1/2 March 21: Ten of Coins & Five of Swords & Queen of Cups

Everybody’s A Pisces. The beautiful Queen of Cups is the Queen of the Season, and we consider her many desirable attributes: she (or he)  is psychic, sympathetic, affectionate, poetic, artistic, and easy on the eyes as is always said about this dreamy Queen of Water. Beauty, being in the eye of the beholder, this card can represent your mother, sister, wife or any woman you love who is, of course, the most beautiful woman in the world in your eyes. Today the Queen is in the lead – to the right, the future position – yet she is looking back (Morgan-Greer) or to the left.

How appropriate that she should be watching the card in the center today – the potentially back stabbing 5 of Swords. (Gemini/Libra/Aquarius). I’m feeling this is about avoiding open conflict – at all costs.

In the Wild Unknown deck the Queen of Cups is the Mother of Cups, a white goose protectively covering a stemmed wine glass with its outstretched wing. Mother Goose. 

The ugly 5 of Swords is the energy today which is most undesirable. The ‘win at all cost’ card is not nice and doesn’t play nice. But the characters on the card are key – in the foreground, a hooded human in the shadows holds 3 swords it seems has ‘won’ yet 2 more lie at his (or her) feet having been ‘surrendered’ by 2 humans we watch depart the scene – it’s not worth the fight. It is interesting that the lower half of the hooded face of the sneak on the 5 of Swords, in profile, could very well be the Queen of Cups, also in profile, facing the same direction…perhaps the Queen has had a little ‘work’ done? This combination can talk about plastic surgery. Venus is about all things beautiful and feminine and the Aquarian is all about this New Age – the Queen of Water loves her spa days. Behind her we see the same wobbly water that we see behind her King, yet she is as placid as a lake. I feel the 5 of Swords today is talking about avoiding open conflict. She is not the most intelligent or intellectual of the Queens, and as pretty as she may be, she (or he) didn’t get to be Queen by being a delicate little lily. She is in the upright in these cards, and I’d rather enjoy her positive energy which is sympathetic and patient – and so would she.

The cup itself she contemplates is a matter of consideration. In Olden Tyme decks, the cup has a strange, ornate gold temple-like cover on it, as if she covers her secrets and impressions in order to protect them. On the Morgan-Greer version, the gold cup is oversized and not covered – the cups being associated with our own hearts, it’s an interesting detail. Mother Goose of the Wild Unknown deck extends her wing protectively over an open, uncovered cup. Crowley’s Queen, of course, is a strange long beaked blue bird that seems to be tripping on its own reflection in an abstract blue pond as what appears to be a UFO hovers overhead. Of course. It’s too early for that.  

Pisces is represented by a fish in the stars, or rather a pair of fish. One of my favorite lessons of the ICHING is about obstacles: if a fish, happily ‘going with the flow’ and swimming downstream comes up against a rock, he does not try to go through the rock. He simply goes around it or over it and continues on. The Queen of Cups knows this, and is giving me that vibe – at least through her season (March 20).

The Past and the pile o ‘money that is the 10 of Coins or Pentacles or Earth (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn) has, I have discovered, some wild and various interpretations but there is always a lot of money involved. With this card in the past you could have had issues with money growing up. The Queen of Cups was a Princess, no doubt, and may have been born into it. This card often mean family problems, especially the kind that come up with inheritance or property, and especially when there is this much money involved, 10 being the maximum of the suit.

Perhaps I’m stealing a bunch of ideas from that ‘Renovation Home’ series I can’t get enough of. People buy castles and historic manors and mills and restore them as a historian researches the history of the properties and buildings, and it’s fascinating. At the beginning of each episode the buyers tell us what they’ve budgeted for the extensive crazy renovations and it’s hilarious. Not one of them has even been remotely within budget except one guy who was a millionaire and money was no object and I hope he still is. Inspired by my successful horse stall rebuild after the winds, I’m now wondering if I can’t built her a whole house of her own. There’s a stone castle- like family property on the 10 of Coins, a card of legacy, family and family history.

