11 April 19: The Fool, Eight of Swords & Six of Cups, all reversed

You are free to grow. Once again the Fool appears in the past position, apparently with more to say about his or herself.  Upright, this is Ground Zero, and starts the whole crazy ‘journey’, being the first card of the deck before #1, the Magician. Trusting and eager to get out there and live this thing, you got screwed. Or did the screwing. Or both. This is nothing minor, this is a shame. It’s in the past, in case the message wasn’t received yesterday. That was a f***** up then, but don’t let ‘then‘ f*** up ‘now‘.

Today, the Fool looks up at the reversed 8 of Swords in the present. Upright, this woman of the suit of Air (Libra/Aquarius/Gemini) is bound and blindfolded but it looks like she did it to herself. 8 tall Swords are stuck in a circle around her forming ‘prison’ bars. The suit of Air is mental, and this is a ‘victim’ card. She could get out at anytime, but she doesn’t. She’s isolated on that windy beach, a weird- looking grayish blackish castle or building or monolith is way up on a mountain behind her, but on the card is at head-level- all in her head. Is it a hospital? This could be about  someone who was unable to do what other kids do, or someone who spent a lot of time in a hospital when they were a kid. In the reverse, although the physical limitations may have been overcome, the mental scars have not. In the reverse, the Swords, ropes and blindfold fall away, and are not holding us back anymore.

In my racket, there is a fine line between being ‘inspired by’ and ‘ripping off’  the past and not only in my racket, of course. We also revisit the past in good ways (40’s fashion victim here), taking what works and phasing out what didn’t and doesn’t.

In the future position is the card of childhood, memories and nostalgia,  the 6 of Cups, today reversed.  2 children stand at a stone wall, or on stone stairs, I can never really tell (Morgan-Greer) 6 gold cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) planted with blooming white flowers  arranged along the steps, white suggesting the innocence of childhood, but once again, in the reverse. Clinging to the past is suggested here, but in the future position, there is something that strikes me about this image: the flowers. They are growing although the cups are overturned. The stone stairs are now hanging over their little heads like they are about to be crushed by the weight of the past. Yet, there is something beautiful coming from it all. What was planted long ago still blooms.


Manure may be cow’s shit, but to the garden it’s gold. That sort of thing.




10 April 19 The Fool reversed & The Pope & The King of Swords

Mad Dogs & Englishmen. I’m typing this on my old backup Acer which has so many keys missing it looks like a mouthful of broken teeth, and since I must attend to the business of ordering  another Mac as soon as possible I must make it brief. The Pope is obviously a PC guy.

In the future position is the King of Swords, and  he’s the most powerful King in the deck (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius).

Fools and Kings

Spiritual guidance is suggested today by the Heirophant, or Pope, in the center, his right hand raised, 2 fingers up, 2 down, aka as above, so below. Our white-gloved Pope is of the Major Arcana, and the King, in the Future position, looks back at the holy man, his Sword raised respectfully.  He’s the ‘smart’ King, the one with the degree, and usually ‘all business’. But even he acknowledges whoever the Pope, or guru. holy man or woman or whoever you turn to for spiritual guidance is pointing to in the sky. 

He didn’t crawl up out of that gutter alone.

The Fool, 0 of the Tarot and also of the Major Arcana is the very beginning of the life-trip in general, today is reversed in the past position with his head up his ass although his head seems to be in the gutter, looks up at the Pope. The familiar white dog we always see loyally travelling alongside the Fool in reverse looks like a little white spirit animal flying around barking down at him or her.

The 2 keys, one gold, one silver, cross at the feet of the Holy Man, who of course could be any spiritual leader or guru.

This is where all paths cross.  

And so the Fool became a King.


Lots and lots of super-natural wonderment in the air this month.

“All of us are in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” – Oscar Wilde




for Leon.



5 April 19: Seven of Cups & Eight of Coins & Seven of Swords, all reversed.

Up to snuff  is an olde tyme saying, ‘snuff’ being tobacco of the sort you shove up your nose which has nothing to do with this so I’m not sure about the evolution of this phrase but the meaning is simple: it’s not good enough. Not ‘up to snuff’. That’s a cute word to look at, isn’t it?

In the center and present position and today in the reverse is the card of craftsmanship,  work, and commitment, the Eight of Coins (Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn).

You can only bullshit your way through life so far. At some point you have to deliver.

In the past position is the card of fantasy and in the reverse, delusion: the 7 of Cups, (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) today reversed. A rather overwhelmed human stands before a wall of fog from which 7 golden cups emerge, but as they say about this card, ‘all that glitters is not gold’. In the reverse, this is – thankfully in the past – a state of confusion, temptation and just one hot-ass mess. Promises, promises, promises, plans, dreams, wolves in sheep’s clothing, addictions, drugs, alcohol, ugh. Someone’ dreams never seem to materialize – or at least, haven’t so far.

