23 January 19: The Hermit & The Lovers & 5 of Swords, all reversed

Agree to disagree.  I believe what I believe, you believe what you believe. Can we just agree to disagree? If only.

The Hermit, #9 of the Major Arcana causes no one any trouble, because he’s a Hermit, and never leaves the cave. Every once in a while the odd seeker, guided by the Hermit’s ever-glowing lantern, will brave their way up the snowy mountain to pick his brain. The Hermit has dedicated and committed his life to meditation and understanding, and like Buddha who sat under a tree and let the world come to him, will share his knowledge but only with those who care enough to make the trip.  Upright, this card is a card of voluntary solitude. Reversed, our Hermit does not hold his lamp up so that others may find him on the dark, remote mountain, but rather down, dimming his light – he seems to be in hiding. This Hermit is, or rather, was, in full retreat mode. This is an unusual and lonely path he has taken –  did everyone leave him, or did he leave everyone else?

The Lovers reversed is in present position. An old-fashioned read of the olde tyme image  shows a man having to choose between 2 lovers –  ‘virtue and vice’ or the classic  ‘whore/madonna’ complex. I do believe ‘The Choice’ was also a name for this card, and it’s a big one. The Lovers is #6 of the Major Arcana, the number of peace and karma. The choice here doesn’t seem to be between 2 lovers, though, this could be about any  important relationship or partnership, or the potential of one. Gemini rules this card, the sign of the twins. Why are they even reversed? This is a beautiful card. On the simpler, more peaceful Morgan-Greer card, there is not a choice between two people but the choice is whether or not to enter into the relationship in the first place. There are compatibility issues here – deep ones. Like really, really deep.

In the future position is the dreaded 5 of Swords, the card that’s spoiling for a fight just for the sake of it. A cackling human has just ‘won’ a fight with 2 other humans, or at least he thinks he did. Gemini is also involved in the battle on this sharp card of the suit of Air (also Libra and Aquarius), thankfully reversed. This wasn’t a ‘winnable’ argument in the first place, but you started it.

Ok, if it’s that important to you, you win. Fine. You’re right.

The naked Lovers on the Morgan-Greer card don’t look like they’re really into discussing much of anything, so perhaps they shouldn’t.

Someone’s beliefs or the way they live their life is in the way of a potential relationship, but if you were to ask me, I’d say love conquers all, and nothing else matters.

There is an old saying about not discussing religion or politics in polite company. Look long and hard enough and we can all find something to disagree or even fight about. Or, conversely, is this an important conversation that needs to be had before starting any sort of relationship regarding personal spiritual or religious beliefs that are either  important to the foundation of the partnership or – now that I see you naked, who cares?

Make love, not war.

Couples therapy might not hurt, either.


19 January 19: Two of Cups & The Moon & Judgement, reversed

The Bad Influence. Whether you like it or not, the Super Wolf Moon is upon us, and it’s strange how the dog and coyote who howl at the moon on the mysterious card  look a little wolf-ish today. They’re not, they just look like wolves in this light. Or rather, perhaps, they’ve been wolves all along masquerading as a dog and coyote. Who can tell?

In the past position we once again have the 2 of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) that is someone on your mind with whom you shared a deep connection, but was it really, or was it just the wine, the music and the mood lighting? Do you even care? It was a magic moment.

The Moon is more than just ‘present’,  she’s full in the attention-loving fire sign Leo, the Lion, just to add to the wolf and coyote mix. We’re behaving like animals! What’s gotten into you? I think I like it! Full moon madness, it’s heady stuff. This is one crazy super moon with an eclipse on the side. Dreams, visions, psychic impressions, all can be so strong they’re scary. This is the card of film, theatre, and other beautiful illusions,  particularly potent for those who value these vibes: creative types should be having a hell of a weekend.

In the future position we have Judgement, reversed, #20 of the Major Arcana, 20=2. We  may be looking at someone from the past through foggy lenses, and may even have a tendency to over romanticize in general, our fantasies and visions of relationships having been formed by movies and films and Hallmark greeting cards. How dramatic the couple of the 2 of Cups are, staring deep into each other’s eyes, it’s a beautiful close up. The background fades away and its as if they’re the only ones in the room, with eyes and ears for no one else. The reality to be considered, if it even has to be, is whether this can hold up in the light of day – this may not be what they’d call a ‘conventional relationship’. These are not ‘conventional’ people.

Judgement reversed; who cares what people think about you, your work, or your relationships? The moon, she’s talking to you, and not everybody is listening.

Are we crazy?

Don’t judge..