These Swords could be intellectual property – ideas, writings, credits, and someone may be taking credit for your work as always suggested by this ambitious card, or, in this spread, your actual physical property, bank account or trust fund.

I think the Queens’ cup is relevant today. Although the Morgan-Greer Queen does not cover her cup, she’s probably legally ‘covered’ – the Swords are all things legal including legal conflicts and lawsuits. 

This may even be competition for this beautiful human – many ships have been launched, crimes committed, and wars fought over a beautiful face. 

27/28 Feb 21: Wheel of Fortune & Two of Coins reversed & Two of Cups reversed

It’s Personal. As in none of my business, at least. 2’s are couples, of course, and today we have 2 x 2. The blessed Wheel of Fortune, #X of the Major Arcana, would love to take over the entire picture from the ‘past’ position and someday, a wheel being a wheel, it surely will again turn, but not in these cards. 

This looks like a relationship or partnership that is, quite simply, failing or has failed.

End of a ‘Winning Streak

There are 2 couples in these cards. The Royal Couple of the past riding high on the Wheel of Fortune and the lovestruck pair on the 2 of Cups.You’re up, you’re down. Lucky Jupiter rules the Big Wheel, which is also a card of gambling. This is Major Arcana and in the past position it would be safe to assume our ‘luck’ has run out. The Wheel of Fortune is found in casinos and this card could even be about casinos. That King and Queen could very well be investors, and what can I say about that except that I think I’ve heard the stock market called the ‘biggest casino in the world’.

This would be that. 

Today we have the 2 of Coins (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn) who also has Jupiter in his her her astrological DNA but in the reverse, our juggler is ‘dropping the ball’ which is a shame because he only had 2 coins to ‘juggle’ in the first place. This is the card of ‘making it all work’. In the upright, our juggler is keeping it together. He or she juggles jobs, relationships, family, health, there’s a lot going on and as we watch him or her as they almost hypnotically keep it all going we ask, ‘how do they do it?’. In these cards, the don’t, or we don’t. Clearly, in the reverse, the juggler cannot handle money or has managed financially as long as they possibly could and we could be looking at bankruptcy. 

We have another 2 in the form of the 2 of Cups, a card of love and romance. In the upright, these 2 are inseparable. These are best friends, partners, collaborators and of course, lovers, the suit of Cups being as emotional as they are. Feelings run deep on this card, but in the reverse, the cups are empty and they have no more left to give each other – or are unable to. In the reverse, this is an argument, breakup or falling out – probably over money, but it could also be over physical obstacles. The reversed 2 of Coins simply can’t make everything work: or can’t, or doesn’t want to, decide between 2 potential partners. 

I’m wondering if the couple on the Wheel and the couple on the reversed 2 of Cups are the same couple. They could very well be. The New Normal may find you 2 no longer compatible – good times were good, but they sure aren’t any more. The relationship or partnership is no longer a priority or even relevant, or the physical distancing simply got the better of them. 

That is so sad. (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio). 

We Had A Good Run

There is a relationship no longer ‘equal’ in some way. Perhaps you’re broke and your partner is not, or you can’t make time for them anymore. You may be finding nothing or no one compares to a past partnership or relationship.

Someone simply can’t ‘afford’ to invest in a relationship in terms of time, attention and $. This could have been a great 10 years, but…

This couple – or even their lifestyle – is ‘out of style’ in some way – made for the ‘good times’ but not the bad. 

25/26 Feb 21: The Moon & Eight of Wands reversed & Nine of Wands

A Shady Past. There is ‘letting go of the past’ and moving forward, and then there is the past that finds you, follows you, and won’t let you go. But the 9 of Wands is determined to move past the past. The 9 of Wands, Clubs, Rods or Fire does not give up. Still standing upright and today in the future position, he or she will succeed.

The past is the ball of confusion that is the Moon, XVIII of the Major Arcana. 1+8=9, so we have a pair of nines today, 9’s signaling the end of a cycle, bringing us then to 10 and the culmination and 1+ 0 =1, new beginning.

