21 March 18: Eight of Spades, Mars.

Just walk away and channel that anger into something productive.

Wednesday, everyone’s favorite day. Ruled by Mars, the red planet. Aggressive male energy. Primal and intense. Wednesday isn’t the day to pick a fight with someone, because it cold turn into a homicide. Beating somebody to a parking space could be fatal. A little argument could blow way out of proportion, and easily get physical.

If you’re a fire sign (Aries, Sagittarius, Leo) you are more likely to flame up and burn somebody today than any of the others. If you’re naturally aggressive, extroverted, have a temper, watch yourself on Wednesdays.

Duality in all things. How can we use this volatile energy? If you’re an introverted or meek person, are being bullied, someone’s been treating you like a doormat forever, or if you’ve deserved a raise for the last 5 years you may just find Mars may get you ‘all fired up’ enough to finally stand up for yourself (talking to you, Water & Earth signs) .

From a regular poker deck I pulled the 8 of Spades, which is the card of success and will power. Supreme focus. Incredibly powerful in work and health matters, this card ‘has your back’, basically.

This card under Mars is pretty amazing, bringing much success, especially with men or groups or associations with men. A legal matter could settle in your favor, a health matter could be overcome.

Use the energy well, but don’t be abrupt or put people off, it will be easy to do today.

The number 8 on its side is the sign for infinity, of course, and is so revered in China people pay to change street addresses to add up to the number 8, meaning abundance, love, power and good health forever.

There are some ways in which the Tarot and the regular old-school playing cards relate, or don’t relate. In the Eight of Swords in the Tarot, a woman is blindfolded, seemingly tied up, surrounded by 8 swords stuck into the ground around her as if to form a cage or jail. In fact this card can mean actual jail, but most often it means a ‘prison’ of our own making.

But the eight hangs over her head, infinitely. She could free herself at any time, because there is plenty of space between the swords. Her ropes are loose, but she chooses to be blindfolded.

Maybe this Mars Wednesday will give her the courage she needs to free herself .

I call this the ‘Dorothy, you had the power all along’ card.












20 March 18: Three of Cups, reversed

Delayed gratificationThis happy, joyous card upright is a classic image pretty consistently, that of 3 dancing women, cups raised in celebration. It’s a party card, for sure. Happy times with people we love or maybe worked with, celebrating a creation or project as a team after hours.  Family, good friends, celebrating life in general. Blessed. Green grass, flowers in their hair. full cups and full hearts. A birth, a wedding. A good moment in life.

We did it! Aren’t we 3 lucky? They clink glasses and dance.

Reversed, this could mean a delay. You may have even fired your wedding planner. Give ’em a break.  Planning a wedding  – or anything – during Mercury retrograde may test your patience. Missed calls, misprinted menus, the groom’s car broke down. It’ll happen, however delayed, but there may be a better time? In any case, this can be an impending birth or gathering, much anticipated, but – not yet.

Warning:  this card reversed also means you are partying waaaaaay too much. By the way who are these people you’re partying with? These people may not be your friends at all or have your best interests at heart. If you’re drinking with this crew, watch your wallet. Get it together.


19 March 18: The World


Congratulations on your graduation. 

The world is your oyster. You’ve completed a major cycle of your life, and you’re not looking back. This Major Arcana is a very big deal. This is the card of evolution on a grand scale. We can talk about the evolution of man all day long, but it’s very much an individual, deliberate, conscious process if it’s really gonna happen.

“Travel is the enemy of ignorance and prejudice” -Mark Twain

After graduation, you’ll want to see the world. They need you out there. Is it too early to congratulate graduates? So many young people into ecology, sustainability, homelessness.

Watch ’em go, I believe in them.

Below is a repost of the Dec 23 reading of The World card from the Yuri Sukov Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg. All I can add to this is that the Russian word for “World” and “Peace” are the same (yes, they do love their children too, thank you Sting) and the importance of the central figure who dances in space on the card – and on all versions of  The World card that I know of –  who is Shiva, the Hindu Dancing Goddess of Creation/Transformation/Destruction.

