25 Feb 20: Five of Swords reversed & The Chariot reversed & The World

‘Losing the battle, but winning the war’. Or, give up on my old Volvo altogether, the Chariot being a vehicle of transportation. The Lambhorgini of its day.

This does very much look like ‘giving up’ on something, but I have to say in this case it actually looks like this is a good thing.  The World, #21 and the last of the Major Arcana is today the ‘future’ position and is the completion of a cycle: the world has turned. By 2021 you may not even recognize yourself.

The nasty, confrontational ‘win-at-all-costs’ 5 of Swords (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) is today in the reverse and behind us. Everything is a battle to at least one of the characters in the scene on the Olde Tyme card as 2 others surrender their own weapons and walk away: this is a good card to see in this position in this place.

Not worth it.

Pick your battles!” is what I yell at my little old soldier Chuey when he starts yapping for, to me, no apparent reason. Cars yes, rabbits no. I’m in California but this dog I’m quite sure can see all the way to Arizona. I actually. pondered animal eye to human organ transplants because of him, and he even has milky, misty cataracts in both eyes.

I digress.

The Chariot, astrologically an emotional  Cancer, is a card card about ‘winning’. Setting, focusing on, and achieving your long-term goal. Your personal ‘finish line’.

In the reverse, this is a ‘unwinnable’ race. We’re not necessarily ‘losing’ but today, in the center, we look more like one or both of the humans on the 5 in the past position, the 2 who are finding the fight not worth it.

Today I’m feeling like this is more of a choice than anything else.

Swimming upstream.

Or, like I said, the ol’ Volvo can’t run anymore. I won’t fight it (5 of Swords) but I think she’s still got a lot of life in her. 250+000 miles is nothing. meanwhile, across town, FedEx had delivered the errant auto part to the wrong address and all was well by the end of the day yesterday. This is the next, and hopefully, not the last stop for the ‘vO.

No matter what happens, we had a good run.

In any case, I have a free rental, and find myself planning a couple of short trips I would not have made otherwise, so the world is a little bigger than it would have been. There are at least  1 ‘bucket list’ trips left in the bucket, for those not familiar with American slang or too young to need one,  the ‘bucket list’ is the list of things you must accomplish before you die.

This is letting the world turn, not fighting it, and not stressing over it. Any twists and turns or delays or even mis-communications during this Mercury Retrograde,  have, so far for me always resulted in some interesting and ‘off-road’ idea, encounter or insight. Sunday was a massively energetic day, and although my car didn’t start, the energy was diverted elsewhere and the results were unexpected, therefore, surpassed anything I could have expected or desired.

The Charioteer ‘eases up’ on the reins in this case, and lets the horses rest or ‘run it off’.

You can fight it, but why? The world, so far, has always continued to turn.






24 Feb 20: Page of Cups & Queen of Clubs & King of Swords, all reversed

Go back to bed. There is not an upright, likable human on this table at first glance: the immature, spoiled, tantrum – throwing Page of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio), the jealous, bitchy ‘Diva’ that is the Queen of Wands (Sagittarius/Aries/Leo), or the cruel and manipulative tyrant that is the King of Swords (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius).

Going back to bed is not an option, although that’s probably what the Page of Cups, today in the past position which is at least something, would have done, and of course, this supremely creative but rather fragile card, especially in the reverse, is all about drugs, alcohol and escapism in general. In the upright, this is a talented, sensitive, dreamer. In the reverse, this is a child overindulged. Spoiled.

It’s the escapism tendencies of the past I’m concerned about, because there is something we could have missed that may unfortunately come back to haunt us in terms of a legal action of some kind. The King of Swords (Gemini/Aquarius/Libra) is someone in authority who uses his position to achieve his own selfish ends. He does not come in peace, lets’ just say that.

There’s a lot of potential for financial crisis as a result of your own denial. Someone’s been in la-la land and a lawyer or accountant or God forbid the IRS is about to come down on your royal ass, and hard. I see no coins here – it could have all been spent on drugs or alcohol. A very messy family situation that we should stay out of – if we can.

