12 December 18: Knight of Wands & Eight of Swords

Mission: Impossible. Maybe for anyone else, but not for this fearless, fiery Knight of Wands or Clubs, he or she of the suit of Fire (Leo/Sagittarius/Aries). Today I’m noticing our passionate, swashbuckling hero could be a heroine, which is good, because the woman of the Eight of Swords, the card of imprisonment and limitation, needs one. She’s been stuck there for awhile, all tied up in ropes, blindfolded, the 8 long steel swords surrounding her like prison bars, waiting for someone to save or free her. I think her moment may be coming, but her ‘Knight in Shining Armor’ may be his or her own self.

The cold, harsh 8 of Swords (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) is someone restricted – heavily restricted, and Swords being of the mind, well, sometimes it’s all in the mind. What are our limitations or restrictions and who put them there? Serious Saturn rules this card, someone feels trapped or stuck, and has given up looking for a way out. I don’t get the feeling that this human is entirely responsible for whatever their problems are today, but  the spaces between the ‘bars’ are big enough to drive a truck through, so the worry-to- problem ratio is making it worse. His or her stressful state of mind is dark and confused, blocking any idea, solution or constructive thought. He or she can’t see their way out of their situation, or couldn’t until now.

The charging, brash, impetuous Knight of Wands cannot easily be held down or back and doesn’t stay anywhere for very long. He loves the damsels in distress, though, that’s his m.o. This is often the card of a fireman,  the salamander emblazoned on his yellow glove believed in olden tymes to be fireproof. I do not believe this is true.

This is someone in your life who is never dull – the life of the party. Lights up the room, tells good stories (which are all true) and probably knocks over a few things on the way out but he is a Knight, and there is nothing he won’t do. He’ll charge in while the other Knights are still in their meeting discussing it. He doesn’t always wait for a plan, to hell with a plan! Let’s do this!

I’m no astrologer but I watch and read a lot of them and I know there are all kinds of fireworks going on up there right now that are bound to shake things up for at least some people, I’m sure. The fact that this Knight who I’ve seen so many times strikes me as female today and the fact that we’ve just been catapulted into ‘light a fire under it’ Sagittarius, I  think this energy is just what someone needed to ‘break free’ out of a useless, paralyzing state of worry. Timing is everything.

Whatever has been holding this poor soul back, dragons real or imagined, are being slayed. He or she will be soon be free, it seems, thanks to this daring, brave, Knight.

Channel your inner Knight of Wands, Dorothy.

8 – 9 July 18: Ace of Wands

Lit! This was actually yesterday’s draw but it was too hot to write about fire, and I am very backed up on personal readings which I can’t do with fans on as I record them to MP3 and need all fans off.  SO as you can imagine the ‘windows of opportunity’ to record with the fans off are few and far between so I’m on it.



..and no new fires, please…