12 November 18: King of Fire & Three of Fire (Clubs, Wands, Rods, Staves)

It’s go time. All fired up and ready. You’re anxious to make a move, you’re chomping at the bit. You want to get going on something, but..

But what?

There is so much energy in these two cards I want to hook it up to my amp (not lying, last  week I solar-powered my washing machine which is completely blowing my mind and is easily one of my Top 5 Lifetime Achievements). Knights are always charging around on their poor horses, but on the Morgan-Greer deck we  see our hero of the Fire suit (Sagittarius/Leo/Aries) only from the waist up, so today, well, that may be his problem. He has no horse, and he needs to get going! Of all the Knights, he’s the hardest to keep still. He looks over at the 3 of Clubs which shows us a human looking off in the distance who seems to be waiting for something or someone or considering a journey himself.   The Knight shoulders his club which is starting to sprout new leaves, as are the clubs on the 3. I can see why he’s in a rush to get there, between them they have 4, and the 4 of Clubs is one of the happiest cards in the deck, specifically a happy home. However, for some reason that’s not happening, and we don’t know why. There is distance between the two, but the way is clear. There is not a tree or bit of green on either card aside from the new little green leaves sprouting from the thick, straight brown branches they both hold. The Knight’s bright yellow glove bears the silhouette of a salamander, long believed to be fireproof.

Well, there’s some reason something’s not happening that someone wants or needs to happen, like, now. Like, yesterday. But it can’t.

If I were watching a little movie, I would say the firefighter is waiting for what he needs to charge on into that fire – and someone else is pretty on edge waiting for them, and although the human of the 3 has one branch planted where he stands and will have to abandon it, he has 2 more in hand ready to run with. It’s all he can carry. A yellow, vicious looking wing’d Griffin rides along on top of the Knight’s helmet, or at least I thought that’s what it was, it’s front half bird and back half lizard or dragon and I can’t find it on the internets but I did discover the Shug Monkey, and I want one, although they haven’t been seen since WWII.

I digress. Wands often mean travel, fast, and by air. No doubt as I type this there are water-dropping planes coming and going all over California and people nervously waiting for help to save their homes and themselves. This is very much having to get the hell out, and the word ‘stressful’ doesn’t even qualify as an understatement here. This poor 3 could be watching his own home burn down to the ground having fled with only what he could carry, and has had to ‘plant’ all over again somewhere else, literally and figuratively. For the first time I notice if I focus on the brown cloak, from the back it resembles a thick, brown tree trunk. Old growth is threatened, but new growth will take its place.

Resources are spread thin, and our firefighting sky pilot is ready to go as soon as he gets his vehicle. That thing on his helmet is ready to take off as soon as it gets the word.

Maybe that’s why he has no horse today, they don’t fight fire on horseback, thankfully.

Jupiter is back where he belongs after a lot of years and brings more of everything, and in Sagittarius, bigger is not better when it comes to fire.

Good luck to all.



10 November 18: The Emperor & Queen of Cups

Father/Daughter love. The Emperor is the patriarch and the quintessential Father figure of the Tarot and associated with the suit of Fire, specifically Aries. He represents authority in its many forms, and, upright, makes and enforces the rules for our own good. He’s wise. He’s experienced. He must know everything ’cause he’s Dad, and of course an essential figure in our lives. DNA is DNA.

The Queen of Cups, she of the psychic, sensitive, emotional suit of water (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) is openly emotional – she tears up at the drop of a hat – receptive, and sometimes a little naive, that’s why this older man likes her. This combination can mean an older man – younger woman relationship – her childlike naivety is part of the appeal, and makes this aging Emperor feel like a young man again. He’s her Sugardaddy. (Last paragraph dedicated to the late Hugh Hefner.)

Forgive me if you’ve heard this one before but I feel like someone could be encouraged by this today.

My Athiest  Harley-riding, hard-working, hard-partying Father (“God doesn’t put food on this table, I do.”) grew pensive in his last years even before he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. “How do you know” he’d said, “there’s anything after this?”

“Because you’ll tell me when you get there.” I’d said matter of factly as we ate Italian and drank wine at his dining-room table.

He went quick, refusing chemo and dying as he always said he would, in his damn Levi’s.

Some days later, I’d be typing away around midnight and I’d hear the microwave go off in the next room. I didn’t think anything of it, it was just a couple of random beeps. The same thing happened the next night, and again I was so into whatever I was doing I didn’t really think about it. But when it happened again the next night, it finally occurred to me that someone was trying to tell me something. I got up and went in to look at the microwave.