This could be a hell of child support or custody  ‘battle’, poor kid, and someone has, or is, a ‘shark’ of a lawyer. This is an evil bastard no matter who he is, and everyone else in this spread is pretty powerless against him.

This is a bad soap opera, bad theatre. Tragedy, even. One should, to say it politely, keep their mouth shut. The King of Swords in the reverse may not be so polite.  This could very well be a bully or a physical threat: we don’t like your ‘kind’ around here.

Elephant skin were the words spoken to me during a reading recently, and the Queen is going to need it no matter what the situation which it isn’t pleasant for anyone involved from what I can see. The Queen of Wands’ ordinarily cheerful, sunny disposition is soon to be or is being overshadowed by whoever or whatever this King of Swords represents, in the way the other birds cower when a hawk flies over, or an owl.

This could also be a time of creative blocks or unproductively, in which case we may over thinking and over analyzing and not letting the inspiration just flow. 

Or, just assume everyone is having a bad day, because everyone may be.

When my car didn’t start yesterday I thought, well, it’s Mercury Retrograde, no problem, I’ll just call the excellent AAA roadside battery service.  But it turned out that an entire bundle of wires had been chewed straight through which I’m sure has nothing to do with the Year of the Metal Rat, so I’ll be calling the truck to flat bed the ‘vO into town where I hope it will be fixed by the time I was hoping to get it into the shop on the other side of town by Friday where I’d had a part delivered last week that has somehow gone missing although Fed X  has a signature from someone the shop  says doesn’t work there.

Dr. Kaku, this does not happen ‘all the time.’ I promise I’d notice it.

Logistics are no joke in the desert, route-planning is an art form, and I have a very ‘artistic’ day ahead of me.

I know everybody’s doing their best.

(That’s the spirit!-Ed)

22 & 23 Feb 20: Six of Cups & Seven of Wands & Seven of Coins reversed

‘Out of the mouths of babes’ or: ‘drunks and children tell the truth’. No existential ‘there are many truths’  or ‘my ‘truth’ or your ‘truth’.  Just the truth.

A child – or a drunk, for that matter – may loudly point and ask ‘why is that lady bald?’ when he or she sees a cancer patient, but we, as adults, wouldn’t think of doing that.

Stay with me…

In this case there is a challenge involved as represented by the ‘stand your ground’ because ‘haters gonna hate’ card, the 7 of Wands or, today Clubs, as on the olde carde we see a human defending their position as a mob below tries to displace him or her, holding a long, straight staff across his body protectively.  (Sagittarius/Leo/Aries.) People can’t handle the truth, as we all know.


We have again the 6 of Cups, today in the past position but today more of an overall energy: innocence, youth, and immaturity.  We are not children, but will certainly be treated like one if we act like one. (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio.)

2 7’s are changes and challenges: pick your battles, which may even be protecting and defending children, or even your own integrity. Truth = honesty, after all, and while a lot of people appreciate that honesty – so refreshing – but some people are very turned off, or even jealous, of your fiery spirit and authenticity – we can’t blame the child for simply observing what we’re all seeing.

The Emperor Has No Clothes!

Don’t shoot the messenger.

Vaguely I remember a passage from the ICHING aka The Chinese Book of Changes that is trying to bubble up through the foggy recesses of my head-cave that I’ll never remember verbatim or even close, but it talks about not putting in any more or less effort aka your own life force into what the situation – or people – deserve(s) or merit(s).  This would be ‘throwing good money after bad’ at this point.

There is something you may feel you just can’t put any more effort into, because it’s never going to pay off in terms of making you happy. These people aren’t your people,  and your co-workers or even your neighbors can’t be trusted. ‘Frenemies’ all over the place. Incredible that the word even exists, really. (Capricorn/Virgo/Taurus.)

Or: the 7 of Wands in the center is demanding a day off, and the 7 of Coins is taking it.



21 Feb 20: Page of Cups & Temperance & Page of Coins

Come together. Right now, you brats, or I’ll beat both your asses.

