17 June 19: Ace of Swords reversed & Five of Rods reversed & King of Cups

 Maturity:  In psychology, maturity is the ability to respond to the environment aware of the correct time and location to behave and knowing when to act, according to the circumstances and the culture of the society one lives in.


How boring. (How immature!-Ed.) This is not that.

In the past is the mighty Ace of Swords (Gemini/Libra/Aquarius/Capricorn/Saturn) in the reverse, aka the notorious Ace of Spades of the suit of Air. Upright, this is supreme clarity, a sharp, clear mind focused and forward-thinking. The suit of Swords is not an easy one – there are many challenges and obstacles to overcome everywhere and always. In the past, thinking was not clear but clouded as we can see by the clouds rolling in over the inverted Sword on the card (Morgan-Greer). In the reverse, the logical mind is confused, dull, distracted.  The mind has more potential than a rocket engine when properly fueled, but in the reverse, that Sword looks like it’s crashing back to earth, smokey trail and all, and it’s hardly off the ground.

What a waste.

The card of conflict and competition, the 5 of Clubs (Sagittarius/Leo/Aries/Jupiter/Sun) is in the reverse today. Competition, ambition, ‘struggle to the top’ sort of stuff. 5 humans are seen on the card engaged in some sort of ‘mock-battle’, all swinging their clubs around. I always call this the ‘mine’s bigger than yours‘ card, which is sort of the dynamic here, everybody’s trying to prove themselves or get their own ideas across. ‘make their mark’.  In the reverse and falling in line after that unused or misused Sword in the past position, it looks like someone has trouble acknowledging and/or expressing themselves dare I say it, in a mature, balanced, healthy, way.

Someone’s emotions, it seems, got the best of them.

I was thinking over the weekend I sure I hope there are some nice Cups in the cards next week, and today we are verily graced with the King of the Suit himself (or herself) in the future position.

The most welcome and beloved King of Cups (Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces/Moon) is compassionate and wise. He be shaken but not stirred as he relaxes by the sea with his beverage, but we would never know. Blue-green waves that match the beautiful blue-green of his faraway eyes (Morgan-Greer) are starting to churn up a bit behind him, but he or she is calm, collected and in control.

Or at least appears to be.

Cups and water represent our emotions in the Tarot, and Kings, no matter how old they are, are mature – this King is emotionally mature. We are not a cheese. We are not a grape. We are human beings.

This King does not speak but calmly looks ahead, stepping away from the sparring, debating, quarrelsome 5 of Clubs and the disastrous false start of the Ace of Swords.

This is someone you are lucky to know who is of great comfort at a time when you may be feeling insecure or not ‘up to’ the competition. More likely, though, this is a call to take control of your own emotional expression. This King’s face is rather expressionless, but still – or not so still -waters run deep, as they say. He is not detached from his emotions, rather guided by them – he or she is a poet, an artist, a musician, and enhances the lives of his or her people emotionally – and they love you.


We are emotional beings, I think, although some people make me wonder. This is about that – when to express, how to express, what to express, and to whom.





14 June 19: Queen of Swords reversed & Nine of Rods & The Moon

“You have to be like thaaaaaat!” said the old Chinese restaurant owner as she tenderly patted my head after I hung up the phone (I still say ‘hung up the phone’ hehehe).

“Or they walk all over yoooouuuuuu!” 

I was in a hotel restaurant in Seattle the second night off in a row which wasn’t supposed to be happening, as every night off on the road is nothing coming in and expenses going out, i.e. tour manager, his hotel room, my hotel room, expensive food, vehicle rental, insurance, etc., which was why I was in the restaurant again (in the back, as I hate cellphones in restaurants), pissed off as hell, arguing with my manager who’d started to lose me money which I don’t like doing.  It was hard to be nice. As discreet as I was trying to be, my voice got a little loud more than once. Her comment was a response to my apology. Although the call had pretty much ruined my expensive lunch, the food had been excellent.

