15/16 Sept 21: Knight of Cups & Four of Cups & The World

Spaced Out. We have a ‘space’ card today, the World, simply a ball floating in a the vast uncharted ocean that is outer space. Self-contained, whole, and it would appear for a limited time, at least, able to sustain itself. It’s a great card in the upcoming, or ‘future’, position.

I didn’t say us, I said itself

Somehow yesterday I managed to stumble upon not 1 but 2 weird videos, or more likely they found me.  One was of American astronaut Buzz Aldrin telling a child not only did he not go to the moon but no one ever has. The other was of sci-fi director Stanley Kubrick ‘on his deathbed’ confessing that he was the one who assisted the government in perpetuating this grand hoax. 

‘Who cares?’ says the 4 of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio), obviously bored with the world and everybody in it. The World, #XX of the Major Arcana is also a card of international travel, and in the upcoming position the only thing we may need to shake us out of our current apathetic state that is the mood and atmosphere of the 4 of Cups energy is a vacation – or relocation, possibly to another country altogether. The Son of Cups in the Wild Unknown deck represents the romantic Knight of Cups in the Olden Tyme Tarots,  the one on the white horse willing to travel far and wide over land and sea to find true love – or his or her ‘place in the world’. This Knight brings flowers, love poems, songs, and proposals. The Wild Unknown does not show us the white horse but instead a beautiful white swan gliding alongside a delicate white wineglass that glows from the inside, a ‘heart aflame’. Gorgeous and romantic.

The key to the Wild Unknown deck are the multi colors on otherwise black and white cards as they are used to depict or illustrate the nature of the energy represented by the card and from where they originate. Little flames of blue, yellow and orange lick upwards from the delicate white wineglass, as in water and fire. It’s interesting to note that both Elon Musk (who is not a fan of) and Nikola Tesla are under the sun sign of Cancer, considered by many to be the most ‘emotional’ of the emotional suit of Water. 

The 4 of Cups is bored with just about everything and everyone on earth, and so we ‘widen our search’, a term I’ve learned from looking at cars online because I don’t feel like traveling more than 3 miles to find one, which makes it difficult, and I just don’t care that much (4 of Cups). In matters of romance, you may need to do the same.

I did the usual Google Roulette search this morning after seeing the cards, and was pleased to discover an impressive Tarot blog by one Carrie Mallon who took the time to write about each of the Wild Unknown cards. I was relieved to read she didn’t quite relate all that easily to this version of the 4 of Cups, showing a white rat crouching in the dark on 4 white cups, the message being that love is always right under our noses but we simply don’t see it, often longing for the intangible or unattainable. On the card, the lower half of the card is ink black, while the white, radiate light reflected by a black crescent moon, yet the rat remains in the dark. I also discovered something called the Futurist Society, a collective of our smartest humans doing up for no reason than to find real ways to get us out of the messes we’ve made by taking it out of the box, around the bend and a level up. Right here on earth!

Imagine. On the Olden Tyme cardes, a somewhat dissatisfied human sits, arms crossed, under a tree as he or she refuses cup after cup. There is much made of the tree itself, as in the history and lore of trees being sites of contemplation and enlightenment. As it is said, Buddha sat under a tree and let the ‘whole world come to him’.

I visited a tree that seemed as old as the planet in Morocco under which an old man lived who, for a goat or chicken, would offer up a prayer in your name represented by a red ribbon tied to the tree. There were countless ribbons hanging from the branches of this huge, ancient, gnarly olive tree I think it was, and we were almost knee-deep in goatheads and their weird open eyes. 

I (involuntarily) experienced the phenomenon known as Astral Projection for the first time when I was 19 which was amazing at first, being rather than feeling the wind, shooting straight up, past trees, everything getting smaller and smaller down there, now it’s getting colder and colder, and I’m not cold I AM the cold, darker and darker, and now little things are starting to floating by, little rocks and things.

It’s weird, I’m freezing and it’s dark and I didn’t like it so I was happy to wake up and find myself back I bed. 