Only kidding. This, though, is the very picture of the adult in the room trying to make peace between 2 bickering children, or 2 ‘children’ who can’t yet, or have trouble, expressing themselves. (Or the debate -Ed.) Once again, assuming children don’t read cards or read readings, if these 2 Pages, representing children or teenagers in the Tarot are referring to adults they’re certainly not communicating as adults, if communicating at all.

The sensitive, daydreaming Page of Cups or Water (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) may eventually express his or her feelings in art or music rather than verbally.  Tears come quickly to this delicate soul.

In the future position is the serious and studious young Page of Coins or Earth (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn). Water and earth = clay, a very constructive, useful, even holy, substance.

In the upright, they’re both good kids, basically.

In the center is Temperance, #14 of the Major Arcana and a Sagittarius and today, the adult in the room. It is a card of ‘mediation’ as in refraining from excess, but is also about patience. If you don’t have children yourself, you could be mentoring or working with a young person or people, or just feel protective of someone young or naive. Temperance, being the alchemist of the deck, has a natural talent for bringing the right combination of people together in collaborative situations or in negotiating agreements between them. This could even be mediation in a situation involving child support.  You could be teaching young people how to turn their creative visions into concrete reality, as the young page of Coins or Pentacles in the future position holds up his own gold coin to examine it more closely, contemplating its potential. The Page of Coins in any deck always looks a little older then effeminate Page of Cups to me. This could mean that it’s simply. a matter of time before sweet little kids grow up and have to face the real world, but Temperance suggests there is no reason to not always have fun being who you are or to ever lose your natural childlike wonder – even amusement – at and by life.

If this card were a movie, a giant angel would be ‘concocting’ or ‘cooking up’ some sort of Divine ‘accidental’ or ‘chance’ meeting between 2 people who make each other feel like kids.

Or: someone you haven’t seen since you were a kid has changed – but not that much.

If this were a bumper sticker it would read, ‘ I don’t want to deal with your inner child, I want to deal with your outer adult’.

Wait, it is a bumper sticker.




20 Feb 20: Eight of Cups & Six of Cups & The Devil

20/20 Hindsight. We don’t really want to go back to that, do we?

Here is more ‘retro’ as in (Mercury) retrograde as presented by the 6 of Cups, a card of nostalgia and the innocence – and naivety- of childhood. The Olde Time cards always shows a child shyly handing the gift of a flower to another child, both surrounded by a safe stone wall. It’s very sweet. Very innocent.

Those were the days.

Assuming children don’t read cards, this is a card of our own past, but what would a card that talks about the past be doing in the present position?

The 8 of Cups, today in the past position, is simply having moved on. So why would a card that talks about the future be in the past? The Wild Unknown card is dominated by a massive black mountain that looms over 8 broken glasses scattered on the ground, and on the Olde Tyme cards we would see an unfulfilled human from the back, red cape flying and flapping behind him or her as they head out to ‘anyplace better than this’, abandoning the whole mess. In the upright, I never see this card as a mistake, but always the right thing – a matter of self-preservation. This card always shows a harsh landscape. We have, or had, a ‘failure to thrive’.

Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999.

Well then I hope you were born after 1999, because I don’t know about you, but I should not be alive and to even attempt 1/8 of my past ‘daily regime’ would kill me on the spot.

The Devil, #15 of the Major Arcana is today in the future position so be warned. On the ‘Wild Unknown’ card, the Horned One is a long-haired goat who is giving me ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’  vibes. It’s definitely the cutest little Devil I’ve ever seen.

I think that’s the point.

But the Devil, a Capricorn, is today most likely a personal ‘demon’ of our own we may have to face down (again) soon. The suit of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) represents the mysterious deep of the subconscious,  the fluidity of emotion and is the suit of alcohol and drugs of any kind.

For old time’s sake?


Tempting – but remember why you walked away from “it/him/her” in the first place.



