21/22 June 21: Five of Wands & The Sun reversed & Knight of Swords reversed.

The Dark Cloud. Don’t let them, or it, ruin your day. Although the Sun, aka ‘the happiest card in the deck’  is in the reverse, we all know the Sun never ‘goes out’. Ot at least it hasn’t yet, because if it did, allthese other cards wouldn’t matter anyway. The first thing I thought of when I saw this spread was ‘sunstroke’, and it is hotter than hell out here in the Wild West, but for those in the dead of winter the Sun reversed can mean seasonal depression. To my flooded friends in the Southern states, the sun is definitely in reverse. This is all erratic, unpredictable, and impulsive energy and we should take care. 

Lashing out’

In the upcoming position is someone who does, the Knight of Swords. In the reverse, no less (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius). This is not cool. Hopefully these cards will prevent you from doing that to someone or help you to protect your energy from someone who does. The reversed Knight is misusing his or her Sword, the suit of Air being mental and verbal. Mercury, the quick little ‘messenger’ planet is still crossing wires, ‘dropping’ calls and texts and everything else and we don’t want to do any of those things in anger, which is what this reversed Knight is. Very. This card can also literally talk about weapons, especially illegal knives or guns. The Knight of Swords Is a scary, obsessive, stalker energy. This person is pretty dedicated to causing some kind of damage or to disrupting your life in some way.  You go out to your car and your ex has slashed all your tires in the middle of the night, that kind of thing.  The Knight of Swords on the Morgan-Greer card is smiling as he shoulders a bloody sword as a tower burns in the distance. ‘Damn the collateral damage’ or, possibly more appropriately, ‘what collateral damage?’ so dangerously, obsessed is the Knight of Swords, male or female.  But that’s their problem. This is a Person to Avoid and certainly to Avoid Being. I don’t want to know you. 

In the past position is the 5 of Wands (Sagittarius/Leo/Aries). This is a non-violent conflict that you may have forgotten but someone else may not have.  The reversed Knight of Swords, stopped in his or her tracks, could mean you’ve actually protected yourself against, well, anyone who would ‘mean to do you harm’ as Bill Hickok said, who never should have sat down to that poker game with his killer. See what happens when you ignore your intuition?

We’re All On The Same Team, Right? 

In the past is the 5 of wands, and as we can see by the 5 healthy young people waving their ‘talking sticks’ at each other,This is also a ‘mental’ card, and one of the keywords is conflict. Everyday conflict is what this card is about, even recreational. This is a card about teammates and rivals. We agree to disagree, basically, because if we didn’t we’d kill each other. But it’s also a card of anxiety, and along with the reversed Sun and the out of his or her mind Knight of Swords it’s hard to know what to do about it. This could be a picture of a disgruntled employee shooting up his former job, and although I haven’t turned on the news yet, the chances are that there will have been one or there will be one. A Major Arcana event to someone somewhere is a Minor Arcana news item. No cards necessary.  

Timing Is Everything.

There may be some legal action we need or want to take but we’re in danger of rushing things. The Knight of Swords is usually the fastest horse in the race, but this is ‘not the day’ to provoke with Mercury retrograde. As long as things may have taken to negotiate or ‘hash out’, wait to sign off on it until we go direct. 

The Ego Has Landed.

Were these cards upright, this would be taking action on a decision that has been made after much debate or internal conflict about successfully ‘going off’ on your own in a new direction regarding career and business, and it would be a very happy change. The Knight of Swords on a good day can ‘leave ‘em in the dust’ but even in the upright needs to be careful of that horse ‘trampling’ over others on his or her way to greatness. You may be excited about this plan or ambition or but are either overthinking it or not thinking it through at all, especially in terms of human and environmental ‘impact’. The Sword, we can’t forget, is double-edged. 

Be patient. 


