3&4 April 20: Six of Coins & Nine of Coins & Six of Wands, all reversed

Reversals of fortunes: more going out than coming in. Home Economics 101. The only thing not ‘going out’ is us at the moment. The 6 of Wands or Clubs, (Aries/Sagittarius/Leo) today in ‘tomorrow’s position is very much a card of public recognition, and, in the reverse, it looks like we’re being warned to spend even less and lay even lower, and although I don’t read time, I’m feeling like 6 more weeks of ‘laying low’ is ‘in the cards.’ (Insert rolling eyeball emoji here -Ed.)

We have the 6 of Coins, a card of charity both given and received, reversed in ‘yesterday’s’ position. This is a card of fluctuating fortunes, showing a well-dressed human weighing and dispensing coins to a couple on their knees before him, who appear to be begging. It seems, as he or she holds a pair of scales in their left hand as they offer the coins with their right, it is his or her decision as to who  ‘deserves’ this ‘relief’. In the reverse, this doesn’t appear to have been given ‘in the right spirit’ or for the right reasons, if given at all.


This is someone who only ‘gives’ or ‘gave‘ in order to ‘get‘. Or: someone who has always been charitable themselves are the now the ones who at this time need the charity.

6 is a Karmic number, and this is a Karmic card.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

I would hope you’re not the sort that would apply for and receive financial assistance if you didn’t need it, but that could be what’s happening here. The 6 of Wands traditionally shows a hero on horseback holding his ‘laurels’ or trophies/achievements high for all to admire, leading his or her team through an admiring, cheering crowd. This successful card of self promotion/public recognition in the reverse is ‘resting on past laurels’, which, I hate to tell you, today mean absolutely nothing. This is also weak leadership: the 6 of Wands in the reverse is undeserving of his or her place on their ‘high horse’, or their/our elevated and esteemed position and reputation.

This may mean a slow recovery/re-start in career/business: we may never ‘bounce back’ to ‘100%‘ financially or physically.

The suit of Coins or Pentacles (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn)  is slow, deliberate, and conservative. None of the 3 humans in this story are at ease or at their best.

On the other hand – as suggested once again by the reversed  ‘giving’ hand of the 6 of Coins – this ‘conservative’ spread heavily advises exactly that, conservation. If you can afford 6 weeks off, you may very well have been as practical as an Earth sign on a good day and were smart to save for an off-season. For many, and very fortunately, this actually coincides with your ‘off season’, and you already know how to manage this period of time.

Private stash.

…so I didn’t like these cards, but we work with what we’re dealt.

I then decided to draw 3 more from another deck, and lo and behold, here is again the 6 of Coins, or as presented on the beautiful Wild Unknown version of the card, 6 red roses in bloom on 1 branch, upright, and in the ‘tomorrow’ position.




Making summer plans. 


1&2 April 20: Four of Wands & Justice reversed & Three of Swords reversed

‘It’s not fair’. No, it isn’t. Nobody ever said life was fair,  but this strange picture ends up with a placement I don’t see very often so I consider it a rare gift: the card of grief and sorrow, the bloody 3 of Swords, in the reverse and in the upcoming position, or as I shall call this place from now on ‘Tomorrow’ and why not?  What ‘time’ it is in the grand scheme of things is anyone’s guess at this point. 

Justice, #11 of the Major Arcana in the Morgan-Greer tarot is today in the center and also in the reverse. Dishonesty, legal problems, abuse of power. The lady who holds the scales in her right hand and the Sword of Truth in her left in the reverse course often represents a legal matter and, following the card of marriage, the 4 of Wands or Fire,(Sagittarius/Leo/Aries) can often indicate a divorce and/or a legal decision very much not in y(our) favor. 

‘Guilt’ is another word associated with the reversed Justice card. There’s definitely a ‘truth shall set you free’ feel to these cards today: whether that ‘truth’ be something that needs to be said to someone else, even a ‘confession’ or apology that will begin the healing process shown on the reversed 3 of Swords (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius.)

Remedies – legal and otherwise: you may not agree with it/them, but you have no choice but to comply.

The 4 of Wands in the past position is the opposite of “social distancing”. This is a happy card, very much a card of coming together and enjoying each other. The brightly decorated chuppah, wedding canopy or pay tent on the 4 of Wands pictured on the Morgan-Greer card consists of 4 tall, straight branches topped with garlands of multicolored flowers tied with festive red ribbons. This can even be a stage featuring  dancers and performers, and we the audience. Weddings, parties, performances, celebrations. Community and family gatherings.

All things of the past? 

