6&7 Aug 20: Ace of Coins reversed & The Pope reversed & Eight of Coins

Disillusioned. Who isn’t? We have 2 very conservative cards in the reverse, the Ace of Coins and the Pope himself, and although the 8 of Cups (Saturn in Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) is a heavy, lonely, sad card, it’s time to march to our own beat.

It could be, though, someone else who could be ‘disillusioned’ with us. The Pope or Hierophant, being of the Major Arcana (Taurus) and today in the reverse and in the center is of course about conservative, organized religion but also social convention in general, and on a grand scale in terms of how we’ve lived our own personal lives.

In the upcoming position, we see from the back a human who seems to be abandoning something in which he or she had invested a lot of themselves in the form of an incomplete, uneven stack of gold cups on the stagnant, drying up shore of a body of water in the lower corner of the card. The puddle seems brackish, rocks slimy and covered in green algae. This human is deeply unsatisfied. It’s hard to move on.

The Ace of Coins (Venus/Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn) is a very powerful card. In the upright, this huge, shiny gold coin being handed to us ‘out of the blue’ represents money and a lot of it, but in the reverse, it’s going out or not coming in at all. In the ‘past’ position, this card in the reverse is greedy and materialistic, and this is the way you could have been raised – or we all were. The reversed Pope is loyal to God and country, great institutions, organized religion, of course, and, always pictured between stone pillars, the Pope being a very ‘pillar’ of society himself. In the upright, the Olde Tyme readers would read this as a traditional marriage or wedding, the gold coin representing a gold ring. The Pope’s stone church also represents a ceremony or a place of worship itself.

Grab the brass ring.

It’s a charming image, isn’t it, children riding colorfully painted and jeweled wooden horses around and around on a carousel, leaning out to grab a brass ring barely within reach at every turn.

I’m pretty sure they can teach rats to do the same thing #yearofthemetalrat

That ‘pool’ is ‘drying up’ it would seem, even if we did everything ‘right’, that is according to social convention, tradition, or religion or as we were taught. The Ace of Coins was a bad investment or opportunity you turned down, missed or ‘walked away from’ as a matter of individuality, nonconformity, even ethics. This could also represent the Church itself losing money, that gold coin in the past position in the reverse looks a bit like an empty collection plate.

The suit of Cups is the emotional suit. It’s all about how we feel, and it’s important. It’s a passive, receptive suit, which is why the 8 of Cups is so interesting in this spread in the ‘future’ position. This human is no longer waiting to be told what to believe or how to feel or for what or for whom, but instead is moving on. He or she has no choice at this point but to choose to pursue his or her own happiness. One’s own happiness is one’s own responsibility, period.

Something doesn’t feel right, we don’t fit in, we’re not treated as an equal, and in these cards we never will be at least by doing the things the way they’ve always been done for who we’ve always done them for or even with.

The 8 of Cups is a ‘seeker’. We may not know what happiness is but we should know what it isn’t, our own instincts tell us that, and we feel it. Or hear it: the Pope, or Hierophant, points skyward with his white-gloved right hand as if to say ‘listen!’. In the reverse, we’re not listening, or more likely, not listening to him as much as listening to our own inner voice. There is interesting lore around the phenomenon of ‘ringing in the ears’, as in clairaudience. The right and left ears receive different messages and meanings, but with the Hierophant in the reverse, it’s probably just your crappy TV speakers.

The 8 of Cups goes where no man – or woman – has gone before. I’m inspired by this card, it takes a lot to put your own happiness first. The 2 cards that follow the lonely 8 in the suit of Love, the 9 and 10, are both happy cards, and the departing human cloaked in red bravely ventures ahead to face an uncertain future. This is also a card of seeking refuge from a flood or hurricane, in which case the usual relief or resources may be unavailable – or conditional.

There are no mistakes, although looking closely at the unevenly stacked cups on the 8 we may think we should or could have done things differently, especially in matters of the heart, but there is no point looking back at reversed cards, or looking back at all.

Someone may simply not be suited for marriage, period, or someone may prefer their own sex, religion, nationality or race.

It may be right for someone, or everyone, else, but it’s not right for you, that’s all.

4&5 Aug 20: Queen of Wands & King of Wands & Ten of Coins

On the Same Wavelength. This is a fun spread. These are fun people. This is a bit like watching a reality show that probably isn’t real at all about beautiful people living fabulous lives and having a great time, except this is exactly that.

It’s not as common as you’d think to see the King and Queen of the same suit in the same reading, any more than you’d find any couple of the same astrological sign in a relationship, so just because we have both the King and Queen of Fire (Aries/Sagittarius/Leo) in the same spread doesn’t mean they’re married – but the 10 of Coins (Mercury in Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn), the card of home, security, family, wealth and legacy as an outcome certainly seems like it may be a very fruitful marriage – financially, certainly. Whoever these people are, they are well known on some level, and certainly are to each other. Or if not now, it appears they will be soon.

