13 July 18: The Chariot

Time for Regular Service. This victorious, successful, powerful card of the Major Arcana like every card of the Tarot can mean many things but it can also simply mean something about your car or needing a new one or maintenance. You may get a ‘scare-rror message’ as my superhuman genius Volvo mechanic Dr. V calls them but since I spent 6 hours r/t commuting yesterday I’ll check my oil.


But today I think (ya think?) the Chariot may be riding in to announce today’s SuperMoon Eclipse. The proud driver, well in control of his noble vehicle and the two strong horses that pull him is ruled by the moon and wears a pair of crescents on the shoulders of his armor. He is associated with the astrological sign of Sagittarius, the Traveler, but the Moon being his mistress he has some water DNA in him as well (Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces) and is as in control of himself emotionally as he is of the two snorting and stamping horses, one white and one dark,  that pull his chariot. He knows where he’s going, firmly gripping the reins and staring straight ahead.

He is moving up, and fast. This could be a promotion. This is success and power, definitely, but managed gracefully and well. This eclipse will affect everyone differently of course, but it’s a powerful one and the whole point is to go with the flow if you know where the flow’s gonna go and in this case, he/she is ‘going places’.

Congratulations – stay in balance, focused, and don’t let your success go to your head!

The ‘race’ is won.

12 July 18: Three of Wands & Seven of Cups

Realistic plans. An interesting pair.

On the fired-up (Sagittarius/Leo/Aries) 3 of Wands/Clubs/Rods, 3 being the number of creation and expansion, a human stands with his back to us scanning the horizon and looking off into the distance as if he’s waiting for something or contemplating where to plant his next ‘branch’, as in ‘branching out’. He’s ready to, the branch we see he has ‘planted’ behind him is leafy and ready to drop ripe acorns. A successful investment. He has done well – so far. Now what? One straight, sprouting staff is held in his left hand as he contemplates and debates what he should do next. The other staff is partially obscured by his fine cloak and headpiece. Should he expand where he is, or ‘branch’ further out, even overseas? He is of the Fire suit, after all, and not known for his patience or diplomatic skills. Those Fire signs do not like to wait for anything.

This is where he could get into trouble. It would be a shame, he’s doing so well, but at this crucial stage must be patient.  He could use some of the clarity of yesterday’s Ace of Swords, or I would suggest a coffee and a talk with a King, Queen, or even Knight of Coins who know how to successfully manage investment and growth.

People are noticing his work. There are offers and opportunities as we can see from the fabulous Las Vegas spectacle that is the glittery, shiny, loud 7 of Cups. What a show!

The card shows us 7 shiny golden goblets/chalices emerging like showgirls from a thick, watery fog bank (I’m not even kidding, I returned a shitty fog machine the other day. I don’t like to be without a fog machine. You just never know. Kept the fog juice.), each overflowing with strange contents: jewelry, a mask, a snake, a woman’s head. A castle, a dragon.

7: Faith. It’s important to invest it in the right place, person or thing.  He needs to have faith in himself, step back and bide his time.

It’s overwhelming. It’s good to have choices, it’s good to have opportunities, flattering to entertain offers. But right now not everything may be what it seems to be, and not everyone may be who they say they are, or do everything they say they’re going to do.

Is the diamond real, or just a cheap knockoff, something that will only tarnish over time?

What about that creepy mask? What if a beautiful, loving person that may be the love of his life is behind it?

What about that peaceful green wreath tied with the red ribbon? Is it laurel or oleander?

We can’t tell. There’s too much going on. Too much fog. I’m overstimulated just looking at this card.

This is a picture of a freelancer who feels he can’t turn any offer away. A fast, crappy, cheap job that seemed to look good at the time will ‘tarnish’ your reputation in the long run.

As Spirit says to me often:



10 July 18: King of Cups, reversed

Respect my authority.

Fuck you.


This card is making me physically queasy. This King shouldn’t be King at all.

Upright, this King is the compassionate and archetypical kind, loving Father figure. He is of the emotional suit of Water (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer), and  pictured  seated on his throne (Morgan-Greer) with a thoughtful expression on his face holding his gold cup in his right hand, his gold scepter in his left.

Cups correspond with hearts in a poker deck, and they do represent the heart, love and emotion – and in OG Tarot, the Ace of Cups is said to represent the womb, specifically the womb of Mary – but which Mary? A-HA! (Cartoon Einstein voice).

This King is responsible for maintaining a certain amount of security and the emotional stability and well-being of the realm. He’s the King, after all, and we love and admire him for that. As we can see, he is calm and serene although the water under him and behind him is choppy and unstable.

Reversed, this King who should be ruling from his heart is not. He is a manipulative, miserable bastard who is so emotionally and sexually confused and repressed it’s scary and I don’t even want to see this guy after a couple of drinks. He’s in over his head.