On the Morgan-Greer version of the 4 of Wands, other than the the fresh-cut flowers, the scene is eerily abandoned. We see a dry, barren, otherworldly landscape. There is a castle and a possible city way off on the top of a distant mountain, but no sign of life.

Hopefully, you’re not breaking the law yourself or dishonestly profiting from others’ misfortunes and losses during this crisis (Ha! -Ed.). Just remember that these cards can flip, and the Justice card also means Karmic Justice, and when things ‘right’ themselves again, you may be the one in ‘pain’.



30 & 31 March 20: Two & King & Queen of Coins

‘Impractical becomes practical’.  That’s an awkward-looking 3 words, but a welcome energy, certainly. All three of the players on the stage today are wearing some sort of headgear: a flashy red and feathered beret on the juggler of the 2 of Coins in ‘yesterday’s’ position; the horned gold helmet of the King of Coins in today’s center position (good choice, keeps those G5’s out of your brain), and tomorrow we have the Queen of the same suit in a beautiful gold crown made of golden teardrops or raindrops. (Morgan-Greer deck.) You/us/we may be required to ‘wear many hats’ at this time.

Pooling and/or dividing resources. 

This looks like what could be called a ‘power couple’ to me, and a lucrative partnership, although we ourselves could be all these people in the spread, and are probably being called upon to be.

Something paid off. 

Interesting shifts are happening. From the aerial world maps I see all over the inter- webs, (so I’m quite sure they’re true) all those red nasty inflamed boils of hotspots of pollution are receding into little pink pimples. Businesses are closing, changing, evolving.  Necessity always being the mother of invention, humans are getting their innovation on, and I was amazed to read of that bookstore in Portland we all used to love back in the day that closed down re-hiring old employees to meet the demand – for books. And while the inter webs are still working. I keep meaning to point out that Joseph Pilates invented all his sh** while incarcerated. Although I can’t read them all, my inbox is full of amazing – and humbling – output from #inmateblogger every morning. You can’t put bars around the human imagination – yet.

The 2 of Coins is what you make it, and with what he or she has had to work with, the Juggler has kept himself or herself going. There is a bit of Fire (Aries/Sagittarius/Leo) in the King, and a bit of Water in the Queen (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio), no matter the gender, and that’s part of the ‘wearing of the hats’. If these are married people, these ‘roles’ may have changed/be changing. Someone who was the main ‘breadwinner’ before may not be now, and someone who wasn’t, now is.

The King dominates this spread, and in the upright, he is generous with his wealth and position because he is secure in it. The Queen of Coins is the best ‘homemaker’ of all the Queens, she lives to take care of the ‘castle’ and nurture all under her roof. The King, male or female, is draped in the green vines and ripe grapes of his vineyard.The Queen, copper-colored Autumn leaves creeping in around her shoulders, makes sure there’s enough wine in the cellar for family and guests all winter.

Or: she or he is a good manager, and you need one, or you need to let someone be one. Perhaps one parent is much better and ‘handling’ the kids than the other at this time.

There could be ‘back and forth’ issues with parents or children, children’s visitation, and generally re-prioritizing every single thing having to do with our earthly existence, and it’s serious business because no-one on the table is smiling today.

Watch them all pull ‘rabbits out from under their hats.’

Managing. For entertainment purposes only, as the juggler is or was above all an entertainer or so it says on his or her tax return, the suit of Earth talks about our bodies as well in which case ‘health management’ is primarily our own responsibility in the first place.  I’ve cut down severely on how many  trips and stops I have to make, obviously because I don’t want to spread it, catch it or lose my temper and punch an out of towner in the naked face for standing in line with nothing but 4 wine glasses and a lamp.


Obviously, bitch has never been through a real emergency or she’d know how to drink it from the bottle in the dark.

27,28,29 March 20: Temperance reversed & The Moon reversed & Page of Cups

Losing it: reality bends.  I knew when that Magician showed up in the reverse the other day I was getting bitch-slapped by the cards, who will definitely do that if they feel like you shouldn’t be reading for whatever reason. I drew these cards yesterday but couldn’t get a ‘straight story’ out of them at all, and finally gave up altogether. ‘Bad ask‘ is a favorite term ‘they’ use when they feel you’ve asked a stupid, or trivial, question. Although it is said on this side that  ‘there are no stupid questions’, to them, there are,  because they know you would know the ‘answer’ if you just stayed calm and listened to your own inner voice.

I don’t know what to ask anymore.

Temperance, #14 of the Major Arcana and a Sagittarius and today reversed in the past position is definitely not calm. I’m not an astrologer, but I do know there is a New Moon in Aries, another Fire sign, which is suggested (to me, anyway) by the reversed Moon in the present position.  The Moon, of course, represents the nocturnal world of dreams and visions, but in the reverse, these are disturbed dreams and visions. We are, or were, not in a calm, receptive state. This spread would be a manic mess if not for the Page of Cups, upright and in the future position, a young Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio, whose card I shall leave out on the table for the rest of the weekend.

