeling by a stream under a starry sky. There are 7 smaller stars surrounding 1 huge, bright 7 pointed star directly over her head. ‘The Seven Sisters’ is a name for the Plaedes star cluster, visible from Earth with the naked eye:

“The cluster is dominated by hot blue and luminous stars that have formed within the last 100 million years” says the dictionary, and sure enough, as many times as I’ve looked at this card (XVII = 17 = 7 + 1 = 8 =  infinity)  and at the 8 stars in the sky above her head, 7 of them have a bluish tint I’d never really noticed before (Morgan-Greer deck).

The woman has one foot in a stream and the other on land, and is calmly taking fresh, clean, healing water from the stream with one pitcher and pouring out old stagnant water onto the green grass from another as if she’s listening to the star above her, divinely guided.

If you’re ‘getting over’ something, you’re feeling hopeful about a fresh new start, or you finally feel ‘healed’.  This new beginning is not only promising, but blessed.

Especially if you’re in music, film or entertainment, and of course, the Internet. Uranus, the planet of unexpected innovation is also saying hello, so this could even be the next genius electronic invention or app (that star is communicating with her wirelessly). But the thing about a Star is that it’s shining on everyone and everyone benefits – whether from a new invention or a work of art or by your best self. When we see someone truly inspired, we are inspired as well.

The stars are aligned, hope someone’s listening.


20 April 18: The Moon & The Hanged Man

There’s a fine line between genius and madness. 

“The moon is a chin of gold.” – Emily Dickenson

No it’s not. It’s rocky, cold, dusty and weird. That’s the thing about the moon, which I do believe is dissected earlier in the archives. La Luna (‘the moon’ in Latin) inspires the very word ‘lunatic”.  This mysterious little satellite has a huge effect on the Earth and on us, whether we are conscious of it or not. On this card, under the huge full moon a crawfish is creeping up out of a still pond on to a bank, but never crawls all the way up out of it. This is a very psychic card, but we can’t be sure what is real and what isn’t. The crawfish is half in this world and half submerged, like being half-awake. What the hell were those crazy dreams last night? The Moon is a Major Arcana card associated with the watery, emotional astrological sign of Pisces and warns us we don’t know everything, something is hidden. We can’t see to the bottom of the pond, and even if we’re looking, all we see is our own distorted reflection on the surface.

The Hanged Man is also of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. His planet is Neptune, Lord of the Sea. Also explored in detail in the archives somewhere, this is a card of suspension before transition. The man on the card has voluntarily hung himself by one foot from a tree to surrender himself to a period of meditation. The Hanged man has seen life from a whole new perspective from this unusual angle. Not everyone has seen things from his point of view, this visionary.

The moon was just a cold gray rock until the poet showed us his point of view, until we saw it through the artists’ eyes, until we heard the singer sing about it.

So the martyr suffers for his art, but the world is a more beautiful place for it. This is a combination of a serious creative genius for sure, extreme as he or she may seem.  There is serious potential for escapism through drugs, legal or illegal, or ‘oceans’ of alcohol. Someone may be into very kinky and dangerious sex scenes under the cover of darkness.

I know! He’s transitioning into a werewolf under the full moon! That’s it. Or he’s totally tripping and thinks he’s a damn werewolf.  He’s not ‘coming down’ for awhile.

The Moon being all things female could indicate a couple weeks you’ve been pregnant, or a couple weeks to delivery, or your cycle is here for a couple weeks, more or less. I don’t miss that, that’s for sure.


“We are going to the moon that is not very far. Man has so much farther to go within himself.” -Anais Nin




13 April 18: Page of Cups, Ace of Coins

Contemplating the right path. The Page of Cups aka ‘Emo Kid’ has been written about quite a bit in the archives, but today I’m comparing our traditional dreamy, spacey little emotional Page to the much lighter, happier Page of Salvador Dali’s deck.

The Page is a young, fragile, gender fluid sort of soul possibly not of robust physical constitution. He’s all kinds of water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. Emotionally an adolescent, this page is pushed and pulled by the tides of his emotions and probably of those around him or her as well. He contemplates a fish that rises up to deliver a message from the golden goblet set before him: am I dreaming this? Celtic lore recognizes the fish as a symbol of wisdom and prophecy, the tarot depicts this little blue dream-fish as representing the subconscious. This poetic page turns inward, preferring to live in his own world.