The cellular-looking multi-layered orb floating in the dark on the World card in the upcoming position glows in blues, greens, purples, yellows, and gorgeous harmonious colors that softly pulsating around the edges. 10 little white stars dot the black sky. A Happy, harmonious ball of energy floating in space. 

Self contained, whole, complete. 

Or: someone makes you an offer that ‘brings some color’ to your own ‘colorless’ world. 

14/15 Sept 21: The Pope reversed & Queen of Swords reversed & Seven of Swords

“Cruella de Ville, Cruella de Ville, if she doesn’t scare you, then nothing else will”.  We have a witch in our midst in the form of the reversed Queen of Swords, ordinarily a ‘tough but tender’ matriarchal figure who you can count on to ‘tell it like it is’. If the ‘truth hurts’ it was probably a Queen of Swords that didn’t bother to ‘sugarcoat’ it for you, and I can see the Cliche Generator is charged up and ready to go this morning which is good because I’m tired and have much writing to do and I don’t know how many words per day I have in me, but the 7 of Swords in the upcoming position is a warning: no shortcuts

The weight of the spread is in the ‘past’ position or the foundation of the situation we’re talking about and that is the conservative Pope or Hierophant, #V of the Major Arcana. The Pope, of course, is all about social norms and convention, but in the reverse, whatever or whoever we believed in at one time we may not believe in any more.

Perhaps this is what has ‘deflated’ the Queen of Air. 

The Pope in the upright is also about forgiveness, but in the reverse, the Queen of Swords is not in a forgiving mood. A downright bitter bitch, this could be the ex-wife (or husband) who will slash your tires in the middle of the night for the rest of your life. 

Planning an Escape. 

You may ‘breaking away’ from anyone, or a group of people, who ‘disapprove’ of your ‘deviant’ life, or are secretly planning to.

With even more Swords in the upcoming position on the ‘sneaky’ 7, we have to pay attention. This is the ‘Card of the Thief’ and while I do prefer to acknowledge the positive potential and attributes of the cards and their respective energies, in this case should a ‘thief’ be coming your way it’s nice to know. My own little Tarot contemplations and explorations aside, one would generally only get a professional reading in the case of having a specific question about a specific situation, person, transaction, move, marriage, job, etc., and when someone like the 7 of Swords shows up it’s common to hear, “I had a feeling!” or “I KNEW it!” All a Tarot reading should do is confirm your own trustworthy intuition.

This Queen in the upright is a doctor or healer of some kind, and in the reverse, along with a reversed Pope and the sneaky 7 of Swords could be a quack on the internet stealing your money. I imagine there are a lot of those out there right now. The 7 of Swords, showing the ‘thief’ with his or her wooly green cap pulled down over his or her eyes as he or she sneaks away with 5 of 7 long swords is heading in our direction – probably to ‘pull the wool’ over your eyes. 

But there is another angle, of course. This is having to ‘practice’ in secret. The Pope in the reverse is the ‘shadow side’ of oppressive, organized religion. The Queen of Swords is a practitioner, and in the reverse, is either having to ‘practice’ in secret (7 of Swords) or you yourself ‘secretly’ or not disapprove of your own son or daughter’s lifestyle, in turn causing them to have to keep things from you.

The Queen of Swords is famous for her quick wit and ‘sharp’ observations, which the cards say may be best kept to oneself for now, especially some of our more original, unconventional or progressive ideas. Some people get it, some people don’t.

There, I sugarcoated it. 

12/13 Sept 21: Justice reversed & Eight of Cups & Nine of Coins

‘The lifestyle to which one has become accustomed’ is something you used to hear in divorce cases when people were arguing issues of spousal support or dividing up property, houses, cars, stocks, bank accounts and other ‘spoils of war’. On the surface this is a straightforward story of walking away from an undesirable environment, situation or even a person and being rewarded for it – there is a lot of money on the table today. 

The ‘weight’ of this intriguing little drama is the Justice card in the ‘past’ position, today in the reverse. 

Obviously, Justice in the reverse would be injustice. Lady Justice, a Libra, scales in one hand and her Sword of Truth in the other, talks about equilibrium and equality, but in the reverse, her scales are not even. This could be something of a legal nature not working out in your favor – or even the law itself not being ‘on your side’. Or you yourself may have not been honest – or honest with yourself.