‘Be like the midday sun and shine’ – ICHING ( Chinese proverb)

19/20 June 21: The Emperor & Four of Coins & The Pope

Happy Father’s Day. This is one seriously patriarchal spread. I checked and yes, Father’s Day is tomorrow in the U.S.A., and today we have not one but 2 ‘fathers’ in the cards in the form of the ‘father’ of the Tarot himself, the Emperor, today in the ‘past’ position and the Heirophant or Pope in the upcoming position. Both of these cards expect you to abide by their rules, standards and codes of behavior. 


The Emperor is government, the Pope is organized religion, and usually they’re both after your money which is why we see the character on the 4 of Coins (Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn), today in the center, holding his own 4 coins close and tight. In the Morgan-Greer deck, he or she is surrounded and ‘protected’ by what looks to be a high cinderblock wall. On the Modern Witch card, we see a bespectacled young human holding on to the usual 4 pizza-sized gold pentacles wearing a puffy orange parka although the sky is perfectly clear. There isn’t a cloud in sight, yet she (or he) is always ready for a rainy day. 

A Chip off the Old Block

The Emperor,  #IV of the Major Arcana and the frugal 4 of Coins are related. On the Modern Witch cards, the Emperor and the 4 of Coins both have the same New York City type skyline in the distance. Although there are clouds over the city on the Emperor card, the orange sky directly above her head is open and clear. In her right hand in place of a scepter is a gold Ankh, the ancient Egyptian symbol of life. 

The Emperor in the Modern Witch deck is no white haired old man, though. We can even see the family resemblance in this spread: both Big IV and Little 4 have black hair and matching serious expressions. The Modern Emperor is also sitting on a throne of stone although the color is a light blue so it’s probably cut out of something imported. Her impeccably tailored pumpkin-ish colored power suit matches her offspring’s parka. I appreciate the severity of her throne which also matches the smaller stone cube serving as a (uncomfortable looking) seat on the 4 of Coins. The throne, with a high, square back and hard, square armrests, suggests no one is ‘cutting corners’ in these cards. Which is probably what your father taught you. 

What would your father say? 

In the upcoming position is more authority – and conformity – in the form of the Pope, #V of the Major Arcana and more ‘codes of conduct’. The 4 of Coins is a tangible, physical card, and we’re just not sharing. This would be like ‘holding out’ until marriage to ‘share’ your body, so old-fashioned is the Emperor, not to mention controlling and strict. The Pope is one of the ‘marriage’ cards in the traditional sense, but on the Modern Witch card, a female Pope is ‘blessing’ a union between 2 people we only see from the back as we usually do, but one has a short, asymmetrical red haircut and the other is wearing a dark hijab and blue dress. I love the savvy, all inclusiveness of this deck. I doubt the old bearded Emperor would have approved – but spiritually speaking, all he really wants is for you to be happy, and in Spirit, of course, none of these earthly concerns matter. 


There is a good, solid foundation here but the Earth energy (Capricorn/Taurus) is heavy. Money can certainly be said to be ‘the religion’ of a lot of people. You were probably taught conservative fiscal values when your were young, or just the opposite. Your father or father figure may have been so strict and ‘cheap’ that you’ve had to work hard for every penny yourself, or you may have inherited money or property from an older family member, a father or grandfather. 

You may seek advice from a ‘fatherly’ energy if your own father has passed. The Pope, right hand pointing at the sky, says ‘talk to him yourself’.  You’d be surprised at the (unseen) hand he has in your life even now. 

Let Go (with love).

Insecurity, financial worries, there’s no reason for any of it in these cards.  You’re better off than you think you are, but ‘tripping over dollars for pennies’ is always possible when the ‘miserly’ 4 of Pentacles presents itself. When we clutch at something, whether money or people, we shrink it rather than ‘expand’ it.  This is ‘holding out’ for something or someone, but everybody in this spread is sitting on stone, and it doesn’t look like anybody’s getting up anytime soon. 

We are protected, which is good to know. But ‘protector’ can also be a nice word for ‘oppressor’. In this spread, self-protection is self-oppression, if that makes sense. 

