23 Jan 18: Four of Swords


This card is all about rest and retreat. On this card a man, sometimes portrayed as a Knight, appears to be asleep or dead. This is a necessary retreat for restoration of body and spirit. This is the calm between storms, as it were. Finding your center in chaos. Stillness, meditation. The place within that is always there.

The 4 is a stable number, and to maintain that mental sharpness and balance we need to retreat whether we are aware of it or not. In fact, most people aren’t aware of it, and rush from here to there doing what and why and just can’t unwind until they collapse and burnout altogether (or as I said to a friend the other day, “the spirit writes checks that the body can’t cash!”) or turn to artificial means to maintain an unrealistic pace.

This card is telling you it’s not only okay to withdraw, it’s necessary. There’s always another challenge, another goal, another task, another day.

Get creative about scheduling in downtime and be as disciplined about shutting off as you are about being ‘on’.

Hit that auto-reply and take a Mental Health day….soon.



22 Jan 18: Six of Swords

Move. On. If there is emotional baggage to lose, traveling is the best way to lose it.

A couple is in a boat off to another shore. A strong card, a determined card, this couple – in some decks have a child with them, but not in the Russian deck, at least that we see. They must move away/on for some reason. Wherever they’ve been has not been kind to them, the previous card (5) being one of conflict and warfare. Chaos.

This man is navigating the boat out of choppy, violent waters out to the smooth blue of the calm before him. In the distance there is an island and a city surrounded by a wall   Safety. There is no other way. If these people want peace, want to thrive, even to practice their faith they must leave simply to live in peace.

This could be a trip over water, travel certainly. This is also known as the card of Science  – perhaps a travel opportunity for study. This is the scientist who must take his ideas elsewhere.

Are they, then, sailing away from the island they have outgrown? Does no one understand them where they’re from?

In any case, this card is asking, even telling  you to be somewhere else. Throw the dead weight overboard and sail on.


21 Jan 18: The Hierophant, reversed.

Rebel, rebel. Interesting card for a Sunday – the Hierophant (“revealer of sacred things”) or Pope as he is sometimes known is seated on his holy throne with one hand upheld in traditional blessing, two fingers pointed heavenward and two earthward. Supposedly the middleman between us and God, there are two monks or worshippers at his feet receiving his blessing, guidance or confession. This is a card of a wise advisor and compassionate counselor, but also of ritual and tradition. This is the priest of organized religion but also could be the founder or figurehead of any long-established institution.

In the Russian deck, the two kneeling figures of the more traditional decks are absent, but two bluebirds hover on either side of his head as if whispering messages brought down from heaven into his ears. His serene, all knowing face is painted in the likeness of Prince Vladimir the Good, who was made a saint in the thirteenth century.

Reversed, and for today, my preferred interpretation of The Hierophant reversed is the creation of your own tradition and ritual. Middle finger up to the establishment. The overturning of the musty, moldy, root-rotted, corrupt, maggot infested old thrones of the old senile bastards who have abused their positions of trust, their constituents and their congregations.

Enjoy your Sunday!

20 Jan 18: Five of Wands, reversed

Calm your mind before it eats itself. On this card, five young men are in healthy competition – or ‘mock’ competition, one-upping each other and proving themselves. They all brandish their ‘weapons’ – stout clubs – but they’re not really hitting each other. In fact, this card can even stand for martial arts sometimes, and this picture does remind me of when they swing those little clubs around on that chain (nunchucks) without really hitting anything. Sparring. With the Five of Clubs, sometimes it’s all the sparkplugs in your head going off all over the place ‘competing’ for priority, which along with the ever-conflicted and uneven 5, can get stressful.

Reversed: it is essential to rest your mind. This card can indicate someone who is stimulated by competition, and has a hard time being motivated without it. Reversed, everybody drops their clubs and there is no more healthy debate, back and forth, tossing around of ideas. In any case it’s not working, whether there are other people involved or just yourself and the way you manage your mind.

Prescription: Mental break, it’s Saturday.





19 Jan 18: Eight of Coins and Judgment

You not only passed inspection, but someone is very impressed.

The number 8 gives our craftsman, who works at forging his gold coins steadily and consistently, focus on his task. It is obvious from the 8 beautiful pieces we can see he has completed that he hasn’t done much of anything else but work. He stands back and to appraise his work, but will not rest or be distracted until he is finished, and he has 2 to go.  This is the guy that whenever everybody else wants to break for lunch would rather work through and let everybody go on without him.

But while everybody was out to lunch, the boss happened to need something, and wandering around the quiet empty halls found our Eight of Coins man, sleeves rolled up and working. Not only was he nearly finished with the assignment, the quality of his work was more polished, detailed and  far better than any of his associates or co-workers.  The boss took note and would keep an eye on this one, who seems to have what it takes to advance.

If this is you, you’re probably ready for that promotion, and have been for a while. Bring it, you got this, etc. Need more like you, says the boss, or the angel on the Judgement card who blows his horn to literally ‘raise the dead’, their arms uplifted joyously.

So you may get that raise before you die! Nice. You certainly worked hard enough for it -and yes it will have been worth it.


18 Jan 18: Three of Cups

“Great work, team! I’ll buy the first round!”

Three women dance happily and freely, their glasses raised in joyous celebration. Perhaps they’ve created something together, or work together on something they all care very much about. Perhaps they’re all on vacation together and lift their glasses to themselves at a cafe near the water. Perhaps one of them called the others out to lunch to announce her engagement or announce her pregnancy. Perhaps this is a business meeting or a partnership forming between three women, or the project is completed, the goal met.

It strikes me these three could be holding their gold cups up for all to see after having won an award for whatever it is they’ve accomplished, and there will be dancing and celebrating after the ceremony.

In any case, on this happy Thursday (the new Friday, I don’t know why) and every day enjoy friends and celebrate life. Viva la Vida!



17 Jan 18: King of Coins, reversed

Corrupt bastard. What a mutant of a human being this man is. Money money money money money money money. But it’s not even the money, it’s the perverted rush he gets out of screwing somebody else out of theirs. A King, yes. But not the good kind. This King is vicious and vengeful. Unstable earth energies here, Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo. Why, the Devil himself is a Capricorn, and owning a lot of the sky right now, as a matter of fact.

If you are unfortunate enough to work for this person, you’re probably already or have been looking for another job anyway.  If this is your landlord, move. If you are in a personal relationship with this person, you’re being used for whatever he can get out of you. He is neither faithful nor trustworthy.

So today – Wednesday, being ruled by Mars, and all things male or potentially explosive, warlike or flammable – stay out of his way.

If this is your current aura, you are too old to think that you are what you own or what you do for a crust, as they say.  It’s a sad mistake to calculate your worth based on your ‘job’ or bank account, but of course people do.

This is Scrooge’s card. Scrooge was ‘cured’ of his myopic vision of life by the appearance of something neither he nor anyone else on earth with all the money in the world could explain, buy, or sell, and he was a changed man forever.

Or, of course, this  King could be trying to fill that gaping cavern where a heart should be with all the gold he can hoard, but that’s a bottomless pit all the money in the world won’t –  and can’t – fill.