11 January 19: Seven of Swords reversed & Nine of Coins & Nine of Clubs reversed

The Good Life. Yes it is. The finer things in earthly life are appreciated by the finer humans in earthly life who are often themselves creators of  fine earthly things in our lives. Art, music, a perfect glass of wine, a rose garden. A great book, intelligent and inspiring conversation. A great painting. Grace, refinement. This is a whole other level. This is a human who has, through dedication and discipline, refined and polished themselves to near perfection, or at least that’s the way they look to us. They are the best Them that They can be, and living their best life. So what can we learn from him or her?

The center of all this attention today is the 9 of Coins or Earth (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn), and a woman in her vineyard, the Lady of the Manor (of either sex). The beautiful human  wears a jeweled turban and is dressed in royal purple, the color of the highest intuitive vibration to match the sky and the fat cluster of ripe grapes in the gold bowl on the table before her. She wears a heavy necklace of gold discs around her neck and shoulders her favorite pet, a falcon, its sharp, hawklike beak poking out from under its little leather hood. In the olde tyme decks, it’s a little birdie singing from a tree, but not on this very purple card of the Morgan-Greer deck.

In the past we have the sneaky, conniving 7 of Swords (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius)  reversed. A thief sneaks away in broad daylight, stealing 5 out of 7 swords from the rest of a community or group. He’s making away with as much as he can carry undetected. Someone tried to cheat or steal from someone and didn’t get away with it, and that’s that. Or, thankfully, they were found out before they could come back and get the last 2. It could be anything: ‘stealing’ or collecting information or ideas – this card often means plagiarism – it looks like in the past someone may have ‘accidentally’ filled out some kind of copyright form or paperwork in order to take credit for something that is was not of their creation.

I hope this is not our Purple Lady we are talking about,  but it very well could be. Only her falcon knows where she got all that  bling. She looks a little like Cardi B. who looks like Marie Leveaux aka Tarot CarDi B which is what I’m going to call her from now on. Of course wearing your wealth around your neck was – and still – is – sometimes considered the safest place for it without being considered particularly ostentatious, it’s just a fact – banks fail.  I do love that her and her falcon both wear more or less matching plumage on their chapeaus, like antennaeThis is very much a self-elevated woman or man, someone who has, rather than ‘stolen’  ideas has been taught or has picked up and adapted what ‘fit’ and carried on, possibly even improving on the original.  There isn’t an artist alive who hasn’t nicked an idea or technique from someone who came before. Hell, this woman could have gotten rich on the cookies her grandmother taught her to make. Whoever thought that would have been worth anything? (Bitch stole my recipe! – grandma.)

Now here’s what’s interesting about the battle-scarred 9 of Wands or Fire (Sagittarius/Leo/Aries) and who we are familiar with: reversed in the future position, he’s going to flip up, and down, and up. The card of extreme self-protection reversed can be even more of that, or conversely, dropping any and all defenses altogether – which is not advisable or possible, not for someone in his or her well deserved position. She knows this: with all that purple, she’s in tune, lets just say. Woke and alert. To have to even consider some humans may have bad intentions aka ‘not all people are good’ sucks, but…

So, now as for the future, having achieved all this – are we overly protective and paranoid, or do we let our defenses down altogether?

Trust your instincts.

“The shithawks are circling, Ricky”

I don’t see any?

Take your hood off.


*Jim Lahey



10 January 19: Temperance, Tower & Seven of Clubs reversed

The worst never happened. This is truly an amazing presentation after yesterday’s sad scene, I’m actually astounded. They’re quite loud this morning, my cards, the Major Arcana, as if apologizing for bringing us all down, and offer to clarify. You ask us to diagnose, we diagnose, say they, we assess and show you a bigger picture than is possible to see yourself.

Temperance, today reversed, is mercifully in the past position. The card of healing, balance, moderation and self-control. ‘Tempo’ as in ‘time: reversed, things have been way out of whack for a long time, possibly your entire life. This is probably how our paranoid, defensive 9 of Wands sustained all those wounds. This isn’t just instability and chaos, this is things having been so extremely imbalanced, such intense and hostile communication or lack of (the giant angel of Temperance, not at all happy in the reverse position, is decidedly tight-lipped and unsmiling) ‘dysfunctional’ was your ‘normal’.