17/18 June 21: Ten of Wands reversed & Seven of Cups & Four of Swords reversed

La La Land. If Mercury wasn’t in retrograde and we weren’t at risk of making commitments we may not be able to keep or start things we may not be able to finish or even have to do all over again I’d read this as somebody who spends all day in bed with a bong, so if the shoe fits, wear it. We’ve all Minor Arcana today, nothing earth shaking, but a possible warning nonetheless.

The 7 of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) the ‘fantasy’ card, and it is ’fantastic’. We usually see a human ‘overcome’ by the strange sight of the 7 cups, each containing some symbolic or surreal object, coming at him or her in a thick cloud of fog. We let our imagination run wild on the psychedelic 7 of Cups – this card is a ‘dream’ for anyone in the arts. Musicians, actors, artists, filmmakers all love the 7 of Cups. At some point, we’ll make a decision – or a choice.  This is the infamous ‘all that glitters is not gold’ card. Cups represent hearts in the Tarot, and hearts represent people. Things and people are not what they seem on the 7 of Cups,  and when we consider that the next card up in the sequence of Cups is the disappointed 8, we had best step back. The 7 of Cups has us overwhelmed with ideas, offers, and options. Some seem great on the surface, some may better ‘pay off’ in the long term. But which one will make us happy? 

The 10 of Wands, today in the ‘past position’ (Sagittarius/Aries/Leo) is a card of burden and responsibility. There is a lot we ‘take on’, much like the familiar Olde character on the card, who as we can see is barely managing to haul an oversized load of wood uphill.  This is too much fire from the suit of fire, and smells like burnout. 

This is a ‘work’ card, and obviously something, or even someone, is too much work – today.

In the upcoming position is another potentially ‘lazy’ card, the 4 of Swords (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius). This is the mental suit, and on the 4 of Swords, the 4 being the nice, square, even number that it is, stabilizes us mentally with rest, retreat, and (temporary) retirement., all good ‘re-trograde’ words. 

The difference between ‘re-storing’, ‘re-building’, ‘re-newing’  or ‘re-inventing’ and there are too may other words that start with ‘re’ to list – but all relevant (there’s another one) in some way to this spread.

While the 7 of Cups is a card of fantasy, it also represents Spiritual re-velations-(another ‘re’ ), the 7 being a number of completeness and perfection. You may understandably feel guilty saying so, but  the lockdown has been a very productive piece of time. ‘Re-turning’ to the way things were is not in these cards., however, but future holds amazing potential if we know what we really want. 

Your dreams may be keeping you awake at night, in which case pay close attention, but


Note: I actually wrote this up yesterday morning and before I had a chance to record it my neighbor picked me up for the mail run early so as to not be out in the heat of the afternoon. When I came back, I sat down and recorded it, and when I went to post it I realized it wasn’t a posting day. So that would be the human on the 7 of Cups wondering what day it is, and the reversed cards ‘not today’ as the worker hauling the load drops it, and the reversed 4 of Swords, of course, is still in bed. 

13/14 June 21: Page of Cups & Five of Wands reversed & Six of Coins reversed

Escapist Tendencies. I see you, kid, even though you may not be old enough to read this yet. The sweet, sensitive Page of Cups may be the subject of this mess, and since it appears no one else in these cards is paying attention to him or her as caught up as they are in their own busy busy busy lives I’ll focus on this sensitive little Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio.

In the upcoming position is the card of ‘giving’, the 6 of Coins or Pentacles or Earth or Money (Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn), a physical, tangible card. We usually see a well dressed human dispensing a few coins to a couple who are down on their luck, literally, kneeling with their arms and hands outstretched for a ‘handout’. In his left hand he is holding a pair of scales ‘made even’ by the Karmic #6. I love this card in the Modern Witch Deck, a Black woman in mirrored shades and a beautiful orange dress with a hi-lo hem is handing 2 girls colorfully wrapped gifts with no intention of getting them back.The giving is the gift, and this version nails it. This card is, of course, about money but also about giving of our time and presence.