Today’s energy is one of disillusionment and regret, the 8 of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) and we’re ‘abandoning’ something, somewhere or someone. I love this card in the Wild Unknown deck showing 8 white long-stemmed goblets laying shattered at the base of a huge, black mountain. This is a ‘sobering up’ card, and all those drinks co$t money, and from the looks of the Justice card in the reverse, could have co$t a lot more than that. All those broken cups are broken relationships. Messy. 

Aside from divorce squabbles or bad decisions, Justice in the reverse, to me, is an entire system not working in our favor somehow. This is a very positive and very successful picture though, so whatever, or whoever, it is or was that we found the courage to ‘walk away’ from, the outcome is the ‘rich single lady’ of the Tarot in the form of the opulent 9 of Coins (Virgo/Capricorn/Taurus). You may have ‘had it’ with laws or taxes in your state or country, or someone could even be fleeing the law(s), and/or may be coming your way for a loan or a place to stay.

In the past we have injustice and in the future we have independence. This is an amazing reading and an inspiring one. This is having done it ‘your way’ in spite of, as I look at the wobbly, uneven stack of gold cups on the Olden Tyme 8, the odds ‘stacked against you’. There may have been a lot of dissatisfaction in the workplace, and Justice in the reverse can even indicate harassment and discrimination – today, not a good word. (‘Discernment’ was the word you should have used the other day. This Mercury Retrograde is gonna be a bitch – Ed.

The 9 of Coins is a comfortable card. On the Wild Unknown card, 9 gold medallions are safely tucked into a safe space between 4 feathers that form a square around them – your ‘nest is feathered’ and it’s a nice place to be if we’ve come by our wealth fairly. The suit of Earth is a hardworking, honest, suit and in the upright we can say that these creature comforts are well deserved – and so are creatures. We usually see the lady of the 9 in a beautiful, well kept garden with her animal companion, a hooded falcon. This is your ‘sanctuary’, and the 9 of Coins can actually be an animal sanctuary.

This is a personal feeling of ‘completion’ that has nothing to do with another human. We are self contained, not only financially but emotionally. 

A nice vibe for a Sunday. 

10/11 Sept 21: Wheel of Fortune reversed & Hermit reversed & Four of Cups

Be Discriminating. The upcoming position in a Tarot spread is often referred to as the ‘advice’ position, and it seems today we may be being offered a bit of advice. 2 of 3 cards are of the Major Arcana, and the Wheel of Fortune in the ‘past position’ is a ‘losing streak’, a turn for the worst, or a run of bad luck.  This card is behind us which is a good thing. It may finally be safe to come out of the cave – with caution. 

The Major Arcana on the table today could and would be read for the collective as affecting us all, and we all have been, there’s no doubt about that.  

The Wheel of Fortune, #X , is ruled by Jupiter who is currently in retrograde. This is a very big deal in Astrology, Jupiter being a very big planet. The Biggest. There aren’t enough hours in my life to attempt to learn how to paste a link into WordPress but I suggest visiting the Times of India for an interesting overview to see how Jupiter retrograde may affect you according to your own personal Astrological DNA. 

For me, it’s difficult to ‘read the room’, that is, to even attempt to address a ‘collective’ when it seems half the population is fighting a plague and the other half don’t even believe in it. We have a weird, and uncomfortable parallel.

Emerging from the Cave.

The cave-dwelling Hermit, a Virgo, is the energy of the day and in the reverse, perhaps it’s time to ‘come out of the cave’. 

On the card we see the old bearded Hermit, dressed in a long, black, hooded cloak standing outside the opening of his (or her) cave on a snowy mountain, lifting a glowing lamp so show others the way. It’s a great card, but I love the Modern (Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle) version. A barefoot and white haired but chic and lovely lady in a long, soft, gray hoodie simply closes her laptop as we can see moody blue twilight through the arched window.  