18 January 19: King of Cups & Three of Wands & The Fool

 Take the chance. You’ll be glad you did, I think. Why not? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Besides, it looks like a fun trip may be involved, and you can take the dog. The King of Cups will be very happy to see you again, although he may not come out and say so. He’s rather reserved about such things, being the King and all, but after a couple beers he may start to gush a bit: “I missed you, maaaaan!” 

In the past position today is this psychic, artistic, musical King of Water. We can roll him in fur and call him a teddy bear, this tender-hearted, compassionate King representing the astrological signs of Scorpio,Pisces and Cancer. The imagery on the card is that of a King calmly and serenely seated on a throne that seems to be floating on choppy, rippling  waters yet the King holds his gold cup easily without spilling a drop. It’s like when you’re in turbulence on a plane and hold your plastic cup of wine up to stabilize it so it doesn’t spill. Cups represent emotions and the subconscious in the Tarot, and this King is always well in control of his – and possibly yours. A word from this wise King and everything was always ok. again. He may be any important person from your past who may or may not have come straight out and said so, but had deep feelings for you. Who knew? He was always there, always listened, and, being a King, always seemed to know what to say and when to say it as if he was reading your mind. He was. Dad, husband, boss, lover, friend, mentor, counselor, whoever, they were your go-to who always understood you. This person feels very deeply, almost empathically.  You loved this human very much, and he/she you. This is the King most in touch with his feminine side, which gives him so much of his intuition and innate understanding.

The central issue here is making a move in order to get to the next level. A human looks off into the distance and into the future, contemplating and calculating time and effort and any possible obstacles to an endeavor that involves, or will involve, a potential partner or partners. This is the powerful 3 of Fire (Leo/Sagittarius/Aries) so we must be careful who we choose to partner up with for the long haul – the human on this card is passionate and driven, waiting for the word to make a move – the King may require your presence.

The Fool in the future position is the ultimate outsider, numbered Zero, he’s in a class by himself as he strides and skips through this adventure called Life. His eyes look up and ahead, and in this layout, he is right behind the far-sighted human on the 3 as if to say, I’m right behind you. It looks like he or she has thrown together a few things wrapped in a scarf and with only that, a staff, a white rose symbolizing faith and trust in life and a   nervous little dog yapping along at his side, the Fool is a very fated and powerful card, and in this position suggests to me that you have nothing to lose by taking a chance. This person from your past you may be afraid won’t be experienced or reliable enough for a long-term commitment, but he is a King, and moves about in the world with all kinds of people and is very well-respected, even loved, which we can’t say for all the Kings.

You’d kind of be a Fool not to, is what I’m getting here. In this case, the future is the past, as in starting all over from nothing in a good way, as in being free to do what you want, when you want, where you want, and with whom. The Fool must not be so foolish as to even stop along the way to say hello to anyone who does not have his or her best interests in mind or heart. This King always did, because he innately knows what your best interests are because he innately knows what makes people happy.

This could be a journey to visit someone dear from the past you may have not seen in a very long time, possibly at a distance or overseas, and possibly for some kind of collaboration. Why not?

“Where are you going? Who’s going to feed me?” yaps the dog, often the only adult in the room.

Oh. Right. How will that work out? Ask the King if he knows someone, he has contacts all over the place, and only the best.

A King always has his own personal Fool, and this Fool would be foolish to not want to fool around with this King as in: you’d be a fool not to.

I think I’m done here.



16 January 19: The Hanged Man & The Magician & Ten of Cups

The Butterfly. 

The Hanged Man. Why had he tied himself up there, away from everyone and everything?

I say ‘had’ because today we have this Zen card of retreat and meditation in the past position. This human quietly and peacefully hangs from a rope tied around one ankle in a beautiful cirque-de-soleil yoga-like pose, looking resigned yet not uncomfortable. He or she always reminds me of Edgar Cayce, the American  ‘sleeping prophet’ as they called him, who put himself into a semi-sleep state (you know, that weird in between zone) during which time he would receive his solutions and remedies – he correctly diagnosed thousands of illnesses during these sessions, dictating to his secretary what was being dictated to him from, as he called it, the Source. It is difficult to hear the Source down there in traffic, says the Hanged Man, no one will see me up here. The world has to turn. Caterpillars can’t fly, all they can do is hang there and think of all the gorgeous vacation spots they’re going to visit when that magic moment comes  and their new wings spread out, flutter and soar.

Inspired, and having contemplated, meditated and slept on it (his eyes are open, but my horse sleeps with her eyes open, too), and having been forced to and having had time and space to consider things from a rather unusual angle and from a higher place in himself, he or she, like Dorothy who is cited so often in these musings, has the epiphany of realizing  that they ‘had the power all along’.