The Queen of Wands is a ray of sunshine. She even carries a sunflower, as her Leo DNA associates her with the Sun, and she ‘lights up the room’ wherever she is. She (or he) can’t help themselves, they just have that much charisma going on. Star power, basically. But she’s much more than looks, she’s intuitive, smart, and talented. This is the card of an entertainer, or anyone who is good with an ‘audience’, including teachers, public speakers and politicians. She’s optimistic: like the black cat beside her throne on the Olde Tyme cards, she ‘always lands on her feet’ and cheers us on to do the same.

The dominant color of the spread (Morgan-Greer deck) is yellow, yellow, yellow, the Queen’s hue a bit lighter than the King’s warmer color, and finally the many tones of gold on the 10 of Coins. These cards should be enough to ‘light a fire’ under anybody.

The outcome, the 10 of Coins or Pentacles or Earth, is our own ‘reality show’ – or it may feel like one. This is a windfall or a lottery win, an inheritance, a huge payoff.

While it’s easy to assume these 2 are married, the King of Wands is usually married already, and not necessarily to a Queen of Wands. There are no cups o’ love in this spread, but plenty of passion and shared ambitions. She (or he) is the feminine energy who may or may not be the presumed to be female figure on the 10 of Coins, a card that in the Morgan-Greer deck features only a wealthy couple rather than the multi-generational humans in the olde mansion garden of the traditional images.

The King of Wands is much admired, even by the other Kings. Adventurous and macho or marimacho, this King, male or female, is a true visionary. Kings and Queens leave their legacies long after they’re gone, and this looks like quite a legacy, whether a physical human family or other lasting contribution. The 10 of Coins is famous for its ancient stone chateau and old fruit trees, hundreds of years old – this could be a lot of money from the sale of an old property. These cards are what we might see around an ‘arranged marriage’, or plainly and simply, marrying for money or into a rich family.

This reminds me of a story about American movie people who are trying to blowing up a 100 year old bridge in Poland for a Tom Cruise movie. That’s f***** up. It was probably a King of Wands who envisioned that bridge at one time. Or probably a Knight, who was tired of having to jump his horse across the water, so he proposed a ‘bridge’ and they made him King for it. Now you want to blow it up. Shame on you.

I digress.

This is shared passion, motivation, inspiration, occupation, even religion. The keyword that comes to me when I see these 2 side by side is equality. This King and Queen are truly a force to be reckoned with as a pair, and they both know it. They truly do respect and admire each other’s talents and accomplishments, and also the integrity with which they meet, manage and overcome challenges, inspiring and assisting others to do the same. They’re almost, if not, telepathically connected, and if not related, definitely physically attracted.

These 2 belong together, certainly, and see life in the same (yellow) light. They do not appear to take life that seriously, but most, if not all, of their considerable hurdles and setbacks are behind them.

The King is in the center today. I could also read this for the Queen in the past position: this could be you yourself ‘leveling up’ to a ‘King’ yourself, and you may be concerned with your own ‘legacy’ whether it be children, property or your business or life’s work.

Only one word comes to mind whenever I see the 10 of Coins in the ‘future’ position: congratulations.

2&3 Aug 20: Tower & Two of Cups & Knight of Wands, all reversed.

Be Prepared. Yesterday the air was a weird mustard-yellow, even gold, color that is I have to say strangely beautiful and Martian, tinted by the thick smoke from a fire a little over an hour away. Later in the day, the acidic gray smoke settled in and it wasn’t so nice. This morning it isn’t, either. The Knight of Fire in the upcoming position is out of control, (Aries/Sagittarius/Leo) and can represent both a firefighter and the fire itself. In the reverse, we have a fire burning out of control and possibly a firefighter with some bad news: you have to evacuate. Now.

My friend sent me some rather alarming photos taken from her front porch yesterday, so I’m wondering if those 2 people on the reversed 2 of Cups in the center didn’t get their orders to evacuate last night or will today. It’s a huge fire, acres of forest, but as of last night it was burning pretty close to civilization.

In any case, the Tower in the reverse in the past position suggests we averted a disaster of some kind, natural or manmade – we have both on this card. (Mars/Aries/Scorpio.) The lightning-struck Tower is dramatically bursting into hot red-orange flames, and below, the dark water level is much higher than it should be. Floods, fires, fallouts, blowups. Mars is explosive and dangerous energy, but in the reverse, it seems the dark water is being poured on the fire from above as gray smoke wisps from the center of the Tower, which is quite remarkable, suggesting water drops from an airplane.