On another level, you may be being offered kind advice – possibly regarding a creative project – by someone who means well. This could be Dad or a Father-figure type, or you’ve cast someone in that role in your life. You may have outgrown the need for this person’s well intended (or not) advice.










25 June 18: Five of Coins, Knight of Cups

A declaration of compassion. I had a pretty surreal and epic meltdown right before 9/11, constantly peeking out from behind blankets draped over all the windows to look up at the sky, sleeping under the bed, nightmares of window washers falling from scaffolds. When the event happened, it was like my head was a huge blister that had popped.

I wound up in the care of a wonderful psychiatrist who I trusted immediately when she said to me, calmly and simply, “there are things we can’t explain.”

My mother will insist I started reading newspapers when I was 2, but she has been known for bending the truth. However I have always been a news freak,  but shit straight up fucks with your head.  My doctor’s advice? Get your news from the Daily Show.

When I started the morning cards I consciously decided to not listen to or read news in the morning (switched to water and nature sounds) so as to not ‘front load’ a general reading, but the energy is overwhelming and undeniable, and the cards will not be ignored.

The Five of Pentacles or Coins (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn) talks about our earthly material world as in food, shelter, and the money to provide both.  On the Morgan-Greer card there is a woman consoling a bloodied young boy, his head wrapped in a bandage, his staff in his hand – a wounded wanderer. The woman on this card appears to be a nun consoling the boy, but on the Rider-Waite card the characters –  a woman and man -wander together, rejected and ejected, estranged from others and seeking sanctuary. There is a warm, glowing light emanating from a stained glass window of a stone building we assume to be a church, where surely they should be welcome and safe, yet they remain out in the cold.

The Knight of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) is bluer than blue in his fish-scale armor, and wears a logo of a blue wave on his shoulder. He has an offering of a golden cup, and in Tarot, the cups represent the heart, so his message comes from the heart. He is a respected Knight of his realm, chosen by the King. But alas, this compassionate Knight is not the King. If only he were.

When I put these two down, it was bothering me that this loving Knight had his back turned to the two obviously needy people behind him. That’s not like him.

I looked closer. He looks off in the distance to the other side of a river that flows through the green landscape of the card (the Rio Grande?), a sheer white ‘wall’ of a mountain, pyramids (Chichen-Itza?), and what looks like a volcano (El Popo?).

This draw is for the Republican Mayor of El Paso – the Knight in Shining Armor who offered up the truth from his heart as the immigrants huddled behind him – on ‘his side’ of the river.









23 May 18: Seven of Cups reversed & Five of Wands

Waking up to reality. What a pair this is.

The ‘Castles in the Air’ card, the dreamy, illusionary 7 of Cups/Water (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) shows us a shadowy figure of a human with his or her back to us enamored with a beautiful smorgasbord of overflowing gold cups containing various questionable contents floating in on Sky Clouds.  He is overwhelmed by his options, visions, and imagination – some of these images are more realistic than others, which is what this card is all about (Rider-Waite). The Morgan-Greer card has no shadowy figure, it is us who has to decode these mirage-like images.

One cup seems desirable, overflowing with gold and jewelry, but it could all be fake. One contains a dragon head, but what with all the clouds and mist and confusion, we can’t tell what’s what. Is it a dragon, or a distorted puppy? He’s got to pick a reality, basically, or his life will never get past the dream state. Cups are emotional, not necessarily practical, and this is a mighty watery, misty, wishful card. He feels chaos. Overindulgence and escapism to the point of delusion is the common reputation of this card, and in a lot of readings, even worse when reversed.  Hallucinations. Fantasy.  This is well known as the ‘all that glitters is not gold’ card.

The 5 of Clubs/Fire (Sagittarius/Leo/Aries) is a card of competition. 5 young men brandishing thick clubs wave them around at each other in mock-battle, but don’t seem to be doing any real harm, as we see no physical contact. Debate, argument, dissent, lively collaboration – could even be in your own head, one of those ever-entertaining ‘internal debates’ i.e. arguing with yourself. This is the martial arts card, you have a judo match going on in your head.

I’m wanting to see this as successfully coming out of a period of neglect or self-indulgence, possibly even with the help of an intervention. Maybe friends are trying to talk some sense into someone who is ‘losing it’ after ‘a dream has died’ or they’re trying to involve you in a group or team project or event of some kind to get you ‘out of yourself’. It’s not comfortable, but they mean well.

Maybe there was or is competition for a ‘fantasy job’ or person you desperately desired but didn’t get – and you’ll see it turned out to be a good thing you didn’t.

Or: are other people keeping you from achieving your own dream?