23 Dec 17

All I can say is, wow. What a card for the season – and then some. The World is the last of the Major Arcana, the completion of a cycle. A wholeness, a completion. It’s a mighty and humbling card, encompassing All. In the scene on the Russian card,  XXI (21, 2 + 1 = 3, the number of tension and creation), we see the Earth as it appears in the NASA images. A beautiful luminous blue world floats in black space surrounded by stars, planets and the rest of the universe. The big picture. Like from a plane, we can see cloud formations swirl and wrap all around the Earth on this card. The first thing that struck me was the photo a friend of mine took out here in the desert last night. Strange, surreal lights and streaks and what with all this UFO talk, ma, who knows what’s out there! Turns out it was a rocket launched to the ocean, but it was really something.

A Goddess who may or may not be a hermaphrodite, crowned and glorious, presents herself surrounded by four mythological beasts. These images have morphed over time so much I’m not even going to get into the religious weeds with them, because it’s the perspective and a more ‘down to earth’ vibe I’m getting now from this deck..a more personal message.

The card and its meaning has been around long before it was known the world was round (I am of the segment of the population that does believe the world is round). The World was illustrated back then sometimes as a miniature village or town resting on a flat disc held up by a tree, or angels holding a round disc with various pictures depicting town and family life. One’s ‘world’ was no bigger than the hut they lived in and the piece of land it was on. In gypsy culture, the whole world is home.

The first man in space was a 27 year old Russian whose name was also Yuri, like the artist who illustrated this amazing deck, and who has quite an amazing story himself.  Yuri Gargarin came to a mysterious, tragic end. His death is sort of the Russian version of the unsolved Kennedy assassination. Yuri Sukov paints this card as if rockets, contrails and satellites are all buzzing and streaking around this tranquil, peaceful Neptune-blue crystal-iced planet floating in space like a sprog in a womb. One of the streaks even looks exactly the same as in my friend’s shot of the trail last night.

I studied clay in a tiny village in Mexico which is very famous (Mata Ortiz). From being dirt poor, the villagers were all of a sudden dirt rich from their self-taught ceramic art valuable all over the world. I bought an amazing piece from an artist who I visited in her humble but beautiful home that was built for her by hand by her husband and brothers. She had an amazing large pot in progress, illustrated with simple scenes. I asked her what inspired her. “Mi casa” she’d said. Her house was her world.

“Nothing’s gonna change my world.” -John Lennon. Wrong on that one, John.

Build all the rockets you want. We have, or did have, the perfect world in the first place. It’s not out there, it’s here.

In Ben Elton’s 1989 novel “Stark” (absolutely hilarious) the richest people in the world end up building the rocket that will get them off the planet before it totally goes to shit in 10 years. They build it, and the world starts falling apart and they’re all finally ready and about to take off and the wife shows up with the horrible mother-in-law he can’t stand. They all hate each other, but off they go, to start their own planet.

Those moments where you just feel like everything is right in your world, study them, memorize them, and make it your job to create more of that here and now, on this planet, in your world, because there’s nothing better out there.


18 March 18: Knight of Coins/Pentacles/Earth

Don’t even bother, he won’t listen to a word anyone says. The image of this serious, stubborn, dedicated Knight in the Medieval Luigi Scapini deck is of a Knight who doesn’t charge in on his horse or rush into battle, but rather sits calmly astride his horse, who is stationary and waiting for his master’s next command. This Knight is holding a gold round disc as his shield, which is emblazoned with the image of a tortoise. Now, I’ve personally rescued tortoises out here in the desert, and they’re rather dull creatures.  Not much fun. They don’t fetch, and not much for play in general. Not the life of the party, but dedicated as hell. He may never be an A-list party guest but you know what he will be? 100 years old. Every year he’ll mosy his way back to his burrow and breed little tortlets and then mosy back to wherever, every year. You can count on it. If threatened by one of the many dangers he faces on his journey, our cautious Taurean/Virgo/Capricorn simply withdraws into his armor and patiently waits is out. Nothing and no one can keep him from his goal.