The couple in the center are in the reverse, so we’re talking about 2 people. The 2 of Cups (Cancer/Venus/Pisces/Scorpio) is about friends, lovers, siblings, partners and collaborators. The couple on the card are ‘twins’ or feel as if the other is their ‘twin’ and although I dread the term, it’s equally as awkward to not use the term ‘twin flame’ when there’s this much fire on the table. In the reverse, this is no ‘twin flame’. Regarding a partnership or romantic relationship, if something didn’t work out in that regard, you ‘dodged a bullet’ as is said. Water was poured on the fire before the whole thing exploded and burned down, if I were to surmise by the reversed Tower in the past position, flames now flickering down at the base of the unstable structure. Metaphorically or literally, you avoided a catastrophe of some kind. The Tower is notoriously shoddy construction, and the reversed 2 of Cups in the center could be a broken agreement, contract, or a violation of terms. This may be a person who just won’t leave if you are the one trying to evict someone and not the one being evicted. If you are a the one having to do the evicting, you’re not liking having to do it, but you probably waited as long as you could, much like the people having to evacuate their own homes because of a fire or flood. The cards offer many scenarios today.

The Knight of Wands or Fire in the future is a man or woman of action. Knights are on horseback, and, male or female, younger than me and on the move. It’s hard for me to tell chronological age in people, or animals, for that matter, and the Knight’s horse can and does refer to horses or other large animals. The reversed Tower and 2 of Cups says that my own horse and I, and I know I speak for all animal lovers, will delay our earthly parting for as long as we can.

The Knight of Wands in the reverse may be who you’re ‘evicting’ or who is ‘evicting’ you or anyone but no matter who it is, this person is inflamed. Knights bring news, and this Knight is not bringing good news, and that’s really all we need to know today.

It is interesting to note that this card represents the arsonist as well as the fireman. We may be looking for one, or maybe 2. Maybe this couple met on ArsonistsDoItBetter.Com. Maybe they both like to blow things up and watch things burn. The 2 of Cups in the reverse is a rather shallow connection – ‘love at first sight’ wasn’t.

The Knight of Wands in the reverse is either starting a fire or putting one out, or starting a fire just to put it out, like the fireman who turns out to be the arsonist, literally or metaphorically.

You may have avoided disaster in the past by simply being prepared. Watching live aerial coverage of the fire yesterday on TV it was interesting to note that of the few buildings and structures that were prepared for the fire, intensely burning mostly the surrounding forest, only one seemed to have enough clear, open space around it to possibly keep it safe.

Or: you’ve managed to avoid The Plague so far, but the couple in the center in the reverse gazing into each other’s eyes over their drinks may be taking a big chance. The Knight of Wands in the future can be mandatory or forced relocation, or having to move or move when or where you don’t want to, including jail.

For not social distancing?

31 July-1 Aug 20: The World & Nine of Wands & Seven of Coins

The Weight of the World. Someone,or everyone, needs a break, but the cards want us to know that if we want something badly enough we have to commit to it and work for it. We’re closer to the goal than we think we are.

I’m annoyed that both people in these cards are looking back when I would prefer them to be looking forward, as the World, #21 and the last card of the Major Arcana, is about completion, attainment, and ‘worldwide’ anything: travel, success, recognition. In the past position, it’s also the end of an era.

The ‘survivor’ in the center is the subject of our consideration today. The Olde Tyme cards show a battle weary and I would suggest sleep-deprived human guarding 8 tall, straight poles but keeping one in hand as a weapon of defense just in case. (Moon in Sagittarius/Leo/Aries). The suit of Fire talks about our spirit, passion, motivation, and drive. We’re close to burnout on the 9 of Wands but we also may be closer than we think to something else, according to the card in the future position, the 7 of Coins (Saturn in Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn). This is not backing down. This is the ‘hill you’d die on’ as the soldiers say or something or someone you’d ‘walk through fire’ for. The salamander, believed to be fireproof, is the symbol of the Knight of this suit – the ‘veteran’ on this card has been there and done that, but is ready to do it again if necessary. Or is he? (Or she.)

I almost feel a prizefighter vibe: do you have one more left in you?

In the future position is the honest, respectable 7 of Coins or Earth, the suit that talks about money, labor, and Return On Investment. The gardener stands back for a moment to rest on his hoe to consider, assess, and appreciate the fruits of his labor. The suit of coins or discs presents the opportunity for great success, but there are long hours and possible relocation. You may be trying as hard as you can to ‘resist’ change, but these are no small changes we’re going through. Both the 9 and the 7 are doing things the hard way, or rather, the old-fashioned way. The work, whatever it is, is physically demanding. Exhausting, even. No time for love, fun, or anything else. Perhaps your whole world was work.

It is possible that you may have to take on some work that you feel is ‘beneath you’, your skills or your reputation, but we’re living in a whole different world now, Dorothy. I recorded a record number of readings yesterday and the changes we humans are going through are truly transformative.