7 is the number of challenge & of having the faith that we can meet and overcome our challenges. I don’t really appreciate the pair of them, someone may be having confidence issues, and with this, weirdly, I get an ‘overconfidence’ in the past and a complete lack of it in the future in the form of the reversed 7 of Swords (Gemini/Libra/Aquarius). Jumping ahead to this card in this position in the future, you’re busted, but I don’t mean you were caught running off with the silverware as the thief on this card is doing. The suit of Air is mental: these are ideas, and this spread looks rather uninspired, and when people are uninspired they tend to ‘borrow’ other people’s ideas – this, however, today, may be a good thing.

Edit: for every 7 ideas maybe 2 of them are any good.

Focusing on Today aka The Only Day That Matters, we are not performing ‘up to snuff’.

What is that saying about success being 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration? Something like that. That is this. We know what we have to do, we’re just not doing it.

On the Eight of Coins our devoted apprentice at his workbench is very busy hammering and chiseling and cranking out gold medallions. They’re quite beautiful. The wall behind him is lined with the gold discs, but if we look closely, some seem to be made better than others. Our artisan, head down and probably skipping lunch, is focused on the seemingly repetitive and boring work on his desk. In tattoo school (got my license in San Diego) we had to draw the same thing 3 times before even turning the machine on, and this is very much that. Endless rehearsals, fine tuning, tweaking, refining and keeping your tools sharp.  Today this card is in the reverse, and it may be that someone is overworking things, and never really finishing. Someone may be lacking motivation and/or discipline.  You may need to update or upgrade the tools of your trade. Go ahead, Mercury’s direct.


The question: is this good enough?


The answer: not yet.







28 March 19: Wheel of Fortune & Knight of Swords & The High Priestess, reversed

Don’t lose your mojo. That is, never let somebody shake you up to the point that you can’t hear yourself, and by that I mean your own instinctual, intuitive, ‘this doesn’t feel right’ inner voice, or, if you will, your Gut. 

The subject of the matter and in the center position today is the Knight of Swords or Knight of Air (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius). Knights are always on the move in the Tarot, and each according to their suit has their own personal style. This Knight is the most ambitious of the Knights and the one most likely to shoot first and ask questions later, or in this case, from the blood we see drying on the blade of his sword (Morgan-Greer deck), probably beheaded them all – one of them must be the right guy? This Knight watches a tower burn in the distance with a slight smile on his (or her) face. Good job, right? Collateral damage? What’s that? In any case, this is someone who can really shake you up if you let them. Sharp words and hot air.

In the past position is the Wheel of Fortune, ruled by ‘lucky’ Jupiter and in this position, whether you think so or not, life has basically been pretty good to you, if not very good to you. There may have been a recent period of good luck or some change for the better in your life – a promotion, engagement, anything that made you stop and say ‘I lucked out’.  If you yourself don’t recognize or appreciate your own good fortune, this Knight of Swords certainly has and does.  This could also be the Knight’s own good life, or someone who has been very successful in the past, and charges into your life with something that needs to be decided now. Knights, remember, don’t hang around. They do what they need to do and then they and their horse are off to the next assignment – which could very well be being crowned the new King or Queen.

In the future position is the High Priestess, the card of the subconscious, that murky, twilight space between the cells. The High Priestess is nothing but stillness, instinct, the world within, and that ever present but too often ignored ‘inner voice’. But she’s (or he) is about to be shook up.

This is being destabilized by someone or something, or possibly by having to take some drastic, fast action without having time or opportunity to consider all the variables. In any case, our mojo is off, we are thrown, shaken and stirred. We may only be hearing ‘half the story’ from this Knight, who may have an attraction to ‘the darker side’. This could be unsettling or upsetting news about something or someone we turned out to be completely wrong about.

Reversed, it looks like the Priestess is diving or trying to hide from the forward – charging Knight.

Won’t work.




27 March 19: Seven of Swords & Queen of Wands & Four of Coins

Keeping it to yourself. If that’s even possible in this world of TMI, as they say, as in too much information.

In the past position and with nothing much to do about it now is the 7 of Swords, or 7 of Air (Gemini/Libra/ Aquarius), and the ‘default’ ‘Card of the Thief ‘ of the Minor Arcana. It is a card of deception and lies, and we see the thief steal away in broad daylight with property that isn’t his, including ideas, plans or work.  This is the guy who signs his name to someone’s elses title, thesis, copyright, or bank account. So we know that about this card. Swords are of the mind in the Tarot, and this could mean ‘stealing off’ or even running away from home having had ideas and a mind of your own. Doing what you had to to get by. It’s not a good card, generally speaking. Someone may even regret this behavior on their own part in the past, and it occurs to me that no one ever asks the human on the card why he’s stealing the swords, but in the past position, they got away with it. The thief is leaving 2 swords behind as he makes off with 5, almost as if he’d feel guilty if he were to take them all, or, knows they won’t be missed – at least for awhile. They’ll be long gone by then.  You or someone you know may have gotten away with something you may have ‘turned a blind eye’ to, as they say,  shady ethics or questionable practices. It’s more the case that you just didn’t know. But it probably was someone you do know.

