15 February 19: Ace of Coins & Three of Cups & Judgment

A new lease on life no less, so let’s get to it.

Did I mention the Ace of Pentacles or Coins much recently? Something’s going pretty well for someone, because this very desirable Ace is being handed down from the Skyhand again today in the past position, and it’s basically the golden ticket, the lottery win. A windfall, tax return, inheritance, property, the birth of a son or daughter, a talent that’s worth money, or something else of earthly value that has been handed down to you. Invested in you. Entrusted to you.

You had the power all along, Dorothy. 

In the center are the 3 of Cups, and we see the 3 girls dancing in celebration (Rider-Waite) or all 3 looking up at you, waiting for you to take a seat at the table (Morgan-Greer). This isn’t a crowd, not a lot of people, but the people who are closest and whom you trust, who really know you, and who are genuinely very happy for you.  No frenemies here today, just sharing good times and celebrating life in general with the people who matter (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio), and who you may not have seen in a while. These three girls (or guys) with their 3 huge wine goblets and remnants of melon, berries and grapes on the table look up at us like we’re late and they may have been waiting for a while.

In the future position and we couldn’t find a better place for it if we tried is the mighty  Judgment of the Major Arcana and one of the more strange and dramatic images in the Tarot. A family of humans rise out of their separate graves at the sound of a golden horn blowing in the sky, or on the Morgan-Greer card, a man, woman and child all rise from the same grave which looks more like a boat on shimmering water aka the River Styx of Greek myth that runs between the default and underworlds.

 We may have been asleep, but we’re ‘woke’ now. “You were there!, Auntie Em – and you, Uncle Henry!”

‘Higher calling’ is Judgment, and since this card is a card of rest and sleep, and, yes, death, whether you can see them or not, I’m getting that these three people may not even be here in the physical, but they very much are.  Sometimes I’ll hear ‘high five!‘ from somewhere if I’ve nailed something or contemplated the right decision to make. Have you ever ‘high fived’ 3 spirits?

This is basically saying life is getting shorter, you have what you need, enjoy it, today and now.  This is all about being blessed with home, family, and friends, and appreciating    your world as if seeing it for the first time for what it really is, and it’s really, really good. This may be finally overcoming an illness or addiction, and you’ve been ‘raised from the dead’ or at least feel that way.

An intimate gathering. A wedding is the ‘death’ of an old life and the ‘birth’ of a new one, as in new in-laws – remember, you all love the same human, so you do have that in common -or a newborn family member.

A family reunion, either here – or there.

Google map back:

The Ace of Coins is everything desirable on Earth, and the Earth itself. Everything we need is here and always has been, or we wouldn’t have stuck around as long as we have, which is what these happy young ‘Burners celebrate as they dance among the vines and orchards. How have we used or abused this gift?

Is saving the earth possible? Is this the final cycle?

Celebrate and live for today. I get it.

These ‘Burners look pretty young. Maybe we’d just rather get some rest.


..dedicated to an Aquarian with a vision, John Trudell, on his birthday. 




11 February 19: Four of Wands & Five of Coins & Ace of Coins

Unhappy home. This all ends very well, by the way – or at least it should, you’re certainly being handed the ol’ ‘golden opportunity’, and it’s a big one. Generally speaking, the Major Arcana, none of whom got up this morning, are a whole lot louder than the minors, but today we have some major, major minors.

In the past position we have the beautiful 4 of Wands (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius), the card of love, property, stability,  home and family. The 4 staves form the mysterious and holy 11:11, and the chuppah of a Jewish wedding, that is the canopy held over the bride and groom. ‘A house is not a home’ as it is said, and this is that. You may love your house, but wish it were somewhere’s else. You were happy there, but for some reason you aren’t today, or you’re very much missing someone you were married to, or your family, or your childhood home, even. No love up in your house. This card is so interesting in the Morgan-Greer deck. Unlike the olde tyme images, the stage is set but empty. No dancers, revelers, no sign of a human at all. In the future position, as we saw recently, the picture invited us to step into it but in the past, it seems like everyone’s stepped out of it. Which leaves us all kinds of broken – spiritually, morally, and possibly financially. We have the house, but not the home. It’s a damn nice house, too – or was. Except for the chuppah and the festive flowers, this is a strangely barren card, a monotonous yellow desert with a dry-looking castle in the distance, and no sign of life anywhere except for the new green leave sprouting from the staves that hold up the man (or woman) made canopy. It’s the humans that brought the scene to life.

The dismal and depressing 5 of Coins is in the present position, but not for long. Traditionally we see 2 humans who have been ostracized or evicted or shunned, and who knows why but they’re out on their asses, seemingly homeless, trudging through snow. This is such a painful, dark card. ‘Poverty of the Spirit’ is one tag for this 5 (uncomfortable, uneven, restless number) of Earth (Taurus/Capricorn/Virgo). I don’t even know how seriously I can take this card today seeing as it’s flanked on either side by 2 of the best cards the Minor Arcana. On the Morgan- Greer card, a bloodied, bandaged young man, walking stick in hand, falls exhausted into the arms of a nun, whose fingerless frayed Oliver Twist orphan glove rests on the young man’s shoulder – she took vows of poverty a long time ago, of course – but she lives in that building with the warm glowing window – he or she is not the one who is homeless. On the old card, we might assume the humans are shunned because they won’t compromise or commit an oath to the church – or anything or anyone else – from whom they can receive help.