Presently we have the Tower in the reverse position. The Tower is a scary looking card, and as 2 humans fall or leap to their fate from a burning, lightning-struck tower, flames shoot from the windows. This is a ‘bolt out of the blue’, and upright,  is a life-changing event, realization or revelation – we don’t like things like that. We don’t like bankruptcy, being evicted, or fired, which is sometimes pretty hard to see as a good thing. We just don’t like our secure ‘foundations’ messed with. But what we’re seeing here is that a ‘foundation’, if you can even call it that, wasn’t sound, wasn’t right in the first place.

Maybe they mixed up the wrong cement or something, who knows.

But look: you live in fear like everything’s going to come crashing down any minute, ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop’. Reversed, the Tower looks like a rocket with flames and sparks shooting from the bottom, and the 2 people falling from the tower are elevated – rising up. Ascending.

The defensive 7 is reversed in the future position. A human holds a staff self-protectively across his body, for some reason anticipating a possible situation in which he may find it necessary to defend himself. He’s ready for anything, that’s for sure. Always. Upright, he stands his ground as 6 others ‘come after’ whatever it is he’s defending up there, which is rightfully his, by the way, and hard earned. The only bright spot of sky in this whole picture is over this human’s little bit of space he’s carved out for himself, and by God, you’ll have to pry it out of his cold dead hands.

Reversed: drop it, already. Resistance is futile.

The past: is exactly that.

The Tower’s not going to fall.

You don’t always have to be ready for everything to f*** up.

Sometimes it doesn’t.

You don’t want to wind up like that paranoid guy on yesterday’s 9, do you?


7 January 19: Page of Wands & Seven of Coins & Three of Swords

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Here’s the thing about this weird trio: the only thing ‘real’ and tangible here, as in the coffee in the pot and the money in the bank, is the card in the present position, the dedicated, committed and ever persevering 7 of Coins (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn). The others are our challenges. A human leans on his hoe, taking a break from tending a crop. His or her skin is brown from working in the sun, it’s taken a long time to raise,  establish and finally harvest this healthy-looking, green crop hung with 7 ripe, shiny gold coins. What should he or she do now? Sell up, or invest more time and seasons where they are?

The young Page of Wands (Sagittarius/Leo/Aries) is a real spark plug. Fearless, passionate and madly creative, this Page does not care what anyone thinks. He says, goes, does and wears whatever he wants, and on the Morgan-Greer card,  has fabulous hair.

The human on the 7 is looking back at the young Page as if reflecting on his own youth – he may have been tending that field for many years to reap this not spectacular,   but quite profitable and respectable harvest, possibly and probably the best years of his life, or at least that how he feels. The tall, strong staff wielded by the young Page became the tool of the trade on the next card, the 7, the hoe used to cultivate his sustenance.

I’m gonna learn how to use this better than anyone he remembers saying.

There is a decision to be made here and it’s going to be a painful one. No wonder he’s procrastinating.

The ominous, dark and stormy 3 of Swords (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) shows a heart pierced with 3 swords, emanating a soft glow. The heart is wounded and bright red blood drips dramatically down one of the sharp blades. Against a dark sky black with clouds the heart, stabbed through with the 3 swords, is still bright red.  This card is often referred to as ‘The Artist’s Card”, full of grief and angst. You’ll live. You’ll not only live, you have some nice coin there.

Our pain is very real to us, but look around – we don’t see people’s hearts bleeding through their shirts, but you can bet some of them are.

This could be reconsidering an invitation or offer from someone younger – but you’re not jumping at it. Possibly someone younger you can’t afford to invest any of yourself into any more, or who left the family business or has decided to strike out on their own,  the ‘spark’ is gone, and they will be very much missed – to the point that the endeavor may not be able to exist without them.

This may require a lot of changes, possibly even physical relocation, and it will hurt his or her heart whether they do or don’t do. Maybe the farmer finally cashed it in only to see his beautiful fields plowed under for the new mall.

He doesn’t want to have a damn heart attack in the tomatos and die like Marlon Brando in The Godfather but…

He needs to think about it.

It’s a painful decision either way.


5 January 19: The Emperor & Knight of Swords & Three of Wands

Bring it. Ah, but can you, really? There is an old Mexican saying, “the napkin wants to be a tablecloth”. This is that, sort of. Maybe.

The Emperor, an Aries who showed up in 2018 probably more than any other card, today is in the past position. Whoever it is, you’re done with him. Boss, authority, rules and methods – which worked very well for him, by the way, and truth be told, you learned a lot if not everything you know from this person, probably much older. But, declares the brash and  bloody Knight of Swords, I’m ready to start up on my own. Be my own boss. I don’t need anybody to tell me what to do, bla bla bla.