The Queen of Swords is the Widow Card in olden-speake (Libra/Air/Gemini/Aquarius/Scorpio) and in the reverse, can be most unpleasant indeed. The wrong end of that Sword is coming down, and you don’t want to be on the end of it. Skewered. Upright, she’s witty, sharp, and Queen, after all. This could be a divorced or widowed mother, grandmother, weird Aunt. whoever. I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt today, because this card is in the past – but truth be told – and the suit of Swords is all about truth – she always does deserve the benefit of the doubt. It takes a lot for this Queen to lose her cool. Queens have Queen problems, you know? Not like you and me. How can you not behead someone every damn day? Can you imagine? 

In the present is the ‘one more mile’ card as I sometimes call it, because it looks like that’s all this bloodied, beaten character on the card has left in him. The Nine of Rods or Clubs or Fire (Leo/Sagittarius/Aquarius/Jupiter/Sun/Moon/Aries/Etc.) is number 9 of the Minor Arcana and 1 last straw away from the back-breaking 10. We’re defensive and protective of what we’ve achieved, it’s been hard won. Hell, it nearly killed this poor human. He stands, club in hand, eyes nervously and anxiously darting back and forth, guarding his 8 clubs, armed with a 9th.  Suspicious? For good reason.

The full moon in Sagittarius in the future position is great news for you creative-types.  Water & fire all over the place. That’s when the moon is at her best, when she’s full and glowing and inspiring. How in love are we with the moon? Songs, poems, art – this is a great one for all that.  Enjoy – I know I will.

But someone’s ‘in the dark’ about something, and on the Moon card in the future position, there are ‘wolves at the door’ or coyotes, or dogs – whatever they are, they’re not the friendly kind.

As far as contracts or legal documents, wait until after the full moon. Or at least read it under something stronger than moonlight. But read it: someone may have missed something. This reversed Queen in the past position could have been bad legal or accounting advice.

Take stock. Regain your health, conserve your energy. You will need it. Don’t be anxious, don’t be paranoid. Just use your (clear) head.

Protect yourself and yours, that’s all.

Sometimes you have to be like that. 







13 June 2019: King of Swords & The Moon & The Devil, all reversed.

Lose your delusions. Wasn’t that an album title? No, wait  – that was “Use Your Illusion” by Guns ‘N Roses, I think it was, yes. It’s a fine line. Can’t say I’ve ever heard it, but great title.

Let’s eliminate the possibility that we’re dealing with some sort of night-stalking psychopath – although that’s certainly a reality in my life, I hope it isn’t in yours. Worry not: I have a signal. My neighbor, who never really goes to bed, has many guns and a good, straight, clean shot.

This is rough stuff. We’re falling apart. The Moon reversed (Cancer/Pisces/Water) is not reflecting a flattering light on you or someone else. The soft-focus selfie-filter that is the Moon is all about distorted images. We all look beautiful in the moonlight.

Someone is, how they say. ‘toxic’ in the extreme. I mean there is some seriously dangerous energy here: this is back alley drug dealing and dark secrets, deception and all around bad vibes. If you don’t know to stay away from that sort of thing, knock yourself out but we can’t be friends.

The King of Swords (Air/Libra/Gemini/Taurus) is moody, sarcastic, and cruel. I want to say this is like a great lawyer who knows he’s defending a guilty serial killer but it’s good for his career. Like I said, we can’t be friends. This King is cruel and critical, using his Sword aka his superior logical mind not to protect or serve but to cut people down. This is a very gifted human- abusing his or her position of authority somehow in your life – even an abusive husband – or you abusing yours in other people’s lives.


When I look at the reversed Moon in the center position beside the reversed Devil (Capricorn/Saturn) in the future position, there is a picture: the full Moon in the reverse would be setting and the giant red-orange Sun behind the black, fuzzy goat-face of the Devil,  rising. There is, yet, hope here (Morgan-Greer).

The Devil, of course, can’t be trusted, what with that silver tongue and all. In the future position and in the reverse, this is overcoming fear and resisting temptation in the form of all the potential self-sabotaging scenarios and substances mentioned above or an actual person.