19 Feb 20: Two of Coins & The Sun reversed & Page of Wands reversed

Not today. We’re not saying ‘never’, or ‘no’, especially when it comes to taking on anything new or planning something new or even sharing news. I just watched a video of Dr. Michio Kaku talk about Mercury Retrograde and it was interesting. He doesn’t buy it, but I lost an entire hour of recording yesterday and after 3 attempts I think maybe the podcast loaded and my handyman’s truck battery died for no apparent reason which had him scratching his head but the Dr. says this happens all the time and we just don’t notice it as much.

Retrograde or not, to me this spread says ‘cruise control’. The round coins being juggled by the juggler in the past position could be wheels. It’s not a good time to ‘start up’ or propose anything new as much as you may want to, but you’ve got enough ‘on your plate’ as it is, and you know what you can ‘handle’ and what you can’t.

Slow your roll. 

On the Olde Tyme card the juggler has ‘both hands full’ but is managing to keep ‘all his balls in the air’ as they say.  Juggling work, home, people, jobs. bank accounts. There are a lot of moving parts, and we can only ‘handle’ so much.

The Sun in the reverse is a cloud passing, ‘blocking’ the Sun. There may be places we’d rather be or things we would rather be doing than dealing with the mundane yet essential aspects of daily life, but this is a warning of something ‘slipping through the cracks’. The Devil, not present in today’s lineup but always looking for an ‘in’ is also of the suit of Earth (Capricorn/Taurus/Virgo) and would remind us that the ‘devil is in the details’.

The Page of Wands or Fire  (Sagittarius/Leo/Aries) is young, brave energy and should be up for anything, but not today. In the reverse, this could even be a child ‘under the weather’. This could be deciding whether you even want/can afford to have a child right now.

This could be a temporary creative/writer’s block.

We may be going ‘back and forth’ about deciding when and how to make a proposal or present an idea. Write it down and go over it again and again as the juggler would do in order to make sure you’re understood and your words are carefully chosen and delivered.

Wands talk about communication, and the Sun reversed makes me think of solar flares, which do screw with communications.


Even Dr. Michio Kaku would agree with that.




18 Feb 20: Nine of Swords reversed & The Star & King of Coins

You’re hired. Or, as they say nowadays, you’ve got this.

The angst-ridden 9 of Swords (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) is tossing, turning, waking up and worrying about any and everything you can do absolutely nothing about, at least at that hour.  Fears and worst-case scenarios occupy more real estate in your head than they deserve to, at least at that hour. It’s serious and it’s painful. Regret, remorse, guilt, it’s a really horrible, even shameful, card, but the swords are all in your mind. What was said, what was done, what was not done.  I love the ‘Wild Unknown’ version: a tangle of raw eyeballs, nerves and knives tightly wrapped around a jawbone. Grinding your teeth at night? This is your card.

So it’s good to see it reversed in the past position and followed by the hopeful beacon that is the Star, #17 of the Major Arcana,  The Star is an Aquarian, and needs no introduction. This could be a picture of someone up all night worrying about an audition, interview, meeting or ‘performance’ of any kind.  With the Star upright in the center of the spread you have nothing to worry about.

The Star is a ‘healing’ card and a card of recovery from illness of any kind. The harsh 9 of Swords can even be a hard withdrawal from drugs or alcohol and all the unpleasantness and pain of the process, physical and mental, but the Star shines a hopeful and healthy light.

The King of Coins or Pentacles in the future position could be a doctor, but whoever he is, he is a wealthy man (or woman) of the grounded, secure suit of Earth and possibly a  Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. The Earth signs seem to have a lot of ‘lucky stars’ shining over them right now, so for those earth signs out their grinding your teeth at night, have hope.

Someone important thinks you’re a ‘star’, and it looks like someone with the financial means to greatly alleviate your worries, not just with financial backing, but with inspiration.  This King appreciates the vision, high ideals and aspirations of the Star, which is also a card of public service. Both the Star and the King use their ‘power for good’. The King is a philanthropist, not just investing in you or your company or idea because it is innovative and unique (Aquarius/Uranus influence via The Star) but also because he (or she) recognizes a benefit to humanity.


Starpower….use it wisely.

Stagefright: get over it.