In the reverse, the 6 of Coins, alongside the combative 5 of Wands, also in the reverse (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius), may be money being withheld because of some sort of legal ‘wrangle’ over a child.


This reminds me of a married couple I knew who had a lot of kids, and their lives were a mess. They were always getting evicted or getting their utilities shut off. Both of them had affairs, drank, screamed and yelled, the whole menu. One of the kids had started to have a lot of problems and I remember giving him a boom box and a guitar. After that, when his parents would start going at it, he’d just stick his head up to the speaker and turn it up. 

Always worked for me.

The Page of Cups in the past, if not a child, is the ‘inner child’ we know so well. However, this situation would rather ‘deal with your outer adult’ as the bumper sticker says. 

There may be serious money matters that require your attention, says the fish ‘coming up for air’ from the Page’s cup on the Page of Cups. The 6 of Coins in the reverse can mean someone is mishandling or straight up spending or stealing your money and the 5 of Wands in the reverse can mean more than one person is involved. The reversed 5 of Wands, says the Cliche Generator, is ‘too many cooks spoiling the broth’. 



I once had a dream someone was letting their kids use a company credit card. Everyone is ‘psychic’ or ‘intuitive’, and we are often ‘conflicted’ (5 of Wands reversed) as to how much to ‘share’ with the ‘Default World’. (6 of Coins). 

(Well, that was entertaining!- Ed)

11/12 June 21: Ace of Coins & Death & Five of Swords

Watch Your Back. This is if nothing else is the most entertaining spread I’ve seen in a long time. Inheritance, death, cloaks and daggers, it’s fantastic. 

Being a Virgo and forever looking through a macro-lens at all things Mercury related I neglected to mention the bigger picture which was, of course, the Solar Eclipse and the New Moon. This spread looks very much like an eclipse. The oversized gold coin on the Ace of Coins can also represent the sun, and what is an eclipse if not Death to the Sun? Both the Death card and the 5 of Swords both show a red, setting sun (Morgan-Greer).

The Ace of Coins (Taurus/Capricorn/Virgo) is, in the past position. The Aces are what I call ‘Major Minor’ Arcana. When you think of the potential of a single seed to grow 10 more tress, and then 20 more, and so on. The suit of Earth is talking about your home, business, property, or job. Your health: the Ace of Pentacles in the past position is good genes and the gift of longevity. On the Morgan-Greer card, the giant, shiny gold coin being handed to us ’out of the blue’ on the Ace of Coins overpowers the whole scene. Money may have been too important to someone in the past, but Death is putting an end to that somehow. We may not value the same things as we did before – everything has changed. 


Somebody ‘killed’ a project or venture before it even had a chance to ‘get off the ground’, or sabotaged or ‘undercut’ your own work in some way just because they could. The suit of Air is intellectual, and plagiarism or claiming credit for another’s work is common when the 5 of Swords shows up, along with all the nasty legal wrangling around such things. ‘Cutting off’ child support or alimony or withholding mortgage or rent are all possibilities. But the 5 of Swords is generally bad vibes. This is the ‘even if you win, it sucks’ card. 

The 5 of Swords (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) is never up to any good, and in this deck Death and the shady character in the shadows on the 5 who we know as the One Who Wins At All Costs seem to have the same designer: both wear long, dark hooded cloaks or capes. Even the confiscated swords the ‘winner’ on the 5 has ‘won’ from his retreating opponents resemble the cold, blue steel of the Reaper’s own sickle on the center card. 

The 5 is an odd (numbered) card in that we have to ‘find ourselves’ in this picture. Either we are the ones ‘giving in’ to the bully on the card, or we are the ‘bully’ on the card, who ‘wins’ by taking advantage or by underhanded means. This is an old fashioned feud over Granny’s wedding ring or, of course, the house. People kill each other for a whole lot less than that Every. Damn. Day. 

