15 September 18: Seven of Cups

Overwhelmed. Tempting offers, options, choices, decisions. Visually one of my favorite cards in the deck, the wild fantasy that is the 7 of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) is compared in the archives to a stageful of Las Vegas showgirls, all shine and flash but when the lights go on it may be a whole different story. What looked like gold was actually cheap plastic, and when the fog machine was turned off we could all see the old chewing gum and duck tape stuck to the stage floor.

The traditional image of this card is a human with their back to us contemplating a huge cloud bank that looks about to roll over and engulf him. On the Morgan-Greer card there is no human but it’s coming right at us and is almost a virtual experience, a wall of fog   bearing 7 gold goblets with strange offerings: a snake, a mask, the head of a beautiful blonde woman, jewels, a castle. Surreal.

Well, that’s what they seem to be, anyway, but through all that fog we can’t really tell. That’s the point of this card. Things that look great on the surface may not be, and we may not be in a clear state of mind – this card also addresses addictions and a need to ‘turn the lights on’ …this is ‘living in a fantasy world’ or looking to escape – he’d rather not make any important decisions right now.

This could be a mad genius engulfed by an all-consuming inspiration that must be channeled creatively, a wild dream.

Quick burn to Vegas and he’ll think about it next week.



12 September 18: Queen of Cups

Your feminine side. Think of the woman you know who loves/ loved you no matter what. Mother, sister, aunt, grandma, wife or someone close enough to be. This tenderhearted Queen is compassionate, loving and nurturing. She’s in touch with and driven by her own emotions and of those around her – she’s a bit psychic that way. Of the deep, subconsciously wobbly suit of Water (Pisces/Scorpio/Cancer), she is moved by and acts from the heart before all, and when she shows up she’s usually here to remind us to do the same. The most psychic Queen  in the deck, she looks up from the gold cup she’s been gazing into for a moment into your eyes, smiles sweetly and assures you that you already know the answer.

Act from the heart, with love, she says, and all will be well.


“How do you feel about it?”

What would he/she would say if he/she were here?


8 September 18: King of Cups & 2 of Cups, reversed

Emotionally unavailable. To say the least. This King of the watery suit of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) is the most compassionate, loving King in the deck. Generous and kind, he truly has affection for his people. This is a man of deep feeling, but he is a grown-ass King, and has control over his emotions – his heart does not rule his head. Cups correspond with the hearts of a standard poker deck, and with our own hearts, as they represent our emotions.

The beautiful, romantic 2 of Cups is of the same suit of the heart, a card of love – the feeling is mutual. 2 is a partnership or commitment, and we see 2 lovers offering their cups to one another as they look into each other’s  eyes. It’s beautiful, this balance of energies. Their faces are solemn. They are being married, or making some sort of commitment…

Insert record-player-needle-scratch sound effect here.

Don’t do it. The King is out of control. We don’t know why, but it’s serious. He’s let his emotions get the best of him and is, well, out of his mind. He may even have very serious drug, alcohol or emotional problems when it comes to relationships.  Because of this he (or she) can be very manipulative – they know how to push your buttons. This would be a marriage made in hell for one or both of them, they’re in no way ready.

Which is a shame. Both of these people need to learn to communicate on another level. I can see both getting emotional, then he/she gets mean, then he/she starts crying, then back to square one, but I’d have to say it’s the water sign that needs help here (or someone with a lot of water in their chart). We see on the card the choppy ocean behind him, and he usually manages to ‘keep his waters calm’ but at present he’s ‘drowning in his own tears’. Maybe one or both of them have to sober up.

It’s a hot mess.



3 Sept 18: Page of Swords & Six of Cups

Mind your own business and move on. Pages are generally messengers who bring us news of some kind, but in this case may be gathering news of some kind, as in straight up spying, trolling or investigating.  The suit of Swords is the permeating energy of Air (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) and we’re coming up into Libra season. This Page could be male or female.  The sweet, nostalgic 6 of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) shows us a child tenderly handing another child a flower. This is the card of an innocent past, simpler, happier days, and happy memories.

