15 February 19: Ace of Coins & Three of Cups & Judgment

A new lease on life no less, so let’s get to it.

Did I mention the Ace of Pentacles or Coins much recently? Something’s going pretty well for someone, because this very desirable Ace is being handed down from the Skyhand again today in the past position, and it’s basically the golden ticket, the lottery win. A windfall, tax return, inheritance, property, the birth of a son or daughter, a talent that’s worth money, or something else of earthly value that has been handed down to you. Invested in you. Entrusted to you.

You had the power all along, Dorothy. 

In the center are the 3 of Cups, and we see the 3 girls dancing in celebration (Rider-Waite) or all 3 looking up at you, waiting for you to take a seat at the table (Morgan-Greer). This isn’t a crowd, not a lot of people, but the people who are closest and whom you trust, who really know you, and who are genuinely very happy for you.  No frenemies here today, just sharing good times and celebrating life in general with the people who matter (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio), and who you may not have seen in a while. These three girls (or guys) with their 3 huge wine goblets and remnants of melon, berries and grapes on the table look up at us like we’re late and they may have been waiting for a while.

In the future position and we couldn’t find a better place for it if we tried is the mighty  Judgment of the Major Arcana and one of the more strange and dramatic images in the Tarot. A family of humans rise out of their separate graves at the sound of a golden horn blowing in the sky, or on the Morgan-Greer card, a man, woman and child all rise from the same grave which looks more like a boat on shimmering water aka the River Styx of Greek myth that runs between the default and underworlds.

 We may have been asleep, but we’re ‘woke’ now. “You were there!, Auntie Em – and you, Uncle Henry!”

‘Higher calling’ is Judgment, and since this card is a card of rest and sleep, and, yes, death, whether you can see them or not, I’m getting that these three people may not even be here in the physical, but they very much are.  Sometimes I’ll hear ‘high five!‘ from somewhere if I’ve nailed something or contemplated the right decision to make. Have you ever ‘high fived’ 3 spirits?

This is basically saying life is getting shorter, you have what you need, enjoy it, today and now.  This is all about being blessed with home, family, and friends, and appreciating    your world as if seeing it for the first time for what it really is, and it’s really, really good. This may be finally overcoming an illness or addiction, and you’ve been ‘raised from the dead’ or at least feel that way.

An intimate gathering. A wedding is the ‘death’ of an old life and the ‘birth’ of a new one, as in new in-laws – remember, you all love the same human, so you do have that in common -or a newborn family member.

A family reunion, either here – or there.

Google map back:

The Ace of Coins is everything desirable on Earth, and the Earth itself. Everything we need is here and always has been, or we wouldn’t have stuck around as long as we have, which is what these happy young ‘Burners celebrate as they dance among the vines and orchards. How have we used or abused this gift?

Is saving the earth possible? Is this the final cycle?

Celebrate and live for today. I get it.

These ‘Burners look pretty young. Maybe we’d just rather get some rest.


..dedicated to an Aquarian with a vision, John Trudell, on his birthday. 




19 January 19: Two of Cups & The Moon & Judgement, reversed

The Bad Influence. Whether you like it or not, the Super Wolf Moon is upon us, and it’s strange how the dog and coyote who howl at the moon on the mysterious card  look a little wolf-ish today. They’re not, they just look like wolves in this light. Or rather, perhaps, they’ve been wolves all along masquerading as a dog and coyote. Who can tell?

In the past position we once again have the 2 of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) that is someone on your mind with whom you shared a deep connection, but was it really, or was it just the wine, the music and the mood lighting? Do you even care? It was a magic moment.

The Moon is more than just ‘present’,  she’s full in the attention-loving fire sign Leo, the Lion, just to add to the wolf and coyote mix. We’re behaving like animals! What’s gotten into you? I think I like it! Full moon madness, it’s heady stuff. This is one crazy super moon with an eclipse on the side. Dreams, visions, psychic impressions, all can be so strong they’re scary. This is the card of film, theatre, and other beautiful illusions,  particularly potent for those who value these vibes: creative types should be having a hell of a weekend.