The moon’s energy is barking mad as we may guess from the howling, baying dog/wolves/coyotes on the weird, surreal card. The moon is shadowy and mysterious and unknown. The Moon is madness. 

Our hero could very well be fighting off madness as is everyone at this point.

Thwarted Fire energy is in the cards today. The Wands, or suit of Fire is Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The usually on the move 8 of Wands in the center position today is unfortunately in the reverse. Our movements are obstructed, obviously. This card of air travel in the reverse is grounding the plane(s). We are slowed to a full stop with this card in the reverse, and there is nothing we can do about it. 

This may be someone other than us who is very guarded about their own mysterious past.

The Moon represents creatures of the night, so you may be, like the little crawfish crawling up out of the murky water, inexplicably drawn towards  the huge, glowing, pearl of a moon hanging low in the night sky. Nightlife is a thing of the past in this spread. The moon also influences the 9 of Wands. Someone may be working nights to get around Covid restrictions or remotely in another time zone in another hemisphere. Restrictions be damned. This human looks like they have’t slept in days.

Someone is ‘less than forthcoming’, but their space must be respected. The 9 of Wands is a defensive card. 

This human on the 9 will not give up – or give it up, whatever it is- on this we can depend. There could be ‘guarded’ secrets, or unclear and murky documents as sometimes referred to when 2 number 9’s are present.

Be Careful Out There 

For  entertainment and study purposes only, we can consider the Moon representing anything that grows in the dark. Undetected growths and tumors are represented by the Moon, and it would seem that the reversed 8 of Wands may have ‘arrested the development’ of some growth. The 8 of Wands could be a warning to slow down: the 9 of Wands could have fallen and cracked his bandaged head open. This could be a stubborn senior fighting off alzheimer’s or general confusion, especially at night. A fall at night could have someone’s head bandaged up or, as I notice the human on the 9 of Rods leaning on that tall rod as if he or she couldn’t stand without it, a hip or leg injury.

This is a successful recovery, but only because this person is a fighter. The Moon is a hallucinogen, drugs and alchohol, wild temptations of the past now resisted by the 9 of Wands.

Home defense systems – you never know who’s lurking around at night. the 9 of Wands is a ‘city ‘ card – all the tall rods arranged vertically behind our ‘guard’ suggests tall buildings and skyscrapers.

Or: you’re crazy – stay away from me. 

23/24 Feb 21: The Empress & Seven of Wands & Page of Wands

Spring ‘21. Speak on it. Shout it out. Proclaim. What a fantastic lineup – I’m also much influenced today by the decks themselves. Today we can be confident in our creativity and creations. The pregnant Empress in the ‘past’ position, at #3 of the Major Arcana, is the very picture of fertility, forever blooming, blossoming and birthing. So what are you birthing?

The Page of Wands (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius) in the ‘future’ position is facing forward in the Olden Tyme deck I decided to use after attempting a Crowley/Thoth interpretation, which has the Empress and the Page facing each other over the ‘stand your ground’ 7 of Wands or Fire in the center, in which case the Page of Wands may be ‘selling himself’ or herself to the Empress, that is pitching an ‘idea’ to the Empress, or defending himself for some reason. The Page of Wands is very young if not a child who may have discovered a new talent as a means of self expression. You may be announcing a pregnancy – in the old decks, the human who defends his position and ‘stands his ground’ appears to be shouting from a rooftop. 

I’ve decided that, as a Virgo at least, Crowley’s universe is too chaotic for me. I see patterns and order. Even on the ‘peaceful’ cards the images seem barely contained within the white frame, and even on the Empress card although there are soothing colors of blue and green her energy is hard. I can actually say I dislike this card. Then again, in this position the Empress has been known to be a bit of a ‘diva’ at times – but the Emperor, not shown here, wouldn’t do without her. 

The Empress on the Olden Carde looks straight at us and, in her flowing gown and woodsy surroundings, gives me more of the sense of the natural beauty of the Empress, who also represents Mother who you may very well remind someone of. This is almost schoolboy has a crush on his teacher vibes.

The little Page, holding his staff firmly before him, which is taller than he is, prepares to make an announcement. On the Olden Carde he faces forward – his wooden staff starting to sprout new little green leaves. 