“That man means to do me harm” Wild Bill Hickock is said to have said about the guy who shot him before he was shot by him. 

Spiritually Speaking

There could be ‘deceased’ people in these cards. Death can literally represent a dead person, or people,    ‘behind the scenes’ looking out for your best interests. Are they ever.

After all, besides that ring, you inherited your abilities from someone

9/10 June 21: The Hanged Man reversed & Five of Wands & The Hermit reversed

Stay Out Of It. After seeing so many sharp young readers use this deck, I finally had to have it, and so bought myself the fresh little all-girl Modern Witch Tarot deck by Lisa Sterle. With 2 Major Arcana on the table, and both in the reverse, no less, the clean, colorful and creative scenes are going a long way to lighten up this otherwise even concerning picture. 

In the center and today’s Minor Arcana Energy is the card of anxiety, bth mental and social, the 5 of Wands. It’s an odd (numbered) card of competition and debate, which is I Imagine why it’s also the card of social anxiety. This is a worrisome, nervous card. On the Olden Tyme Fyve of Wands or Clubs is group of young men trying to prove themselves by waving their wands around, and it you’d like to appreciate the double entendre you are welcome to. The suit of Wands is all about that aggressive ‘rooster’ energy. I’m always happier to read the 5 of Wands from a distance. 

Which is why this card is so much fun in the Modern Witch deck. 5 young girls, who are all apparently, as their traditional male ancestors, all from different places yet on the same team. This is a card of ‘team’ competition, so it looks like the girls in the game today are all in it to win it. One is in a cool black military type jumpsuit (chic), another in a schoolgirl or sailor type uniform or dress, and another in a long white coat, her hairdo a feisty pouf of red. The girls, like the young men of yore, also brandish long batons and should we wonder what the conflict is, perhaps it’s because for some reason 2 of the girls are wearing what look to be surgical type masks, one white and one gaily polka-dotted. 

“I Vant to be alone.’ – Greta Garbo, Virgo. (Who later said she never said ‘I want to be alone’- Ed).

On either side of this rumble are Major Arcana in the form of the Hanged Man (Pisces/Neptune), XII and the Hermit (Virgo), XI, are today both in the reverse. Both are cards of voluntary solitude and, in the reverse, we either need to double down on the withdrawal and detachment or just get out there and take our chances with the masks and unmasks and vaccinated and unvaccinated and whoever and whatever. Those ‘defensive’ poles the girls are using to ‘protect’ themselves on the 5 of Wands honestly look to be about 6’ long.

In the reverse, the Hanged Man, who in the reverse in the Modern Witch deck is a fit looking young woman in very cute workout gear and white running shoes enjoys her Yoga, hanging upside down in a meditative state. Stress flows out, ideas and clarity flow in – a fresh rush of blood to the head.  This is peaceful detachment, taking time out to get in touch with your body and Source. You need this card to deal effectively with the everyday ‘battle’ that is today’s 5 of Wands.

Pass the Talking Stick

The Hanged Man is a card of self sacrifice, and in the past position, sacrifices have certainly been made and we may be awkwardly re-learniing how to re-join the human race.  We’ve had shots, masks, distance, and ‘time out’. This is everybody talking over each other at the same time, having not ‘talked’ in so long. Nobody can get a word in on this card.

 As a Virgo, the Hermit is my card, and in this deck I’m definitely into her look – chic long white hair, gray hooded cloak, black dress, simple gold star pendant, bare feet – and, of course, a laptop she’s closing up for the night sits on a lovely old, carved wooden chest of drawers. The Hermit is the wisdom and knowledge of old age, and In the reverse, you’re not as old as you think you are – or, way too old for the maskless, rowdy crowd on the 5 of Wands. 