In the future position we have Judgement, reversed, #20 of the Major Arcana, 20=2. We  may be looking at someone from the past through foggy lenses, and may even have a tendency to over romanticize in general, our fantasies and visions of relationships having been formed by movies and films and Hallmark greeting cards. How dramatic the couple of the 2 of Cups are, staring deep into each other’s eyes, it’s a beautiful close up. The background fades away and its as if they’re the only ones in the room, with eyes and ears for no one else. The reality to be considered, if it even has to be, is whether this can hold up in the light of day – this may not be what they’d call a ‘conventional relationship’. These are not ‘conventional’ people.

Judgement reversed; who cares what people think about you, your work, or your relationships? The moon, she’s talking to you, and not everybody is listening.

Are we crazy?

Don’t judge..













18 January 19: King of Cups & Three of Wands & The Fool

 Take the chance. You’ll be glad you did, I think. Why not? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Besides, it looks like a fun trip may be involved, and you can take the dog. The King of Cups will be very happy to see you again, although he may not come out and say so. He’s rather reserved about such things, being the King and all, but after a couple beers he may start to gush a bit: “I missed you, maaaaan!” 

In the past position today is this psychic, artistic, musical King of Water. We can roll him in fur and call him a teddy bear, this tender-hearted, compassionate King representing the astrological signs of Scorpio,Pisces and Cancer. The imagery on the card is that of a King calmly and serenely seated on a throne that seems to be floating on choppy, rippling  waters yet the King holds his gold cup easily without spilling a drop. It’s like when you’re in turbulence on a plane and hold your plastic cup of wine up to stabilize it so it doesn’t spill. Cups represent emotions and the subconscious in the Tarot, and this King is always well in control of his – and possibly yours. A word from this wise King and everything was always ok. again. He may be any important person from your past who may or may not have come straight out and said so, but had deep feelings for you. Who knew? He was always there, always listened, and, being a King, always seemed to know what to say and when to say it as if he was reading your mind. He was. Dad, husband, boss, lover, friend, mentor, counselor, whoever, they were your go-to who always understood you. This person feels very deeply, almost empathically.  You loved this human very much, and he/she you. This is the King most in touch with his feminine side, which gives him so much of his intuition and innate understanding.

The central issue here is making a move in order to get to the next level. A human looks off into the distance and into the future, contemplating and calculating time and effort and any possible obstacles to an endeavor that involves, or will involve, a potential partner or partners. This is the powerful 3 of Fire (Leo/Sagittarius/Aries) so we must be careful who we choose to partner up with for the long haul – the human on this card is passionate and driven, waiting for the word to make a move – the King may require your presence.

The Fool in the future position is the ultimate outsider, numbered Zero, he’s in a class by himself as he strides and skips through this adventure called Life. His eyes look up and ahead, and in this layout, he is right behind the far-sighted human on the 3 as if to say, I’m right behind you. It looks like he or she has thrown together a few things wrapped in a scarf and with only that, a staff, a white rose symbolizing faith and trust in life and a   nervous little dog yapping along at his side, the Fool is a very fated and powerful card, and in this position suggests to me that you have nothing to lose by taking a chance. This person from your past you may be afraid won’t be experienced or reliable enough for a long-term commitment, but he is a King, and moves about in the world with all kinds of people and is very well-respected, even loved, which we can’t say for all the Kings.

You’d kind of be a Fool not to, is what I’m getting here. In this case, the future is the past, as in starting all over from nothing in a good way, as in being free to do what you want, when you want, where you want, and with whom. The Fool must not be so foolish as to even stop along the way to say hello to anyone who does not have his or her best interests in mind or heart. This King always did, because he innately knows what your best interests are because he innately knows what makes people happy.

This could be a journey to visit someone dear from the past you may have not seen in a very long time, possibly at a distance or overseas, and possibly for some kind of collaboration. Why not?

“Where are you going? Who’s going to feed me?” yaps the dog, often the only adult in the room.

Oh. Right. How will that work out? Ask the King if he knows someone, he has contacts all over the place, and only the best.

A King always has his own personal Fool, and this Fool would be foolish to not want to fool around with this King as in: you’d be a fool not to.

I think I’m done here.



24 December 18: Death & Judgement

I die daily or: out with the old and in with the new.

 This is appropriate, I’d say. We’ve passed the solstice, the shortest night of the year, and I’ve been rather enjoying all this darkness and hibernating and wintering so I’m going to miss it. RIP, 2018.