This is needing to deal with the issues that are at the root of it all, once and for all, and you need help with it all.

It’s possible your ‘selfie-filter’ does just the opposite: you’re beautiful but your mirror doesn’t reflect that. Who told you otherwise? That rat bastard King of Swords?

Filters off.

The lights suddenly, and rather harshly, switch on and the bar is closed or the movie is over.

Cold air, bits of trash and masking tape on the floor.


Devil-monsters gone.











12 June 19: King of Rods & Queen of Rods & The Hermit, all reversed.

Who’s the Boss. We have a Royal Couple today who seem to be having problems. Especially the poor Queen. She can’t handle this at all.

This couple have so much in common, the King of Fire (Aries/Sagittarius/Leo) ruled by the Red Planet (of War) Mars, and his Queen is also an Aries (Leo/Sagittarius, the suit of Fire), the difference being the emotional, watery Pisces in the Queen’s astrological DNA.

What’s really bothering you?  

What we may have here is a failure to communicate. He’s yelling, she’s crying, holy mackerel.

Upright, like the King, The Queen assumes a role of leadership whether it be Mom (yes, we could be talking about parents with the Royal Couple of the same suit) or whoever is usually at the center of attention, which she always seems to be. Today, in the reverse, she clearly doesn’t want to be or shouldn’t be. In the reverse, she comes off as jealous, aggressive, a true Diva. I’ll show you who’s Queen!

But she is a woman (or man) of many insecurities, of course.  That Pisces energy is emotional and watery and teary-eyed, but only the King has seen her cry. Hell, only the King can make her cry. Everybody else just wonders WTF is wrong.

The reversed King of Rods, Wands, Staves, etc. is in the past position today but as these two are in the same room, in a manner of speaking, and neither one of them seem to be functioning at their Royal best, we’ll pretend we’re watching a Royal couple bicker, because of course we’d never, ever actually see a Royal couple bicker.

It is obvious they are not bringing out the best in each other, but it seems a matter of communication.

The King of Wands, when upright, is a true visionary – one can’t help but be inspired by his almost superhuman drive. In the reverse, he’s a little bit of – let’s say – an overbearing, patronizing, loud, condescending a-hole.

These 2 are too much alike, is what I’m thinking.

These 2 are both pretty big personalities, and that’s a hard thing to manage. Whether this looks like your parents (yikes) or you or a King and Queen about to be exiled to a cave, this is downright combustable if not managed properly. Both parties may be ‘burned out’ on the whole King & Queen thing, and someone needs to go off in the form of the reversed Hermit and go deeper – or not: the Hermit, today in the future position and in the reverse can suggest isolation and a feeling of disconnect from people and the world.

This may be exactly what these 2 have in common – but let’s pretend we’re not a King or  a Queen for a moment.

These are 2 people I’d like to drop on an island without the wands or staffs or Ninja-defense weapons they always have to carry around and let them scream and yell and then the Pisces will kick in and she’ll cry and then they’ll evict some poor Hermit from his cave and crawl in it and probably be damn happy without all those Pages and Knights hanging around.

A couple needs some time alone –  but not too much, it seems.



To your corners.


11 June 19: King of Swords & 6 of Cups & Knight of Coins, all reversed

What if everything you were taught is wrong.

These cards are killing me lately. We just flipped into Gemini, which is probably what’s going on – the suit of Air, and there’s a change in the ‘wind’, that’s for sure. There are eclipses and full moons and Summer Solstice and all kinds of celestial action in June, and it might get a little (or a lot) weird around the edges.

In the past, and I don’t know if I should be dealing with the recent or distant past, but if we’re dealing with the distant past, just print out these cards, give them to your Bad Dad (if you can find him) or his secretary for Father’s Day.