The Magician is in the present position, and #1 of the Major Arcana, contemplating his next creation. I have before me 4 aces, he says, and so he does. A coin, a cup, a sword, a staff.  In a secret garden protected by stone walls he works behind the scenes,  wand raised to the sky as if ready to conduct lightning. #1 of course, is the beginning, as is 1+0=10=1, and the card in the future position, the ‘happily ever after’ card, is the 10 of Cups. If love is a cocktail you are about to be over served.

2 humans hold up a single golden cup into which a rainbow is marvelously pouring itself into from the sky. 9 more are floating down ready to settle – on a beautiful bit of green land by a calm body of water. Deep satisfaction and contentment, who are these people, possibly even a marriage or same sex marriage away from prying eyes.  We can see their uplifted arms and entwined hands around their shared cup but we don’t see the rest of them.

This is saying that, he or she has realized how important, how crucial someone else, or others,  is or are to your own emotional fulfillment, The Hanged Man has become the beautiful butterfly that seem to exist only to inspire us with their delicate, psychedelic, otherworldly beauty. The caterpillars stretch their little green necks to the sky and watch in awe.

But if a butterfly is not seen is it still beautiful? I have no idea. But if 10 people are standing there watching a cloud of monarchs rise up into the sky, they’ll all agree it’s a beautiful, magic moment. We are all inspired. But Quicksilver Mercury rules the Magician, and so the moment has come and gone.

I never looked at it that way, said the Hanged Man. If I could do it all over again, I’d have different priorities, as in love. Now that I finally know myself, he or she says, I am able to ‘find my true tribe’.

They may not be who you thought they were, my little butterfly.









15 January 19: Two of Cups & Seven of Coins reversed & Ace of Coins

We had a good run. Here’s to us, kid, or whatever it was Humphrey Bogart said.

This is the story of a partnership, marriage, affair, or friendship that may have simply run its course. Or not.

In the past position, the 2 humans of the 2 of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio)  offer golden long-stemmed cups to each other, as if in a ceremony. Usually the card would look like the 2 are staring deep into each others eyes, falling in love hard, everyone else in the room disappearing, but today they seem to be toasting each other sadly. The sky on the Morgan-Greer card is a neutral, whitish color, but if you really look close it was once a happy yellow. This was a very important affair or partnership, and impacted both of them for life. Neither will forget the other, and neither wants to. Neither has.

Perhaps they’ve gone as far as they were meant to go together. In the present position, the 7 of Coins (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn) is reversed. Coins, besides being the hard cash we need to live, address the realm of the physical in general. The farmer, leaning on his hoe, contemplates his 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 harvest  – he, however, is brown from the sun, so many hours and years has he spent on this field, the leaves green, the coins hanging like gold fruit. Reversed, returns are diminishing. He looks off into the distance, wondering if he even planted in the right spot.  Wondering if he should invest any more into this property, or anymore years of his life into this – situation.  Upside down, seeing things from another point of view entirely, he finds himself facing the huge gold coin  on the future card. He should get a metal detector (I just got one, I like this spread).

Well, sir, may I ask, how much do you really think you can get done all by yourself?

The Ace of Coins is the very promising new start in a new place. An amazing new opportunity or offer ‘falls out of the sky’ – say good morning to the Fabulous Flying Skyhand of the Tarot, today lowering the shiny prize of a new gold pentacle into the garden of your beautiful new home with a beautiful ocean view.

I wasn’t even going to go there but the 2 flowers in the garden, a red rose in full bloom (masculine) and the white lilies (feminine) remind me of the 2 of cups of the past. This is the ‘gift’ of a new beginning with maximum potential – possibly with someone new, or with someone you ‘filed away’ for future consideration, because the timing was wrong – possibly a water sign.

A new start in a new place is what I’m feeling here, but you cannot do what you want to do alone, is all I’m saying.

7 + 3 = altogether now = 10, the maximum of the suit, end of a cycle and new beginning, and that which one leaves as legacy.

Looks like a beautiful spot to build.



14 January 19: Wheel of Fortune reversed, 10 of Swords reversed & Justice

You’re a free agent and you probably haven’t been for a long time – a very long time. So now you have at least one major decision to make.

The Wheel Of Fortune is exactly that. The giant all-knowing all-seeing SkyHand of the Tarot reaches out of the clouds to turn the Wheel, and sometimes we’re on the top like this King and Queen riding high in April on Morgan-Greer card, or replaced and tossed into the gutter in May, like the poor human we see falling off. He had his ‘turn’, now it’s someone elses’ turn and then it will be someone elses’. But this card is in the past position, and if we have to see it at all, is certainly the best place for it.