The suit of Wands represent Spring in the Tarot – an announcement regarding a birth in the Spring. Maybe Someone’s having a little rapper – this Page is a natural, all he or she does is talk.

Which suggests to me this is about us and our own creations that we may have been ‘pregnant’ with for a long time. 

But it also means a new way of presenting your ideas – which are worth presenting. Social media, marketing, and publicity are all associated with the motormouth Page of Wands. Tv, radio, video, emails, messaging.

This would be adapting to new ways of doing whatever it is you already do, and do naturally. I wanted to mention the Empress Dolly Parton in this spread. Diva? Hell yes, as she should be. But there are Divas and there are Divas, darling. This Earth Goddess has written so many classic songs it’s not even funny, yet still gives her all – and in newfangled ways. She’s been brilliant on social media, reading to kids, schooling herself on the virus and then donating a million dollars. Dolly Parton is peerless. (You done? -Ed

Whatever you’re working on, whether it be a baby or ‘your baby’ as in your own ‘creation’, the cards, at least, are very enthusiastic about it. We all wanna see/hear it.

This is something you’re not going to want to keep to yourself – or even be able to. 

21/22 Feb 21: High Priestess reversed & Nine of Swords reversed & Knight of Swords

Mercury Goes Direct. The Knight of Swords leads the pack today (Mercury in Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) and this feels like a rocket launch. When the Knight of Swords is in the upright, he’s a force to be reckoned with. The Knight of Swords is FEMA and emergency workers, responders and paramedics: relief. Mercury retrograde is not our friend when logistics involving a lot of moving parts to sync up are involved – as in power grids and vaccine distribution – and you can always count on glitchy, misunderstood, misdelivered or misplaced altogether communications of all kinds: bad connections, lost emails, the wrong address. 

I’m glad to see the High Priestess again today having dragged her into the last reading against her will.

She is #2 of the Major Arcana, with her Moon in emotional, oceanic Cancer the crab and is quite mysterious. She knows what we don’t – she’s the ‘secret keeper’ of the Tarot – in the upright. In the reverse, there are many unflattering things to say about her – but there’s an interesting ‘double message’ I’m getting from her today: if you feel/felt there was/is a female in your sphere capable of betrayal, this is her , and you were right.  In which case, you are/were the reversed High Priestess ignoring your own messages: when our own intuition and inherent, organic, natural abilities are not respected and acknowledged, we’ll always be in trouble. Use them or lose them, says the reversed Priestess. 

The 9 of Swords (Mars in Gemini/Libra/Aquarius) in the upright is the stuff of nightmares – literally. This is the  card of the insomniac, and it’s not pretty. It’s a painful card, and can literally mean physical pain keeping us awake but more often is probably what a lot of people are doing these days – laying awake worrying about the future. In the reverse, this is actually a card I’m happy to see. On the Morgan-Greer version of the 9 of Swords, the entire card is inflamed a strange tomato-red. A pair of clenched fists are bound with rope – our hands are tied, and our brain won’t ‘shut down’. 

This is about the end of speculation and the time for action. The Knight of Swords in the future position is either us or someone else. If this is a legal action/defense against you, the reversed 9 of Swords reversed says there’s nothing to worry about.  The reversed Priestess has been indiscreet if not downright gossipy and slanderous. 

The Knight of Swords is cutting the crap and moving forward. 

The Female Pope, as she is called, in the reverse can represent female reproductive problems and it’s probably time, with Mercury direct, to catch up (quickly) on checkups and all those wonderful routine exams we all look forward to and enjoy so very much in order to avoid something like emergency surgery. The Knight’s sword can easily be a surgeon’s scalpel, and on the Morgan-Greer card, there’s a smear of blood on it. That is, if we were doing a health reading for Entertainment or Study purposes, of course. 

There may be some ‘sharp’ words ‘delivered’ whether by you to someone else or from someone to you.

Here’s what we’re not doing: losing sleep over it. 

19/20 Feb 21: Knight of Wands & Six of Swords & Eight of Cups, all reversed.