This Page, being a notorious spy and gossip, means that someone is really digging into someone’s past or even childhood…get a life. 6 is the number of Karma, so if there is something in the past that is meant to be exposed, it will be. You may be hearing some news or gossip about someone from your past. It is a quirk of the human condition that people seem to love digging for dirt and spreading bad news whether true or not than good news. Do not ask me why, I do not know, that is not why I am here. They can snoop all day, there is nothing but good memories and love between these people.

This is also being able to look at the past without the foggy filters, rose-colored glasses, or selective memory. He or she knows he should be thinking about ‘growing up’ (swords = logic) but the heart is still that of a child (cups = emotions) and all he wants to know is: how do I get that feeling back? 

Good question.

This could be simply a curious child looking at pictures of young Mom and Dad, or even someone looking for their birth parents.

Or our poor Page is outgrowing his little friends. Gemini is the sign of Peter Pan, the eternal child. He’s holding that sword, and seems almost ready to ‘cut’ away the past – soon.

The Autumn ‘change in the air’ can definitely bring the seasonal nostalgia, but the past is just that.




24 July 18: Eight of Cups

The well’s gone dry. This sad card of disillusionment is associated with Saturn, the heavy, serious planet of restrictions or limitations and the flowy, dreamy water sign of Pisces who is all about emotions as are the other water signs Cancer & Scorpio, all   represented by the suit of Cups or Hearts in a regular deck.

This is an emotionally unfulfilling or limiting situation. I feel for this guy, he had some big dreams but for some reason it’s just not happening here for him. Looks like he picked the wrong location, or has simply outgrown it.

We are shown a human walking along a rough shore under a waning moon. It is a mysterious picture, only a hood and long red cloak blowing behind him or her as they  make their way along the rough terrain of a rocky shore following what looks like a beautiful blue river that eventually opens up into the ocean.

He leaves behind 8 gold cups, stacked unevenly on a dry, brown strip of land. 8 is an even number, he had it all figured out, yet they’re odd and empty. It’s not right. Even if he manages to complete his matching set of gorgeous gold goblets they will never stack up evenly. He can see that now, and even if they did stack up evenly, and even if he did find 2 more gold cups , there’s nothing to fill them with where he’s at.

The cups sit on what today to me looks like a receding shoreline. A thin, blue-green bit of water we can barely see in the lower right corner of the card (Morgan-Greer) ripples slightly and we see a dry, brown beach.

Empty cups are as useless as loveless hearts, and our scarlet-caped hero is taking his or her passions elsewhere – what little he has left.

This may have been at one time a drive, a dream, but now the well is dry and there is no more love – for something he once loved very much.  Maybe he’s retiring somewhere else, or even running off with someone and leaving a whole lot behind that doesn’t seem so important anymore. Who needs 10 empty cups in the end?  Maybe he’s been made a job offer that won’t restrict him and that will be emotionally and spiritually more satisfying, where he can reach his full potential…’water’ him enough for him to really ‘bloom’.

A new path altogether, a renaissance or rebirth in retirement.

Disappointment. It all meant so much, and seemed so important at the time – for possibly a very long time.

Gotta ramble, babe, I’m meant for bigger things. 

..or they’re just telling me to head back up to the lake for a nice cool hike, it’s hot as f***.  The cups sitting on the beach on this card remind me of the boat slips sitting on the dry ground off the marina, the water is so low.


21 July 18: Ten of Cups

Love, joy, and contentment. As good as it gets. The suit of Cups, of course, represents us as emotional beings and correspond with the suit of Hearts in your poker deck. Feelings, nothing more than feelings – warm and fuzzy, happy, life-loving feelings.