The card in the present position is also reversed. It is possible years of excess have taken their toll. The dramatic and bloody 10 of Swords (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) shows us a dead human (I’m no doctor) laying face down on a desolate beach under a black starry sky with 10 long swords stuck in his or her back bleeding out all over the place. This person has suffered a lot, possibly their whole life (depending on how old you are, of course, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we were talking  decades).  Those swords were backstabbed in to him or her one at a time over a long period of time. This lovely card is nicknamed ‘The Lord Of Ruin’ and Swords being Swords, our thoughts have been dark and negative and downright painful. This hasn’t happened overnight, and although like the 8, this could be and often is a ‘victim’ card but today this is not about self-victimization, drama queens and theatrics. This is #10, the maximum of the suit, and more ‘slings and arrows’ than a human should take, and frankly it’s a miracle they didn’t off themselves or completely lose their sanity altogether but they didn’t, because the card is reversed, and those Swords are starting to fall out. We are no longer ‘pinned down’ like a butterfly on display. How morbid an image.

This is like being released from a bad contract. In the Future position we have Justice, who has a firm grip on her own Sword, and knows how to use it. Scales in her left, she making things right.

2  10’s: major endings, new beginnings, phases. Nothing trivial, this is the rest of your life. The maximum of the suit. The worst is over, things will never be that bad again. Things are finally put right in any legal or court or money matters, because Justice lives for that shit. This is a divorce that took forever, possibly preventing a wedding that has been wanting to happen forever, or finally being a free agent, settling up and moving on, which of course requires us now to decide what to do next, but we are finally now finally able to clearly and logically weigh all future options.

Dressed in passionate red against a screaming yellow background, her lips are sealed, but against the darkening blue sky of the ill-aspected Wheel of Fortune and the blacker than black darkest before the dawn if it ever comes 10 of Swords, she’s easily the loudest.

She goes all the way up to #11.

10 + 10 + 11 = 3+ 1 = 4 = stability. No more ups and downs.

12 January 18: The Moon & The Empress reversed & The Sun

Night and Day. You’re not your mother- and neither am I. And that, says this power trio of the Major Arcana, is final.

In the past position we have the Moon, a creepy scene indeed. A dog and a coyote howl at a huge, scary moon hanging low in an otherwise starless night sky between 2 tall towers. There are no lights on, only the blinding glow of the huge, almost threatening, moon. I wonder what they think it is. We have to find our way through the dark on our own, which of course isn’t easy, because things aren’t what they seem in the moonlight. Those dogs are howling like luna-tics at la luna, the mythical, mysterious mirror in the sky who famously makes people crazy. So they say. Doesn’t it look like it’s hovering right over the highway, this supermoon? Of course it isn’t. It’s only reflecting the Sun from miles away.

In the future position is the Sun – and it doesn’t get much better than that. Love,  innocence, joy and contentment. Every day is pure gold. The Sun, of course, is always there whether we see it or not, and it always was. Childhood – in the future position?

The Empress is the quintessential Earth Mother. She is the OG Fertile Myrtle. She is almost always pictured as pregnant on the card, sitting in a lush, green setting in front of a waterfall. One of her feet rests on a crescent moon, and in the reversed position, it’s obvious, although she doesn’t realize it, if she doesn’t move her damn lazy foot the moon won’t wax properly, ‘smothering’ rather than ‘mothering’, as they say.

There is a tiny pumpkin at her feet beside the moon: something is trying to grow, possibly undetected. This card is also all about ladies’ issues regarding pregnancy or as in unable or not wanting to be, or not knowing she is.

Poor Bad Mom.  We’re turning over the old leaf, as it were, and not letting her influence  block our own happiness anymore.

The first thing that I get from this picture is having had to ‘find your own way in the dark’ in the past. No lights on, nothing but your own intuition to guide you. Nothing was as it seemed, and there could have been family secrets or distortions of truths, and probably a whole lot of howling. In spite of the dog and coyote screaming and barking mad at the moon, the purple crawfish, attuned to the higher vibration, crawls up from out of his little water-hole of the subconscious. It sees in this light just fine. Your intuition served you well.

This is overcoming whatever past programming (by mom) is preventing us from being just plain happy and guilt-free, bringing ourselves into the light without the distortion of the middle-man – or rather middle – woman – moon.

‘It’s never too late to have a happy childhood’ is the bumper-sticker of the day.