I hear ‘meeting in the middle‘ just as these humans are doing in this layout.

The mighty Ace of Coins is in the future position and if there was ever a dawn after the dark, this is it. A distant relative of the Magician, #1 of the Majors, this is big stuff, and it looks as if – on the old card and the Morgan-Greer – the outsiders – or outsider – wins.

But not just money because of course real wealth is so very much more than that.

It seems the potential for a relationship or partnership outweighs whatever differences there may be between 2 estranged or separated humans.

Somebody went rogue and may have got the shit kicked out of them, but look what they brought back for your collection plate, sister.

Now we can build our own sanctuary.






24 December 18: Death & Judgement

I die daily or: out with the old and in with the new.

 This is appropriate, I’d say. We’ve passed the solstice, the shortest night of the year, and I’ve been rather enjoying all this darkness and hibernating and wintering so I’m going to miss it. RIP, 2018.

It may come as a surprise to learn that the Death card, #13 of the Major Arcana, doesn’t mean physical death if at all as often as it means it’s over. No, not your life, maybe just  that life.

“That was the old me.” 

Nothing scary about that sentence, is there? But I’ll bet a lot of people reading or listening to this can say it, has said it or will say it at some point. Dark, wintry Death in his warm looking black hoodie poses with his scythe in front of a red rising sun and sky, sort of like the sky looks right now as I write this. O summer, taketh thy time! The red sky brightens and turns to the joyous yellow of the next card.

The glorious Judgement, also of the Major Arcana, is the card of rebirth and resurrection. I’m reading the Morgan-Greer deck which shows a happy, beaming man, woman and child in a boat. They are all the same color, blue, the color of peace, dreams, and heaven. A flaming gold trumpet emerges from a gold cloud in the warm yellow sky.

On more traditional images, the family rises up from the ground in a graveyard, having been called up by the SkyHorn. They look a little dirty but very happy.

My left ear often has a tone when I know someone wants to tell me something. No, it’s not tinnitus, I get checked. Of course there is lore, and of course ringing in the right ear means one thing while ringing in the left means something else. I’m clairaudient, always have been. Connected to the throat chakra, turns out. In one ear, out the piehole.

This is the most epic, amazing, mind-blowing, fantastic, magical Christmas ever. It’s a long story and we’re all busy today but ’tis the season of the spirits, and it looks like there’s a family reunion happening whether you see them or not.

But if you listen, they’ll make sure you hear their favorite song standing in line at the market. Also, they like the smell of their own cooking, so do your best.









9 May 18: Judgment & 7 of Pentacles/Earth reversed

Decide, already: is this worth it? There is some saying somewhere about change, that is, if you don’t change the universe will do it for you. Understanding cycles rather than a static, linear concept of  “time” (beginning, middle, end, forward, backward) makes it much easier to negotiate the choppy ol’ seas of life which is why the ‘astrological weather reports’ – and the Tarot – are so fascinating.

The picture of Judgement on the Morgan-Greer deck is one of the less intricate. A man, woman, and child rise out of a grave together, joyously. There is no angel on this card blowing a golden horn, as is typical, but the horn itself does emerge from the golden skyclouds as a solo. This is resurrection, rebirth, reunion – but not yet.  There are more detailed observations and references back in the archives, but this is a very profound card because this represents a life-changing decision that needs to be made, one you have probably been avoiding. An interesting card after yesterday’s draw (Three of Swords, reversed) because upright, this card would also mean releasing guilt and sadness, but it’s reversed, so that’s not happening. Slow-ass Pluto rules this card, but reversed, he’s just stuck.

7 of Coins/Earth is a picture of a human leaning on his hoe in a garden. He or she is taking a break, standing back, and assessing. How much went in to it and how much will come out of it? Coins talk about money, but there is energy and spirit in money. It gets dirty, that’s why people launder it. This ‘gardener’ has put blood, sweat and tears into this ‘crop’ for a long time – and he’s only at 7. How much water and work, how many days and years have gone in to this? Is this really your true ‘calling’? You’re not hearing the horn.

If ‘you’re on the fence’about possibly the most important life change you could make, whatever that means to you, or if you’ve done ‘all you can’ with this ‘crop’ and all the working and hoe’ing and fertilizing and care in the world is not ever going to bring the glorious, rich, fulfilling 10 of Coins family security money tree. It happens  – you just planted in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It is either you or another that is blocking the energy of this card for you, which is telling you it is time to bust out of the cocoon, forgive, look yourself in the mirror and say,

“I know what I need to do.”

It may not be what you’ve been doing.