The Hermit in the reverse is too isolated. It is generally considered that this not good for one’s mental health, so the grand ‘run of bad luck’ that is the reversed Wheel of Fortune in the past position may have led us to this place of self-imposed and enforced solitude. This could obviously be Covid related. A personal setback, financial or otherwise, has had you withdrawn.  We hear about widespread depression and feelings of isolation while at the same time, people are living their lives as if nothing has happened or nothing is happening. I find it very confusing.

But I’m enjoying this picture in spite of the fact that the 4 of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) is an unsatisfied card. Today, as in any other day, it’s simply a matter of Free Will. This reinforces the message of the reversed Hermit: get back out into the world. 

But be discriminating.

Cups represent people in the Tarot, as do hearts in a standard poker deck, and talk about our emotional state and being – how we feel.  The 4 of Cups is a card of non-participation. While this is not a happy row of cards, the 4 of Cups in the upcoming position I’m seeing today as ‘advice’ which is unusual, as I don’t read an ‘outcome’ or ‘advice’ in the ‘future’ position, but rather the potential. 

Although I don’t consider continuity and most of the time don’t remember anyway (Hermit reversed), I find it interesting to see this card in the ‘outcome’ position after having had the vague, overwhelming 7 of Cups in the same position previously.

The Morgan-Greer Hermit shows a face emerging from a bank of ivy which has probably grown over the opening to his (or her) cave, they’ve been in there so damn long. As on the Olden Tyme cards, the expression is apathetic and bored, and we see 3 gold cups laying untouched on the grass before him as yet another is offered from a golden cloud yet by the Divine Skyhand of Destiny. This is a possible opportunity missed, but in this position and in the upright it is also a card of discrimination. 

1 in every 4 e-mails may be worth reading or replying to, 1 in every 4 invitations many be worth accepting, 1 of 4 people may be people worth your ’emotional investment’.

The lesson has been learned, and it’s good to see your face. 

8/9 Sept 21: Death & King of Wands & Seven of Cups

The New Boss. Death in the cards today says something is over, done, and not coming back. This has presented us with many options, but we may need to be careful. Our next move is important, and we need to take our time and do a little more research than just what pops up on the Internet. But is anything possible? Of course! Shouts the King of Wands, who should know.

Death, a Scorpio and XIII in the Major Arcana doesn’t mean physical death as much as it means the ending of a major cycle, although a physical death could represent, symbolize or signify ‘the end of an era’, especially to us personally.

I find this an exciting read, but then again the King of Wands is an exciting human. 

Or excited The King of Fire in the Center today (Leo/Aries/Sagittarius) is a visionary.  I get ‘new King’ vibes from this charismatic man (or woman) todayin the center, which is a natural place for him (or her) to be. Center stage and in the spotlight is a good look for this enthusiastic, confident man (or woman)

Real Time Intervention (9:14.A.M:)

Somewhere I’d read about a King back in the King days who’d envisioned and built a bridge in a place where it connected the kingdom to the rest of the world or some amazing thing that had never even been thought of, let alone attempted and achieved. It’s hundreds of years old and I do believe Tom Cruise had it blown up for his last movie which is uncool but never mind. So of course I hit search and came up with one Horace King, who was born a slave in American but ended up being sold when his master died  to someone who owned a construction company and he turned out to be a master architect, designing a lot of major bridges in the South, and was considered one of the most important of his time (19th Century). When was he born? Why, on this very day in 1907. 

A death changed his life, and that may be what’s going on here, but it could be the death of something personal like fear, anger, remorse or anything else that ‘deserves to die’.

The 7 of Cups(Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) is an odd card to see in the ‘upcoming’ position, but it works for me in this picture, because the King has his back to it. The card of illusions, temptations, and offers of everything you could possibly dream of don’t often ‘pan out’ to be real gold. This is the ‘All That Glitters Is Not Gold’ card, but in these cards it simply means to me that we have options we may not have been able to ‘imagine’ before, and Death could very well mean the Death of a negative attitude. This picture could mean we are no longer tempted by the things (or people) we once were – including the King of Wands, who also knows it’s good to be king, and can basically have anything he (or she) wants. He (or she) would also promise a lot to get what they want or achieve their own vision, and he or she is not easy to turn down or to say ‘no’ to. I wouldn’t want to piss him off.

