19 Oct 18: Wheel of Fortune, reversed

Not the day for Vegas. Of all the things I could say about this Grand Card of Destiny of the Major Arcana, the Wheel of Fortune, I’ll start with the obvious. You don’t have to read Tarot to understand this card.

You certainly do for the arcane olde tyme images which could have you studying this one card for years: Egyptology, the Kabbalah, Hebrew, Torah, Astrology, Mythology and Numerology (10=1+0 =1, a cycle ends so that another can begin) create the code that is the message of the great Wheel. However, the Morgan-Greer deck keeps thing mercifully simple. A King and Queen sit high in the sky atop a great spoked wheel, having a grand old time. They both wear gold crowns and he lifts a gold cup in celebration. We’re on top of the f’n world, he sings to his  lucky Queen, who sits up high beside him, resplendent in a royal purple gown. The lucky planet of expansion, jolly Jupiter, rules this card as well as happy-go-lucky Sagittarius – what could go wrong? The King toasts their good fortune.

From stage left out of the white fluffy clouds sneaks the infamous giant Skyhand of the Tarot, who turns the Wheel by means of a golden handle attached to the center of the spokes like an axle.

Stage right we see the flailing legs and feet of a peasant who has just been thrown off the Wheel altogether, with a long way to fall. He was just on top a minute ago!

Let’s turn it upside down.

This is a turning point, and not just for you. There are others on this card as well. The human cast to the bottom is now on top, and the King and Queen on the bottom.

This is all about a cycle.

You’re riding high in April, shot down in May -Sinatra

Or, think of the poor singer in Journey who apparently was not copied on the itinerary yet still placed his trust and faith in the ever-turning Wheel in the Sky to have him where he needed to be when he needed to be there.

If you’re down on your luck right now, you won’t be forever.

One of the keywords of this card is Destiny, which is where it gets complicated. This is a life-changing twist of fate or a literal ‘turn of events’ you didn’t see coming, and can make us wish ‘major turning points’ in life didn’t always have to be so jarring.

This is the shit over which we have no control, but you’re not alone. Learn to recognize and appreciate the ending of a natural cycle rather than fight it. Every phase of life has it’s own challenges and rewards.

This reminds me of the old Chinese adage about change being thrust upon you if you don’t recognize the need/time for it yourself. This is that.  Fortunes come and go, and the Wheel turns for everyone.

Enjoy the ride while it lasts…and drive safely.





10 July 18: King of Cups, reversed

Respect my authority.

Fuck you.


This card is making me physically queasy. This King shouldn’t be King at all.

Upright, this King is the compassionate and archetypical kind, loving Father figure. He is of the emotional suit of Water (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer), and  pictured  seated on his throne (Morgan-Greer) with a thoughtful expression on his face holding his gold cup in his right hand, his gold scepter in his left.

Cups correspond with hearts in a poker deck, and they do represent the heart, love and emotion – and in OG Tarot, the Ace of Cups is said to represent the womb, specifically the womb of Mary – but which Mary? A-HA! (Cartoon Einstein voice).

This King is responsible for maintaining a certain amount of security and the emotional stability and well-being of the realm. He’s the King, after all, and we love and admire him for that. As we can see, he is calm and serene although the water under him and behind him is choppy and unstable.

Reversed, this King who should be ruling from his heart is not. He is a manipulative, miserable bastard who is so emotionally and sexually confused and repressed it’s scary and I don’t even want to see this guy after a couple of drinks. He’s in over his head.


On another level, you may be being offered kind advice – possibly regarding a creative project – by someone who means well. This could be Dad or a Father-figure type, or you’ve cast someone in that role in your life. You may have outgrown the need for this person’s well intended (or not) advice.