Let’s say for the purposes of lightening things up, as it’s only Tuesday, the King Of Swords is Mr. Burns on the Simpsons. (Gemini/Taurus/Libra) We all know Mr. Burns. He’s manipulative, calculating, and likes to f*** with and exploit weaker people. But he’s all-powerful; this is the corrupt lawyer, government official, not just a doctor but the Chief Surgeon, a top military official. In the reversed they are corrupt as hell.  But whoever they are, or were,  they are at the very top of their field, respected and even feared – all the other Kings come to the King of Swords precisely for his advice  – he never rules with his heart, but with the cold, steely logic of the mind. Whoever he (or she) is, they’re all business all the time, and whatever it is they do, they are definitely the best at it and you’d better kiss the ring. His little servant-man just lights up when Mr. Burns is pleased -usually with himself. Mr. Burns thought is probably nicer than today’s – rather yesterday’s – reversed King. Don’t piss him off.

Drop and give me 100 pushups and next time do it right.

This approach to life or way of being is in the past, so let’s unlearn this. Even if, and epecially if, as in referring to us, we, the querant, reader, viewer, moi, me myself,  I.

The 6 of Cups is the ‘childhood’ card (Scorpio/Cancer/Venus/Pluto/Mars/Moon) and, upright, talks about sweet, nostalgia childhood memories. In the present and in the reverse, unless you are 10 years old and upset at your little sister for taking your toys (there are traditionally 2 children on this card, a little boy handing a cup with a flower to a  little girl) or you were told playtime has been delayed until tomorrow and you’re throwing your little toy IPHONE across the room, we gotta turn this around somehow. It is not easy, and we can’t do it alone. This is strong stuff, and we may need help. We don’t trust ourselves, or anybody else, and probably for good reason.

This is living life as if you still need Mommy and/or Daddy’s approval, which is dangerous, because it leaves you open to all the reversed King of Swords and Devils and reversed Queens and 7 of Cups and 3 of Swords and just about any other card I like to not see in the form of people who will take advantage of this weakness.

But in the future position is the ordinarily slow, strong and steady Knight of Coins, today – and hopefully not tomorrow – in the reverse which is not a good look for him (or her) at all (Taurus/Virgo/Venus/Earth). The Coins, or Pentacles, Discs or CD’s are physical things. This Knight likes to have a map and a budget before he sets off on his strong, solid horse which I like to think is a Clydesdale, but that would be impractical because you can’t get on it in full armor from the ground, and this Knight is the practical and grounded one of the bunch.

Why is this Knight – who is a Knight, after all, and should remember that – not doing his Knightly duty? Bringing it he or she is not (Yoda voice) but why not?

How do we get this Knight to move? This Knight is in charge of a large gold coin on his lap – or, as on the Scapini deck, a gold shield bearing the Mark of the Tortoise, as in, slow and steady gets there. This Knight either doesn’t move or moves too fast, is either too careful or not careful enough. Too trusting or not trusting enough.

Maybe he or she worked for the King of Swords in the past and he or she has PTSD – which applies to more than just the military.

This is June 11, Two-Thousand-Nine-f’n-Teen, and we love you.

You’ve got this, just be patient, grounded and forget everything you know. 


Don’t drink and drive, you’ll fall off the horse.

Or the pig.

(Your fault, idiot.-Ed)










10 June 2018: Ace of Coins & the High Priestess, reversed & The Tower

Use it or lose it. Your damn instincts, I mean. Everybody’s psychic. Where do I even start with this cluster of f*****y? I feel like I’m getting yelled at.

Someone isn’t using their intuition – not going with their gut, and it’s all going to blow up in their face.

Or, sadly, someone has blown an opportunity because of emotional instability that simply needs to be dealt with.

Oh, this could be so many things, but let’s pick a lane.

In the past is the Ace of Coins or Pentacles, the suit of wealth and material fabulousness. Bling, bling, bling. The proverbial Golden Opportunity – the Skyhand offers the shiny prize in the form of a big gold coin from out of the blue – an Ace, no less, to do with as we please. This is also sheer, raw talent – which alchemically turns to gold, as in, cash money. Either you or someone else in the past was given a talent or gift (Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn/Libra) that, properly handled, nurtured, fed and watered was and is enough to sustain you and yours for a lifetime. The suit of Coins, or Earth, however, is slow. Steady. Solid.