Dali’s Page is also overcome with emotion, but rather than the quiet, introverted Page of the Morgan-Greer card, Dali’s young Page stands in a grand pose, arms outstretched, one shoulder draped in a rose velvet cape, the other holding high the same golden goblet, but instead of a freaky little talking fish (telepathically of course), perched on the edge of Dali’s cup is white bird who seems to be singing to this joyful Page, who seems to be singing himself, as if repeating the song brought down to him by the bird. A strange red-eyed creature (anger/sadness/angst?) hovers in space around the Page, who does not notice it, so elated is he, so overcome with his joy. He feels too much! He must sing! Interesting.

The familiar Ace of Pentacles – – the beginning, the seed of the suit of Coins or Pentacles (of the earth: Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn) is the card of prosperity. Money. The familiar Morgan-Greer card illustrates the Great Hand in the Sky, breaking through the clouds to offer us this golden disc, this Ace, this chance, this opportunity. Gift. Ring. Offer. Proposal. We stand on a path that winds down the middle of a beautiful garden through an archway out to the ocean and beyond. An offer of a new beginning of work we enjoy, and which will bring us security and peace. Is this the right thing for me? Analysis paralysis. Wake up, honey. It is definitely the right thing for you.

Dali’s Ace is very masculine, almost violent, straight and to the point. At the base of the card is what looks like a mature oak tree. A hand extends a large gold Pentacle from which more branches sprout. I always use an acorn for an analogy when reading Aces, and apparently Dali does as well. However, the most striking image is the rather disturbing red mess through which the hand extends the coin: this card actually looks like a violent, human, physical birth. Makes me queasy. The birth of a great work of literature or art can be pretty bloody, as well, or so I’ve heard.

These 2 Pages make an interesting, almost bi-polar combination side by side. They are both overcome with emotion, one melancholy, one maniacally joyful. Both make the point.

So we have a few stories we could tell here. Pages bring news, so we could be hearing about a pregnancy but it may not be an easy one. Best to stay happy, like Dali’s page, and stay in the joy, not the worry. Stay still (calm water).

This is a brilliant card for growers, and he may be contemplating going into the cannabis industry. Hemp. Excellent. Herbals, healing topicals. Dali’s oak tree could have been a nice bush of kush.

Save the farmers and get us out of debt, kid!

More often than not this Page is inspired and whether taken entirely seriously or not, possibly because of his or her young age or from just having a general demeanor of a ‘space cadet’ has a vision, and if nurtured, could really bring something great to the world.

Do not overmedicate this child, do you hear me?  I always notice the pinned pupils of the kid on the Morgan-Greer card, and, well, he is talking to a fish. But he’s in the upright position here, just in touch with his or her muse. Daydreaming again…don’t dumb them down to fit into this ‘life model’ that isn’t really working for a whole lot of people.

An artist, poet, psychic, singer. Dreams are gifts from the collective consciousness of the artists, visionaries, writers and creators before us. We are simply here to continue the work.

Making them real is alchemy..ask Dali. Or Nikola Tesla. Or Joe Meek.



8 April 18: Nine of Cups

Your wish is granted. Pretty sweet to see this card again so soon, which is often called ‘the wish card’.  Since I wrote about this happy card recently, I’ll let you check the archives and take the day to get my ranchy-chores done in time to be ready to be on the radio at 5:00 California time, so listen in if you are so inclined. EOTU Johnette 4.8.18

28 March 18: 7 of Wands/Clubs, 3 of Cups under Mars

I’m / We’re special. The 3 of Cups we’ve drawn before, and love having them around. They’re our homegirls or homeboys, our crew, our team – all for one and one for all. They work together, party together, may even live together. Good times. 3 lovely wood-nymph types frolic in the grass, cups raised, picnic table, wine, fruits and flowers. A dreamy scene. Have probably been through a lot together. Weddings, births, holidays.

The 7 of Wands is full of Aries fire – and there’s a lot of it right now. This is a defensive card. Our bearded hero (Morgan-Greer deck ) stands tall and proud, holding a stout, straight branch across his body in a defensive, yet aggressive, position. He is placed on top of the 3 of Cups card, looking very much like he’s having to defend his team or put them forward for a possible position and demonstrate or prove why they’re better for the job than anyone else. Maybe he even manages a girl group, boy group, or dance crew.

Or: he just needs some space from his friends. Maybe he has to defend a choice or decision or action to them, and he’s breaking away. He’s outgrown the old cronies. It happens.

Not this time, you guys. Count me out..maybe next time.

They don’t know what they hell he’s doing, but that #7 gives him faith in himself, his ideas and his actions, so off he goes. When and if he ever comes back, chances are those 3 will still be at the same table, doing the same thing.

Believe in yourself.