Very slowly, as if a child were learning to work the numbers on the keypad, the digital display spelled out ‘1-1—-11’. Awkwardly, hesitantly. I stood in front of it and watched as the display went black, and then again, this time a little more confident, a little quicker, the bright white numbers in the dark room:

11:11 11:11 11:11 11:11

Finally realizing I was receiving some kind of message, I Googled 11:11 and those of you who know, know. It’s a love thing, an eternal thing, and believe it or not it’s easier for love to be when and where it belongs when it’s needed when it’s not trapped in a meatsuit.


High five, Dad, now you know.


Oh yes – and we have an issue with the “G” word. Please use Spirit or Presence. You love someone’s Spirit or Presence, that sounds nice, but ‘ghosting’ someone, well, that’s not a nice term, is it? No. It’s not their fault we’re not listening.

We thank you, my Father and I.


9 November 18: King of Coins & 5 of Coins

I can help says this King of Earth, money, worldly goods, loans, and finances which is  welcome news for the poor, cold, wandering couple of the flat-broke 5 of Coins.

The King of Coins is a solid, stable, Taurean  earthbound energy. On the Morgan-Greer card he is quite serious and looks us straight in the eye. It may be the greenest card in the deck, he wears a warm green hoodie to match the lush, deep green of the grapevines that wind almost protectively around him. Huge, ripe, clusters of purple grapes hang from these vines he planted long ago and will continue to bear fruit long after he is gone. He is a wise investor, this King. Even his crown is practical, a peaked gold protective helmet with bull’s horns sprouting even more green leaves. No froufrou jeweled silly ornamental tiara for this no-nonsense King. If he has any jewelry it’s probably in a safe-deposit box. He is often referred to as King Midas, who, when granted ‘the vain prayer’, his wish for the ability to turn everything he touched into gold,  realized too late he’d royally f*****up when he couldn’t eat a 24 carat pizza. But I don’t recall ever having referred to him as King Midas, because Taureans are much more practical than that. They wouldn’t have believed in ‘wishing’ for anything in the first place, they know better. Steady, logical and long-term security-minded as well as concerned with all things having to do with physical health, I doubt this King would have not thought that through.

The familiar couple on the lonely, olde, traditional 5 of Coins are in trouble. They are wandering and homeless, down on their luck, and its taking a toll on their health, or it certainly will if relief doesn’t come soon. Traditionally, the pair wander through the snow past a warmly lit stained-glass window of what we assume to be a church, and wonder why they don’t go in and get out of the snow? Are they unwanted? The Morgan-Greer card does not picture them wandering, but the pair have morphed into a nun or nurse who comforts a bleeding, bandaged, battered little human who has fallen, exhausted, into her arms, and the gray stone building with the glowing window could be a hospital. This is a painful card. Things aren’t good. We’re feeling hopeless, and don’t know where to turn. We feel like we may lose everything if we haven’t already.

If there were any 2 cards I’m happy to see fall out of the deck together, it’s certainly this pair. This King is a successful business type who can certainly help, but will also seriously take into consideration how you wound up in this uncomfortable position in the first place. His advice and guidance is worth $$$ in the long run, but he’s not King Midas. He turns money into land and land into food, wine, cannabis, and so on and so on, he’s a long-term guy.

I always get the vibe on the olde tyme cards that the couple are ‘shunned’ for some reason. ‘Ostracized’ is a word often used when describing these sad people , rejected for any reason from disapproval of a same-sex marriage or marrying outside of the prevailing common faith or family tradition to falling from their social class, as in, no one calls us since we can’t afford the golf club membership anymore or, if I marry you Dad says I’m out of the family.

There is help, but only for what you need, says the King  (who worked his way up from Royal Accountant) not for tiaras and golf course memberships.

He already has a budget and a plan, and if they’re smart, they’ll re-assess their values and position in life. He represents a comfortable retirement – nothing flashy, just his earthly needs met.

In the Salvador Dali deck, Dali, a Taurus, paints himself as the King of Coins keenly aware that it is his own dedicated, physical earthly efforts with his own two human hands that manifests his imagination into art into money, which he liked – a lot. There’s more where that came from.

Which is good because wifey, the Queen of Coins, notoriously has a grand time spending it all.









8 November 18: The High Priestess, reversed

Something’s not quite right. That may be true, but it could also be that your own spidey-sense needs a tuneup.