At present, the Knight of Swords or Air (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) shoulders his bloody sword as a tower burns in the distance, huge, orange and red flames shooting from the top of the gray, stone structure, a window glowing red. No, I didn’t see him do it, but the blood on his sword looks pretty fresh and the fire is raging as the tower burns down. The evidence is circumstantial –  he’s not even looking back at the carnage he may not even realized he’s caused, only ahead to the 3 of Wands in the future position, also influenced by Aries, and charges on to the next thing.

The 3 of Wands or Clubs is pondering the future. It’s tense, uncertain, and often called the ‘Writer’s Card’. A human stands waiting for something, or considering something or someone or somewhere off in the distance, holding his sprouting, straight branch and wondering where to plant it. Theres a lot of energy here between these 2, the Knight of Air and the Fire of the Wands.

Hot air. A lot. Of Hot. Air.

The thing I’m hoping is that this ambitious Knight doesn’t damn the torpedoes and charge ahead without a plan. The Emperor was a solid, stable 4, and the 3, is, well, a 3. This may mean a rather destabilizing confrontation you’d rather not have, or someone you’re moving away from. I don’t think I would depend on this Knight, I think he’s gone rogue, although he’s having a good day today. In spite of his boasting and wild tales of his many conquests and victories, he’s more of a guy that charges in and slices everyone’s head off, figuring one of them will have been the one he came for – especially without the wise guidance of the Emperor.  Rules of engagement? What are those?

Isn’t it better to consider and think through the potential obstacles to this plan? How do we get to the stable, happy #4?

If this Knight wants to be Emperor one day, he’d best start to think like the 3 of Wands – the human on the 3 we only see from the back as they ponder distant horizons, and it looks like he or she could have even been the Emperor in younger days. The Emperor also still holds a Sword, and still knows how to use it if he has to.  This Knight is out to conquer foreign shores, but hopefully with his creative work. Perhaps he or she are ‘just too much’ for where they are and are destined to create  – hopefully, please God – something entirely new, somewhere entirely new. This Knight is a good energy to have and will annihilate any obstacles in the way of achieving your future goals,  but there may be some perceived collateral damage. He’s no diplomat, he’s a Knight. I slay dragons for a living, after all, he says, sometimes a bunny gets hurt in the process.

Things may start to happen pretty fast now.




4 January 19: Page of Swords & Three of Cups & Page of Pentacles

Finding your tribe. I’m glad to see the serious, studious Page of Pentacles again today because I was thinking of him/her later in the day yesterday and thought I should have mentioned finding your ‘calling’, which would have been the suggestion to the Page from the Judgment card.

Pages are young and immature – whatever ‘mature’ means in the first place, unless you’re a cheese or a pot plant. I love these 2 Pages in this little spread, who I’m taking to be the same person.

The Page of Swords (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) is a sharp kid for sure. On the Morgan-Greer card his sword is new and shiny, and he holds it firmly in both hands. He is still learning to use it. One of 4 pillars lie on its side in the grass behind him, as if ‘cut down’ by mistake. His or her words, like his new sword, can be  sharp, rude  and ill-timed, but the phrase ‘out of the mouths of babes’ was inspired by this kid. No filter, basically. Until now.

The beautiful centerpiece today is the joyous, loving and celebratory 3 of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) and the 3 happy humans sharing them. A great card, friends and family congratulate and enjoy each each other. Abundance and satisfaction at collective achievement. The 3 barefoot muses dance in a vineyard, fruit and wine plentiful on the picnic table in front of them, they are celebrating and sharing the season’s harvest. There is a lot of affection between the people in this group as well as success. They are a group, family or team you’d love to be part of.

My favorite Page, once again the serious, mature for his or her age Page of Coins (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn) or Pentacles has decided he wants to do what these humans are doing, or wants to be a part of it, or commit to it. He or she wants his or her life to look like this.

Feeling edgy, nervous, clumsy and defensive – possibly even about a recent birth or wedding – may have recently given way to a calmer, more settled demeanor, and of course raising a baby will be a lifelong learning process.  The Page’s cold sword melts into the beautiful gold coin whose future is pondered by the Page of Coins. Love = alchemy.

Or, your grandmother. mother and aunt are conspiring to fix you up with somebody.   He or she of course is serious about a secure future, and well, they all just love him!

Or, 2 guys are hitting the strip club and the ladies’ tip jars are empty and waiting.


3 January 19: Emperor reversed & Page of Coins & Judgment

The Reason, I think it was called, was a hit song and as far as angst-ridden teen boy last-dance-at-the-prom anthems go, I quite liked it.