The Essentials 

I mentioned to someone recently the book  ‘Lost Horizon’ by James Hilton, originally published in 1934 which was before even my time. It’s a quirky, challenging read for sure. The story is of a plane carrying a small group of Brits (from what I remember) crashing in the Himalayas who are saved and taken in by the monks at Shangri-La, a Tibetan monastery built impossibly high up in the mountains. Everything they need is there: food, library, musical instruments, animals, company, and the inhabitants of the monastery seem ageless –  over 100 years old. Some of the ‘guests’ decide there is no reason to leave, in fact, this must be heaven – while some only want to get back to relative chaos and uncertainty of Western ‘civilization’ as fast as they can. 

A debatable concept to this day.

7/8 June 21: Ace of Coins & Ace of Wands & Ace of Swords reversed

Not now. With 3 Aces on the table today, something great is about to happen, but these cards can also suggest that if something sounds too good to be true, it  probably is. We’re excited anyway. This can be a new job, home, project, offer or proposal, but with the reversed Ace of Swords reversed and in the upcoming position, our chances of success are much better if we wait until after Mercury goes direct. 

Or are we overthinking this?

 Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are all of the suit of Air as represented by the familiar Swords, Knives, or anything sharp, which we need to be careful of during this period. Stumbling over our words, a typical symptom of a Mercury Retrograde, is one thing but stumbling with a knife in your hand is another. Don’t run with scissors.

Aces are the ‘seeds’ of their respective suits and it’s pretty special to have 3 out of 3. These cards are radiating good physical health and even a renewed ‘lease on life’, but the reversed Ace of Scalpels is either a warning against unproven alternative remedies or methods or conversely, suggesting them. If you’re thinking of spending money on cosmetic or plastic or elective surgery of any kind, I’d think long and hard about it and definitely wait until Mercury goes direct after the 22. We’ve all heard the stories of the surgeon removing the wrong leg or the wrong breast, and it was probably during a retrograde. (For Entertainment Purposes Only, of course -Ed).

No matter what the potential of these 2 upright Aces, one of money, one of creativity, we can’t do much without the cold, hard steely Swords which are all about logic, planning and clear-minded execution. This is a mental suit, and as these are all Minor Arcana this ordinarily sharp energy in the reverse is temporarily quite dull, even dim-witted. Swords stand for Truth in the Tarot, and there could be someone who is not ‘entirely forthcoming,’ or even deliberately dishonest or misrepresenting when the Ace of Swords is reversed. 

The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword

The Ace of Coins or Pentacles (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn) is a gift, so we have been gifted in some way. Gifted people make money because they do what they love and they love what they do. Period. Whatever this is that is being offered or proposed – money, travel, a contract, a new business or partnership – the Ace of Swords in the reverse is not signing anything until Mercury goes direct.

The potent Ace of Wands or Batons (Leo/Aries/Sagittarius) is ready to ‘run with it’. This new idea, project, direction. We’re refreshed and excited, and may have even come into some money. This energy is like that of a lottery winner who wins millions but doesn’t have an accountant, lawyer or business manager. There may be a legal or tax matter preventing you from starting something new. 

Negativity is an aspect of the reversed Ace of Swords. We can get carried away with overthinking and creating scenarios in our own head, everything that can go wrong, etc. If we can’t be positive with these beautiful Aces on the table, I don’t know when we can be. These are very lucky cards.

Or: a solid, mapped out business plan reduces the margin for errors and losses. Learn how to use a spreadsheet or hire a professional.

We need to pay attention to what we’re saying, and how we’re saying it: the reversed Sword is a very sharp – or forked – tongue. 

5/6 June 21: King of Coins & Page of Coins & Two of Swords, all reversed

Shady Business. There’s some going on for sure, and it would be best someone ‘take off the blindfold’ and pay attention. Money, and a lot of it, is being squandered or misspent and we can even talk about embezzlement with the reversed King of Coins on the table. 

On the 2 of Swords in the upcoming position, we traditionally see a human wearing a blindfold  ‘protecting’ herself or himself with 2 swords he or she is holding crossed in front of their heart. ‘Don’t rock the boat’ or ‘I don’t wanna know’ are today’s suggestions from the Cliche Generator. ‘Ignorance of the law is no excuse’ is another that pops out for some reason, the suit of Swords being associated with all things legal. 