Not Going Anywhere. Today we have 3 cards that usually are or want to be ‘on the move’. The wildfire energy of the Knight of Wands or Clubs, the ‘anywhere is better than here’ feeling of the 6 of Swords, and the reluctance, inability, or simple fear of moving on of the sad 8 of Cups . Whether or not we’re free to move about the world as we’d like, it’s probably best that we sit with ourselves and consider our next ‘moves’ carefully. 

Fun with Numbers

2+0+2+1 = 5 = my least favorite number. Restless and unsettled, the poor, lopsided #5 will never be a :

2+0+2+2= 6 = peace. Nice and even. Balanced. Karmic. 

The fast and furious Knight of Wands (Leo/Sagittarius/Aries) is to our left in the ‘past’ position today. I have a Sagittarius friend who loves the Number Five. Every Sagittarius I know is a seasoned traveller, able to throw a ‘go bag’ together in an hour – or less. The excitement, the discovery, the adventure, the unknown. The Knight of Wands in the reverse is a reckless, dangerous mood. In the past, of course, wasn’t that fun? Good times. 


The Knight of Wands in the reverse is not someone that can be counted on when sh** gets real. It’s an immature energy – unreliable and less than ‘forthcoming’. Or not coming at all, which would be unfortunate if this card were to represent a first responder, which it often can – particularly fire fighters. However, today as all these cards are about travel, and all are in the reverse, it’s pretty easy to see we’re going nowhere – either because we physically can’t, we shouldn’t, or at the very least we should slow down and make a plan before any ‘impulse moves’, which is pretty hard to do since the powers that be don’t seem to have one, either. 

I experimented a bit this morning with the cards which I usually shuffle, then divide into 3 stacks. I then choose a stack. There is always one that says ‘choose me!’ In one way or another, a card poking out of the deck like a kid in class raising their hand with the correct answer. Or, 2 stacks will tilt in the direction of the stack to be chosen as if saying ‘don’t look at us, that’s the one you want’. My mentor and much missed DeLoris of the Bottom of the Cup NoLa always picked up the ‘warmest’ stack. Whenever I was in New Orleans and she’d read for me, I’d hover my hand over the cards and sure enough, one of them would be ‘radiating’ more than the others. The cards have been very consistent in personal readings lately, – and I as I look down at the humans we see from the back trying to escape ‘choppy waters’, we’re all in the same boat. 

The reversed capsized boat gives me an ‘every man for himself’ vibe. 

I take 3 cards off the top of the stack and those are the cards of the day. However, today I first chose these cards and then decided to see what the top 3 cards were of the next 2 stacks. Should you need to ask again, said the Tarot, patiently, here you are. In the ‘outcome’ or ‘future positions were the Moon and the High Priestess, both cards of the Unknown, or has yet to be revealed. Both Major Arcana, I felt the message confirmed, to say the least.

We don’t know. 

The melancholy 8 of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) is a moody blue card where we see a lonely, red-caped figure with a walking stick abandon something they once very much believed in. He or she is off on foot headed out under the sliver of a yellow moon – out to seek his or her fulfillment. The suit of cups is wet, weepy, emotional, and fluid. Very much a card of mixed emotions and fear of the future. 

Teddy & the Cruzers

If the Knight of Wands represents our own past modus operandi, you may be now suffering the consequences of a past ‘impulse’ decision – which you may be finding it difficult, if not impossible to get ‘out of’. You may regret where you bought your home, or worse, you may be evicted from your home or forced to move. The 6 of Swords reversed could mean someone is actually ‘casing’ your house, circling and checking to see if you’re home. Flooded homes looted.

These are uncomfortable cards, but the message could very well be: get comfortable. There is no ‘new normal’ but there certainly is a new ‘paranormal’. 

Here’s to 2022. 

Teddy & the Cruzers

17/18 Feb 21: Wheel of Fortune & Six of Wands & Two of Cups reversed

Lucky You. Some people seem to have been born lucky. Then again, it is also said that we make our own luck. Today we have the Wheel of Fortune in the upright in the ‘past’ position, so it would seem someone may have been destined for the fame and fortune in the cards today. 