You may be in a position of having to choose personnel or a new ‘team’, or the new King may simply now have to be more discriminating about the company he or she keeps. Kings always had food tasters for a reason.

A Fire sign from the Other Side could be showing up in your dreams which are pretty off the proverbial chain these days. It’s obviously the Season of the Spirits.

Thanks for the visit, Horace, and Happy Birthday, sir.  

6/7 Sept. 21: Ten of Swords reversed & Page of Swords reversed & Queen of Swords

Like a Boss. The suit of Swords or Air is of the mind, that is mental, it’s about how we think, what we say and how we say it. It’s a ‘working’ suit, so in spite of today being a legal holiday in the U.S., the Queen of Air herself in the upcoming position is here to keep is in line. Whether she represents someone else or our own ever-evolving and maturing abilities to focus, organize and deliver what we promise when we promise it, I’m glad to see her although not everyone may be – this is someone you may love but not like so much.  

What may be worth doing today on this New Moon would be to learn a little something about how it could affect us according to our own personal astrological makeup. Generally, a New Moon is a time of ‘setting intentions’, and while I was ready to jump down a rabbit hole in search of information I noticed the Queen of Swords who, in the Morgan-Greer deck, looks us straight in the eye, unflinching. Focus. It’s like dangling something shiny in front of a:

…..Page of Swords in the reverse who is in the center today. This is juvenile delinquent energy, scattered and out of control. Hence, a 10 minute distraction becomes 20 and 30 and the Queen simply does not tolerate that.

When we see humans in the cards we can either identify them as actual people in our lives or the energies they ‘bring to the table’. The Queen of Swords herself (or himself) is doctor/lawyer material. Basically, a pro. The Page is not.

The suit talks about writing and speaking. We could even be talking about a speech impediment but this literate Queen would probably not tell you to work more on self – editing: how you ‘deliver’ messages yourself.

The reversed Page of Swords is annoying. This is juvenile, teenage, gossipy, misspent energy on trivial things and/or trivial people. This is in the center today so we can either see this potential in someone else or we’re ‘guilty’ of this ourselves. The 10 of Swords in the reverse in the past position can suggest not letting something go that needs to be. This ‘backstabbing’ card is in the past, and in the reverse whatever or whoever didn’t kill us made us stronger, wiser, and a maybe a little jaded.

Soldiering On

The Page of Swords reversed can bring bad news, and we may need to, like the Queen, basically maintain a ‘royal’ posture. A stiff upper lip, as they say. The Page of Swords doesn’t take bad news well, but the Queen has seen it all and serves as an example in bearing and speech.  

Famously perceived to have a ‘chilly’ and ‘steely’ exterior, keep in mind all the Queens have the water – or heart – element as well as the inherent traits of their own suit.  

The reversed Page of Swords is a problem kid who you may need professional help for especially following the loss and tragedy  indicated by the 10 of Swords reversed in the past position. The reversed Page of Swords may be ‘out of control’,  but the upcoming Queen is very much in control. 

Winter approaches.

This is being discriminating. Swords represent Winter in the Tarot here in the Northern Hemisphere, and there is a lot to be done. Prioritize, organize and do it now. Libra season isn’t far away.

Sent from somewhere in between a fire and a flood

4/5 Sept 21: Temperance & Ten of Coins & Six of Clubs reversed

Lay low. The 10 of Coins is a card of ‘having it all’, that is, everything the world has to offer. It’s a wealthy card, period. Property, respect, legacy, you’ve done very well, or your family has done very well and you’re the fortunate beneficiary of quite a windfall. Or it is your own ‘balanced’ and ‘conservative’ handling of your long-term finances. Your current abundance and wealth is something you or your family or ancestors planned for and have accumulated over time, or it is you building a legacy.

This is almost an ‘I won the lottery and it ruined my life’ sort of feeling, but the down to earth suit of Earth is not much of a gambler. Conversely, it can mean a long wait for a lot of money or recognition you may not receive in the end after an unsuccessful negotiation.