This is someone you can count on for sure. Not the most romantic Knight,  he probably won’t be interested in anything other than being King someday, but a wise King knows he needs the best advisors, and this Knight may need to learn to take advice –  or not. A beloved King makes his love for his people known, and this Knight may not. So will he ever be King? He’ll certainly never stop trying.

He’s slowing his roll for the upcoming Mercury Retrograde period, reviewing, rechecking, and moving carefully so as not to lose his keys or accidentally delete his last 2 weeks of data entry.

By the end of the month, that gold coin will be a Full Moon in Virgo, his own Earth energy, and he probably will have something to show for his commitment, focus, follow-through and just plain stubborness.

You do you, Sir Knight. You too, tortoise.









17 March 18: Rey De Oros/King of Coins

You have achieved much, sire. Yes he has. What a fun card to read in the Dali deck. Of course, Salvador portrays himself as this King, comfortably resting back on an ornate, heavy Spanish chair carved from dark wood, with red velvet cushions and rich gold fringe. His eyes are closed and he is napping, iconic mustache impeccably upturned as if, when sleeping, his antennae are never down. In fact, above his head is a dreamy bubble in which a bull seems to be sleeping. Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, Marquis of Dalí de Púbol, known professionally as Salvador Dalí, was a Taurus himself, and he is himself the bull of his dream. His feet are up, and the large golden pentacle we usually see in the lap of this financially and materially successful King of Earth is not earthbound at all, but seems to float in the air at his side as he sleeps. Genius. He sleeps as his legendary pet leopard sleeps beside his chair, leashed. In the air floating all around him in his dream are round shapes that upon closer look are Dali’s own paint-stained fingerprints. The background is a blank canvas. Dali painted his dreams, and his dreams turned into money.  A vivid slash of purple, like a thread, connects his dream-bubble to his resting feet.

Now the other thing about Dali, who was a member of the original Rat Pack of revolutionary Spain and wining it up with the likes of Picasso and the great poet Federico-Garcia Lorca was that he liked money. He wife Gala was major in propelling Dali to international Amadeus-like rock stardom and money was just fine with him, if not so cool with some of his revolutionary contemporaries who the great Mexican artist Frida Kahlo dubbed “Las Cacas Grandes” (the big shits) after her visit to Paris. That was just the thing they were revolting against, back in the day.  The film “Little Ashes” is one of my favorites about this crew and time.

So. Dali. King of Coins, definitely. So this man, or woman, is well established and much accomplished. Excellent businessperson. He doesn’t mind a nap, that’s where his best ideas come from. Ideas = money, created with his own two hands and ten paint-stained fingers. It is interesting (and rather obvious) that in this deck he also portrays himself as the Magician of the Major Arcana.

This person, this business man or woman, manager, or financial adviser knows his stuff. You could be offered a promotion or mentoring by someone very important who you could learn a lot from. This person may be willing to invest or loan you some start up money – but the thing about this King is that he’s essentially very conservative with money, and would be the type to maintain a rather dull stock portfolio, but it sure seems to work for him. No risky investments.

Slow and sleady, like the Taurus bull.





16 March 18: The Devil

No sympathy here.  Nope. Not from me, not today. Yesterday I broke out a Salvador Dali deck I’ve had for many years, and never could relate to, although I’ve been a fan since I was in elementary school. On Dali’s “Devil”, a strange surreal androgynous figure is stepping off a cliff into the unknown, and holds a strange butterfly on a golden pole. Unlike the card of the Fool, this person is not going forth voluntarily of his own free will. We see a pair of dark, shadowy arms pushing him. Perhaps this is our own shadow side, pushing us..where? The golden wand- thing he holds looks like a hypodermic needle, the monarch butterfly wildly colorful and free. Almost as if he’s chasing a high – this is your card of addictions and vices. He rules the 10th House – career, status, money, career. All those earthly rewards that in the end, can indeed enslave you. Sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Imagine my heavy metal ‘devil horn’ hand I’m holding up for you right now. In Italy, you must use your heavy metal hornhand to ward off the evil eye.