Traditionally this image is of a couple with 2 happy little children dancing in a green field in front of a lovely home we assume is theirs (they always reminds me of ‘The Sound of Music’). They stand with their arms around each other marveling at their beautiful home and family knowing they are truly blessed as a rainbow and ten gold cups or chalices arch over the entire scene. Idyllic.

On the Morgan-Greer card the rainbow is the star of the show. With many more colors than on the older versions of the card, it’s brightly colored and arches out of the sky  ending up in a single large gold chalice held up by the two strong arms who reach into the picture from either side. There is no beautiful house but instead a calm, peaceful lake surrounded by peaceful green hills and trees. We see no one else in the scene but these two anonymous people who, together, catch the rainbow in their cup. 9 more golden goblets float in the sky (9 of Cups is often called ‘The Wish Card’) and it seems whoever these 2 people are they have found perfect peace and contentment in each other.

The rainbow became the official symbol of the Gay Community in 1978 when (tragically assassinated) openly gay San Francisco Mayor Harvey Milk commissioned an official flag to be designed by Viet Nam Vet and drag queen Gilbert Baker.

The Morgan-Greer deck was ‘illustrated by Bill Greer under the direction of Lloyd Morgan’ in the 70’s, but it has been noted that when U.S Games Systems published the deck they left Morgan’s name off.  Don’t know about this and curiously, can’t find a hell of a lot of information on either of them except a book on 20th Century Design by Bill Greer (feel free to school me).

So of course if there’s a mystery or unsolved crime I’m all off into it, and these arms on this heavenly, beautiful, happy, peaceful, loving 10 belong to – whom? Both strong, we can see that, one slightly more muscled than the other and wearing a red armband – meaning passion and masculine energy – and one arm wears a pale sleeve edged with pearls.

Do they belong to the creators of the deck? No nice house, no 2.0 children, just sharing and celebrating life together on the shore of a nice lake under a beautiful rainbow with the world all to themselves. May the moment last forever.

No matter who they are, they obviously have found complete happiness in each other and nothing and no one else matters.

10 = 1 + 0 = 1.


It’s inspiring.



20 July 18: The High Priestess & The Queen of Cups

I hear a voice. Not one but two very psychic, intuitive characters – one on this plane and one, well, not necessarily visible to the naked eye.

This is the emotional, compassionate Queen of Cups at her best. Of the emotional suit of water (Pisces/Scorpio/Cancer) she is gentle and understanding. Poetry in motion, she is a ‘safe harbor’ to others and holds her gold cup up in front of her as if to catch your tears should you need a shoulder to cry on – or her own, as she can be moved to tears easily. She is blonde and wears an unusual crown of seashells and pearls and pulls it off with style. She’s artistic, quirky, and writes down her dreams and premonitions.

The High Priestess of the Major Arcana is seated on her throne with a crescent moon as her footstool and another as her crown and holds a mysterious scroll in her lap. What secrets, what knowledge does she hold? Like her Greek alter ego the Goddess Persephone who was abducted and stolen off down to the Underworld by a horny Devil, she is able to regularly move between two worlds and does with ease. It’s seasonal, she summers down there and winters up here – or the other way around – in accordance with some kind of arrangement with Persephone’s mom, the Goddess Demeter, who didn’t approve of the relationship at all. Oh hell no.

So The High Priestess knows something – everything –  we don’t. She is the inner voice, the subconscious. She wants you to seek the truth. 

Well what can I say. For some reason for the last day or so I’ve had documentaries running nonstop on YOUTUBE as I putter around and I’m really stuck on the Princess Diana ‘accident’ so I think the ‘room is tuned’ as it were.

Princess Diana was a Cancer herself, and the Queen of Cups of the Morgan-Greer deck actually looks like her.

Famously predicting her own death, down to the how and who, it’s way beyond conspiracy.

Her birthday month is this month and next month is the anniversary of her death and  these cards together aren’t subtle. She knew the Queen’s secrets and had to go, ‘done and dusted’.



I wouldn’t fuck with that old lady, she’d have me dead by teatime.