So much is possible here, even if you feel the/our/your best days are behind you/us. These characters will never know unless they start looking forward.

Someone may ask you for financial help, but you ‘have your back to them’, as the center card is turning away from the sufficient, if not exceedingly lucrative, 7 gold coins on the future card. The 7 says further gain is more a matter of faith, effort and commitment, and we are free to grow forward or not. The 7 of Coins is ‘growth potential’. If you’ve been resisting a job or career change, you may not have a choice at this point.

Taken as a whole, this could mean you are very close to achieving your goal, whatever it may be. If you want it, it’s yours, say the cards, but ‘it’ or even ‘they’ demand long hours, days and years – even if all we want is for our ‘world’ to be restored to ‘normal’.

There is also a ‘go big or go home’ opportunity in these cards. The suit of Coins, though, is a conservative, slow, solid, patient suit. Saturn rules this card, the ‘taskmaster’ of our solar system, and we need to neither underestimate nor overestimate ourselves, abilities or situation. The 9 of Wands is a bit paranoid and can literally be a security guard. In any case, we should be ready and prepared for anything.

Especially opportunity.

This could be ‘resting on laurels’ as the dancer on the World card in the past position is safely enclosed in her ‘comfort zone’ in the form of a laurel wreath. I don’t feel like the 9 of Wands is comfortable with that, as a matter of fact, he or she seems to be ‘consciously resisting’ this ‘ending’. I would hope that he or she does have ‘one more’ season left in them, or at least I hope that healthy money-bearing bush so carefully cultivated on the 7 of Coins makes it through the winter.

There is a timeless feeling about the World card. Both of these people need a break, no matter what the bigger picture is. Space, stars, planets, it’s all vast and endless and magnificent. Enjoy.

These cards want us to stop and ask ourselves what/who are you/we working for and why.

Don’t get defensive, just asking.

29/20 Two of Coins reversed & Queen of Wands & Knight of Cups

More to offer. It’s all about you, the Queen of Wands, today, the Queen of the Leos. Male or female, she is the ‘feminist’ of the Queens, although of course back in the day of this fiery, feisty lady on the throne we see on the Olde Tyme cards the word had yet to be ‘coined’.

Bear with me, no pun intended. YOUTUBE streams PBS Television episodes of the old Alfred Hitchcock television shows and yesterday was a particularly strange one, which is, if you’re a Hitchcock fan, saying a lot. A female doctor in the 60’s volunteers to be the subject of what seems to be an LSD experiment and wakes up in as a 300 pound woman in a hospital ward full of the same being fed ice cream and cake all day constantly birthing babies. Like a veal farm, basically. They’re all happy, contented and that’s just what they do. There are no men on the planet because a virus killed them all, and she’s horrified. They of course don’t believe she’s a doctor and I forget how she manages to get out of that situation but somehow she travels in time to the future to find this doctor to try to get him to stop experimenting with this virus. He doesn’t, she kills him, sets the lab on fire and it’s all good until she finds out he has a doctor son who managed to save a test tube and enough virus to continue his father’s work.

I know.

It’s called ‘Consider Her Ways’ and the 1960’s fatsuits alone are worth checking out.

The Queen of Wands (Leo/Aries/Sagittarius) is a born leader and naturally inspires people to ‘rally around’ her. It’s hard to not want to be in her ‘light’. Artistic, passionate, fearless and fierce, the black cat at her feet on the Olde Tyme cards reminds us of her lioness heritage. There is no doubt who is in control when the Queen of Wands is around. The Queen of Wands can do just about anything, is a great organizer and manager, and can ‘light a fire’ under anyone. She or he is often a motivational speaker or writer or actor or YOUTUBER but always an effective communicator.

The 2 of Coins (Jupiter in Capricorn/Taurus/Virgo) in the past position is the card of the ‘juggler’, that lad in the cap artfully juggling his 2 gold coins beside a rather restless looking, dark green sea. In the upright, day in, day out, we do what we have to do to make ends meet and although we may not have much to do it with, but we do it with style and we have a good time. We manage. In the reverse, we’re not getting anywhere. Either we’re ‘dropping the ball’ ourselves, overwhelmed, or we’re simply not that good at juggling, which is where the Queen of Wands comes in. She’ll have your life in order and a future plan laid out for you by lunchtime – and it’ll feel like fun.

The 2 of Coins or Earth, though, also refers to ‘juggling’ 2 jobs or – people. Like I said, the Queen of Wands is a feminist – and her and the King are said have an ‘understanding’. (Those Royals! -Ed.)

