11 September 18: Eight of Coins

Master class. A card for the season. This hardworking, dedicated 8 is of the suit of Earth (Virgo/Capricorn/Taurus) and we are indeed currently under the influence of the sometimes nitpicky, perfection-obsessed Virgo sun. The card is clay-colored (Morgan-Greer deck) and we see a human with his head down, intensely focused on hammering and chiseling and carving on a pizza-sized gold disc before him on a workbench. The sleeves of his blue work shirt are rolled up, and he wears a leather apron. The wall behind him is covered in the gold discs he’s already completed, but he’s not yet satisfied. He’s good but needs and wants to learn more, he wants to be the best.

This is truly a back to school card. This is just buckling down and getting as good as you can get at whatever it is you do or want to do by putting in the study and practice. Investing in, developing and perfecting a skill or talent will bring it to a whole new level and will be very profitable in the long run: we need money on earth, it’s a material world.

Head down, he could be well into online lessons…

8 = infinity, continued success.

Get to it.


5 July 18: Eight of Swords

False imprisonment. What a strange way to read this card. This is a ‘jail’ card, but generally speaking only if surrounding cards would support literal ‘jail’ (Justice, Judgement, or a lawyer card, for example) in a reading.

This card of the suit of Air (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) speaks of imprisonment and restriction. Most of the time it is a ‘prison of our own making’ (again, previously written about in the archives).

‘Air’ in the Tarot is sharp and clean, like the metal of the Swords. What we need is a sharp, clean, clear mind. On this card, the Swords are loosely stuck into the ground in a circle around a blindfolded woman who stands in the center. That’s not what Swords are for..they’re made for action. She is tied up, but there are no knots, and she could easily slip out of her ropes if she tried. The swords that surround her are spaced widely enough apart for her to squeeze out in between them, yet she doesn’t. We see a castle or city behind her in the distance, but not so far away that she can’t get to it.

The mighty number 8 gives her the power and strength to do whatever she/he wants. As a matter of fact, she obviously built her ‘prison’ herself, because the beach where she stands is windblown and desolate, not another soul in sight. She wears a red gown (red = passion) which is being blown and wind-whipped, a bit of her hem even blowing out from between her prison ‘bars’ as if his/her passions are straining to ‘break free’ (Morgan-Greer).

So, we know this is a ‘prison’ of one’s own making.

We know someone is ‘holding themselves hostage’ for some reason.

The question is why. 

This is not a ‘safe’ place. As easily as she can get out, someone else can get in.

Her head.


This card also makes me want to look into how August (8th month) will be affecting Air signs (Libra cusp here) and possible areas of restriction –  it’s monsoon season and yes, There Will Be Wind.