This is an amazing little spread. This is about  nothing less than a new lease on life. Big stuff. Miraculous, even.

Leading off in the past position which is exactly where we want him is the boss of you, me and everyone else, The Emperor. He makes the rules and we follow them. Ruled by Aries the Ram and of the hot-tempered suit of Fire, we know better than to disobey this father-figure of the Tarot. Whether this is your actual father, living or dead, or other controlling, dominant, male (or female) human in your life,  or whatever or whoever you designated as the ‘authority’ in your life as in the inhereted rules you live by,  reversed this is an overly structured and regulated way of living or an oppressive set of ‘rules’ that are old and tired and out of date. We need some young blood here. Or a transfusion ourselves.

We have it this very day in the form of the Page of Pentacles, Coins, or Earth. (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn.) A young, eager, yet serious and thoughtful human holding a large, gold coin gazes dreamily off into the future. It is interesting that the word ‘talent’ means money, basically. 1 Talente was 80 Egyptian Librae, so says the internets, but of course we use the word differently today, yet it means the same thing. Talent = $. I’m not reading Dali’s deck today but his point of view is very clear. A down- to- earth Taurean, he considered it was his imagination, dreams, working hands and sheer talent that brought the money, and he loved money. It may have been a trait that repulsed and offended some of his peers but certainly did nothing to diminish his talent.

Judgment is a big one. This is the card of resurrection, and a beautiful, dramatic and inspiring image. #20 of the Major Arcana, the olde cards usually show a family rising up from their individual graves having been called by a huge golden horn in the sky.  Rebirth, reunion, absolution, forgiveness…forgiving yourself as well as forgiving others.  Perhaps you’ve discovered a new talent in yourself or your kid, something you or they love doing and can actually make money doing it.

This could even be getting custody of or adopting a child, possibly from within the family if someone has passed away or is abusive, or freeing yourself from such a tyrannical influence.

This is a  person either young in years or rejuvenated in spirit who is visionary, smart, future minded, economical, practical, and diligent. He or she wears the stripes of a ‘cadet’ or student soldier on his sleeve and the red beret of a revolutionary – and is dedicated, body and soul, to this new cause.

Perhaps you are in the process of reinventing yourself altogether, and entering a whole new phase of your life, no doubt more spiritually uplifting. You could ‘feel like a kid again’.

The young people seem to have some pretty inspiring ideas and plans of their own for this Earth, maybe just in time.



In any case, someone has found a new reason to get up in the morning.




1 January 2019: The Star & The Chariot reversed & Eight of Wands

Not today. If you don’t feel much like reading today, I’ll give you a quick short version:

Past position: The Star (Aquarius) can mean nightlife, neon, showbiz, all that – New Year’s Eve.

Present position: The Chariot (Cancer), reversed: I’ll assume if your car wasn’t impounded it’s parked for the day and you’re not going out or doing much of anything.

Future: Eight of wands (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius): many quick  messages  and /or moves. The New Year will start off quick with a lot of opportunities, so rest up. Your challenge may be to pick and choose the right ones without a whole lot of time to think about it. 0-60 mph.

You can go back to bed now if you like. Otherwise, read on:

The Star is intuition and inspiration – and high idealism. So high that we may be rather shattered if everyone elses’ isn’t. The Chariot, a card of confidence, control and moving on and up in the reverse can warn of overconfidence or your dreams and plans being delayed or blocked in some way.  The frantic, rapid movement of the 8 of Wands or Clubs, flying through the air as if someone shot off a whole quiver of arrows at the same time may have you scrambling pretty soon, catching some and fending off others. The calls and offers may come thick and fast, or you may need to do some ‘running around’ once the New Year gets started and your vehicle may need attention.

Salvador Dali’s 8 of Wands shows a Roman soldier with 8 hands attacking a man who defends himself against the weird assault, keeping the soldier’s octopus arm at bay. He divides the 8 staves on the card in a way that suggests out of the 8 ‘thrown’ at him – he has ‘sorted’ them into lots of 3, 3, and at the very top, 2 remain floating behind a little book, as if after studying and considering every offer, he can only get excited and actually accept 2,  suggesting a potential partnership. In other words, everybody wants you. Only accept the things that you are passionate enough about and worthy of the investment of your best time, energies and soul. Consider and accept only the most promising commissions or jobs, and work only with the best people.

In the face of the oncoming onslaught, stay with your original inspiration, and as always, that inner guidance – it hasn’t been wrong yet, even if no one else ‘hears’ it but you. The Star is upright, beautiful and glowing…

But maybe just not today.