I am unable to express or even identify exactly how I feel about the unholy mess we’re in, and am glad I don’t have a child asking me how long this is going to go on and/or if we’re all going to get sick, too? The sensitive Page of Cups feels deeply, very deeply, and although he or she may not have the vocabulary or ability to communicate their feelings, they’re feeling it if you are.

It is disrespectful to Spirit and the Arte to deliberately or not mis-translate the cards, and everything is obviously not all unicorns and balloons right now to say the least, and I don’t have the vocabulary, as a reader or as a human, to articulate. In other words, there are no words.

Which is why I played piano for almost 5 hours straight yesterday for the first time in a long time. Went crazy. Moved my entire studio to a whole other section of the house, a corner I’ve never worked in before, which turns out to be the position occupied by the ‘Five Ghosts’ in Feng Shui, which may be a problem in any other house but certainly not mine.

The quiet Page, dressed as he or she pleases no matter what’s going on, is ‘receiving’ a message from a little blue fish who is raising itself out of the cup set on a wooden tabletop before him, as if out of the strange dream-scene of the Moon.

This is luna-cy.

Thank you, fish. That’s the perfect word.

If I were a child today I’d be medicated into a walking coma, I’m sure.  This Page in the Morgan-Greer deck always looks a little ‘far away’  in the eyes: self-medication may be downright necessary at this point, but there is an ‘opiating the masses’ vibe that I never trust, and a slippery slope. Or fish.

Create against the machine.

So I intend to ‘go deep’.  I can’t ignore all this and the process has already begun. Health being everyone’s #1 concern, and people my age having been deemed disposable, I must balance the manic ‘jolts’ with steady, outdoor, or indoor, physical activity.  Brain burnoff to avoid burnout. I shall pace & re-configure the morning reads with a little time in between to let things ‘breathe’.

For those with hyper-sensitive children: this is a good time to check out my friends Tom & Alison Petersson ‘s ‘Rock Your Speech’ project, which is rock and roll for kids tagged #autistic. Tom is the bass player for American rock legends Cheap Trick and a guy who actually has his picture on gaming chips in Las Vegas, and I think a slot machine.


Also, I feel I need to relay a message from your pet, who is feeling you feeling all this:

you don’t need to talk out loud to me, I’m a dog.’ 


26 March 20: Four of Coins & Ace of Clubs & The Magician, all reversed

Watch me pull a rabbit out of my _________’  says the fast-talking reversed Magician, knowing the hoarding masses are desperate enough to believe in just about anything or anyone at this point, although when we see the 4 of Coins in the past position, the card of frugality, greed and ‘withholding’ in general, we have to ask who is hoarding what. Not only in terms of money, that’s obvious. The human on the 4 of Coins in the reverse (Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn) is in over his or head at this point. There is no more, period.

But this could be a story of hoarding ideas/solutions/cures as well. 

The first sentence also describes how I’ve been feeling every morning all week after drawing cards. The Magician in the reverse, today in the upcoming position, is the ‘spin doctor’, or the publicist whose job it is to sell ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ is, and to ‘sell’ the reversed Magician as anything but a conniving, manipulative using-my-power-for evil fraud is not easy if even possible. Of course, the atmosphere couldn’t be better for this sort of

4 of Coins = common ‘cents’.

With the Ace of Wands or Clubs in the center of the spread, this could be, and wants to be, a whole new ‘start’.  I get an April Fool’s Day vibe out of this card in this position, so let’s not be one of those.  The suit of Fire, of course, incorporates the astrological signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Aries lives in the 1st House of the 12 Houses of the Zodiac, and where it’s Spring, we should be, and are, feeling naturally like ‘sprouting’ and blooming but we can’t. This is conservation of everything, including our own energy.

There is a lot of male energy to this spread, action wants to be taken, or someone to take action in terms of creating and contributing, but are not able or being prevented from doing so. The Club, or Wand, or Staff, is also a literal ‘tool’,  as are the talismans of the suits laid out on the table before the Magician, besides the Wand, there is a Sword, a Coin, and a Cup. In the reverse, we don’t have all the ‘tools’. We can’t make ‘magic’. We are not ‘Magicians’.  

This is a mixed message (Another one?-Ed.) in that we, or someone, is/are not communicating authentically or communicating at all, or worse, sharing the(ir) gift(s). The Magician, in the upright, is capable of ‘miracles’, but in the reverse, could be very much taking advantage of your believing in them. 