20 May 18: Four of Cups & Eight of Cups

Seeking fulfillment elsewhere. First let me say I feel for you water signs, Sun, Moon, or Rising (both of these cards are of the emotional suit of Cups) as you’re feeling this current transit the most, from what I’m seeing in my private readings. As a matter of fact, this last week I think they’ve all been for water signs. It’s a flood.

The 4 is the number of stability, which is more important to some of us than others – what some value as ‘stability’ others may consider a ‘rut’ as this apathetic, bored individual on this card obviously does. Typically he’s portrayed sitting cross-legged under a tree, arms folded across his chest. Impress me, he seems to be saying to the Sky Hand reaching down from the clouds to offer him a (yet another) gold cup. He rolls his eyes and glances down at the 3 untouched gold cups on the ground before him. He has these already and they’re all basically the same. I’m bored, he says. Just set it down with the others. In the cards, and not just Tarot, Cups correspond with Hearts and Hearts = People, so these cups could symbolize unfulfilling relationships in this person’s life as well. On the Morgan-Greer card, our dissatisfied human is actually growing over with ivy, he’s been in that rut for so long. If he waits much longer, he won’t be able to pull himself out of it.

But good news! And so powerful to see these 2 as a pair. On the equally emotionally unfulfilled 8 we see a Seeker, a hooded, caped figure, staff in hand, wandering off at moonrise along a desolate, rocky shore, leaving behind 8 gold cups. 8 is an even number but oddly, the cups are stacked strangely and unevenly as if everything he put his heart into didn’t ‘add up’ exactly the way he or she had planned. Why am I not happy?

The thing I notice about this pair first is: in any suit, the maximum is 10. There are 12 cups here, more than enough, yet they’re not ‘quenching’ the ’emotional thirst’.

I’ve often worried about this character of the 4 of Cups with the ivy growing over him. In the distance there is a clear expanse of green field and cypress trees. He’s so stuck and stagnant he’s becoming the very fertilizer of his own deterioration. His once full cups, ignored and sitting on the ground before him, are empty, having evaporated.

On the 8, the traveller’s red (passion) cloak whips in the wind behind him as he makes his way along a rocky shore out to open water under a newer moon…in a month he will be in a very different place from where he can look back, but –

-he’s definitely not going back…not to that paralyzing emotional state, anyway.

Or: someone has decided to walk away from alcohol altogether, finally – or ‘shallow’ ‘dried out’ or  ‘non-essential’ personal ‘personnel’.

In any case, by the full moon, you’ll have a different perspective.

Do you want to feel like this forever?

Heard : “He had it all, but he just wasn’t happy.”



19 May 18: Page of Cups, reversed

Fantasy vs. Reality. Upright, this sensitive young Page of the emotional suit of Water (Pisces/Scorpio/Cancer) is a dreamer, and brings news of happy events and messages of love and affection. The image on the card itself is one straight out of a dream. In the archives regarding the Page of Cups I tagged an old movie, “The Incredible Mr. Limpet” I loved when I was a kid. Don Knotts plays a bespectacled nerdy young man who can’t get into the Army because he’s scrawny or whatever, and sitting on a pier he looks down into the ocean and ‘wishes he were a fish’ (as an angelic chorus sings ‘be careful, be careful, be caaaarefuuul!”). He falls into the ocean and morphs into a joyous, free, bespectacled fish, and goes on to be the hero of the US submarine fleet. It was the first film to combine animation and live-people footage, which is also a perfect illustration for this card reversed.

This Page is madly creative and imaginative. He or she is openly emotional and affectionate.  Gender-fluid, this tender young daydreaming soul gazes down into his cup and sees a little fish rising up to communicate something to him. He’s leaning in, listening intently  to whatever the fish (his own subconscious) may be trying to tell him. He can feel it…telepathy.

Reversed, we’re in a bit of a zone between fantasy and reality, and need to check ourselves or someone else and get grounded.

This could also mean a teenager or young person repressing or ‘closeting’ concerns or confusions regarding sexuality or identity.

This could be a negative pregnancy test, and all new or alternative treatments should be explored if you’re trying for a little Page yourself.

Dreams are confusing and messages are mixed.

And as always with the more emotionally – fluid water signs, escapism through drugs and alcohol is especially destructive. This could mean an addiction that has taken over to the point where interest in ‘real life’, or as we veteran ‘Burners call it, the ‘Default World’  is nonexistent and dreams turn to nightmares. If you’re an adult, you’re emotionally immature and find dealing with the Default World to be a painful experience, overall.

With no idea ‘which end is up’, this poor soul could be wrapped up in a delusion or fantasy that’s never going to happen.

A firm, gentle hand is needed here, parents, the  young dreamers must be cherished, nourished and protected. You were chosen to do just that.