In the past position is the 50’ tall Angel of Temperance, XIV of the Major Arcana and a Sagittarius. In the past position or as the foundation of today’s contemplation it’s a great card. This is about time or ‘perfect’ timing, and in this position it’s been a long time – or a long wait.

This is the card of the Alchemist. We watch the Angel mix and blend whatever mysterious liquid we see being poured back and forth – timing is everything when Temperance shows up, and when it comes to the concept of time, we have no clue. The Angel does, of course, and as tall as he or she is, has the ‘bigger picture’ and the ‘longer view’.  This Angel could represent protection and intervention from the Other Side, and along with the multi-generational 10 of Coins – where we see an elderly man, a young couple and their toddler toddling. The Angel looks down over them all.


This is a fortunate, blessed spread, but there is another interpretation that I found best expressed by Hexagram #47 of the IChing (Book of Changes, Richard Wilhelm translation), “Oppression”.

Nine in the fourth place:

He comes very quietly, oppressed in a golden carriage. Humiliation, but the end is reached. 

A well-to-do man sees the need of the lower classes and would like very much to be of help. But instead of proceeding with speed and energy where there is need, he begins in a hesitant and measured way. Then he encounters obstructions. Powerful and wealthy acquaintances draw him into their circle; he has to do as they do and cannot withdraw from them. Hence he finds himself in great embarrassment. But the trouble is transitory. The original strength of his nature offsets the mistake he has made, and the goal is reached.


The 6 of Clubs (Leo/Aries/Sagittarius) in the upcoming position is about leading or following, public acclaim, admiration and accomplishment. In the upright, a hero leads a victory parade on horseback, prize held high on a pole for all to see. 

In the reverse, this is a card of failure or of feeling like one. In the reverse, another phrase from the ICHING comes to mind: hiding one’s light under a bushel.

This can be a lack of confidence, insecurity, even ‘imposter syndrome’ or of feeling undeserving – or others feel or tell you that you are undeserving, even family members. This is letting what other people think and say get to you. 

Hopefully, the 10 of Coins knows who his or her real friends are.

2/3 September 21: Seven of Coins & Judgement & Knight of Swords

A Second Wind = ‘a new strength or energy to continue something that is an effort.’ according to the Dictionary on Google, and we’ve finally decided what’s worth it and what isn’t. Now that you have, it’s time to put the ‘pedal to the metal’ as they say – whether you want to hear it or not. 

The 7 of Coins (Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn) is in the ‘past’ position and I was just thinking of ‘fence sitting ‘ when I looked down and on the Russian version, there is someone sitting on what looks like a log fence resting a bit with his ax in his (or her) lap. We usually see the ‘garderner’ leaning on his hoe and assessing his ‘crop’ of gold coins ‘ripening’ on a green money-bush. The Russian is building a wooden house, quite an accomplishment for one human. This is a card of not only assessing progress, yield or return on investment in terms of time and labor, but also assessing our own skills and abilities. This is a bit of a test of our faith in our own ‘mission’. Is this what I really want to be/should be doing? Can we do it alone? The suit of Earth is a slow, detail oriented, committed, labor intensive energy. 

Unfinished Business

Judgement, XX of the Major Arcana in the center today is a ‘wake up call’ of some kind.  This card has been coming up quite a bit in the last year in different stories and situations, but Judgement is here to close a cycle and begin a new one. It’s one of the more dramatic cards of the Tarot in any deck, people rising from graves at the sound of an Angel’s golden horn, pale dead families reunited among the tombstones of a cemetery. This is a ‘graduation’ card, so you may be working towards that end, or ‘working’ on yourself and your health. If you are working on developing new diet or self-care routines or rituals or habits, the key is to keep at it, and Judgement you will be ‘paid back’ with a strong, healthy body. It doesn’t happen overnight, says the 7 of Coins. Don’t give up now, you’re looking good.