Not without compassion, I shall be the Devil’s Advocate for a moment. This Capricorn-Mars trickster is not so funny when he’s messing with your life, but he’s been through many incarnations. The earliest Devil family portrait was discovered on a cave wall in the South of France, the Paleolithic Lord of the Animals.  By the Middle Ages he became ‘Satan’ when the Church decided in order to convert all these Pagans they’d need to co-opt some of this ‘witchy’ shit for their own corporation and did.

So little Pan, the horny little half-boy half-goat, fertile, merry, and dancing around playing music, making wine and knocking up forest fairies or whatever else he does all day became this dark, evil, anti-God.

The most recognized image of the Devil is an ominous looking bat-winged creature lording over two lovers, who are chained together – by him. The chains are not tight, though, they are loose at the necks and wrists of the prisoners, who find themselves – by their own free will – in a hot, messy, sexy, destructive relationship. But they also have the free will to walk away. Toxic as hell.

Love is the drug, and I need to score – Bryan Ferry

But how can I talk about the Devil card without a nod to my own personal Devil, Billy The, who is a huge massive Nubian rescue goat. He could teach the Devil a few lessons, believe me. On a trip to Morocco years ago I visited a thousand year old tree, huge, tied with colorful prayer ribbons, and soaked in rosewater. The people brought their animal sacrifices to the holy man who lived at the base of the tree, who prayed over the animal before beheading it. The air was perfumed with roses and blood. I was knee-deep in goat and chicken heads, and I like to remind Billy The whenever he starts scraping the paint of my porch pillars with his horny horn and shaking the whole damn house in the middle of the night I know a place where goats aren’t so lucky.

Sukov, in the Russian Tarot, depicts the Devil as Joseph Stalin.

On the Morgan-Greer card, the goat is a black, fierce, glowing-eyed face with white-fangs and crowned with a gold pentacle as a green candle burns, invoking an image of someone casting a money spell. The monster-goat head emerges from a large red disc rimmed in gold, the planet Mars itself.  But the strangest thing is the tiny blue fly in the middle of the pentacle.

Flys are devils, of this I am quite certain. Perhaps it’s a mosquito. I find this funny because 1 insect can be the most hellish thing on earth. Something bit me the other night and just 1 of my fingers itched like mad. Couldn’t even go back to sleep. Made me completely crazy. 1 little bite from 1 little critter. 1 finger.

Go back to hell.

Or, to your drug, vice, or person of choice, as we usually make our own hell.

‘That which turns you on will destroy you.’  – David J






















15 March 18: The High Priestess, reversed:

A wise woman trusts her instincts.  This mysterious Priestess is the most psychic card in the deck. She is serenely seated on her throne, richly gowned and crowned with a crescent moon, her ruling planet. She is the ultimate female – and a very powerful one. She holds a scroll in her lap, guarding the secrets and mysteries of the universe. She’s a hard one to figure out, this austere goddess. Dressed entirely in blue, the color of a dream, she encourages us to pay attention to our dreams and our deepest feelings, intuition and instincts.

Reversed, your superpowers have temporarily deserted you, or something is hidden, and you don’t have all the facts or information you may need at this time to resolve a problem or come to a decision about something. Something is ‘off’. Someone may not be who he or she – most likely a she – appears to be, or you may have more ‘frenemies’ than you think. Not the best time to be overly trusting. You may not be getting the best advice.

Perhaps you’re a little more emotional now than usual, watery and teary-eyed for no good reason, and repressing or ignoring your gut feelings. Perhaps you look around you and realize don’t know your friends at all, and find yourself surrounded by shallow, superficial people.

This calls for meditation and stillness. How do you really feel? Are your own feelings & instincts less important than those of others around you?