We recently explored this card of all things ruled by the feminine Moon, The ‘Female Pope’ or The High Priestess, knower and keeper of secrets. She is serene as she sits on her throne in a deep meditative state. This is the card of feminine intuition and all the mysteries of the subconscious. Use your instincts, she says, or did she? Her mouth never moved.  She’s telepathic like that. This moody, changeable Goddess of the Moon lives in the space between light and the dark, the conscious and the subconscious. Between What is Known, and What is Unknown.

Reversed, she’s gently alerting us (again, doesn’t need to say a word) that we may not be on our game as far as our ‘gut feelings’ are concerned, or that we simply don’t have all the facts we need in order to make a decision or choice today. Information is being withheld, possibly by or involving a woman, but certainly doesn’t have to be. She’s not a very reliable source of information in this position – rather a source of gossip or slander, in which case we should always hear and believe it straight from the horses’ mouth (“you won’t hear it from mine!” says my horse, although I just did. Or did I?) and not act, opine or comment on hearsay. Inadmissible, your honor. But I did not have all the facts.

Upright, this card calls for meditation, stillness, contemplation and listening to the inner voice, and feels like all things watery, mysterious and ruled by the moon. Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio are members of this club, but we all have a whole lot of water sloshing around in us, so we’re all affected somehow somewhere in our astrological makeup.

Reversed, our ‘inner voice’ isn’t as sharp or reliable as usual.  We must formulate answers based more on hard facts, x-rays and research. Movement is needed and action is called for. Secrets are revealed. Something is hidden and will be or needs to be uncovered and exposed. This card reversed for females could mean extreme mood swings resulting from hormonal imbalance. She can mean fertility problems or a difficult birth. She can warn of mental health issues from unknown causes. Is your doctor missing something?

The High Priestess reversed is not asking, but telling us we’re going to have to work a little harder to uncover the truth of a matter if we really want to know. We may have to ‘come clean’ about something ourselves, or about ourselves.

Take everything with a grain of salt, I heard her say.

Or did I?



7 November 18: Temperance

This may take some time. Trial and error. Just keep at it until you get it right, says this calm, patient card of the Major Arcana, Temperance. The ‘keeping at it’ in and of itself is getting it right, and in this case it’s about moderation, self-restraint, and staying in the middle-of-the-road. Sounds boring, I know.

The Morgan-Greer image is that of a tall, blonde, androgynous angel with a massive wingspan who stands with one bare foot on the grassy bank of a clear blue stream, the other foot in the water. His-hers-its  expression is so serene it seems almost asleep. A soft, golden glow emanates from its head and it wears a long, flowing appropriately angelic gown with a red triangle on its chest, red being the passionate, primal human energies  contained within the ancient symbol that is both female (pyramid) and male (on its point) and the limits of earthly natural law.  This supernatural being has its ‘hands full’, literally,  holding a gold cup in each and endlessly pouring liquid back and forth between them, back and forth, mixing, blending, adjusting, re-mixing.

There is need for self-control. This card is ruled by let’s-go-for-it Sagittarius and inflatable jolly Jupiter, so it’s easy ( and tempo-rarily fun) to overdo. Upright, this is a good card to have on your side.

I saw an old Chinese herbalist/acupuncturist years ago who said to me, “I eat what I like. I drink what I like. But just a little.” This is that.

So extreme self-control becomes punishing self-denial, which doesn’t feel healthy or sustainable. Life is work. Learning moderation, for some people, is a lot of work.

This is a card of the healing and rehabilitation of alcoholic and bi-polar conditions and  addictions in general, whether to drugs, people or your own adrenalin, which is more dangerous than you think. Rarely is that a cut and dried process, but more of a constant and consistent mindfulness and inner awareness. Avoiding extremes, especially emotionally, will lengthen your life. Water is emotion in the Tarot, and this image is of maintaining emotional equilibrium. We see a long, winding path that has led to this calm, clear body of water through what looks like some mountainous regions in the distance. It wasn’t easy to get to this peaceful place.

This card says that maintaining peace – our own inner peace or otherwise -requires constant vigilance, but it looks like someone’s getting the hang of it.

Or, the supernatural being that created the human race is back in the lab making a few alchemical tweaks…

Humans: a work in progress.











6 November 18: The High Priest

Institutionalized. Or, loyalty to the establishment, whatever that institution or establishment may be or represent to you. It is The Way of Things,  the Way Things Are and the Way They Have Always Been. As in, my father did it that way, as did his father before him, and his father before him. This card is actually called The Heirophant, from the old Greek,  but my eyes don’t like that word so today I’ll call him The High Priest. A “Heirophant” is described in the dictionary as being  “a person who brings religious congregants into the presence of that which is deemed holy” but can also be a professor at an established University or some other old, revered institution or methodology. They, he or she doesn’t just accept anyone, Grasshopper.