This is a difficult one – which is why we’ve been, as the blindfolded 2 of Swords suggests, ‘sitting on the fence’ about something.

In the reverse, it is now officially costing us to be ‘sitting on the fence’ in terms of whether we can really trust someone or not with our business, money or even body. This could be family as the King and Page are of the same suit, but it’s more likely we were the ‘junior’ partner of some association, or even physical relationship, but someone took advantage of us. The reversed King of Pentacles (Virgo/Capricorn/Taurus) along with that poor young naive Page of Coins gives me ‘pimp’ vibes. 

We like to see only the best in people – or the tip of the iceberg, you could say. But the reality is there are people in the world who do not care about anyone but themselves and can be pretty ruthless.  

Now that I’ve said that we can focus on the the clear, white sky that forms when I reverse this 2 of Swords. The blindfold has been ripped off and we are seeing someone or even our own selves in the cold, clear light of day. 

Like a naive Page, we may have made a bad investment or investments in money, relationships, or both. Your accountant or business manager might have lost a lot of money while you were naively assuming everything was being ‘handled’.

Are you blind?

A new start is suggested by the reversed Page of Coins, holding – or rather -dropping his or her promising single, golden , valuable Ace. In the upright, the Page would be studying this amazing thing, wanting to know what more he can do with it. In the reverse, he or she is not interested. If your own kid is lazy and spoiled, whose fault is that? This is the rich kid who can get away with anything. This is a real screwup of a reading: if this King and Page are related, the ‘apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree’ in terms of managing oneself. In these cards, bad habits, financial or otherwise, may have been inherited as the suit of Coins represents inheritance.

You may have ‘squandered’ a lot of money on your own kid on something such as a hobby or course of study or occupation that he or she just isn’t interested in anymore, or you yourself may have lost interest in your job and are ‘on the fence’ about a new career, occupation or business.  

The suit of Earth talks about aging and anything physical, the #2 referring to the parts of the body that come in pairs. The Page peers intently at his big gold coin which quite obviously is upside down, so take care of those eyes.

3/4 June 21: Three of Coins reversed & Death & Two of Coins reversed

Unsustainable. Death, in the center of the spread, is not subtle today. Or any day, for that matter. Death, #XIII of the Major Arcana and a Scorpio, doesn’t have to work very hard to get our attention. Something must and will change if we don’t make a change ourselves. The suit of Earth is nothing mysterious or esoteric or conceptual. The suit of Earth is the coffee cup in your hand, the person sitting beside you, and yes, your physical health and well being. For Entertainment Purposes Only. 

If I ever feel the cards are too personal, as in relating to me personally, I will draw another three from another deck and compare the 2.  The benefit, to me, of contemplating cards in the morning is the process of ‘emptying the mind’ in order to be properly receptive. Still.  Both spreads this morning were saying pretty much the same thing. 

This is an all-ages spread because as we all know, Death does not discriminate, but we must. Today, I feel like it’s us who holds the sickle – a major change is, at this point in time, essential. This is a physical spread, and a dramatic reminder of our physical limitations. 

The 3 of Coins (Capricorn/Taurus/Virgo) is the ’teamwork’ card, but also of occupation in general. The 2 Minor Arcana in the cards today both in the reverse, and we don’t like to see money cards in the reverse. 

In the upcoming position is ‘The Juggler’, the 2 of Coins, in the reverse. Juggling is multitasking as an art form, keeping all the plates spinning, all the ‘balls in the air’. Gracefully ‘handling’ day to day life. In the reverse, ‘balls are dropped’ and money is literally falling through our fingers. Details are missed, priorities are poorly ‘juggled, and something, or someone, is suffering because of it. Obviously, our physical well being should be #1. 