The Knight of Swords is certainly not one to give up, being a Knight, which is quite an honor. You yourself may be given a promotion of some kind – something you don’t expect. The Knight of Air (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius]) is as fast as the suit of Coins is slow.  The Knight of Swords is a hard one to keep up with, so if this is another person charging into your life you’ll be glad you’re in good shape. Fresh air and exercise help keep this Knight’s mind as sharp as his (or her) sword – or tongue. Should a painful truth or message need to be delivered, this is your man. Or woman, of course. You may receive some ‘sharp’ criticism or find you or your work or methods judged harshly. 

The Knight of Swords does not consider the consequences of his or her actions or words, which can be as painful and scarring as any Swords. This Knight warns us to mind how we ‘deliver’ our own messages. Think of a first responder who has to get the job done – lead, follow or get out of the way is this Knight’s motto. No time for pleasantries when there’s a job that needs doing or someone who needs saving.

You may decide you need ‘some action’ of your own, and finally come to the conclusion that you don’t really like what you’ve been doing for a living, or you’ve gone as far as you can go in your ‘chosen field’ as I think of the gardener on the Olden Tyme Seven of Coins, wondering how much more he can get out of his crop – the field itself may be too small for his ultimate plans.

The Knight generally brings a person, situation or decision that blows in and out ‘like the wind. When we get ‘carried away’ with a passion of our own we can forget to consider others, but in general I like the spirit of this Knight. Smart, witty, sharp. This could be a potential co-worker or you being called to a sudden meeting or interview, and you may have to travel – now. 

An important decision has to be made but there is fresh determination in the cards – this Knight is a motivator, but sometimes proving someone – or everyone – wrong is motivation. 

Out of the way. 

31 Aug/1 Sept 21:The Tower & Queen of Swords & Eight of Cups

Louisiana Blues.  According to a very interesting book called ‘Tarot Readings: The New Paradigm’ by Jennifer Reynolds the 8 of Cups or Water and today in the upcoming position is a card of evacuations and floods, and ‘came up for the mass evacuations of hurricane Katrina’.  That’s it for a literal read.

The 8 of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) is disillusioned, and that’s sad – or more appropriate to the feeling of this card, bittersweet. Once again we see the Queen of Swords looking back at the crashing, burning Tower (Russian Tarot) and metaphorically, today the Tower can represent shattered illusions, either ours or theirs.

The Queen of Swords (LIbra/Gemini/Aquarius) is an educated woman (or man) and a professional. She is the prickly Queen who has seen her share of sh** as we learned, giving her her ‘Widow’s Card’ reputation. All Queens have the liquid, receptive property of the element of Water, so although this Queen is ‘sharp around the edges’, so does she.

I’ve gone ahead and found her from the Olden Time Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot and here she is her old familiar self, facing forward. We get a hint of softness from the winged head of an angel carved into the side of her throne, her blue cape decorated with white, fluffy clouds lined in bright red hints at her own concealed passions.  Her crown is made of gold butterflies, signifying transformation. This Queen of Air sits above the clouds, and we see the cloud line just below her shoulders. The air is clear, and it’s almost an ‘ah-ha!’ moment: he or she, or something or somewhere, may very well be ‘out of your league’.

This makes all the difference in these cards today.

The Queen of Swords is not interested in our feelings: she’s a cold slap in the face – while the Queen of Cups would ask you how you feel, give you a hug and let you have a good cry the Queen of Swords is here to serve up hard truth or demand it.

The Message You Send.

When I was in Morocco I was fascinated with the face tattoos of the Berber women which is an old tradition called  ‘Jedwel’.  As it was explained to me, the various tattoos meant different things but one I found interesting was a series of tattoos that signified whether a woman was single, married, widowed, or – unavailable, as in, widowed and not interested. This was a long time ago, but it seemed pretty convenient, although the roots of the practice I believe go back to ‘branding’ and possession of women, the male guides I asked did not mention that, but there are obviously plenty of women who continue the practice, and I find that interesting. 