On this solemn and serious card is the Pope, facing us with his right hand held up in blessing. The traditional (Rider-Waite-Coleman-Smith)  image shows 2 monks kneeling  before him. They are initiates, wearing the little shaved bald spots that mark them as initiates and of which they are both very proud. He has approved of and has publicly declared them worthy of his esoteric knowledge. They take solemn vows. This is the card of the leader, the professor, the master, the maestro. Perhaps these kneeling people have been accepted into a respected and established University. This card has everything to do with tradition, and so the 2 kneeling humans before this Priest could be getting married, as this is a wedding card – the old fashioned kind, where someone’s wearing his or her mother’s wedding dress and is gifted with his in law’s secret bbQ sauce recipe. It’s been in the family for generations! Well,that certainly makes it official.

This card is associated with the conservative, grounded Earth sign of Taurus. At his feet are 2 crossed keys, one silver and one gold, the colors of the sun and moon.

Upright, the High Priest advises doing things ‘by the book’ if you want to be accepted by whoever or whatever. It’s a serious card, and expects to be taken seriously.

This is about making a commitment to or being accepted into a very specialized or exclusive association or society, or even a (possibly very prominent) family in which  respect and adherence to the family traditions and values will be expected. ‘Papa’ is the Latin name for this card, ‘Papal’ of course is of the Father, or the Pope. People find comfort in their tribe who believe the same as they do, and look up to the spiritual leaders who lead them.  That’s a lot of responsibility, Papa.

This card demands conformity and morality, but who defines and dictates these concepts?

The crossed 2 keys on this card always give me Church & State vibes, and that’s not the way it’s supposed to be.

But – it’s tradition.

It’s midterm Election Day in the US.

Pray for us.



5 November 18: Two of Wands, reversed

Are we on the same page? Not today, unfortunately. After the fired-up, enthusiastic Ace of Wands (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), which was the original idea or ‘spark,’ we now have  2 and we consider joining up with a like-minded potential ‘partner in crime’ in order to make it happen and to bring this idea into being.

On the upright card, facing left, is a human dressed for travel in flashy blue-leather gloves and a stylish red hat. He holds his sprouting staff in his left hand, and in his right, a globe – this detail always drives me nuts on this card, at first glance it looks like the moon but a closer look and there are faint outlines of unfamiliar continents. This human has some big ideas, and he’s all charged up and ready to conquer new horizons, but he can’t do it alone. In fact, he seems to be in some kind of negotiation with someone. We don’t know who they are, we can only see another beautifully tattooed hand in a blue sleeve extend his or her own staff into the picture from the left, whoever this is is not where Red Hat is from.

Let’s partner up, says the well-dressed-to-travel, excited human in the red hat. He’s really excited about the possibilities here. Can’t wait to get going. Let’s do this.

Reversed, the fact that I can’t make out the continents on the globe bothers me. It’s vague, this ‘plan’, this ‘mission’, if he has one at all. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but exactly how are we getting from point A to point B? Who will be paying for what? How long should it take to get there? I don’t know about this. I’d love nothing more than to be a part of this but realistically we’re lacking a solid, step by step, budgeted, scheduled plan so call me when you’ve got one. It’s a great idea, but…

This partnership isn’t working. Reversed, the enthusiasm and fire is too hot, and there is overconfidence and stubbornness. Upright, I notice that the tattooed hand does not extend his staff to Red Hat, but is holding it back somewhat. I notice Red Hat does the same. Reversed, the two ultimately clash and cross at the top. ‘Dominion’ is the OG name for this card, and the pale orb he contemplates looks like the moon: he’s promising someone the ‘moon’ but what exactly does that mean? By the way, what is on the other side of moon? He doesn’t know, but wants it anyway. He may be watching your mouth move for a few minutes but he’s only pretending to listen,  he already knows what he thinks he wants and what he’s going to do. We can argue all day, but this was supposed to be something fun for the both of us, remember?  That’s all we do anymore is argue.

This looks like some kind of partnership that if not over already probably should be, and probably will be.  If there is talk of a new business partnership, roles and goals need to be clearly defined. If it’s a hot, heavy affair, that’s all it’s meant to be.  Mercury, also associated with this card, comes and goes pretty quick.

Someone is all talk – inspiring talk, passionate talk. But the Devil is, as they say, in the details.