Sower’s not surprised to see the lovestruck Knight of Cups (Cancer/Pisces/Scorpio) in the future position. This has nothing to do with work, I’m afraid, this Knight, male or female, offers only his or her heart in the form of a gold cup from the saddle of his white horse. This is a romantic card, and speaks purely from the heart. While this could be a proposal or offer from someone younger of the suit of Water, the thing that causes me to feel differently is that in the future position, the Knight faces forward, which changes the story entirely for me, in that all the Queens have the feminine, receptive, ever-changeable element of Water in their DNA, Fire & water = steam, and while the Queen may need to ‘let off some steam’ with this poetic Knight of Cups, I believe this is all about her.

“Of course it is! ” declared the Queen of Wands, dramatically.

I feel like the Queen is ‘taking her love’ somewhere else, having ‘leveled up’ somehow, as she is obviously the ruler of this spread in both rank and position.

I can make anything work, says the amazing Queen of Wands, and even I can’t ‘pick up the pieces’ anymore as the 2 coins fall to the ground on the card in the past position.

This to me is not enjoying what you were doing for a living, or the pay was simply too low. The passion was gone, whether on the job or in a relationship, or a decision has been made between 2 options.

The Queen can do anything, but the most important thing is: what/who can or will you ‘put your ‘heart’ into?

While in the past we may have been making choices and decisions based on material needs or desires, the future card suggests we are truly following where or hearts lead us into the future.

You or someone has made a decision, or decree, if you will. This could be an offer coming to you or an offer made by you, or an offering you make to the world of your artistic gifts whether singing, writing, acting, creating, organizing.

Because women are capable of doing a lot more than just breeding.

You’ve gotta see that episode.

27/28 July 20: The Tower & The Empress & The Magician

Anything is possible. This is no everyday cup of coffee, this one, not with all 3 cards being of the Major Arcana, the A Team, the Power Players. After the life-changing ‘shock’ of the Tower, we have the fertile and loving Empress and the very first card of the Major Arcana, the mighty Magician.

After the life-changing event of The Tower, whatever it meant for you, we have a lot of power at our disposal to create whatever we want. What do you want? asks the Magician, I can make it happen. You can make it happen. Alongside the Empress, we can make it happen. But there are 2 different energies in this spread: the maternal and supreme creator that is Mother Earth that is embodied in the Queen of all Queens, The Empress, #3 of the Major Arcana. Having Libra DNA, she wants all things in nature in balance. She rules Venus, the planet of beauty, and indeed the card is beautiful and so is she, traditionally wearing a crown of 12 stars. She reclines under lush green trees beside a stand of cattails and a blue waterfall. She’s the ‘wellspring’ of life itself. The Empress is always pregnant on the card as is obvious by the long, loose gown she wears, and it must be said this ‘life changing event’ of the Tower could be a ‘shocking’ unexpected pregnancy. That Magician in the future position could very well be a doctor. +

However powerful the Tower is, we have even stronger cards in the present and upcoming positions and this is not energy to waste, says the Magician, wand held high upright, ready to make a move now. The Magician is associated with Mercury, and likes to move quickly, while the older and wiser Empress knows that things must grow, develop and evolve naturally and in their own time. Her Taurean DNA keeps her well-grounded, yet her Libra DNA keeps her head in the stars. She is everything we need, it’s that simple. This could be any woman you love, but you are also ‘sitting on’ some pretty amazing creations: the Empress doesn’t ‘work’ so much as bloom, blossom and fruit.

A funny side trip down the rabbit hole of the webz when I drew the Empress to research the number of females on the planet led me to the surprising statistic that men now outnumber women on Earth, to which the Magician in the upcoming position jumped up and shouted “we’re Number 1!”

The Empress and the Magician probably met and the sky opened up, as far as any sort of collaboration, whether it be romantic, business, friends, partners. This is a hell of a team, most likely inspired by the ‘falling apart’ of a previous endeavor – which could have easily been his or her own undoing. Mars, the angry red planet of war, is associated with the flaming Tower, as is the sting of Scorpio the Scorpion so what we have then is an angry scorpion.

Neither of these people are leaving ‘home’. The Empress can be and often is accused of being lazy, and the Magician does whatever they do behind a stone castle wall. Mercury rules communication and the Magician, of course, can suddenly ‘appear’ anywhere he wants, but Mercury does rule telecommunications which may have to do for now.

Whatever the ‘storm’ shook loose, the partnerships formed around it are going be much better than what just crumbled.

If the Empress has anything to say about it.

25/26 July 20: Temperance reversed & King of Coins reversed & Eight of Cups

Rent’s due. Time’s up. The reversed King of Money in the center did not come to play today.

Temperance, #14 of the Major Arcana, is in the reverse and in the past position. Time and patience have run out. Money has also run out: the reversed King of Coins (Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn) also admonishes us for overspending. Saving for a ‘rainy day’ is one thing, saving for a year-long sh**storm is another.