It may come as a surprise to learn that the Death card, #13 of the Major Arcana, doesn’t mean physical death if at all as often as it means it’s over. No, not your life, maybe just  that life.

“That was the old me.” 

Nothing scary about that sentence, is there? But I’ll bet a lot of people reading or listening to this can say it, has said it or will say it at some point. Dark, wintry Death in his warm looking black hoodie poses with his scythe in front of a red rising sun and sky, sort of like the sky looks right now as I write this. O summer, taketh thy time! The red sky brightens and turns to the joyous yellow of the next card.

The glorious Judgement, also of the Major Arcana, is the card of rebirth and resurrection. I’m reading the Morgan-Greer deck which shows a happy, beaming man, woman and child in a boat. They are all the same color, blue, the color of peace, dreams, and heaven. A flaming gold trumpet emerges from a gold cloud in the warm yellow sky.

On more traditional images, the family rises up from the ground in a graveyard, having been called up by the SkyHorn. They look a little dirty but very happy.

My left ear often has a tone when I know someone wants to tell me something. No, it’s not tinnitus, I get checked. Of course there is lore, and of course ringing in the right ear means one thing while ringing in the left means something else. I’m clairaudient, always have been. Connected to the throat chakra, turns out. In one ear, out the piehole.

This is the most epic, amazing, mind-blowing, fantastic, magical Christmas ever. It’s a long story and we’re all busy today but ’tis the season of the spirits, and it looks like there’s a family reunion happening whether you see them or not.

But if you listen, they’ll make sure you hear their favorite song standing in line at the market. Also, they like the smell of their own cooking, so do your best.









21 December 18: Queen of Wands & reversed Page of Cups

Kid gloves with the kid, whoever he or she is. I think I’m talking to a Mom today, or a teacher and a problem child. At least that’s one of a few little scenes I’m seeing possible here.

Little boo is an introvert – to say the very least. Poetic, artistic, sensitive and easily moved to tears, he may enjoy wearing his sister’s clothes. I call my little Pisces/Scorpio/Cancer Emo Kid. A young Page gazes into a gold cup set before him, fascinated with a weird little fish who has popped up out of his drink to tell him something. He sees dead people, has imaginary friends, and he’s either learning that it’s easier just be quiet around grownups and people in general or just not communicating at all. Reversed, this isn’t his or her best day – they could be rebellious ‘acting up’ or there could be more serious underlying emotional issues. He or she may be being bullied at school for their odd little ways, or just doesn’t ‘fit in’ with the rest of the family. If your kid is a water sign, we have a full winter moon in watery Cancer this weekend, so they may be a little ‘more’ than usual.

The Queen of Wands is the ‘ball of fire’ representing  Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. She is an encouraging and inspiring presence. She lights up the room, and has any situation well in hand. She likes to be in charge and we like her in charge. She was pretty much born to be in charge. The card of an actress, our Queen of Fire has all the pride of the Leo lion. You would never know there was any trouble at home, or that things weren’t altogether awesome in her world.

Which is sort of along the the lines of yesterday’s cards: this Queen may be internally processing emotions entirely new to her and going about her life as if everything is just fine, when emotionally, things are a little, or a lot, unstable right now. Pass on the open bar – relapse ahead. What is it that one of my muses, the great Dorothy Parker, said?

“I drank to drown my sorrows, but the damn things learned to swim”. Full Cancer Moon, You have been warned.

This could be something as basic as an age difference and/or communication style – someone’s bigger and brasher and more extroverted than the other. Of course, people work together whose differences compliment each other all the time, so that isn’t an issue. What is an issue is that our water sign, if not talking about a child or the Queen’s own inner emotional ‘awakening’ or ‘re-birth’ – is an adult with addictions or issues with their own sexuality that have interfered with or have affected their healthy, natural maturation process in some way.

In other words, somebody’s too old for this shit.

This compassionate but ‘tough love’ Queen is good to know.

If she is a teacher, she’s looking forward to a day off. If this is a Mom having a hard time with a special needs child, no one has to tell you how strong you are – they’re lucky to have you as a Mom, same if you’ve adopted.  If you or your kid is coming out, be proud. If you’re an intuitive, your mojo may be a little off.

If you don’t want a kid be careful, and if you, do be patient.