 I haven’t stopped laughing since the Super Bowl. Not because I watched the Super Bowl, I’m just always interested in and inspired by the humans who excel at what they do. Dancers, athletes, artists, musicians, any human that makes one wonder if, in fact, they are human at all. Tom Brady, the greatest quarterback who ever played American football made history with yet another Super Bowl win at the ripe old age of 43. If you didn’t catch Beck Bennett’s ‘Drunk Tom Brady’ impersonation on Saturday Night Live, go ahead and check it out on YOUTUBE because that’s what’s in these cards today.

In the center we have the Award-winning 6 of Wands or Clubs or Fire (Leo/Sagittarius/Aries). Riding on a ‘high horse,’ today this human is the center of not only our attention but everyone’s. A horse carries our hero, in the Nouveau deck, wearing as wreath of laurels on his head to match the beribboned Victory wreath being held high on a tall pole – as an adoring crowd cheers on the sidelines. This deck actually shows faces in the ‘crowd’ whose presence is usually merely suggested by the tops of other – shorter- poles. This is a card of being admired and admiring, and we are, in this picture, either one or the other. But I think we’re talking about 2 people in this story.

In the upcoming position is the 2 of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio). This is a card of friendship and love. Best friends. In the upright, this is a heart to heart connection – a deep attraction. Mutual love and respect. On the card, 2 lovestruck – or infatuated – humans have eyes only for each other. 

This could be an unexpected aspect of your success: feeling like you’ve ‘outgrown’ or of being alienated from __________________.

This is like getting the promotion and not being able to relate to, or even casually party with, the rest of the team because you’re now their coach. But the 6 of Wands is always a warning of arrogance, or, as the Generator says, you see the same people on the way up as you do on the way down. Or it may be the other way around. 

Haters gonna hate. 

Of course they are. Consider this: you have no idea what those seemingly ‘lucky’ and ‘always winning’ humans have been through in a past life. What if they lived through historic horrors and massacres and disease and suffering beyond our comprehension? What if Michael Phelps was a dolphin in a previous life? That sad John Lilly dolphin who committed suicide and who deserves all the gold medals and the best of everything in the world.

The best of the best, having won all the Earthly awards and medals and adoration and accolades humanly possible, would probably simply and humble say:

I’ve been lucky. 

15/16 Feb 21: Knight of Swords & The Tower & Six of Coins, all reversed.

Trouble. Is here, if not for us then for someone else. The reversed Knight of Swords in the ‘past position’ says this is our own doing: we either didn’t take action when we should have or our own impulsiveness has put us in trouble. 

In your reading, the situations and stories pertain to you or someone in your ‘energy field’. You know who they are. 

I shouldn’t say ‘trouble, but the Tower, today in the center and #16 of the Major Arcana, is in reverse, so we may squeak by – this time. The fiery, crumbling, lightning-struck shock and awe of the this card of sudden change and upheaval is never comfortable if not downright painful. In the upright, this is utter ruin – even bankruptcy. The Tower is a life changing event; a ‘turning point’. In the upright, this is change we may have avoided for as long as we possibly could – necessary change.

I’m appreciating the Tower of the Crowley/Thoth deck. Rather than the traditional image of the gold crown falling from the top of the poorly-constructed stone Tower built on a weak foundation,  a shattered, cubist scene of cracked buildings and sky painted in colors of flames against black are intense and fantastic. In the lower right corner a strange pair of lips with sharp, white, sharklike teeth is projectile-vomiting knifelike blades of fire. The Crowley card better illustrates the violent ‘re-arrangement’ or ‘picking up the pieces’ message of the Tower, the fragments of the broken scene on the card will re-form into a new, more stable structure. Mars rules this card, and Mars doesn’t play around. Explosions, fires, Mars lights the match. 

For Entertainment & Learning Purposes this could  be a serious health warning. If you’re one of those people who avoided doctors or dentists for the last year, this is probably for you…not taking action or dismissing a sharp pain here or there may lead to something more serious and costly in the long run. Anger is said to manifest in the body as cancer -think about that the next time you let somebody piss you off. Holding it in is no good, either.