“Stop riding my coattails!” – Jesus Christ

Exercise: turn the whole spread upright.


25 March 20: Four of Swords & King of Wands & The Chariot

‘A working class hero is something to be’ sang John Lennon, and this can certainly be talking  about those. The King of Wands or Rods could be a teacher, truck driver, and for some reason I’m getting ‘union boss’ vibes out of him today.


In the past position is the card of retreat, rest and self-quarantine, the 4 of Swords. To some people this has been – and the cards want me to speak in terms of this period being in the past – a period of restful retreat, but to the often volatile King of Wands, a Fire sign (Aries/Sagittarius/Leo) under a fiery Aries sky, it’s hell. 


The King, who, in the present position is always speaking to us, orders the pedal to the metal, and so it shall Be.

Self interest(s).


On the 4 of Swords is a meditative card of self-imposed rest and retreat, and, sooner or later, this will be behind us, and, for better or worse, it looks like sooner. But in the future position, there is only room for 1 driver in the Chariot, an emotionally-driven Cancer, and all he or she cares about is winning the race.


The King of Wands likes to be the hero. He or she doesn’t do what they do for the money, they do it more for that ‘warm feeling ‘ of general approval and admiration they simply need to ‘burn’ being of the suit of Fire – that’s their ‘fuel’. But approval and love are 2 different things, and the King is, generally a ‘me first’ sort. A hard one to love. Although there is no salamander on the sleeve of the King of Wands on the Morgan-Greer card as is often shown on the Olde Tyme cards, the Wild Unknown version of the Father of Wands shows a cobra coiled around and guarding a straight branch, forked tongue visible, hood expanded, in a threatening stance. We have a lot of respect for the cobra (we’d better) but we may not ‘love’ him (or her)


This would appear to be a great accomplishment. For whatever reason this withdrawal,  self-imposed or not, has  ‘re-kinded’ passion  purpose, and drive. Perhaps you were in ‘retreat’ mode well before the plague, or something great is happening to you or for you during Aries season. You may even be promoted if you are a fire sign or have a lot of it in your astrological DNA – just don’t let it go to your head: this King’s ego can ‘flame up’ into a rather glaring, unflattering light.



24 March 20: Four of Cups & King of Coins & Seven of Coins

Eminent domain. We have apathy and complacency, we have government, and all we have is what we have, which we’ve never appreciated as much as we do now.

I’ll pass.

In the past position is the 4 of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) which is a card of taking it all for granted. On the Morgan-Greer card, we can barely see a face under all that green growth. He or she is in danger of being overgrown and forgotten entirely. The Cups address our emotional state, and it seems this person hasn’t really cared for or possible hasn’t felt inspired by or connected to anything or anyone in a long time, it would appear. As we can see on the ground there are 3 apparently untouched gold cups also in danger of being overgrown with green ivy-looking leaves and tendrils.

None of the 3 humans in the spread are moving. Both the human in the past position and the human in the future position are looking inward at the King in the center, who, unfortunately for us, is the slowest King in the deck, but the King nonetheless.

In the past this may be, or, rather may have been, a missed opportunity. This could be an offer or several you may now wish you would have taken. This could apply to anything from a relationship to a job to home and property. If you’re saying that about any of the above areas of your life, you’re not about to ‘make that mistake’ again. Whatever the motivation, which is probably of course money and a roof over your head, it’s time to take ‘home and family’ or the ‘home business’ or your life to the next level. The cards say you have it in you.

I’ve been getting Victory Garden (WW2 references? Knew you would -Ed) vibes out of these cards for the last week or so. Believe it or not, it is not legal to grow your own food everywhere in the U.S.
The King of Coins or Pentacles, draped in greenery himself and ripe, purple grapes, is doing fine.  If this is us, we’re going to have to step up as ‘Kings of Our Castles’ and, the suit of Coins being the suit of family legacy and inheritance, our father’s or grandfather’s or grandmother’s homes and properties as well. You and granny may have turned down offer after offer, or simply can no longer afford to maintain the property or pay property tax.
You have yours, why do you need mine? 
Under eminent domain, the King has every right to take your land, business, and property, physical and/or intellectual.
Then again, there are those that have been saying this for decades. Perhaps the human laying low undercover on the 4 of Cups in the past didn’t take the 4th ‘cocktail’ offered to him because because he didn’t know who that disembodied ‘hand’ offering it belonged to and he didn’t know what was in it.
Who controls the food supply controls the people
– Henry Kissinger*
*who in fact jumped up to sing “Up On The Roof” with a pianist friend of mine at one of those weird Illuminati forest meetings they have up in NoCal. A true story.