11 February 19: Four of Wands & Five of Coins & Ace of Coins

Unhappy home. This all ends very well, by the way – or at least it should, you’re certainly being handed the ol’ ‘golden opportunity’, and it’s a big one. Generally speaking, the Major Arcana, none of whom got up this morning, are a whole lot louder than the minors, but today we have some major, major minors.

In the past position we have the beautiful 4 of Wands (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius), the card of love, property, stability,  home and family. The 4 staves form the mysterious and holy 11:11, and the chuppah of a Jewish wedding, that is the canopy held over the bride and groom. ‘A house is not a home’ as it is said, and this is that. You may love your house, but wish it were somewhere’s else. You were happy there, but for some reason you aren’t today, or you’re very much missing someone you were married to, or your family, or your childhood home, even. No love up in your house. This card is so interesting in the Morgan-Greer deck. Unlike the olde tyme images, the stage is set but empty. No dancers, revelers, no sign of a human at all. In the future position, as we saw recently, the picture invited us to step into it but in the past, it seems like everyone’s stepped out of it. Which leaves us all kinds of broken – spiritually, morally, and possibly financially. We have the house, but not the home. It’s a damn nice house, too – or was. Except for the chuppah and the festive flowers, this is a strangely barren card, a monotonous yellow desert with a dry-looking castle in the distance, and no sign of life anywhere except for the new green leave sprouting from the staves that hold up the man (or woman) made canopy. It’s the humans that brought the scene to life.

The dismal and depressing 5 of Coins is in the present position, but not for long. Traditionally we see 2 humans who have been ostracized or evicted or shunned, and who knows why but they’re out on their asses, seemingly homeless, trudging through snow. This is such a painful, dark card. ‘Poverty of the Spirit’ is one tag for this 5 (uncomfortable, uneven, restless number) of Earth (Taurus/Capricorn/Virgo). I don’t even know how seriously I can take this card today seeing as it’s flanked on either side by 2 of the best cards the Minor Arcana. On the Morgan- Greer card, a bloodied, bandaged young man, walking stick in hand, falls exhausted into the arms of a nun, whose fingerless frayed Oliver Twist orphan glove rests on the young man’s shoulder – she took vows of poverty a long time ago, of course – but she lives in that building with the warm glowing window – he or she is not the one who is homeless. On the old card, we might assume the humans are shunned because they won’t compromise or commit an oath to the church – or anything or anyone else – from whom they can receive help.

I hear ‘meeting in the middle‘ just as these humans are doing in this layout.

The mighty Ace of Coins is in the future position and if there was ever a dawn after the dark, this is it. A distant relative of the Magician, #1 of the Majors, this is big stuff, and it looks as if – on the old card and the Morgan-Greer – the outsiders – or outsider – wins.

But not just money because of course real wealth is so very much more than that.

It seems the potential for a relationship or partnership outweighs whatever differences there may be between 2 estranged or separated humans.

Somebody went rogue and may have got the shit kicked out of them, but look what they brought back for your collection plate, sister.

Now we can build our own sanctuary.






15 January 19: Two of Cups & Seven of Coins reversed & Ace of Coins

We had a good run. Here’s to us, kid, or whatever it was Humphrey Bogart said.

This is the story of a partnership, marriage, affair, or friendship that may have simply run its course. Or not.

In the past position, the 2 humans of the 2 of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio)  offer golden long-stemmed cups to each other, as if in a ceremony. Usually the card would look like the 2 are staring deep into each others eyes, falling in love hard, everyone else in the room disappearing, but today they seem to be toasting each other sadly. The sky on the Morgan-Greer card is a neutral, whitish color, but if you really look close it was once a happy yellow. This was a very important affair or partnership, and impacted both of them for life. Neither will forget the other, and neither wants to. Neither has.

Perhaps they’ve gone as far as they were meant to go together. In the present position, the 7 of Coins (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn) is reversed. Coins, besides being the hard cash we need to live, address the realm of the physical in general. The farmer, leaning on his hoe, contemplates his 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 harvest  – he, however, is brown from the sun, so many hours and years has he spent on this field, the leaves green, the coins hanging like gold fruit. Reversed, returns are diminishing. He looks off into the distance, wondering if he even planted in the right spot.  Wondering if he should invest any more into this property, or anymore years of his life into this – situation.  Upside down, seeing things from another point of view entirely, he finds himself facing the huge gold coin  on the future card. He should get a metal detector (I just got one, I like this spread).

Well, sir, may I ask, how much do you really think you can get done all by yourself?

The Ace of Coins is the very promising new start in a new place. An amazing new opportunity or offer ‘falls out of the sky’ – say good morning to the Fabulous Flying Skyhand of the Tarot, today lowering the shiny prize of a new gold pentacle into the garden of your beautiful new home with a beautiful ocean view.

I wasn’t even going to go there but the 2 flowers in the garden, a red rose in full bloom (masculine) and the white lilies (feminine) remind me of the 2 of cups of the past. This is the ‘gift’ of a new beginning with maximum potential – possibly with someone new, or with someone you ‘filed away’ for future consideration, because the timing was wrong – possibly a water sign.

A new start in a new place is what I’m feeling here, but you cannot do what you want to do alone, is all I’m saying.

7 + 3 = altogether now = 10, the maximum of the suit, end of a cycle and new beginning, and that which one leaves as legacy.

Looks like a beautiful spot to build.



2 October 18: Page of Coins

Do your research. I like this introspective,  serious, well grounded  young Page (or Prince, depending on the deck) of the solid suit of Earth (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn).

Pages are messengers  bringing news, proclamations and invitations from the neighboring castles, kings and other movers and shakers of the court. He or she hopes to prove himself worthy of Knighthood someday and is diligent in his studies, research and demeanor. His or her attention to detail is extraordinary. .

A new job opportunity: will train the right person. 

Coins are money, obviously. Of course, nothing about the Tarot – or life, for that matter – is one-dimensional and this card can talk particularly about money from writing: a letter, working to become a paid writer, study notes,  job applications, grants.

Willing to learn. 

This is starting something new, even a whole new career, or going for a degree or certification that will bring you more money in your current line of work and take you to a whole new – and very lucrative – level.

The image on the card shows us a young human holding up and marveling at a large gold coin or pentacle, the gift of the Ace, the single ‘seed’ from which, if carefully tended, will grow and provide many more shiny gold coins for the rest of his life. He will work, study, polish and refine. This card I call the ‘boy scout’ card, he knows the manual inside and out and has all the merit badges. He sleeps in the damn uniform. He’s hunkered down to study for the winter, perhaps for a degree, exam or license. No matter how old he is, he is at it with the enthusiasm of a newbie.

An eager apprentice.

Whatever this determined, dependable Page is putting his mind and body to is going to be massively successful someday and you can bet on that because cause HE is.

This can mean a child or a young person (probably a little earth sign) holding up something he or she made or reading you something they wrote  that they are proud of –  possibly showing exceptional talent, which is always a good – if not the best – investment.