So we wind up in the future position as the 8 of Cups, the card of the refugee (Saturn in Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio). It’s a sad card, the suit of Water of course being of the emotions. It’s heavy hearted and feels lonely, but this red-cloaked figure we see from the back heading out under a sliver of pale yellow moon and up a dark, rocky coastline has given his or her all.

Of course there are several possible stories to tell around these cards. Whatever we’re ‘walking away from’, the Number 8 has a lot of power, and if this is a choice we’re making to ‘walk away’ from a person, we’re definitely doing the right thing. The reversed King of Coins or Pentacles is truly a person we’d like to avoid and certainly avoid being. This bastard (or bitch) does not care about your feelings. Or anyone else’s, for that matter. He does, however, care about your money.

You could be ‘abandoning’ someone with some out of control ‘imbalances’ as both the reversed Temperance and King of Coins can suggest: there are a lot of cups here. In the reverse, the contents of the gold cups of the giant Angel of Temperance spill out all over the place. I don’t refer too much to the word ‘Temperance’ being associated with the American movement of the 1800’s which was led by Goodwife Frances whose mission it was to outlaw all alcohol in the U.S., but the King of Coins is proudly posed in his vineyard, fat, ripe purple grapes and leafy vines almost engulf him (or her).

The human on the 8 of Cups in the ‘outcome’ position is walking away from their own sloppy stack of (empty) golden goblets.

Cold turkey.

Someone is walking away from an addiction to someone or something, in which case this is a very successful reading. Because ‘they’ or ‘it’ wasn’t good for you. The King of Coins is a businessman but in the reverse can be a thug and a bully, which is the only way he – I can’t feel this card as a she, but they’re out there- knows how to ‘do business’. This King doesn’t have the compassion of the King of Cups, the intellect of the King of Swords, or the inspiring passion of the King of Wands. In the reverse, the protective Angel of the Temperance card becomes a dark entity and I don’t like seeing it attached to the reversed King of Coins, but I do prefer it in the past position. You may have been working for a very unstable boss for quite awhile, or even married to this greedy, powerful man, in which case even though you may not know where you’re going, you’re going. Or, someone goes ‘back and forth’ on the issue of commitment, whether financial or personal, and someone else is moving on.

‘The well has run dry

According to a dog-eared sheet of occupations I have here for the King of Pentacles, we have general contractor, mogul, music producer, banker, sports team owner and I’d bet any or all of these are landlords as well. (Source unknown-Ed) It’s possible that in the current climate the work has ‘dried up’ as I see the bit of drying pond on the 8 of Cups that the wanderer is having to abandon, and so, sadly, he or she leaves them all where they are and makes his or her way over the rocks to open water. You may have been managing to keep it together so far, the but the ‘well has run dry’ in terms of your own emotional fulfillment from the relationship you’re in or the work you once loved doing, or the work is simply just not there anymore.

For entertainment purposes: this could be obsessing on your health as well, feeling sluggish from not keeping up physically. Earth signs are notorious – they can be serious hypochondriacs, in which case the hiker with the walking stick in the red cloak could just be taking a nice, healthy hike out in the open air. Excellent idea.

The 8 of Cups in this position, in the upright, always promises love and fulfillment in the future considering the 2 cards that follow in the suit – all we have to do is keep going.


23/24 July 20: Six of Cups & The World & Strength

Small World. For some reason, these cards brought a flood of tears to my old eyes. I love this damn planet. I truly, really do. I want to be here as long as I possibly can no matter what’s going on. This spread could get pretty heavy, but we’d rather not. No philosophical or esoteric examination. Not today. Keep it simple.

Your Place in Space.

The World, today in the center, is about completion and wholeness. The nude figure dancing in space within an egg-shaped green wreath is safe and at home in his or her (or both: a purple scarf wrapped around the lower hips obscures genitalia) own skin and is comfortable with their ‘place in the universe’. The dancer, twirling in space, holds 2 batons which look like the rods of DNA strands. The last card of the Major Arcana, #21, this is ‘attainment’, and the end of the journey the Fool started at Zero. The World means world travel also, but as one constantly in touch with and co-creating with artists all over the globe via the miracle of the inter webs, we can now virtually go anywhere we want. But there is no greater frontier than inner space, which is the human imagination. (Simple? -Ed) The World today is wherever we are here and now, and it is what it is. We are who we are, and we are where we are.

Travel is the enemy of ignorance and prejudice – Mark Twain (Irony-Ed)

In the past is the card of childhood and nostalgia, the 6 of Cups (Sun/Scorpio/Pisces/Cancer). 2 children play together in a walled garden surrounded by gold cups planted with flowers. One sweetly presents the other with a gold cup containing a white flower, white representing innocence. Perhaps we are no longer as innocent – or naive.