Death, smiling that weird, toothy, wraparound smile as a red sun sets in a red sky over a red river behind him on the Morgan-Greer card says ‘“you won’t need that where we’re going” 

So it ’s something to think about.  Death in the center between these 2 cards is clearly saying, ‘if you don’t change this, you’ll get that’. ‘Cutting your losses’ is suggested here, dwindling finances are obvious as we see 3 reduce to 2. Re-organizing is unavoidable, and the changes must be drastic. On the Olden Tyme Death cardes, one of the humans who helplessly stand as Death comes riding toward them on a white horse kneels, offers up her neck and surrenders with grace.

Death is, ideally, my own longtime fascination with crime and murder forensics nonwithstanding, the natural ending.  This could be an association or occupation naturally ending and priorities shifting – again. This could be the loss of a collaborator, or actually physical difficulty in collaborating, or juggling more than one job or relationship – there’s only 1 of you to go around, says Death, and as it is said, the cemeteries are full of indispensable people. 

The suit of Earth talks about contracts as does the 3 of Coins or Pentacles specifically, and matters of contractual agreements should not be handled at all if possible while Mercury is Retrograde. Important language or a typo could even be a ‘fatal mistake’ and of course, errors and misunderstandings having to do with money.

Both spreads his morning strongly suggested not getting too casual about the Covid thing yet, or come October- November, Scorpio season, we may regret it. 

There is an ending here, but it’s quite natural, and we consider what is next.

The 3 of Coins in the reverse can also suggest work that is below par. Death to that – not accepting any thing less than the best, which is what the suit of Gold is all about. 

Workaholics Anonymous

I checked. There is one. 

1/2 June 21: Five of Cups & Wheel of Fortune & Three of Cups reversed

At Your Personal Best. The Wheel of Fortune, ruled by lucky Jupiter, is a lucky card. The luckiest. Today we have a window of opportunity so big you could drive a truck through it, but as we all know, the Wheel of Fortune is always turning. #X of the Major Arcana, this is the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

And it’s huge. 

“Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity”.  -Seneca, Roman Philosopher

In the past position is the card of ‘crying over spilled milk’, the grieving 5 of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) which I am not going to spend too much time on because the card is in the past position and that’s the point, especially as followed by the 10, 1+ 0 = 1. Regret, guilt, sadness, sorrow. The Wheel of Fortune is the life cycle itself, and the term ‘Celebration of Life’ comes to mind.

On the 4 of Cups a human hangs his or her head and mourns over 3 spilled gold goblets laying on their sides, blood red contents draining out and seeping into the brown dirt, wasted. Wasted opportunities, broken relationships, losing family – all ‘spilled milk’.  The human on the 4 of Cups is so busy dwelling on what he or she has ‘lost’ they don’t see the 2 shiny gold cups sitting within reach just behind him. 

The 5 of Cups is life giving you lemons, the Wheel of Fortune is you making lemonade. 

As it turns out, everybody likes lemonade, so don’t be surprised if everybody wants a sip of yours.

The 3 of Cups, today in the upcoming position and in the upright, is a ‘party’ card. 3 lovely girls dressed in various shades of pink are enjoying drinks, and colorful remnants of half-eaten fruit litter their wooden table (Morgan-Greer). It’s fresh, fun, and friendly. In the reverse, it’s two-faced and gossipy energy, and today in the upcoming position, a downright warning. A polite way of refusing further refills is turning your glass over on the table. This is that.

Mercury Retrograde

..is our current Astrological atmospheric condition, which is known for bringing back ‘second chances’. There is a weird attempt to ‘re-create’ the past, or even replace people we’ve lost with ‘new’ people. The 3 of Cups reversed is overindulgence, not only in substances but in socializing, small talk, gossiping and wasting time on petty people who may be resurfacing in your life during this period, especially if you’re ‘lucky’ enough to be doing well for yourself. 

The Wheel of Fortune is the ‘lottery win’, either literally and financially or even in the form of a person – and your friends may not be happy about that if you’re not around to party anymore. Their loss, but very much your gain. 

“If I were to do it all over again, I would/wouldn’t have…..”