This human is ‘letting go’ and moving on from something that is simply never going to work out no much how much we’ve put into it, and cups usually talk about matters of the heart -relationships. This is the interesting thing: if this Queen faces the past,  the human on the 8 of Cups may be giving up on this Queen. If we look at the Queen facing forward, she represents the one letting go and moving on. The 8 of Cups is known as ‘The Lord of Abandoned Success’, but the figure 8 is a red flag. The 2 Queens actually both serve the reading well. A moment of clarity as if flashing a bolt of lightning on the past, and realizing ‘where we went wrong’ so that won’t make the same mistakes again. The human we see from the back walks away from 8 wobbly gold cups (which could represent wobbly drunks) haphazardly stacked on the sand. This is famously a ‘sobering up’ card which is certainly what the Queen of Swords would tell you to do, but aside whatever you can drink from cups this is a ‘sober’ look at why that Tower crashed. but ‘sober’ also mean serious, as in ‘sober as a judge’ and someone may be giving up on someone, somewhere or something that ‘just isn’t doing it for you anymore’, should the truth be told. Time has been wasted, says the Queen of Swords.

Letting go and moving on. 

On the Russian version of the 8 of Cups, there is the familiar sad-faced moon watching the failed wanderer make his way along the familiar uphill mountain path with a body of water either rising or receding, it’s hard to tell, but on the RWS card green algae suggests a certain stagnation. We see beyond the perilous looking rocky shoreline that there is open, fresh water beyond. On the RWS card, the sky is a starless, dark blue twilight color, while the Russian card clearly shows white, cross shaped stars in a black sky, reminding us that the next card of the Major Arcana is the Star, #XVII. 

Should the Truth Be Told

She’ll tell it. It’s only now that I notice the tassled bracelet of what look like Buddhist prayer beads around her left wrist – perfect.  The 9 of Cups,  often called ‘The Wish Card’, is just over the mountain.

29/30 Aug 21: The Tower & Queen of Swords & The Hierophant

The Widowmakers. We can’t really be surprised to see the ‘game changing’ Tower once again today. The magnitude and the power of the ‘shock and awe’ card is hardly an energy we can expect to dissipate into a pink cloud the next day, week,  year,  or even lifetime. 

‘Widowmaker’ is a word used to describe a sort of heart attack that is almost always fatal, I believe caused by a previously undetected clogged artery aka ‘a ticking time bomb’. The term is however is generally defined as anything that can ‘kill a man’ and has been used to describe particularly hard – to- break horses and the  loose branches in trees with the potential to fall out of the sky and kill you at any time. I believe it has also been an endearing nickname for certain weapons of war.

So again we have the fiery, crashing, crumbling, struck-by-lightning Tower, #XVI of the Major Arcana, the card of disasters, in the ‘past’ or even foundation of the matter. Pick one, there are plenty to choose from today.  

In the center we have the ‘Widow’ herself (or himself) as she has long been known in the Tarot, the smart and salty Queen of Swords (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius). A mature woman (or man) she is often a divorcee or has outlived her spouse. She’s intellectual and well educated and could very well be some kind of healer herself. She doesn’t ‘mince’ words with that long, sharp Sword.

In the upcoming or ‘future’ position is a card whose only concern is carrying on with the past, The Heirophant, Pope or High Priest, V of the Major Arcana. This is orthodox religion, medicine, education, tradition and conformity. 

The Pope is one of the ‘marriage’ cards, and although the Queen of the Russian Tarot is facing the carnage of the past, traditionally this Queen of Air is forward facing and future focused. A previous marriage, relationship, home, business, job, physical or structure was not built to stand the test of time – or has had its time. ‘Built on and unstable foundation’ is how we describe the Tower. In the Russian Tarot, which has a fascinating historical analysis of the Tower card, it is a bell tower that is being destroyed. 

There are also 2 people kneeling before the Pope on the future card, so if we were talking about a marriage, this is an almost if not strictly orthodox vibe. 

Everything has fallen apart, and there may be no choice but to ‘go along with the program’. The Pope is a Taurus, and very much bound by and to the traditional and the way things have always been done. Codes of company conduct, company by laws, ethics and standards are all represented by the Pope. You may have to go to work for an established company or corporation after whatever this disaster is, or, of course, relief or support via a religious group or institution. 

Although I’m trying to post a link, the hot mess that is the WordPress interface is making it hard, there is a very interesting article called ‘The Science Of Prayer’ I believe was in the Wall Street Journal.

It can’t hurt.