Strength, also of the Major Arcana, is about courage. This is Leo’s card as we could have guessed from the giant, orange lion with its massive paws and looking up adoringly at a beautiful woman dressed impeccably in a pure white gown.

Music has charms to soothe a savage breast. Music has the power to enchant even the roughest of people. This proverb comes from the play The Mourning Bride, by William Congreve, an English author of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. РProfessor Google

This is a very musical spread: the 6 of Cups is about ‘harmony’, the dancer in space on the World card is dancing to the ‘music of the spheres’ and the close-lipped lady on the Strength card is known to be humming a lullaby to the King of the Beasts, thereby turning it into a big, soft, pussy cat.

Claustrophics Anonymous.

The stone wall surrounding the children on the 6 of Cups and the wreath enclosing the space around the dancer of The World is a bit much, but ‘protection’ is the theme. That seems simple enough.

We have music, we have dancing, and we have animals all over the place in this spread. Animals are also protection, and today we have an eagle, a bull, a lion and a human man-imal guarding the 4 corners of the World card. Every human in this spread is using their hands: the children on the 6, giving and accepting the flowers, the dancer in the center, who never stops twirling her DNA rods, and the nurse- lady in white closing the powerful jaws of the lion with hardly a touch. This card also suggests veterinarians and dental exams. She is outdoors in the sun, ‘taming the beast’ in a cool field of green grass. Art, music, dance, animals, kids. What I’m sorry to see is distance between you and your kids if there is a separation due to travel restrictions, or between you and someone you hold dear, such as a sibling or classmate from childhood.

This can also suggest an ear exam – a health exam is a good idea in the near future whether the cards say so or not. For entertainment purposes only.

The Peacemaker.

This is creating your own ‘little world’ and finding peace within it. The lion on the Strength card also represents our inner, primal and unrefined base instincts, fear being one of them. You may have made peace with your childhood, or with someone from the past, but more important is ‘making peace’ with yourself. Unless you actually work for the UN, which is also represented by the World. You’re more important than you think you are, at least to someone in these cards.

Back to simple. This could be a graduation, or because of the state of the world, changing occupations altogether. This lady in white could be any health worker, and could be traveling internationally.

I could have just pulled the Strength card, which I will probably leave out all day, because no matter what happens in the future, it must be faced with calm and courage.

When we’re calm, we make others around us feel calm.

Can we do that?

21/22 July 20: The Moon & Six of Wands & Seven of Wands

Nightcrawlers. Protect thyself against the dark forces, say the cards today. If you are a well known person, and even if you’re not, I’m going to put it right out there that this is needing to protect your property, especially at night. You have someone’s unwanted attention, or more than one person’s unwanted attention. Conspicuous consumption is never in good taste, but now seems especially inappropriate. Forwarded is forearmed, and here’s hoping you don’t literally have to arm yourself as suggested by that long thick staff our hero is using protect himself against an angry mob in the 7 of Wands, today in the ‘upcoming’ position.

We have a lot of fire today (Mars/Leo/Aries/Sagittarius) and we are coming into Leo season on the 23rd so an early Happy Birthday to you lions.

In the past position we have the card of all things nocturnal, the Moon, who has been showing up quite a lot lately. The Moon is a mental card, and can mean psychic abilities and impressions but it’s a slippery, dark, chaotic energy also. We really don’t know wtf is going on with the moon any more than you can figure out what that weird dream was involving your 4th grade teacher and a purple crawfish, like the one crawling up out of the murky depths in the picture. It’s a confused card, and for study or entertainment purposes only, the Moon can mean mental disorders of all kinds including ADD , ADHD, or even a complete nervous breakdown. The Moon bends reality hard, and feels borderline delusional. The only thing you can for sure about the mysterious Moon is that you never know for sure. It may look like a diamond in the sky, but it’s actually a cold, gray rock.

This spread would make a great movie, I think, no matter what’s going on. In the center position is the hero of the 6 of Wands, riding back into town after having won some sort of award in the form of a wreath of laurels held high for all to admire. Generally this human on his ‘high horse’ represents someone we ourselves admire or our own much-admired self. This may be an award or public recognition you yourself deserve for many ‘long nights’ of work, or for something wildly creative, as the Moon card represents all things cinematic, fantasy lighting and camera effects as well as our own fantasies. You may have jumped out of bed this morning having had ‘dreamed up’ something significant. Take heed.

Victory is what the 6 of Wands is all about, you are a Winner. Everybody can see that, but the next card, the 7 of Wands, is of course the card that naturally follows such success and recognition. There are no coins for money here, no cups for love, just fire & fame. The defensive human the 7 is in the position of having to defend his or her reputation, methods, or integrity. But the 7 of Wands is about overcoming: the ‘odds’ are against this person. It looks like the same crowd – or ‘followers’ if you will – who was with him on the last card, the adoring audience of the 6, have now turned against him or her on the 7. In the upright, so far we’re holding our own.