An Ace always means a new beginning and in the past position is counterintuitive to me, but then again my mojo is way off (also a meaning of this reversed card), which leads us to the present position. The ordinarily secretive, psychic High Priestess (Virgo/Cancer) is #2 and second place in the Major Arcana only to the Magician – that’s how good this bitch is, but not today.

In the future is the dreaded but welcome Tower, #17 of the Major Arcana (Aries/Mars), reminding us that whatever is not built on a firm foundation will not stand.

This is shock and awe. 

Somebody may give up some secrets for $. Don’t even want to go there on any level.

‘This could be ‘falling off the wagon’ (or falling off a pig and cracking a rib, but that’s my business).

Someone may need to get on, or back on, their medication.

I get ‘coulda shoulda woulda’ vibes out of this, but more than that, someone may have some real issues preventing them from ‘grabbing the brass ring’ in a manner of speaking. Deep issues unknown even to the subject of the reading, which is the point.


Someone’s illusionary image of feminine  ‘perfection’ could have been ‘shattered’: she  may look like a nun but let us not forget this High Priestess regularly commutes between this world the Underworld — yet, her lips remained sealed. It is rumored that DaVinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’ was inspired by this Priestess, and she ain’t talking either.

Even for $.

There’s shit going on behind the scenes that you don’t know. There are people who are only in it – and/or you – for the money.

This is an emergency requiring stillness and definitely not the time to ignore your instincts.

The results will be disastrous. 

Or: so sorry about your mother. 

Didn’t they tell you?





7 June 19: The Fool & Eight of Wands & Temperance

This time around we’ll handle it a little differently. We’ve learned a few things along the way, mainly about ourselves. 2 out of 3 Major Arcana today is pretty strong stuff.

I was going to call this ‘from Zero to 60’ but it actually looks more like ‘Zero-to 80’. The ‘I’ll try anything, let’s go!’ Fool, starting off the whole trippy trip with nothing to gain and nothing to lose and numbered Zero in the deck, is off to see the wizard (Uranus/Pluto) but along the way, well, there were so many irresistible distractions. Places to go, people to meet.  The Fool in the past position seems a pretty natural place to be, eventually. Zero is just, that. We all start from somewhere, and Zero is it. The Fool is a free spirit, and weren’t we all.

The Fool, though, as much I love him or her (or yourself), traipsing through the mountains with his little rucksack and white rose, white being feminine and receptive, this Fool is open to anything and everything. In the past he or she is upright, so the ‘wild oats’ were well sown. But that’s done. The Fool exits, facing left. Goodbye, Fool of the past. I will miss you.

The Eight of Wands (Sagittarius/Aries/Capricorn) is 80mph – this is fast action, a quick decision, a burst of energy, a rush. Why, it’s almost enough to make you feel like the Fool again! Which is great. This could be a message or invitation or job offer, possibly at a distance. This is like when my booking agent called and said “Do you want to do China? I have to know right now!” (great trip, byw).

But, in the future position we have Temperance, #14 of the Major Arcana and the Lord of Time, I think this card is sometimes called (Taurus/Sag/Scorpio). #14 = 1 + 4 = 5, a restless, uneven number of changeability and conflict. The giant angel patiently pouring liquid back and forth between to cups is the alchemist of the deck, exercising patience and control for as long as it takes to get things right. A relative of the controlling, regulating Emperor, this is a very auspicious  placement for this very auspicious card, as at this point, and from now on, we don’t need no stinking rules from no Emperor. Temperance tells us we are quite cable of regulating ourselves, we’ve been around, we’ve learned a few things and we know what’s right or good for us and what isn’t. Everything is going well, things are starting to happen possibly after a long period of things not happening, or – dare I say it – we’ve wasted a lot of time in the past – foolishly. Temperance is also a healing card, and in the future, suggests you’ll be taking better care of yourself – this is a recovery card, and of course, Temperance relates to all substance abuse, drugs and alcohol.  Temperance  says slow your roll, consider all options, don’t jump at all offers,  take your time and be patient.

From now on.