I had to put food on the table.

The Queen of Wands, today in the upright, and in the center and present position, demands (she’s not asking, she’s demanding) another hearing. Fair enough. This Queen of Fire (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius) who was so unflatteringly reversed yesterday, I believe it was, is back to make her own case. She deserves, in the upright, to be heard: this Queen, more than the other Queens, has really been through it as in trials by fire – many fires – and being ripped off is probably one of them.  If, reversed, in the past he or she lacked confidence, he or she certainly doesn’t today. The departing human on the 7, hat pulled low over his or her eyes, isn’t proud of this behavior, now in the past, and wishes we wouldn’t bring it up.

In the future of the suit of Earth and all things of the Earth (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn) is the rather miserly 4 of Coins (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn).

These 3 cards are a beautiful trio, actually, all a sunny, positive, yellow. The lesson has been learned.

The 4 of Coins usually shows a human clutching 4 gold coins with all his or her available limbs talks not only about coin but our physical selves and bodies and, as we can see from the large, well-built stone privacy wall behind him or her, our home and privacy as well. 4 walls, 4 wheels, 4 legs on your chair. Stability, privacy, and protection.

No matter who she is today – or he – they can’t really be blamed for simply protecting their realm considering, possibly, a rather dark past. The Queen of Wands is simply a product of her experience – and has spent a good deal of her life overcoming her own considerable trials, very successfully, which is why the King picked her.

This could be a relative or anyone else coming to you for a loan or a crash on the couch, but the last time they came around, things went missing. They probably thought you’ve never miss it.

This could be as simple (ha!) as finding an honest, reliable contractor for some work on the house, and being very picky, careful (and maybe a little on the cheap side ) as to who you hire for the job.

Run the background checks, pay due diligence, all that sort of thing.

That staff in the Queen’s hand today could be an umbrella: there’s no water in this sunny spread today, but it’s the Queen’s job to always be ready for the inevitable rainy day, financially speaking. He or she could be overprotective of their work, ideas or reputation – but for a good reason, as we’ve seen in the past. He or she simply does there best work ‘behind the scenes’.

Or, someone will do anything to get at this Queen, her crown, or money, in which case there’s that granite privacy wall.


Careful who you trust, that’s all.




22 March 19: King of Wands & Wheel of Fortune & 2 of Swords

Keep doing what you’re doing but do enjoy life, would you please?

We could not have a better card in the present than the fabulous Wheel of Fortune, front and center and number 10 of the Major Arcana. Lucky Jupiter rules this card, the Giant Roulette Wheel of Life. As the giant Skyhand emerges from the clouds to turn the wheel, the King and Queen for a day party at the top as we see a little pair of kicking legs in red tights at the bottom right corner of the card being tossed off into space. They had their ‘turn’, everybody gets their ‘turn’, and now it looks like it’s your ‘turn’. But there is an interesting little visual detail in the bit of green tunic I can see worn by the cast-off (did he jump or was he pushed?) with the red tights, in that it matches the green tunic of the blindfolded human on the future card, the 2 of Swords.

This is knowing you don’t know what to do so you don’t do anything aka ‘stalemate’.

In the past position is the card of authority, regulations and rules. Basically, who designed your life?  When confronted or presented with a decision or situation, who do you call? Do you wonder how Dad or another father figure would do it, do you do it the way you learned from your teacher? Do you do everything ‘strictly by the book?’ Who or what influence formed your work ethic or value system? Whoever it was,  and this card is upright, in control and a King (and possibly of the suit of fire, Aries/Leo/Sagittarius), they are proud. You made it through a lot of ‘ups and downs’. Things are definitely up now, wheels were made to turn and move on. Like a ferris wheel, when The Wheel of Fortune does stop, it doesn’t stop for long, whether you’re stuck at the top or at the bottom.

In the future, you can feel good about the ‘voice’ that has and is serving you well and ignore those who are not. Look at the royal couple riding high on the wheel – high in the sky, they have the best view in the spread, but our little blindfolded human, holding 2 crossed swords protectively across his or her chest doesn’t see anything at all. Deciding not to decide, of course, is a decision. Our mute little human on the 2 may know that any action at the wrong time may be worse than taking no action at all. Maybe he or she is a ninja.

I would hate to think that this is someone who doesn’t see or misses an incredible opportunity by not letting themselves ‘go with the flow’,  or being so afraid of something ending or failing they simply don’t  take the risk in the first place, which is a shame, at least today.

Don’t know about the future but then again I don’t want to –  today is all we have.

Lucky to have it, too.

Blind to one’s own good fortune.