The Knight of Swords or Air (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) is fast and furious energy. In the reverse, this ambitious Knight, male or female, is out of control, even angry. This Knight of Swords, like his associate the Knight of Wands, both carry weapons. Any Swords card to me in the reverse is illegal, and in this case we can be referring to illegal weapons. Someone may be being ‘paid off’. The Knight of Swords in the reverse is a ‘bad cop’ card – that reversed Tower could easily represent the bigger disaster that could have been the US Capitol riot on Jan 6. 

This Knight of Swords in the reverse is ruthlessly ambitious to the exclusion of any and everything else – including your health. 

The 6 of Coins (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn)  is a card of giving and receiving. The suit itself is about our money and physical body. In the reverse, we’re not giving enough – or we’re ‘giving’ too much. 

This could very well be about someone else in your sphere who finds themselves in this teetering- Tower situation All. The. Time. 

This person bangs around like an 8 ball on the table from crisis to crisis, and these cards are warning you to not ‘bail them out’ – again. This Knight is an adult in the Tarot; not a childish Page. If the ‘tower’ comes down it comes down – but you simply can’t afford to contribute, and even if you could, it wouldn’t be enough to prevent what the Knight of Swords has brought upon himself or herself by their own reckless actions – or lack of appropriate and timely action, which could of course refer to all matters legal. This could be bail money you have to pay back. This could be an old building unable to be ‘saved’ – but it may not be too late.


12/13 Feb 21: King of Coins & Six of Cups & Nine of Coins, all reversed

Happy Lunar New Year of the Ox. I never really feel like it’s a New Year until now. If you know your Chinese horoscope or Zodiac sign, this is the day to check your upcoming year. Last year was the nerve-racking Year of the Rat(s) and we all know how that felt. Welcome, Ox. 

I’m using a new deck for the first read of the Lunar year, appropriately the Golden Art Nouveau Tarot. It was a good deal, and feels and shuffles beautifully, like silk. I like the overall golden tones – it’s not necessarily my favorite period in art except for Parisian architecture, but it’s a pretty deck, and the characters’ faces are interesting. 

The weight of the Ox is already upon us in this spread. I can’t not see a divorce here, certainly a financial dispute. Unfortunately, children are involved, or if they’re not, the adults involved are acting like spoiled little brats. 

In the center we have the 6 of Cups reversed (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio), the card of childhood, nostalgia, and innocence. This is a card that could mean abuse and neglect and/or the subject of a custody dispute. Not a pretty picture today at all no matter how pretty the deck, unfortunately. We can’t put lipstick on this pig of a reading. Or ox. 

There is no one in these cards I would trust with my money. The King of Coins(Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn) reversed is capable of some pretty shady dealings. This is the guy who would – sorry – impregnate a well off woman for the alimony or support or whatever. He’d pimp you AND his own kids. This reversed King of Coins in the past position isn’t a good vibe.  He’s a hustler and talks sh**. This would be a picture of the single women so desperate for children she’ll marry whoever comes along. Perhaps that’s what’s happened here. Kids, real estate, all the wonderful trappings of a celebrity divorce. The rich lady on the 9 of Coins (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn) in the upcoming position, the svelte, well dressed Lady of the Manor may have some financial problems coming up.

This could be an ex who was abusing the kids – there are 2 children on the 6 of Cups. You may be unhappily single (and broke) again after divorcing this a-hole. 

If these are 2 people, they’re not interested in kids. There is no innocence in this card in reverse: this is a mutual obsession with status and money – and they don’t care how they make it. This would be cheating on your taxes or any other ‘scam’. ‘Ill gotta gain’ is not worth it in these cards: you two may deserve each other. Gross.

This could also be about business, as we have all these coins all over the place. You may still be partying like it’s 1999 (noticing the reversed #6) on 2020 money.  This could be a former or current business associate who may be making deals behind your back – and/or spending your money, and your own naivety will cost you. 

Well that was a hell of a Happy New Year. 

Nice deck?