Keeping your head above water.

… is what I’m hearing, and I see that indeed these 2 humans are both on ‘higher ground’. You may have successfully saved yourself, or your home or business, from flood or water damage. Animals are suggested by all the animals in these cards: dog, coyote, horse, and of course the creepy little purple crawfish under the Moon. This hero may have something to do with animal rescue, and of course deserves that victory wreath. A hundred victory wreaths.

Not everything is everybody’s business.

This is true.

The Dark.

This could have been a ‘dark night of the soul’ you are either coming out of or have come out of, and I must congratulate you. These are dark and surreal times, and ‘keeping your head above water’ is a monu – mental achievement. We don’t want to go back to dark times, murky thoughts, confusion and delusion.

I feel I especially need to encourage someone to use their intuition when it comes to people. When you get that dark, below the surface unidentifiable ‘feeling’, keep them away. People aren’t always who they seem to be.

Slay the energy vampires.

19/20 July 20: The Fool & Nine of Swords & Two of Wands, all reversed.

Don’t lose sleep over it. The Fool, 0 of the Major Arcana, is the card that kicks off this whole weird and wonderful life experience. Why shouldn’t I go there/do this/try that, asks the Fool of himself, as he or she is not the sort who asks or cares what other people think. Erratic genius Uranus rules this card which is associated with the progressive astrological sign of Aquarius. We need these Fools who ‘go where no man has gone before’. Are they crazy or are they on to something?

If we must see this card reversed, we can be grateful it’s in the past position today.

You or someone feels that they made a major mistake. You or someone may feel like you chose the wrong career path altogether, or simply went along in life with no plan at all. The free-spirited Fool blows along with the wind, and there may be some regret about a ‘path not taken’ that would have had you living another life altogether. Perhaps you trusted the wrong person or someone trusted you, and you or someone betrayed or abused that trust. In the upright, the Fool is the first one to take a ‘leap of faith’. In the reverse, well, we don’t use the word ‘fool’ as a compliment, so if the shoe fits, wear it. The reversed Fool could have been careless with money: I can sense a lot of regret in these circumstances at not having saved more. Fool! I can sense regret over time being wasted. Fool! Oh yes, the hits just keep on coming. Misspent youth. Fool! ‘Wow I was so naive!’ Fool! ‘The one that got away.’ Fool! ‘I made a fool of myself.’ Any regrettable actions or non-actions of the past can be represented by the reversed Fool today. So be it.

Let it go.

In the center is the angst-ridden card of anxiety and sleepless nights, the 9 of Swords, also of the mental suit of Air (Mars in Gemini/Libra/Aquarius). Traditionally we see a human sitting up in bed in the middle of the night overwhelmed with painful, negative thoughts and worries. It’s not a nice card, and in the reverse, this extreme discomfort can either be amplified or cancelled altogether which is what I’m choosing to do because there isn’t anything else to do. On the Morgan-Greer version, the peaceful dark nocturnal silhouettes of the trees are backlit with inflamed and intense shades of orange and red, and 2 fists are bound together with rope – our hands are tied. This is guilt, regret, remorse, all the Fool’s mistakes – whoever they are – keeping you up at night.

Let it go.

Worrying is not planning, and ideas and solutions can only come to us when we’re relaxed, clear, and receptive. You should be dreaming, not worrying. Not only do we need to think ‘out of the box’, the fact is that there is no more damn box.

The 2 of Wands or Clubs or Fire in the future position is in the reverse (Mars in Aries/Leo/Sagittarius) is a worry, because we at present do not have a goal or plan, and worse, no self-confidence. This is unfortunate, because we cannot move forward without it. The 2’s usually talk about partnerships, so this may have something to do with someone else, and given the current unique and rather extreme circumstances, appropriately socially – or physically — distant.

This could also be talking about someone you know and used to worry about but don’t bother to ‘lose any sleep’ over anymore. You may feel someone should have moved on in some way or are simply repeating the same mistakes, or at least have found a direction in life, and you may be ‘going up, in a way, ‘giving up’ on them or have ‘lost faith’ in them, or even yourself. A carefree, half-assed approach is not going to cut it anymore on any level. Somebody else’s foolishness may be bringing you down: your own reputation may suffer from an association or the ‘foolish’ actions of a associate of yours that you may not even be aware of, which looks like a ‘deal breaker’. Well you certainly won’t have to worry about that/them anymore

I’m feeling the reversed 2 of Wands wants to get back to that Foolish state of being, confident in himself and the world, his or her visions and ideas, even people. It’s almost not fair of the cards to accuse us of being disorganized and unprepared when the future at present is so uncertain.

Then again, the future is always uncertain.

Not worried about it, though.